Thursday's Amazon Easter Deals

More great DEALS today on Amazon Germany. Look out for sets from Daft Punk, Nirvana, Fairport Convention, The Alan Parsons Project, Judas Priest, Siouxsie and the Banshees, John Mellencamp, The Orb and The Beatles.

These special ‘lightning deals’ will only last for a very short period until the ‘allocation’ has reached 100% so you have to be very quick. SDE will send you an email about 5 minutes before the deals highlight below, as a reminder but only if you’ve signed up for the SDE Deal Alerts via Email service!

If you miss out try out making use of the ‘waiting list’ – you might be lucky and if you use Google Chrome the translation of German is automatic! This post will be updated frequently during today as deals come and go. Good luck!

Live at 6pm GMT/UTC: Status Quo Aquostic CD

That’s it for today – hope you got lucky!

Today’s Deals – now GONE!


The Beatles: Live on Air 3LP Vinyl – €18.50

Siouxsie and the Banshees at the BBC (4CD)  – €15

John Mellencamp 1978 – 2002 (19CD) – 11.00am – €49


Frank Zappa Jazz From Hell – €7


Alice Cooper Raise the Dead: Live from Wacken (Blu-ray + 2CD) – €12

Various Artists: Island 50 super deluxe  (9CD) – €50



Booker T & The MGs / Time is Tight (3CD) – €13

Fairport Convention / Live at the BBC (4CD) – €15

Daft Punk / Alive 1997 (4LP vinyl set) – €57

Nirvana / In Utero super deluxe box – €49 

The Alan Parsons Project / Complete Albums Collection (11CD)  – €37

Mark Ronson / Uptown Special – 3.30pm

Judas Priest / Complete Albums Collection – 4.30pm


The Orb / History of the Future (3CD+DVD) – 5pm


Status Quo / Aquostic (CD) – 6pm


SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Johnny Cash – The Perfect Collection (20CD) at 09:00 (UK time) Nevermind box up again at 12:30, Abba – The Albums (9CD) at 16:30 and Hendrix – West Coast Seattle Boy (5CD) at 17:30 seem to be today’s highlights.


Don’t forget Monty Python’s Total Rubbish at 11.30 (UK time)!


Just got the Bitches Brew 40th anniversary box at 24€ including shipment from Amazon DE. Hurry up if interested – fyi on Amazon Italy price is twice the german one….


Did I do something wrong? Bought The Orb History of The Future when it was around 16€ but I’ve been charged 16.05GBP.




OK thanks, I see that now plus something called ‘Umsatzsteuer’, which appears to be some kind of purchase tax.


The German tax is already included in the 16€, the shipping is not.


Eternal gratitude, Paul, would never have even known about these.

Have to say … and not boasting but … I really haven’t found it as difficult as some of you guys are reporting. Got everything I wanted (NMTB, PJ, Daft Punk and In Utero). What I didn’t get was because I wasn’t set up in time or away from the PC. Would have loved Massive Attack …

This has been far easier than other such “flash” sales. These seem to be automated to release at the stated time so don’t use your watch … make sure the time on your PC has been updated the same day … and as soon as the time (to the second) has come, refresh and cart.

Why am I saying this?! Increased competition and I won’t get anything tomorrow …


Johnny Cash 20 Album box first thing tomorrow and John Mayall box couple of hours later. Will be at work just hope the `net is as fast at work as at home.


£6.78 with delivery 1 CD 22 tracks. The UK site is showing £5 1 CD 24 tracks??? Am i right?


Status Quo that is to say

Julian H

Yes, it’s a very confusing release policy – here in Germany you only got the 24-track version via Media Markt and Saturn – and it was a pain in the ass! There’s even a 25-track version but that only works via iTunes and EMP in GB. Even the box set only includes the 22-track CD but it has the Mystery Song/Little Lady medley on a vinyl single with Claudie (Strings Mix) on the other side which is not on any CD! talk about confusing the buyer…


Status Quo – Aquostic: 4,99€


Cheers it worked. Why don’t the various Amazon’s sites do it via a button on the site? Don’t want you ordering from foreign Amazon sites?


Lol after i refreshed it seems others have been asking the same question. I think i wondered this point for some months now. I use (and prefer) Mozilla Firefox. Right click not working there. Anyone any ideas? Can’t believe it’s not more straightforward


read my comment above.


I just found out to right click on whichever page I am and then the translation to my own language is given – thanks for the support guys


Or try this Google service:


@Geoff : I use Chrome so where can I chose the option?


Probably a silly question but can you change the language on any foreign Amazon site and if so how. I may’ve forgotten from the past…


@Bobo – use Chrome as it gives you the option to translate and will do for every page.


on the road today with my samsung S5 nothing succeeded… BUT now im home and with my PC ive managed to get Judas Priest and The Orb (so far)


why final day for tomorrow??? according to the amazon.de page easter deals will go on to 30th March!


The Orb Deluxe 16,99€! Super!


anyone knows how I could have the entire content of the amazon.de website in english as I don’t see a button of any kind to do so


The Orb – History of the Future (3CD+DVD): 16,99€


just picked up the judas priest on a waiting list for 34 euros

Luc Piens

I got the Judas Priest Box for EUR 34,99 .


Have the Island and Alan Parsons box sets already gone? As I don’t see a time next to them

Mike Pendlebury

Just got the Judas Priest box set! I’m giving up for the day! Thanks SDE!


Priest box just came online and immedaietly mentioned it was 100% fully subscribed. How many did they have? Two? I’m on the waiting list with many more hungry people I can imagine


Judas Priest full box set from 4:30 pm GMT onwards, is that 5:30 Brussels time? Price is currently 58,97 which I think is NOT the reduced price


Paul, I don’t seem to get any mails in my inbox so how do I know when something goes up for sale at reduced price?


thanks Spot and Jay : it works indeed


Judas Priest – Complete Album Collection: 34,99€


am I right that most of the mentioned ‘deals’ still have to be offered? The Mellencamp box however states 11 am. Was this this morning and thus already gone or should it be 11 pm? Also I have an account with amazon.co.uk do I need to have another account with amazon.de first before I can order?


No new account needed, read above comments.

That deal was 11 am, it’s gone.


your amazon login should work at any amazon.


I would prefer any ‘deals’ to be on the Amazon UK website, which I am registered with, rather than other Amazon websites which I am not registered with as too much hassle to join them all for bargains that may later turn up on the UK Amazon website or eBay.


Just use your regular amazon.co.uk name and password, should work with every amazon website.


Well, it didn’t work. I added the item to basket, then went to pay and it was not in there. Failed every time. Come to think of it, I don’t feel that I want to give my credit card details to all different countries, so will stick to the UK Amazon for deals (there is more to life than the occasional CD offer, plus I know my account details are much safer, rather than give them out to every Tom, Dick and Harry).


Mark Ronson – Uptown Special: 8,49€

My Jelly

Hi Paul can you add me to deal alert e mail list



Dependant on postage costs then, it may work out cheaper (or cost neutral) to get the In Utero deal from the Great Offer Store site.

Or at least if you miss out on Amazon, that’s another option.


Nirvana – In Utero (Ltd. SDE): 48,99€
The Alan Parsons Project – The Complete Albums Collection: 36,99€

Rob Puricelli

Bagged a Daft Punk box off the reserve list :-)

Rob Puricelli

Indeed! Thanks for the heads up, as per usual!

My ‘Rumours’ box arrived today too :-)

adam shaw

Paul ,
Im not getting the emails and how much didthe Island box go for ?

adam shaw

Yes please!




Got it! Another 9 euro for postage but still….

Tommy Christiansen

Jeez..the Daft Punk and Fairport Convention went instantly…


absolutely ridiculous, I keep getting put on the waiting list, It’s so bloody difficult to get something. there must be hundreds sitting behind their comp clicking when the item goes into sale mode.


I did, but I clicked the wrong button, I wanted the Fairport Convention box which I managed to also get. Cancelled the Daft Punk right away, not a fan, hope a fan did get it.


Fairport Convention – Live at the BBC (4 CD Box): 14,99€
Daft Punk – Box Alive 2007/Alive 1997 (Vinyl LP): 57,00€


What time does the Island box set go on sale?


I signed up for the emails but I am not getting them.


Thanks, Paul! And thanks for the speedy response especially since I live in Canada!


Daft Punk box didn’t drop full price, did it?


Oops sorry. I forgot I live in GMT+1


Booker T & The MGs – Time is Tight (3CD): 12,99€


The In Utero super deluxe can be picked up for £35 on the GreatOfferStore site at the moment, worth keeping in mind for comparison later.

DJ Control

Great deals but shipping is so expensive for customers outside EU esp in Australia. Average €11 per deal but goes up for big items. Scored the Island 50 box for a great price but a large slice of the discount lost with €18 shipping.


Various – Island 50 Super Deluxe Boxset (Ltd.Edt.): 49,99€


Alice Cooper – Raise the Dead-Live from Wacken (CD+Blu-ray): 11,99€


Got word that my Rush Sector 1&2 and Ricky Thompson box are on the way, I suspect that they will be in one package but I`ve paid postage for 3. Went on the Amazon Germany site got them to phone me back and the nice lady gave me a 5 Euro reduction. Not bad for two minutes work.
I`m glad I missed the Mellencamp box, good value for £35 and I would have been tempted shoddy packaging taken into account but I already own the CDs! It`s these box sets I really have to start restraining myself!
Now that 5 Euros will come in handy for the Fairport at the BBC box ; ))

gary C

Did anyone get the big Decca box yesterday?


Just received my beautiful Sex Pistols box set!!!
Thanks Paul, thanks SDE!!