Deal alert / Status Quo: The Vinyl Collection / 11LP vinyl box


The Vinyl Collection 1972-1980, last year’s Status Quo vinyl box set is a steal at present on Amazon UK at the moment.

The 11LP vinyl box contains ten albums (Live is a 2LP set) and all material contained within is re-mastered from original tapes and presented on 180gm vinyl with original covers, inserts and an exclusive poster in each record. This also comes with a download code. It’s just £77 at the time of writing (1pm GMT 29/1/16) which is around £40 cheaper than elsewhere and £7 per vinyl record!


Side A
Don’t Waste My Time
Oh Baby
A Year
Unspoken Words

Side B
Big Fat Mama
Paper Plane
All the Reasons
Roadhouse Blues

Side A
Roll Over Lay Down
A Reason For Living
Blue Eyed Lady

Side B
SIDE Caroline
Softer Ride
And It’s Better Now
Forty-Five Hundred Times

Side A
Just Take Me
Break The Rules
Drifting Away

Side B
Don’t Think It Matters
Fine Fine Fine
Lonely Man
Slow Train

On The Level
Side A
Little Lady
Most Of The Time
I Saw The Light
Over And Done

Side B
Down Down
Broken Man
What To Do
Where I Am
Bye Bye Johnny

Blue For You
Side A
Is There A Better Way
Mad About The Boy
Ring Of A Change
Blue For You

Side B
Rolling Home
That’s A Fact
Ease Your Mind
Mystery Song

Rockin’ All Over The World
Side A
Hard Time
Can’t Give You More
Let’s Ride
Baby Boy
You Don’t Own Me
Rockers Rollin’

Side B
Rockin’ All Over The World
Who Am I?
Too Far Gone
For You
Dirty Water
Hold You Back

Side A
Juniors Wailing
Backwater / Just Take Me
Is There A Better Way
In My Chair

Side B
Little Lady / Most Of The Time
Forty Five Hundred Times

Side C
Roll Over Lay Down
Big Fat Mama
Bye Bye Johnny

Side D
Don’t Waste My Time
Roadhouse Blues

If You Can’t Stand the Heat
Side A
Again And Again
I’m Giving Up My Worryin’
Gonna Teach You To Love Me
Someone Show Me Home
Long Legged Linda

Side B
Oh! What A Night
Accident Prone
Let Me Fly
Like A Good Girl

Whatever You Want
Side A
Whatever You Want
Shady Lady
Who Asked You
Your Smiling Face
Living On An Island

Side B
Come Rock With Me
Rockin’ On
High Flyer
Breaking Away

Just Supposin’
Side A
What You’re Proposing
Run To Mummy
Don’t Drive My Car
Over The Edge

Side B
The Wild Ones
Name Of The Game
Coming And Going
Rock ‘N’ Roll


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elliott buckingham

all I want is blue for you to be released on blue vinyl


Status Quo Announce The Last Ever Electric Tour Dates:

Status Quo today announce that their 2016 live shows will represent their last ever full on Electric tour. Following a final high profile European tour, which will start in October and include UK dates in December 2016, no further electric tours will be booked for this legendary band.

Francis Rossi said, “We’ve talked about it for some time and have decided that it’s time for us to hang up the electrics. It’s getting harder and harder for us to play those shows. It’s 30 years since we last said we were stopping but this is a final decision. It doesn’t mean we won’t do other things, perhaps the odd special, but we’re agreed that the moment has come. There’s more to come from us in the years ahead, but we won’t tour the electric set ever again”.

Rick Parfitt added, “We always thought we’d see a red light when it was time to stop. The show hurts now, physically. It’s hard to maintain that level of energy and without that it’s not really a Quo show. So we don’t feel we should continue. This is definitely the end of our lives on the road with the electric set, life won’t be the same for us – or many of the fans – but we can’t go on at this pace any more”.

“The Last Night Of The Electrics” Tour will go on sale in February 2016. Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Andy Bown, John ‘Rhino’ Edwards and Leon Cave will plug back in and bring their thunderous electric live show back to the nation’s venues for the last time. Packed with hits, both new and old, taken from that unbelievable back catalogue. If you love Status Quo, you need to be there; if you’ve never before seen this truly legendary act play a full full-throttle no-nonsense electric set, you need to be there!

These tour dates will truly be the end of an era as Status Quo turn their back on constantly touring their fabled electric live set. Since first charting in 1967 the band have become a truly iconic and massively influential rock act. The world of music will not be the same once the dust has settled from “The Last Night Of The Electrics” Tour.

Source: http://www.statusquo.co.uk/lastnight.html#.Vq8b-Pntk8M

Simon F

I saw them twice on that supposed “farewell tour” back in 1984 including the final gig at Milton Keynes Bowl (excellent set btw) and have often wondered since whether I could sue Quo under the trades description act for going back on the road again a year after quitting!!
I won’t be going to see them this time. I’m afraid that over the past 30 years Quo have degenerated into an embarrassing end-of-the-pier act. That is why this box set (which I got yesterday-great throughout) is so important at reminding one of how good they used to be.


Why is it that Status Quo fans seem to live in the past, and every time the current line up do something the same old cliques are rolled out?

If Quo had stopped touring in 1984, I would never have seen them live nearly 50 times.

Julian H

Good question Johnny. The thing I personally find puzzling is that they don’t just slow down their live shows like they used to talk about but hang it up right away…

John Cronnolley

Amazon UK have had this box set at this price since mid-December 2015.

I bought mine just before Christmas!!


I recently bought this from Amazon on the 14/1/16 and can confirm that all the records were correct.

Graham Piazza

Hi Paul, fantastic bargin. I just placed my order and the cost came to $142 Aussie. I had to roll over and lay down.

Many thanks.


Or go to any decent second hand record store and buy the originals for next to nothing – always loads of 70’s quo about

Simon F

Try and find decent second hand copies of Hello and Quo….

Anselm Lee

Thanks for the alert. I placed an order, but I hope they have addressed the issue of having a wrong record (Hello in the jacket for Whatever You Want) included.

Simon F

Great! I’ve been waiting for a price drop on this. Ordered. Excellent stuff. Thanx Paul.

Erik van der Scheer

Ordered. Thanks!