DEAL ALERT: Italy serves up a feast of great music box set bargains

Save hundreds of pounds right now by heading to Amazon Italy, for in demand music box sets from the likes of The Who, The Human League, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and more….

Man Who Fell To Earth / original soundtrack recording

Various / Man Who Fell To Earth (super deluxe 2CD+2LP+Book) £55 (save £46)


The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group box set

The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group (4-disc) – £56 (save £24)



Soundgarden / Badmotorfinger super deluxe edition

Soundgarden / Badmotorfinger (7-disc) – £106 (save £64)



Bob Dylan / The 1966 Live Recordings (36CD box) – £69 (save £31)


Lou Reed / Vinyl Collection, Vol. 1 (6LP) – £58 (save £19)


Jean-Michel Jarre / Oxygene Trilogy box (3LP/3CD/book) – £80 (save £39)



The Who / My Generation (super deluxe)£56 (save £29)



Temple of the Dog (super deluxe)£62 (save £28)


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers / Vinyl Collection ’76-91 – £126 (save £78)


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Beware ordering from Anazon.it. I just got the Bowie MWFTE box set. Also Zero packaging!! Just a label stuck to the shrink wrap! Amazed it got to australia without more damage than it had.

Chris Squires

Italy Have another Box Set sale on right now (Friday 3rd March), picked up the first “McCartney” SDE for just £58 inc. Postage.

I know it was the worst one, but it was the only one I was missing so couldn’t resist.

get in whilst you can

José Ramón

Can’t believe that Dave ;(


Just got my Lou Reed. Worth noting that Amazon sent this without any packaging at at all – just the boxset!

Normally Amazon seem to use too much packaging. It doesn’t seem too bad at first glance, just a couple of scuffed corners, but a very strange thing to do.

José Ramón

Just received my Human League and Soundgarden boxes from Amazon Italy but sadly Badmotorfinger was missing the lithography. Paul, do you know where i should ask? Amazon want the box back to send a replacement but this is so heavy and big that i don’t honestly want to send it back.


I ordered the Human League CD box set (initially ordered the vinyl box set but cancelled it as it doesn’t have all the tracks nor the DVD) which I received today together with the Roy Orbison vinyl box set. Now when I ordered the Roy Orbison box set, it was mentioned on Amazon Italy as a ‘used’ item. Price was € 123 + shipping, so about € 130. I crossed my fingers to get a good copy but at that price, I took the risk. Big surprise today when opening the parcel : this is a BRAND NEW box set, still sealed at half of the price it is now on Amazon Italy. So from now on, take a good look at what are ‘supposed’ to be used items on Amazon !!!


PS Just got my THL Anthology replacement booklet and tracklisting sheet through the post today. Coincidence?


Thanks for the alerts but I wish I hadn’t read the THL box one …!!! I paid full whack for it (from amazon.it) back in November and now they’re cutting the price by a whopping 26% after just three months. Incredible. I tried complaining (I’m fluent in Italian) but they’re not budging. Their only advice was to return the item (at my expense!!!) and buy it again …Rubbish. Really is a poor show especially for Prime clients. I’ll think again before buying a new release.

stim citytigers

Personally the Human League box set is overpriced, regardless of the Italian price. I accept that thy had to pay royalties etc to the BBC and various labels, but they missed out on my sale, I only wanted the 3rd rarities cd. I have since bought the double cd for £2.00 from a charity shop great album.

Peter Stanton

Cracked and ordered Bob Dylan 1966 and the Hollies 69-73 all for a total of £86


Sorry,but I don’t actually think the human league box set is over priced.Its a very nice set,which was never meant to cover everything,just a career overview.Bottom line is if you don’t like it don’t buy it.

Chris Squires

You are right to my mind David, it is a lovely set. Rather like the Oxygene set, it pays to almost look at it as a piece of art that also sounds great. It’s not just the music but the presentation. To steal Paul’s raison d’être it’s great for those who like “Holding the music in their hands”.

andrew R

Ref U.K. overpriced in comparison to am .it /fr/ etc, would it be anything to do with the fact that people in Italy and France don’t spend as much on cd’s and vinyl as maybe Brits do ,leading to heavier discounting? Maybe the powers that be at am /uk realise they have a captive market
in that there is more of an obsession with pop culture here? Just an idle opinion fwiw.


That Human League box set is still way overpriced even at £56.


Been waiting/hoping for a drop in price for the Bob Dylan set. Just ordered. Thankyou Paul!

Tony M

Great price on the Roy Orbison box. I ordered 2, one for me one for a friend. Again – not wanting to harp on this – but the shipping to Australia was murder. Shipping worked out to be almost AU$100.00 for both sets. I don’t understand why shipping from Italy is so expensive compared to Amazon UK, FR or DE?


As a fellow Aussie, I agree with the shipping grumble – that’s why I use only UK (and once or twice for DE). A discount would have to be absolutely MASSIVE for me to buy somewhere else – whatever I save on VAT gets eaten up TWICE by shipping.

I heard last year that Amazon Australia were planning to expand (at the moment it only offers books) – when (if?) that happens, we may start getting some great deals with reasonable (maybe even sometimes free?) shipping.

Neil Kelly

The Human League boxset is utterly ridiculous in price especially considering many omissions and bad choices most of all the 3rd Later performance that was also missing from the last DVD (i know if that would’ve appeared on the that it would’ve appeared hear too but either lack of attention to detail or a can’t be bothered approach has meant this will never now see the light of day). Despite all this i finally purchased. With postage (can that be avoided with a Prime account?) it still works out at over £60 despite someone here claiming it was under £60. To be honest i am just fed up with looking for it cheap. It’s not really happened since release. I almost took the plunge with Amazon’s £10 off that they recently offered on any purchase. But that was still around £70 as opposed to £60. One of my biggest fears is seeing it go cheap soon after purchase like that bloody Bananarama box set. Now if only i could find Adam & The Ants Kings… (Super deluxe) at a decent price about 8 months on…


That’s right. I had a Prime membership in Britain before X-mas to include the Oasis-DVD in my “2 for 20 GBP”-orders, which at the time was only available for Prime-members, but had to pay p&p to Germany nevertheless. I also haven’t got the free auto-rips for cds i bought during my 29-days free trial, so i then cancelled my membership before they charged me any fees.


Many omissions,it what respect?Yes it doesn’t contain everything but that was never the point.You know the “can’t be bothered or lack of detail”points to be fact do you?

Fat Old Bloke

Sadly postage to Australia from Amazon Italy is beyond sanity

Stevie B

Chris Squires is spot on. I’ve only bought one item from Amazon UK since before Christmas (Pure McCartney 4cd set), but three things from HMV and three from my local indie record store.


Squires…..rip off Britain


Tempted by The Human League box set, the Soundgarden and TOTD ones too to a lesser extent. The saving isn’t enough for me after including postage sadly.

Hopefully these will come down in price eventually on the UK site.


Thanks for this. Followed the human league link and selected the vinyl option. 65 euros including postage. Still overpriced in my opinion but a great saving on the UK price and it worked out as less than £60.


The Human League boxset still isn’t good value till it’s sub 40 quid and it will come down from the poor sales.




You know it’s had poor sales…….

Paul Herberts

Thanks Paul.

Bought the Lou Reed box a couple of days ago at £78 from Italy so a bit cheesed off. also would have liked the Human League set for the early BBC videos but just spent my last £50 on a Numan DVD this lunchtime so will have to give it a miss this time.


Paul Herberts

Oops! Just noticed it is the Lou Reed vinyl collection which is on offer, I bought the CD collection which is actually one Euro dearer. They look so similar.

Feel a bit better now.

Chris Squires

What interests me is not necessarily why Am.it has so many bargains, it’s why Am.uk is so rubbish.

It has had the same 3 useless “deals” since the new year, with a recent addition of a “Love” section for valentine’s day. I haven’t seen an individual box set or decent album in the deals sections since before Christmas.

Quite a few of the albums in the “2 vinyls for £30” are under £15 anyway and most are utter un-saleable dross. Who’s next for £11.99 in the two for £30 section? Someone needs a remedial maths lesson.

I have saved over £100 on UK prices by using am.it this week and that includes postage. And as John says above, my Oxygene arrived less than 25 hours after ordering with a Scotland address on it.

The best deals I have had from Amazon UK in the last three months have been mistakes over pricing! Such as the Who Live at Leeds for £12.99…. lovely, but a mistake all the same.


Lloyd Evans says:
February 23, 2017 at 15:15
Think i’ll move to Italy. I’ve heard Napoli is nice this time of year.

Come, I’ll gladly offer you a real pizza -)


Also the new Hollies set is much cheaper in Italy than anywhere else.


Dylan went back up…won’t purchase that til its this price or left. deus62.com: see any great deals on the classical ones of note? I tend to buy them when on a good sale. Argerich set is a pinch cheaper than in the US.


The Human League boxset is still expensive…


Anyway to get around the postage fees?

Paul English

Thank you very much Paul. Went for the Human League. Still £80 everywhere else.


They also have a 3 for 2 sale on classical box sets. Some real gems amongst those, especially if you go for the mega sets available there.

Lloyd Evans

Think i’ll move to Italy. I’ve heard Napoli is nice this time of year.


If you’re British don’t hesitate too long.
Who knows if you’ll be welcome after Brexit ;-) .


The last two”Italian” buys have both been shipped from Scotland. The complete basement tapes arrived 24hrs after I’d bought it.


you’re right. i’m from italy and many purchases are shipped from Fife


@andrew R
you’re certainly right about the Kinks vinyl box not being in stock @Amazon.it. I placed the order a few days ago and my order page reads “delivery expected 7 mar – 20 mar”. When the item is in stock, I regularly receive it the next day. So they don’t actually have it “now”.
BUT – if you place your order “now”, you shouldn’t be charged more than the current price, even if it ships in a month or two (that’s my understanding of how this works anyway)

Friso Pas

Great deals. Finally pulled the trigger on the usually mega overpriced Soundgarden en Temple of the Dog sets. Probably going for less this coming fall on Black Friday, but hey…now I can enjoy them already, and that also counts for something.
Paul, much obliged, as always.

Mark Carter

Thanks Paul. The Human League ordered. Really wanted the DVD footage. Good price so very happy ..Cheers

Brian Doyle

Do you know if the covers and details are in Italian or English as interested in getting this myself? Thanks.


ordred the human league, too, looking forward !!


The recent Public Image Ltd boxes are at a pretty good price there too – around £31.20 each compared with just under £45 on Amazon UK.

Bruce Hoffman

Postage to US ridiculous as much as the boxes


Bruce, because you ship to the USA, you won’t have to pay VAT. That means the box sets from Italy are even cheaper. It almost nullifies the shipping. I got the Jarre box and including shipping to the USA. it was $99. That is amazingly cheap.


Could be customs duties for bring it in as well…
Especially with the current US government.


Thank Paul It’s Christmas :-))


Fine, I scored the Jean Michel Jarre box. Practically bancrupt now after all those deal alerts in Jan and Feb. And it pisses me off that the Jarre box has nothing unreleased in it. Take note Jarre. Next time I won’t be so generous. And no more deal alerts for a while Paul!

andrew R

Paul you will find that ref the kinks set underneath it warns you in italian
that the item will be shipped in 1-2 months .In my experience this means
they have used up all the stock and are hoping more will arrive before offer ends.

paul brennan

Good stuff
Fresh Cream deluxe is 42.90 Euros too

eric slangen

Thanks, I already snagged the Lou Reed an the Who box a few days ago.
Now waiting for the Tom Petty box 2 to come down.