This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Pink Floyd / Early Years 1969 Dramatis/ation 2CD+DVD+Blu-ray £21.28

Lowest EVER price for this fantastic four-disc set.

The League of Gentlemen / Vinyl Cuts vinyl box set

UK: The League of Gentlemen’s Vinyl Cuts – £95.99

This 12LP coloured vinyl extravaganza is back down. Limited to 750 units worldwide!

Japan / Gentlemen Take Polaroids

UK: Japan / Gentlemen Take Polaroids 2LP half speed – £21.99

DE: David Bowie / Glastonbury 2000 – €24.99 (or £22)

The German deal is back. Save almost £15 on the UK price for the forthcoming 2CD+DVD Bowie Glastonbury package.


UK: The Who / Live at Fillmore East 1968 3LP vinyl – £20

DE: Gorillaz / Humanz  deluxe vinyl box – €159

Amazing deal for the 14LP coloured vinyl box set that comes with its over case. This was £300 at the beginning and now almost a third of that price.

The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th anniversary 2CD edition

UK: The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 2CD deluxe – £9.99

DE: Rolling Stones / Sticky Fingers Live at Fonda Theatre  3LP+DVD – €24

Triple vinyl LP and DVD set for little over £20!!


DE: The Jam / Setting Sons CD+DVD super deluxe – €36.99 (or £32)

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Paul Mac

League Of Gentleman back up to £140 on Amazon UK, looks like they’ve sold their initial allocation as they’re saying it’s not back in stock until Nov 26th


The Beatles CD White Album is back to £15 for Prime members

Alan Fenwick

Decent price on the Brian Eno Music For Installations 9 Vinyl Box set at Amazon France.

Current price showing €132 which equates to around £116 plus shipping

Mic Smith

Got the Floyd 1969 set as that is a good price. If the other 5 separate volumes were that cheap I’d get those too. Must say though I’m not a Floyd fanatic and there’s standard albums of theirs that I don’t own an original copy of. But I do think that Floyd have earned the right to be considered among the Top 5 UK rock artists of all time and for that I reason I do feel that I should have more of their stuff than I do. Maybe in 2019 I’ll make an effort to do just that.

Jim Ellison

It seems the white album at £15 is only for prime members as the regular price is £19:98 for non members

Stan Butler

Jim, I got it last night for £15 and I’m not a Prime member. It has now gone up to £19.98.


It’s £15 in Sainsbury’s (the 3CD deluxe version)

Craig Fleming

I picked up the 3CD White Album for just £4.99 – yes £4.99 – in my local Sainsbury’s today. The rack price was £15 (compared to £19.99 at HMV) but as all CDs are in the “Double Up” Nectar points promotion until the end of the week I exchanged 1,000 points (worth £5) which instantly became £10. At the till it actually scanned at £10.01 because they apparently add a 1p value to vouchers for “operational reasons”. So it cost me a balance of just £4.99 and I am listening to the music now, comparing tracks to those on the double album I bought when it was released on CD the very first time. You quickly realise what that lacked. Double Up in the next few days if you want a bargain!


No it is now that price for all buyers


i found the 3CD version of the White Album at ASDA on Saturday for 16 quid!

Not a bad price considering what everyone else is selling it for.


On Amazon Frans, there are only two items available (but for a give-away price of 10 euro), “Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology (double vinyl).


Mike Villano

It’s really a shame that the complete Floyd box is still so ridiculously overpriced. I got it early last year from Amazon UK for $243 total shipped to the states. I don’t know if that was an error on their part, but I knew I had to jump on it immediately. For diehards, it’s pretty worthwhile.
I’m glad they put most of it out separately (were they minus the video content? I seem to recall they were), but it’s still $200 plus for all of them. Maybe they could redo the box eventually and bring it down to prices the 99% can consider. The current design of the box is an ecological disaster all by itself. There’s so much wasted space in it, a cat could fine some room for a comfy nap!

The Golden Age Of SDEs

The separate boxes they put out have the video content but didn’t the big box come in 7 boxes? That was the difference, there have only been 6 separate boxes released*, I picked all 6 up from various Amazon’s for a total of £153. So I’m happy even though I don’t have the 7th box**.

*I stand to be corrected if I’m wrong with any of this.

**What’s on the 7th box that’s only available in the Big Box?


As far as I know the 7th box wasn’t worth releasing separately due to the poor quality of the content. Some customers who bought the boxset complained to Amazon about the 7th disc and got a part refund.


The year it came out I got the Early Years box set for $125 including shipping to Florida from Amazon UK


Well a few weeks ago i bought all the 6 titles for 7.65 british pounds ($200 mexican pesos) at my local market, for me that was the lowest ever.

Mad Earwig

Well, if they are the usual boot fair type cheap copies, then you were ripped off….you paid too much


At gun point!

Chris Squires

League of Gentlemen 12 LP set is not only beautiful but now back down to £95.99. Grab it whilst you can as it is limited to 750 numbered copies. Well worth it.

Peter Muscutt

Agree Chris, it’s a thing of beauty. I thought it was limited to 1000? Love the effort that went into it. My set got delivered the same day as the Suede coloured vinyl set and the deluxe edition of the new Muse LP, so my postie’s back must have been creaking!!! Ashamed to say I’ve not listened to it yet though. The signed print is on the wall though!


Good to see at least one other person around here acknowledging the new Muse!

I pre-ordered the SDE of Simulation Theory the same day I ordered the standard Deluxe CD of Steve Perry’s Traces—another set that got no love here despite all the myriad options of colored vinyl and swag he had for that, and how long it’s been that Journey fans have waited to get something new from him.

With Perry, I thought, well I know the whole ’80s arena rock thing wasn’t as big in the UK as it was (and remains) here in the states, but over there Muse has had 22 Top 40 hits (I just checked!), and five #1 albums in a row.

Peter Muscutt

It was done by the chap who did the artwork for ‘Stranger Things’ Paul…the super deluxe (2LP/2CD/Book) version has a black cover with just the album title, but artwork inside by someone who did the posters for the original ‘Star Wars’ movies. I guess it’s to tie into the whole “futuristic/Matrix/80s” theme of the album!

Iain Carmichael

Amazon Australia Led Zeppelin song remains the same super deluxe box AU$128 approximately £70 .


Dylan Revisited box set down to 48 quid…



Not yet.


It went as low as £45 before shooting back up again. It’ll now slowly work its way down to around the £50 mark again.


Tried to order the Sticky Fingers album, but in order to get that price you need to be a Prime member. I’m a UK prime member, but not a German one and don’t fancy signing up to be one. Does anyone have any ideas how to work around this to get it at the price stated above?

Peter Stanton

I did the same Rory, so I don’t have an answer.

I just bought the Jam box set instead!


Eric Clapton’s recent Life In 12 bars double retrospective CD is available for £4.99 at Amazon UK. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Life-12-Bars-Various-Artists/dp/B079NCCK2S
(Also at HMV if you prefer.)


The 3 CD version of the new remixed Beatles ‘White Album’ is down to £15 again on Amazon. The larger set looks wonderful, but this version looks excellent values with all the Esher Demos on the third disc.

Andrew M

That is ASTONISHING! a fantastic album.


Picked up the jam – Greaaaaaaaaaat Price – Thank You


Not related to a bargain, but FYI I received my replacement DVD from the Soft Cell box set today. Had totally forgotten about it to he honest!

Derek Langsford

Wish they remaster the CDs properly and replace them. As Scott Davies in his Amazon UK review says, “Should have been called Brickwalls and Trainwrecks.” Such a shame as the track selection is excellent.

John Orr

I know it’s different for different people, but as regards Amazon, Amazon fr. and Amazon uk for me, have been the best so far. Amazon.com in America have been very poor and wouldn’t order from them again. Amazon de are very good as well. Haven’t bought from Italy or Spain yet.

Chris Squires

I concur.

FR and DE have been brilliant when there have been issues and I ordered a lot of stuff from them at the beginning of the year with their various deals that, thank goodness, have been less frequent recently.

IT and ES, well I have ordered less from them but have had issues from neither of them, all arrived perfectly and quickly.

US has been utter shite. I have stopped using them and they are behind my decision to not renew my Prime membership in December and have shifted everything other than records away to more local suppliers (Cat litter etc.). The phrase “Pillar to Post” sums .com up nicely. I had three really bad issues with them in short succession and none of them were resolved quickly or sufficiently.

Bob Dudek

I have never had any problems with getting problems resolved with Amazon USA . In fact if anything they have over performed , usually letting me keep both items .

Peter Piazza

I’m sure you will never order from Amazon Australia, which is all we are left with here.


@John Orr:
Noticed you didn’t mention Amazon Canada. That bad? :-)
They have a tendency what it seems to be the last to list anything new and half of the time what they list has errors. For example, Roine Stolt’s new album is listed as a vinyl but the same ASIN is a CD elsewhere.
You’d figure with all the errors, they’d screw up on the pricing. Not as much actually. The Beatles 3CD “White” album was listed at around £8 at one point.


Any idea why Bowie Glasto is normally so expensive? Amazon AU has it at an eye-watering $98AUD!!!

Even for a…
1) 3-disc
2) import
3) Bowie
4) Amazon AU
…that is just bonkers!



I think the Bowie 2CD/1DVD is higher in Amazon Canada.
Consider that most 2CD/1BR [not DVD] can be bought in Canada for $25 to $30.
Maybe they thrown in a lock of his hair in the packaging.


Thanks Paul..Mr Bowie ordered.


I wouldn’t jump on this Bowie 2cd/dvd just yet. All 2cd/dvd’s that I know I bought for between $12-$17. This will come way down in price for sure. And then of course there is the question, if you already have the 4 Bowie boxes, do you really need another Bowie live album. But that’s a different issue.


I think the DVD is the real selling point.

Martin Power

The Jam Setting Sons is massively worth the price picked up around a year ago and real steal

The Geordie Expat

The Bowie set comes in at US $29, less than a dollar cheaper than Amazon.coms current $29.69. I think I’ll order from the US.
Thanks for the great work Paul.

Colin MacKenzie

Humble Pie gone ! Now 275 Euros. Was thinking and had it in my basket but didn’t take the plunge…


Would get the Stones but I have very bad experiences of ordering from Amazon Italy.

Anyone else had issues? Germany always seems okay and France the odd time a I have use it.

Peter Stanton

Hi Rich

I have had no problems with Amazon Italy and have had a few box sets from them. I was looking at going for this, but it is Prime only!


just because it’s amazon italy doesn’t mean it will come from there. there’s just as much chance it will come from the uk – and it certainly will do if it’s available in the uk warehouses. amazon aren’t stupid enough to waste money shipping something from italy when they have it in the uk. (it could come from anywhere in europe with an amazon base – spain, germany, france etc…)

The Golden Age Of SDE

I`ve had good and bad from Amazon Italy but the good news is they are easy to talk to and all issues solved to my satisfaction. My last order from them was The Joe Strummer 001 SDE, no problems whatsoever.


Just ordered the Bowie, even with p&p it’s still nearly £10 cheaper than UK price – no brainer!


Just ordered also. (Don’t understand the complaints about the cover, that’s how he looked at the time!) I’m hoping that Germany will have the same great deal on ‘The White Album’ as they did on Sgt. Pepper!


My complaint with the sleeve design is simply that’s it’s not very aesthetically pleasing: it looks rather cheap and thrown together – like something that might be knocked together in ‘Microsoft Paint’ in an afternon (even I could probably have done it – and I’m incompetent with graphics programs!). It is indeed how Bowie looked at the time (with which I have not one problem), and a snap of the man was not only inevitable but presumably required. But it is the way it’s been assembled. Compare this with, off the top of my head, Kate Bush’s Before The Dawn which hints at magic, adventure, new worlds and ‘a show’ – using a classically proportioned image; Bowie’s own Stage, which obeys the Golden Ratio, and has a simple beautiful starkness; and this year’s Welcome To The Blackout which proves that even posthumously – when quality control is left in the hand’s of others – simple but pleasing design can still be achieved with a little thought. The Live at Glastonbury cover will hardly being going to down in the catologue raisonné of great sleeve art!


maybe the back cover’s better??


re: bowie cover to be fair it does have look of the old bootleg live cds that used to be flogged at record fairs


Has anyone seen the actual packaging for the Bowie release? The only thing that would persuade me to buy the version with the DVD is if the packaging was much better to the 2-CD version. I can’t seem to find any pictures though.


No, I haven’t. But I wonder the same. The vinyl is so expencive that I hope it will be a boxset like “at the beeb”. As “Glastonbury” is a Bbc-recording as well that would make sense.


Thanks Paul!
Glastonbury ordered!


That’s the Bowie ordered – £25.65 (inc shipping). Cheers Paul.


The Wet Wet wet box set is cheaper in Germany… 33,99€
All the best from Paris


Wets gone already, £52 now.


No – Wet*3 set is still currently available from Amazon UK (via third party sellers as Paul said). Just ordrered it for less from Amazon DE though!


thanks Daniel, just ordered

Hans Lindskog

I must recommend Setting Sons by the JAM. I purchased this in November 2017 at more or less the same Price. I contains 3 cd and also a DVD.
Best regards, Hans

Chris Squires

I just ordered a copy and it came in at £19.48, slightly lower than the best price it has ever been on Vinyl. Be quick.

Chris Squires

The Triple Vinyl of The Who – Live at The Fillmore East: Saturday April 6, 1968 is down to £20.08 on Amazon UK at the moment, it’s been at that since late last night.