Deal alert / Belinda Carlisle: The CD Singles 1986-2014 / 29-disc box


Lowest price to date for CD Singles 1986-2014Belinda Carlisle‘s entire singles discography in a box!

The 29CD box set starts with 1986 IRS debut Mad About You and works through all the smash hits (including transatlantic number one Heaven Is A Place On Earth). Each single is on CD with attendant B-sides, remixes and extra tracks. This is just £39.99 on Amazon UK right now which equates to less than £1.40 per CD!

Disc: 1
1. Mad About You single mix
2. Mad About You extended mix
3. Mad About You instrumental mix
4. I Never Wanted A Rich Man

Disc: 2
1. I Feel The Magic
2. From The Heart
3. Gotta Get To You

Disc: 3
1. Band Of Gold single mix
2. Band Of Gold extended mix
3. Band Of Gold dub mix
4. From The Heart

Disc: 4
1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth single mix
2. Heaven Is A Place On Earth album version
3. Heaven Is A Place On Earth Heavenly Version
4. Heaven Is A Place On Earth Down To Earth Dub
5. Heaven Is A Place On Earth a cappella (The Voice)
6. We Can Change

Disc: 5
1. I Get Weak 7″ version
2. I Get Weak album version
3. I Get Weak 12″ version
4. I Get Weak instrumental
5. I Get Weak US 7″” mix
6. Should I Let You In

Disc: 6
1. Circle In The Sand 7″ version
2. Circle In The Sand Seaside Mood Groove Mix
3. Circle In The Sand Beach Party Mix
4. Circle In The Sand Sandblast Multi – Mix

Disc: 7
1. I Feel Free 7″ version
2. I Feel Free extended version
3. I Feel Free dub

Disc: 8
1. World Without You 7″ remix
2. World Without You extended worldwide mix
3. World Without You Panavision Mix
4. Nobody Owns Me

Disc: 9
1. Love Never Dies single version
2. Love Never Dies full length version
3. I Feel Free [live]
4. Circle In The Sand [live]
5. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live]

Disc: 10
1. Leave A Light On 7″ version
2. Leave A Light On extended mix
3. Shades Of Michelangelo

Disc: 11
1. La Luna 7″ version
2. La Luna album version
3. La Luna extended dance mix
4. La Luna 12″ dub mix
5. La Luna A Capella
6. Whatever It Takes
7. Leave A Light On [Kamikazee Single Mix]

Disc: 12
1. Runaway Horses single version
2. Runaway Horses album version
3. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live]
4. Circle In The Sand [Beach Party Mix]

Disc: 13
1. Vision Of You 7″ version
2. Leave A Light On [Kamikazee Mix]
3. I Feel Free [12″ extended mix]

Disc: 14
1. (We Want) The Same Thing Summer remix
2. (We Want) The Same Thing extended Summer remix
3. Shades Of Michelangelo
4. Circle In The Sand [Sandblast MultiMix]

Disc: 15
1. Summer Rain 7″ edit
2. Summer Rain album version
3. Summer Rain extended version
4. Summer Rain dub mix
5. Summer Rain Justin Strauss radio edit
6. Leave A Light On [Kamikazee Mix]

Disc: 16
1. Vision Of You (Remix ’91)
2. original 7″ version
3. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live]

Disc: 17
1. Live Your Life Be Free single version
2. Live Your Life Be Free LP version
3. Live Your Life Be Free Club Mix
4. Loneliness Game

Disc: 18
1. Do You Feel Like I Feel single version
2. Do You Feel Like I Feel album version
3. Do You Feel Like I Feel dance mix
4. World Of Love
5. Live Your Life Be Free [dance instrumental]

Disc: 19
1. Half The World
2. Only A Dream
3. Live Your Life Be Free [original intro version]
4. Vision Of You (Remix ’91)
5. Circle In The Sand
6. Love Never Dies

Disc: 20
1. Little Black Book
2. Little Black Mix
3. Belinda’s In The House Mix
4. The Air You Breathe
5. Only A Dream

Disc: 21
1. Big Scary Animal
2. Windows Of The World
3. Change [8 track demo]
4. Too Much Water [8 track demo]

Disc: 22
1. Lay Down Your Arms single edit
2. Tell Me
3. Wrap My Arms [8 track demo]
4. Here Comes My Baby [8 track demo]

Disc: 23
1. In Too Deep
2. I See No Ships
3. Jealous Guy
4. (We Want) The Same Thing [Summer remix]

Disc: 24
1. Always Breaking My Heart
2. Love Walks In
3. Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
4. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
5. Circle In The Sand
6. I Get Weak

Disc: 25
1. Love In The Key Of C
2. Kneel At Your Feet
3. In Too Deep [live acoustic]
4. Circle In The Sand [live acoustic]
5. Too Much Water [demo]
6. Whatcha Doin’ To Me [demo]
7. Don’t Cry [demo]

Disc: 26
1. California
2. Leave A Light On [live]
3. Live Your Life Be Free [live]
4. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live]
5. Big Scary Animal [live]
6. I Get Weak [live]
7. In Too Deep [live]

Disc: 27
1. All God’s Children edit
2. All God’s Children full version
3. Runaway Horses
4. Only A Dream

Disc: 28
1. Sun edit
2. Sun original version
3. Goodbye Just Go

Disc: 29
1. Live Your Life Be Free [MacMillan Mix]
2. Do You Feel Like I Feel [MacMillan Mix]
3. A Prayer For Everyone [edit]
4. I Still Love Him [edit]
5. In My Wildest Dreams

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James A Gates

Got this today after garbbing it at the 39.99GBP price point and am more than pleased with it. For all the controversy surrounding In My Wildest Dreams it’s still very listenable and I’m glad they threw it on the bonus disc. This cmpletes my BC collection nicely!


I finally bought this today for $45.00. There wasn’t anything on it I don’t have elsewhere so I balked at the over $100.00 price but at this price, it can’t be beat!

Robert HPM Laversuch

Awesome – almost got it for 50 quid before Xmas but missed deal – didn’t miss this though and saved a tenner to boot into the bargain so to speak – way to go!


Neil, Chris, are you there?

James A Gates

Grabbed this finally too. Great price despite the crappy version of In My Wildest Dreams which really is the big dangling carrot in this set. Lets just hope AmazonUK use their brains and put it in an actually packaging box when they send it to me in Oz unlike the recent Uli Jon Roth megaset which was destroyed when it got here with just a postage label placed on the plastic wrapper!!!


I hope it stays at this price for a few more weeks – I’m flat broke right now. :(

paul kelly

there another great deal is black grapes deluxe edition of its great when your straight hmv selling this at 25.00 pounds but amazon uk selling this at 15.00 pounds what a bargain


Thanks for the heads up on this great deal! I’ve wanted this for awhile, but did not want to pay full price for it. Total order came to $46.66 US. Not bad!


Kudos to Jon on the 3rd for the original spot in the comments section here:


Record Collector

Oh, you’re killing me Larry.

So tempting!


Thanks so much for the alert – ordered!


Got it! Thanks Paul. Worked out to $60CAN all in. Not bad.

Brian C

Bingo – been waiting for this one to drop to more appealing price.

Thanks for the alert, Paul.

Happy New Year to you !


THANK YOU! I just picked it up from Amazon UK for GBP 36.41/USD 46.66 including shipping to the USA. That’s a whopping savings of GBP 45.82/USD 56.22 off the current Amazon US price of GBP 83.85/USD 102.88! Fantastic!!


Thanks Paul, finally taken the plunge and ordered :)