Deal alert: Genesis 1983-1998 six-LP remastered vinyl box set


Great opportunity to acquire this Genesis vinyl box set cheaply by picking it up from Amazon Germany.

The box, which contains half-speed remastered 180g pressings of Genesis, Invisible Touch, We Can’t Dance (2LP) and Calling All Stations (2LP), is just £46 (€59) from the German site at the moment, compared to almost £80 here in the UK.



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Joep Mens

For all those who ordered, I suggest you check the weight of all albums upon arrival. They withdrew the first release of this box as the records were not 180 grams but most Amazon’s are still selling the old version with records that have 140 gram records. Me myself I got totally pissed off by Amazon Germany.



I got this box when they were last on a `Deal Alert` from Amazon Italy and all the LPs are 180grams and nice and flat.

Ronny Pudding

They should change the name of the box to “Their Worst”. Barring self titled, which has some redeeming qualities, this is all their shite albums. That’s overlooking the fact that they only put 4 albums out in a 15 year period. Of course, if this is your thing, it’s a nice deal to know about.


Dear Mr. Pudding am I right in thinking that you do not like these platters by Mr. Collins and his mates?

Ronny Pudding

Not the last three. Slick, over-produced, garbage. Way too much use of early digital technology. Patrick Bateman loves this boxset. On CD of course.


Thanks Paul that`s £93 spent today before I`ve got up from the couch. Seriously thanks, I`ve been dithering over the Genesis box and had ordered Macca`s `Tug Of War` which I cancelled then reordered with the Genesis box set to save on postage.


Amazon UK have been selling this as a Warehouse Deal recently. Product is described as ‘used-like new’ but also ‘factory sealed’. I got one last week for £31 and it was, indeed, still sealed. These appear to be the first pressing (where not all lps are 180g) but if you’re not bothered by that you might snag it even cheaper than from EU sites.


Mine too.. And so far the mastering sounds great (Just finished listening to “Genesis”).. And even though I’ve read, that some of the so called “audiophiles” was rather butthurt over it being the 2008 Nick Davis mix. I personally think that he did a stellar job…
I loved the green and the blue box, and I definitely love the red one too.. :)


Yes, they make a great collection. All on the shelf alongside the new Genesis to Revelation RSD deluxe vinyl box and my 3LP Live in Montreal set with the classic line up.


Box set arrived today from Amazon.fr, on the deck now, cheers!

Phil Morris

Amazon France seems to have cancelled all orders and is saying they won’t have it. Amazon UK were showing it at £88.99 yesterday. However, it seems to have disappeared today. But What Records in the UK have it for £69.99 (plus £8 p&p within the UK):



Not quite, I don’t believe Amazon France have cancelled all orders… I, for my part haven’t received any order cancellation from them.. And I’ve just checked, it still says; “Livraison prévue : vendredi 15 mai 2015 – lundi 18 mai 2015”.

Sergei K

With regrets French Amazon canceled my order. ‘It was a limited release and so on…;(


Thank you Paul…
I’ve cancelled my ridiculously expensive £95 pre-order on Amazon UK and ordered this one instead… Nice to save a bit of cash, especially considering not being a millionaire. ;)
The two first vinyl boxes contained some excellent masterings (At least to my ears), and I really looking forward to this one… given I’ve always had a soft spot for “Invisible Touch”.


Hope they will do the live box as well. This one is the least interesting.


I can’t see the live box happening anytime soon (though it would be welcome). To really make it worth doing they’d need to include the 1973 Rainbow show (first time on vinyl) and the 2007 Live Over Europe album (ditto), which would add (by my reckoning) five slabs of vinyl to the box. The Way We Walk would also best be served as a triple album. So that would make for a 13 LP box:-

Genesis Live (1 LP)
Live at the Rainbow (2 LP)
Seconds Out (2 LP)
Three Sides Live (2 LP)
The Way We Walk (3 LP)
Live Over Europe (3 LP)

And that would be pricey!


I hope the mastering for these vinyl discs is better than what we got in the SACD boxset – Invisible Touch for one was all but unlistenable…


Thanks for that. Already have them all on vinyl, but as I have the first two boxes on vinyl as well I guess I’ll have to get this as well…