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JamesLaid box set from last year – which in addition to the remastered 1993 long-player also includes the Wah Wah album and 32 bonus tracks – is extremely cheap on Amazon UK today.

This super deluxe set comes with four CDs and includes a 56-page hardcover book, a few button badges and postcards and is just £20 at the time of writing (18 Jan 11.30am GMT) which is less than HALF the original price.


4CD super deluxe box set

CD1 – Laid
1. Out To Get You
2. Sometimes (Lester Piggott)
3. Dream Thrum
4. One of The Three
5. Say Something
6. Five-O
7. P.S.
8. Everybody Knows
9. Knuckle Too Far
10. Low Low Low
11. Laid
12. Lullaby
13. Skindiving

CD2 – Wah Wah
1. Hammer Strings
2. Pressure’s On
3. Jam J
4. Frequency Dip
5. Lay The Law Down
6. Burn The Cat
7. Maria
8. Low Clouds
9. Building A Fire
10. Gospel Oak
11. DVV
12. Say Say Something
13. Rhythmic Dreams
14. Dead Man
15. Rain Whistling
16. Basic Brian
17. Low Clouds
18. Bottom Of The Well
19. Honest Joe
20. Arabic Agony
21. Tomorrow
22. Laughter
23. Sayonara

CD3 – Rehearsals, Out-takes & Jams (previously unreleased)
1. Carousel (rehearsal demo of Say Something)
2. Unknown Track 8 (rehearsal demo)
3. Dream Thrum (rehearsal demo)
4. Chicken Goth (rehearsal demo)
5. Jam J (Additional Jam) (rehearsal jam)
6. You Were Born (Take 1) (early version of One of the Three)
7. Bruce Jam 1 (Mix 1)(early version of Knuckle Too Far)
8. Jam D / Rhythmic Dreams alt. (rehearsal jam)
9. Jam E (out-take)(rehearsal jam)
10. Jam 11 (Slow Jam – Grotesque/Angular) (rehearsal jam)
11. Jam 12B (Dreamy Later Singing) (rehearsal jam)
12. Jam P (Fabulous Melody But Unusual Bass) (rehearsal jam)
13. Jam P2 (Later)(rehearsal jam)
14. Jam Q (early version of Honest Joe) (rehearsal jam)
15. Jam R – Beefheart Jam (rehearsal jam)
16. Who Is Gospel Oak? (early version) (rehearsal jam)
17. Falsetto (instrumental version of Skindiving)
18. Jam 13 – Fast Marcus Has Mixed (rehearsal jam)

CD4 B-sides, Radio Sessions & Live
1. America (Live In The U.S. 9/92) (B-side of Sometimes)
2. Building A Charge (B-side of Sometimes)
3. Wah Wah Kits (B-side of Laid)
4. The Lake (B-side of Laid)
5. Seconds Away (B-side of Laid)
6. Say Something (New Version)
7. Assassin (B-side of Say Something/Jam J)
8. Laid (Acoustic 99x, Atlanta 26/2/94) B-side of Say Something – US promo CD
9. Low Low Low (BBC Session 27/9/93)
10. Sometimes (BBC Session 27/9/93)
11. Tomorrow (BBC Session 27/9/93)
12. Five-O (BBC Session 27/9/93)
13. Jam J (Arena Dub / Amphetamine Pulsate) 12″ remix
14. Jam J (Sabresonic Tremelo Dub / Spaghetti Steamhammer) 12″ remix


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Once again – thanks SO much, Paul. I too thought I had missed out, as I clicked the link and saw £39 instead of £20 – but followed your advice and found it for AUD$40 incl postage through a reseller. Unbelievable value! A huge fan of James and was waiting for a chance to snag this. Almost feel guilty with the sheer value we get through these Deal Alerts. You’re good to us, Paul. Love it!


I got this earlier this year from the Great Offer Store and it was only £10.

Charles Hodgson

Can we PLEASE have a box set of all James “early” stuff (ie up-to-and-including “One Man Clapping”); albums, singles, demo’s, radio sessions etc. Their golden era, for me at least.

Neil Kelly

That would indeed be great. Have you ever heard the original 12″ of ‘Sit down’? Pretty incredible!


My James boxset arrived this morning. It’s the best £20 I’ve spent in a long time! A thing of beauty to be sure, and that’s before listening to a note of music! I’m well made up.


Mine turned up yesterday. Really surprised at how big the damn thing was! For 4CD’s, I was expecting it to be maybe the similar format as the Alanis or T’pau box not LP size! Well worth 20 quid.
Hope they do something similar for Whiplash, Seven and Gold Mother.
Maybe Millionaires as well.


That is a bargain. I bought it last year for about £35.00. It is a superb package and the bonus cd’s of both albums are excellent. Highly recommended to anyone wavering.

Paul Brown

Hi Paul, thanks for the heads up, I didn’t bother with this initially due to the price but at $44 AUD delivered couldn’t resist…these alerts will test my wallet again this year!!!

William M

ooft i can’t resist this at that price, been an expensive week for me, this, some Bowie items and Simple Minds New Gold Dream dvd-audio, now if i could just get Tears For Fears Hurting box set for a good price…


Great stuff…been after this for a while, thanks Paul


I’m not a fan of the band James as such, but I am a fan of their fantastic ‘Laid’ album from 1993. I have ordered this, because of the good price, and the super deluxe versions aesthetics. Thanks Paul for the tip off.


My favourite James album too – this looks like a great set and £20 is a real bargain so have ordered. Thanks for the heads up Paul.



Great price. Think it was originally about 50 quid, which I would never have paid.