Deal alert / Crowded House deluxe sets

Amazing prices right now on virtually all of last year’s Crowded House two-CD deluxe editions…

All of the albums are on Amazon UK at £6.99 each, except Time On Earth which is £14.99, although even that is available as part of the 2-for-£15 deal. Fantastic deal!! Everything is listed below with individual links.

Crowded House 2CD deluxe edition

Crowded House 2CD – £6.99

Crowded House / Temple of Low Men 2CD deluxe edition

Temple Of Low Men – £6.99

Crowded House / Woodface 2CD deluxe edition

Woodface 2CD – £6.99

Crowded House / Together Alone 2CD deluxe edition

Together Alone 2CD – £6.99

Crowded House / Afterglow 2CD deluxe edition

Afterglow 2CD – £6.99

Crowded House / Time On Earth 2CD deluxe edition

Time On Earth 2CD – £14.99 or 2-for-£15 deal

Crowded House / Intriguer 2CD deluxe edition

Intriguer 2CD – £6.99

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Paul Mac

Nabbed Woodface and Together Alone, finally!


Me too, now i’m waiting patiently for delivery of both my orders.


Time On Earth isn’t even in the 2 for 15 deal now.


Paul!!! My despair over having missed out on the earlier Crowded House deal has now been replaced with joy! Thank you, so much, for posting the link to the second-chance offer. You’re the best!

Alan Blevin

Thanks for the alert Paul.I have been waiting for these to drop in price although I never expected they would drop this much.Was “off the grid” when they dropped last week and felt like Stan 4 posts above when I went through my emails last Monday.However all good things come to those who stick close to SDE and I’ve ordered the first 4 and Afterglow which is what I wanted.


Most are back @ £6.99 on Amazon right now, although some are out of stock. I just bagged Woodface and Together Alone to complete my deluxe set.


Not sure where to post this but in addition to the Crowded House deal HMV have The Who My Generation box for £45


I’m a 50 year-old man… I’ve lived… I’ve seen things… I have so much in my life to be grateful for… But, God help me… Nothing will ever haunt me more –no loss, no car crash I passed on the highway, not the loss of my dog– than the moment of dread when I realized that I missed out on an opportunity to pick up the Crowded House reissues at 6.99 a piece… Damn me… Damn me all to Hell… I move through this world a broken, broken man…


Looks like I got them just in time – they’re now almost 20 quid each!


Oh yes that would be a problem. I have bought all these apart from Time On Earth which has always been too expensive and i know it’s in a 2 for 15 offer on Amazon but it’s always out of stock plus you have postage to pay on top of that. One thing i did notice when i listened to the remaster of Time On Earth was how quiet it sounded compared to the rest.


I see HMV has Woodface and Together Alone back in stock for £6.99. Let’s hope Amazon UK matches the price again!


Why are you hoping Amazon price matches when you can just as easily buy them from HMV ?

Chris B

I picked up Woodface in my local Hmv on Saturday for £6.99. They had other titles but not Together Alone.

alan hansen

i accidentally omitted one of the 7 SDE’s with my order, but the amazon representative via IM was kind enough to add it to my order without my having to cancel and re-order all of them. kudos to amazon!

Martin Stockdale

Ok, picked up three in the deal – arrived yesterday, looked so good I popped down to my local HMV today and picked up three more. That left one I didn’t have – Time On Earth – ordered that through Amazon as part of their 2 for £15 deal with the Rory Gallagher Kickback City – total £25 but a discount was applied at the checkout leaving the total at £7 – not complaining but I have no idea how the price got that low!

Chris Brown

Picked up Woodface, Together Alone and Intriguer at Fopp in Covent Garden this afternoon. There was just one of of Intriguer and Afterglow left after that.
Got trampled by Take That fans in HMV Oxford Street to check what they had, but they were all £14:99 in there. I presume people lucky enough to have local branches might be luckier.

Tim Brooks

Pretty much all now £14.99 again but don’t despair…..Amazon price goes back up when HMV are out of stock, IF HMV restock at these prices Amazon which they probably will as its probably a month long promotion – when they do then Amazon will price match again! You can add to your Amazon Basket and keep an eye for changes or ask HMV for stock alert and then wait till Amazon price scanners match it again!


PHEW – I managed to order the four albums I wanted at just £6.99 before the prices increased. It was certainly a quick bargain! I had them in my Amazon want list ever since they were released so I am very pleased that I did not purchase them straight away or bother pre-ordering them.


Yup picked up Together Alone for £6.99 at HMV in Reading today. They had all the titles available


Thanks Paul! I grabbed all 7 of these for a total of $73 shipped to the US. A fantastic deal!


Thanks for this Paul S!

With these 6 (already had the ‘Intriguer’ deluxe) and some amazing ‘2 for £15’ bargains – I managed to score 12 titles altogether (mostly doubles, so technically 20+ discs!) for only $150 AUD this morning!

(I just hope they don’t charge me until late April, LOL)


Thanks Paul. Just ordered Crowded House, Woodface, Together Alone and Temple of Low Men. All still £6.99 on HMV and I can pick up from local store! Whoo Hoo!

Mark H

Just a heads up – I came in a little late on this super deal unfortunately, as Woodface & Together Alone have gone back up to 14.99 Pounds.

I wonder how long the others will stay at 6.99 for?

Thanks again for advising us of the deal Paul – your efforts with everything are greatly appreciated!

Charlie Waffles

I just went to the site to purchase five of the seven. Woodface went up to 14.99. Boo hiss.

Paul Mac

Apologies, it looks like the deal is gone on Woodface, still there on the others though, woo-hoo (and dammit, on behalf of my wallet)!!

Paul Mac

Looks like the deal is gone, dammit (and woo-hoo, on behalf of my wallet)!


Went to order the first release but noticed the price was lower at check out. Did the price drop further still? Wasn’t sure if the deluxe edition was unavailable and that the previous edition was substituted. Any insight?


Strangely Woodface is 14.99 again while the rest is still up for 6.99! I bought them all at this heavenly reduced price. And tossed in Paul Carracks live album.

That said: anyone any thoughts about the remastered re-issues of Paul Carracks catalogue?


Pants! Bought 2 of these last week at full price!!


Just bought the first 4 albums which I’ve never owned. Love this site Paul and thanks!

Only bummer was it looks like these aren’t going to ship for ages. :(


Thanks Paul!!
I jumped on these.

John Norris

I am a big CH fan but held off these after I saw the unboxing and was quite underwhelmed. But after Paul’s alert I bagged the first three albums for less than £21. Nice to own and revisit these classic albums. I wouldn’t put you off the Together Alone deluxe but had a lot of the second CD tracks on various CD singles (remember them?) that came out at the time.

Quality music. If you don’t own any of these I would go for Woodface or Together Alone at £6.99 each.


Got the 3 I needed plus Out of Time, so thanks to whoever observed that reduced price in the comments above.

Crazy to think you can get all of these for literally half the price than they were before Christmas.

Andy P

Amazon also matching HMV on a few more:

Graham Parker box set – £36.99
PiL ‘Album’ Super Deluxe – £29.99
Pure McCartney 2 CD – £4.99

Apologies if they have been mentioned already


Thank you Paul!! At this moment in my life your deal alerts have become a part of my life. Don’t know if I can ever do without…every time a box set is released I’m like “wait For Paul’s deal alert”. And they always happen.
Holy moly what a deal this is. Grabbed them all except the “Time On Earth”. At the time of its release I bought the Australian 2xCD with 11 bonus live tracks. That’s good enough.
Thank you!!!!


stop finding all these great deals…my credit card can’t take it much longer!!!!


Thanks so much for this Paul.

Regarding those who can’t work out the maths (that’s my job), Amazon are applying the 2 for £15 discount twice !

So I buy 6 x £6.99 + £14.99 for the 7 Crowded House CDs and an additional one for £12.16 in the 2 for £15 offer.

So my discount should be £14.99 + £12.16 – £15 = £12.15 but they applied £24.30 as my discount, so doubled so I get those final two CDs for a total of £2.85 combined.

Pity it’s up to a 4 week wait for the Crowded House CDs.


Thanks for doing the math for us, malcy. Quite sure though, that this is a glitch and i hope they don’t cancel those orders, given that most of these albums are not available at the moment and they have up to 4 weeks time to discover their mistake.

I argued too long with myself whether i needed all of CH-Deluxe, so i missed out on “Woodface” and “Together Alone” (at least for now) but instead added the R.E.M. Deluxe “Out Of Time”, Rory Gallagher’s “Kickback City” (relying on Paul’s advice here) and while i was at it 2 David Gray-Deluxe-Editions, the Deluxe-Edition of Courtney Barnett’s current album and the gorgeous, although not very-well-known Djivan Gasparyan (highly recommended to listen to if you want to wind down) and got them all (total of 11, if you stopped counting ;-) ) for about GBP 70, (meaning a total of about GBP 6,40 for each) with a discount of not 27 but 55 GBP calculated, including the R.E.M. box and p&p to Germany. Best prices since X-mas i think.

Anyway, does anybody know, how to include the Joan Armatrading-Live At The RAH-set in the 2 for 15 offer? I’m trying for about a fortnight now, but haven’t found out how yet.

Thanks for advice.


I ordered the Courtney Barnett one as well – I see there’s a download-only track (grrrr!) but it was only released late 2015 so we may still be able to get it…..just. I don’t know the usual time-limit on these things…


Thanks Paul.

Shipping to the U.S. pretty much exactly cancelled out by the reduction in the VAT.

Marc T

Good deal …… Just noticed the Human League anthology has been massively reduced on amazon also… Can now afford both!!!


Thanks for this…unfortunately, I pulled the trigger about a month ago when all but Time on Earth were still £14.99, which was consistently the best price across the various Amazon sites. I figured that was the lowest they’d go for awhile, and decided to take advantage of a one-day discount that effectively reduced the price to £12.49 each + shipping. Not bad, but would have been nice to get all 7 at this great price. A few weeks ago, I did see the £6.99 deal on Time on Earth, which is coincidentally slated to arrive today.

For all of my fellow U.S. buyers, don’t be surprised if some arrive with broken tray spindles; 2 of 6 arrived this way, and a third broke off when I removed the discs a couple of times….


Amazon also doing Out if Time 4CD SDE for £21.99 and the Human League SDE for British Synthesizer Group has dropped to £39.99 too


Passed this info on to my wife who has ordered the lot! Thank God I didn’t buy them all full price when they came out….

Mike C

Bank account has taken another whack there, but this is a great deal, Cheers Paul :)


Same price on hmv.com. When i click on the link for New Gold Dream it keeps coming back here for some reason. If only it was £0.00 lol.


Oh and i just noticed New Gold Dream is £24.99 om hmv as well.

Bob Preston

Hi Paul. Thanks for this, picked up 3 I didn’t have. They will be delivered tomorrow. Great to have this info, keep up the good work.


Always loved Crowded House. I had the immense pleasure of meeting with the band in Auckland, New Zealand back in 1994.
Now I ordered all 7 double CD’s plus a complimentary CD (Harold Budd if you need to know) to enjoy the 2 for £15 promo. Now if I calculate correctly, this equals to 6 X £7 + £15 + £3.50 shipping costs = £ 60.50 but ended up paying only £ 50. I got a discount of £ 20; don’t know why !!!


yay got the three I wanted!

Peter van der Wijst

Wow, amazing! Ordered them all. For 60 euro’s shipped to the Netherlands. Thanks!!

alan hansen

all 7 SDE sets, including shipping to the US for $73.19. sweet! thank you, paul.


Thanks, Paul! Owe you a beer, mate.


Damn. Ordered them all about a month ago for £95!!!