CD and Vinyl deals for the New Year

UK: Beck / Hyperspace  vinyl LP – £12.99 £20

Great price for Beck‘s new album on vinyl. Hyperspace was one of SDE’s favourite albums of 2019.

UK: Adam and the Ants / Kings of the Wild Frontier  super deluxe  £39

When did this pretty spectacular ‘all gold’ super deluxe become so cheap? Features two CDs, a DVD, a gold-coloured vinyl and a LOT of memorabilia.

USA: David Bowie / Loving The Alien  15LP vinyl box  $107

Wow, the vinyl box is more or less the same price as the CD version Stateside right now!

The Band / Music From Big Pink super deluxe edition box set

USA: The Band / Music From Big Pink  super deluxe  $67

Also £53 in the UK right now.

UK: The Kinks / Arthur 4CD+4 x 7″ + book box set  £57 £62

UK: Springsteen on Broadway  2CD set  £5

UK: Paul McCartney / Chaos and Creation in the Backyard CD  £4.76

One of Macca’s finest solo albums. This is the original CD.

R.E.M. Automatic For The People 25th anniversary reissue - 4-disc super deluxe edition

ITALY : R.E.M. / Automatic For The People  super deluxe  €36

Discounted fairly regularly these days, but that doesn’t stop €36 being an exceptional price for this 3CD+blu-ray set, which features a Dolby Atmos mix of the album.

ITALY : The Doors / The Soft Parade  super deluxe  €30

Features three CDs and a vinyl LP in hardcover book format.

Keith Richards / Talk is Cheap 2CD deluxe

UK: Keith Richards / Talk is Cheap  2CD deluxe  £5 £10 DEAL OVER

Fantastic price for this 30th anniversary edition, when you consider this 2CD deluxe contains the same music as the £90 super deluxe box! And it’s nicely packaged as a hardcover ‘casebound’ book.

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David Cornyn

Keith Richards 3cd Talk is Cheap back up on Amazon for a fiver – you can still use the link above.

David Cornyn

Oops, typo – I obviously meant 2cd!


Happy New Year to all! Manic Street Preachers – Everything Must Go 20th Anniversary box (LP/2CD/2DVD) is 23,99EUR + p&p at amazon.de. Fnac has it for 29,99EUR in case you have one nearby, +5% discount if you have their card (my case!). Cheers

Wayne C

Thanks for that Pablo. Ordered from UK


Good price for Fire Walk With Me soundtrack on amazon. Great packaging on 2LP cherry red vinyl. Normally around the £40/45 mark. Now £20.99. https://amzn.to/2MRnc2y

Larry Davis

Interesting deals…but just before New Year’s, a certain band’s boxsets basically unexpectedly just fell into my lap…the Clash… first, the 3CD “Clash on Broadway” in the book box form for $13US sealed…then a great condition used copy of the big “Sound System” with all pieces intact for $90US then on New Year’s Eve a new sealed copy of the 19 disc “The Singles” box for $29.99US!!! I think with all that I have everything Clash…nice way to ring in the New year eh??

Brian Scott

Wings Wild Life Super Deluxe down to £102 on Amazon, think this is the lowest price it’s been?


fyi…Previous threads have raised issues with The Doors ‘The Soft Parade’ box from Amazon Italy.

I ordered it a couple of weeks ago, arrived with a dent, not from my delivery, but more likely an issue at either Amazon or Warners warehouse.

Returned it and a replacement copy arrived yesterday, all aok.

Hope it works ot for the rest of you who have ordered.

Tony O

people keep mentioning that the super deluxe edition of adam and the ants kings box set is selling for 25-30, the lowest live listing is £43 and the lowest completed listings price is £42.50 so unless it is being listed not using the words Ant Kings Super Deluxe , am i missing something?

Tony O

yep, searched completed listings that go back a long way and nothing on ebay


Tony, try searching ebay with different terms … say, replacing “Super” with “Box”.

Davey Sussex
Patrick Maher

It’s on eBay, I searched for Kings of Wild Frontier Box Set to find it. As I type there are 2 left at £30


I cancelled my Amazon order and reordered from eBay, saving a tenner in the process. Cheers guys!

David Carter

Thanks Ordered Becks Hyperspace, from what I have heard in a few listens its not as strong as Colors which I purchased immediately, hopefully it will a prove a grower.

Alan B

There is an exclusive Rough Trade split red/blue vinyl version of the Beck album out on January 24. Limited edition of 500 at the mouthwatering price of £30. Online pre orders have just sold out after being available to pre order for around 6 weeks. Probably down to the price.

Talking of price. The new Courteeners album due in a couple of weeks has an exclusive HMV version with a pop up sleeve. It was available to pre order for weeks at £32 (yep £32 for a single LP). It has just dropped by £5 to £27. I’d guess pre orders were poor due to the ridiculous price. HMV exclusives are bad news as they are easily the most expensive retailer out there.

Mike M

Word of warning, received my replacement copy of the Beck album yesterday cos the first was badly warped. Second copy badly warped also, dunno if I’ll ask for another replacement, will probably just return it for a refund, shame.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Warped LPs have been the bane of my record collecting life in the last 4-5 months. Just yesterday I returned FOUR LPs to Amazon, 3 Fleetwood Mac albums (the recent coloured vinyl `FM`, `Rumours`, `Tusk` and a great S/T album by a guy called Jim Sullivan, 2nd time for that LP, I gave up and ordered the CD).
I`ve returned The Pretty Things `The Final Bow` double LP twice, sent the Volume One of the Steve Millert Studio Albums back to Amazon Germany at a cost to Amazon of £57+ shipping. Sent THREE Beatles Singles Collection Boxes back to Amazon before I was left with a completely flat set. I bought The Who`s SE 3 coloured LP set from The Who`s on-line store. The Red LP(2) was warped, I sent 3 messsages via The Who`s on-line customer help message service only to receive a `we are busy right now` message each time. I paid for this via PayPal so placed a claim, yesterday, after about 7/8 days I received a message from email from PayPal saying they had no response from The Who`s store and that they were refunding me in full. Guess what? The Who store contacted me today, they have sent out a replacement set.

Do not put up with inferior product. The only way to get the vinyl manufacturers to imp;lement REAL QUALITY CONTROL is to return inferior pressings. This is your lawfull right under UK/EU and I presume US consumer law. Every time I`ve returned an album to Amazon I`ve asked them to put pressure on the pressing plants. Returning inferior product to Amazon must be costing them heavily so hopefully something is going to be done. However this will only happen if we all do not accept inferior product. SEND THE CRAP BACK!

Joe Mac Pherson

To: The Golden Age Of The Phonograph:
Thank You, for your convincing message regarding the many problems of vinyl recordings. In 1987, while visiting Boston, Massachusetts, I went into a quality record store and bought 4 UK import vinyl LP’s. One of them, Nico: Live Behind The Iron Curtain, was a double LP. I can assure you, purchasing this set of import vinyl LP’s was expensive, including tax.
More than a week later, I arrived back home, in L.A. As soon as I could, I began to listen to my brand new albums. All too soon, I heard surface noise, vinyl pops, or crackle, and 1 LP also skipped! I WAS FURIOUS. I couldn’t return the defective albums to the record store, because the receipt policy allowed for 7 days and I was past that date. Plus, I was back in L.A., far from Boston, and all 4 of my import albums had defects. THAT DID IT.
I went out and bought the most deluxe 5 CD player, converted my sound system, and now I needed to buy CD’s. My first 2 picks? Hunting High And Low, by a-ha, and Starfish, by The Church. WOW. Flawless sound! No surface noise! Perfect music, every time! As soon as I got paid later in the week, I immediately went out and in 2 day’s time, I bought 25 more CD albums. No turning back, after that. No more vinyl, ever!

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Hey Joe (sorry I couldn`t resist that), I get what you mean by going over to CDs I did the same around the same time. I went from owning around 800 LPs down to 120. The thing is even though I bought ba very good CD player (Arcam) I was never convinced with the CD aural experience and slowly went back to buying LPs. Yes I`ve had a lot of issues with crap pressings but I`ve also had and still have a lot of enjoyment from playing my LP collection. I`m not getting into a CD vs LP vs Hi-Rez Download argument, each to their own but vinyl is my favoured music medium.#
Happy New Year Paul and all SDE followers,


“Returning inferior product to Amazon must be costing them heavily so hopefully something is going to be done”

Yes, they’ll just shut down your account without explanation and will send you a strongly worded email about how all future correspondence about the account will be ignored. It happend to a lot of customers about 2-3 years ago and it seemed that excessive returns (and I don’t think it was necessarily just vinyl/music related items) was one of the reasons being touted.


Sony’s 2017 repackage/reissue of the excellent Elvis Presley 4CD compilation Platinum: A Life In Music is currently only £6.99 on Amazon UK.


Excellent tip KevinK thank you….ordered and heading to Detroit for less than $12.

James W

Thanks for the tip. I only have one Elvis Presley FTD compilation (American Sound 1969), so I need a lot of those alternate takes. Plus, that’s a great price!


For anyone near Leeds, HMV is relocating to new premises in the centre (already open) and the old store has a 20% of all music deal. There was plenty of stock yesterday (including many box sets) and it will remain open until the 5th January.


A sad day….ahem
…………never the less, Im curious about 5th Jan – will they have a final ‘clear out event’ or send the stock to another store?
Ill be keeping a very close eye out this week – with a view to using my elbows and getting stuck in!

Happy new year SDE and all.

Jeff Bozzo x


@Jeff, well the new store is across the road in the St John’s centre and as stated already open, so I can’t understand why they are selling stuff off at all, unless the stock room is smaller.


Keith cd isn’t available anymore for 5


The fantastic Rushmore OST only €9,99 on Amazon.de


Picked up Beck from HMV in sale for same price in red vinyl – It is a great album and the work between Beck and Pharrell is astounding – One of his best and most commercial releases

Mark H.

Springsteen set is not available for shipment to the US.

Martin Donnelly

Wings over america coloured vinyl £55 on amazon UK.
Also Pipes of Peace Silver vinyl £24 and McCartney 2 Clear vinyl £30
I don’t know how long these offers will last

hendry doran

Been on the go since just before Christmas. I ordered Pipes of Peace and returned it as the gatefold cover was split. They also have Paul is Live on coloured at £30.
So much for udiscover exclusives


Brilliant wanted the Ants box for ages thought long since unavailable


Fleetwood Mac Rumours 4 cd set back down to £11.99 on Amazon UK

John Bobo Bollenberg

This is a newly packaged 4cd set and NOT the lavish deluxe box set although the music on the cd’s is the same


…AND it doesn’t include the vinyl record ;-)


Kylie s 2CD definitive and the 3 CD more definitive than the last definitive both now £7.99 on Amazon UK – neither include vinyl but thats surely coming in the super deluxe really definitive definitive – you get what I mean .

the real mike

Its still not definitive enough for me. Sure BMG have a February reissue campaign planned with signed picture cassettes in thirty seven shades of puce.


Paul Simon’s Graceland box set for 29,99 euro’s at Amazon.de


Got the Ant box set for £25 on ebay.

Richard S

Good shout Steve, there’s a few going on eBay for around £30 including postage.