Deal alert / Amazon Easter Deals

Amazon in Germany are celebrating Easter this week with lots of special ‘lightning deals’ and the good news is that there are plenty of music box sets on offer. Each deal will only last for a short period until the ‘allocation’ has reached 100%. Depending on the popularity of the item this can be minutes, although it’s not always a mad rush. Putting ourself on the ‘waiting list’ is also by no means a lost cause, so bear that in mind.

For the next few days on SDE there will be a ‘deal alert’ post that will UPDATE during the day as each new deal comes online. If you have signed up for the SDE Deal Alerts via Email service then you will get a timely email just before the deal goes live.

Live at 4.30pm GMT/UTC: Pearl Jam: On Ten Legs 2LP + CD live box


Check back for the following deals

GONE! – What you missed


Rush: Sector 2 – €16


9.00am / ABBA The Albums (9CD box) €22.99


9.30am / Mr BB King (4CD box) – €14.99


9.30am / Four Tops: Motown Singles 64-72 (3CD set) – €17.99


10.30am / The Who: Thirty Years of Maximum R&B (4CD box) – €15.99



11.00am / Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells Ultimate Edition (3CD+DVD+LP) – €43



2.30pm / Soft Cell: The Twelve Inch Singles (3CD) – €16


4pm / Ocean Colour Scene: Marchin’ Already (4-disc) €20


4.30pm / The Sex Pistols: …Never Mind The Bollocks super deluxe (4-disc)


4.30pm / Allman Brothers: 1971 Fillmore East Recordings (3 x blu-ray audio)



5pm / Peal Jam: Live on Ten Legs (2LP+CD box set)

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The Moody Blues – Timeless Flight (4CD-Set): 15,99€


Thanks Spot!


..just found the time – 1pm UK.


Anyone know what time/price the Peel Slowly And See box will be? £23:68 is the lowest it’s been on Amazon UK though it currently £30.


2.00 pm in GER, that’s 1.00 pm in UK.
I would expect a price somewhere between 24 and 34 €.
The actual price will posted here a few minutes beforehand.


Day 2 – here we go:

Scorpions – MTV Unplugged (Ltd. 2CD+DVD / Amazon.de exclusive): 22,99€

Barry White – Unlimited (Boxset): 23,99€


Looks like the Scorpions box also contains the vinyls!!!


Massive Attack? Woooowww…. wonder at what price?


but we should ckeck prices
amazon.de at this moment €55
amazon.co.uk 36pounds


tomorrow at 13.00
Nirvana: Nevermind (Limited Super Deluxe Edition / 4 CDs+DVD
The Who: Tommy (Limited Super Deluxe Edition / 4 Discs)
Massive Attack: Blue Lines: 2012 Remix/Remaster (2LP
at 18.00
Steely Dan: Citizen Steely Dan 1972-1980 (4 CDs)


Got the PJ box for 23 quid delivered….’thanks’ does not begin to cover my gratitude….x


Wow, some amazing prices in this offer! Although missed a few … hope they repeat some of the offers!? Good luck everyone! :-)


Thanks for the heads up Paul, cracking price on the NMTB box, but ultimately I didn’t bother. Got too many different versions already. About time they did a rock and roll swindle box set.


Releasing a version of NMTB every year is a rip off, this year the picture disc for RSD :(
anyway thanks for the good work in keeping us informed of these offers Paul.


NMTB didn’t hang about much. Gone at 16:31. Got one though … cracking cracking price at 50€ delivered to the UK. Ta!

Mark Hutchinson

Gone in less than 2 seconds!


fuck bollocks gone in less than a minute


Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks: 44,99€ (!!!)
Allman Brothers: 1971 Fillmore East: 16,99€


YEAH!!! Sex Pistols box set is mine!! :o))


both gone in 15 sec – did they have 3 each in stock???


Ocean Colour Scene: Marchin’ Already 19,99 €


When you click on the right arrow, tomorrow’s deals are already visible:
The Moody Blues: Timeless Flight (4 CDs),
Rush Sector 1 & 3,
Nirvana Nevermind (Super Dlx),
The Who Tommy (Super Dlx.),
Velvet Underground: Peel Slowly and See (5 CD)

Gary C

Yup, what John says above, and stick the new Commotions compilation in your basket and you’ve got free UK delivery too…perfect blue!


Best deal on Soft Cell for those in the USA is Amazon UK where the set will cost you USD $15.91 including shipping. This should serve as a reminder to check ALL Amazon sites before purchasing.


NOW Soft Cell on Amazon.de comes to a total of USD $18.41 with shipping to the United States but its still only USD $17.29 on Amazon US with free shipping.

John M

Am I missing something here? – Soft Cell set is currently only £8.60 on Amazon UK .


Soft Cell on Amazon.de comes to a total of USD $22.87 with shipping to the United States but its only USD $17.29 on Amazon US with free shipping.


any ides roughly how much bollocks deluxe will be


Soft Cell 12,99

William K

Demon music have also got some good cd and vinyl deals on offer at the moment. I picked up 5 Jimmy Somerville 2 cd sets for less than £20 for the lot, shipping costs are extra though. I think that offer may be gone, but there are still some others worth checking out.


Hi Paul,
I updated my email preferences but still not getting the alerts. :(


I meant to say “says”, of course. People in glass houses, etc.


It now say Peal Jam up above, btw.


They play their guitars like ringing a bell. It works, leave it :)


Yes, I got the Mike Oldfield box set!
Thanks for the alerts.


This is all quite exciting! I’m just hoping something I want or don’t already have comes up.


For those of us using Internet Explorer is there a translation function at Amazon.de? The Who box is still showing 15.99 euros but sitting at 41.99 euros in the basket.

BTW thanks for the alerts, Paul!


Hi spot, that’s worked, many thanks!


Mike Oldfield 43,99€


The Who will be 15,99!

Stan Butler

I take it that “you are on the waiting list for this property” means The Who box has gone?


Yes, I got the Rush box that way this morning.

Stan Butler

Stone the crows, you were right Paul. Just got the Who box. despite being on the waiting list. Thanks for the alert.

Michael Galvan

Thanks for the updates – very much appreciated! Do you know how long this campaign is going on for?


23rd to 30th March

Gary C

serious question, how do you turn the internet off?


I’m sure Pear Jam is nice on toast Paul. Not so sure about Peal Jam though… ;-)

Hans Jörg

ABBA Sold out in 20 Seconds.

Nigel Hall

My advice is to keep trying – I’ve found from previous experience with lightning deals on the UK and US sites that sometimes people go for these deals and add them to their shopping basket but either change their mind later or fail to complete the purchase within the allotted timeframe, so even if it looks like they’ve all gone within a few seconds they’ll sometimes reappear…


You can buy it on Amazon UK for about the same price if you factor in shipping. Just check out other sellers.

Brenez Alain

I got ‘The Gift’ box set from The Jam yesterday for 38 euros and picked up the Elvis one this morning for 22 euros.


I know it’s bad form to point out typos on blogs, but I can’t resist mentioning the “Pear Jam” above :)


Some clown has put the album covers for sector 3 on there instead of sector 2 anyway deal is long gone.

John S.

Are all those times GMT/UTC?
Just need to confirm as might be interested about some of these.
Thanks for bringing this up Paul.