Deal alert / Steven Wilson / Hand.Cannot.Erase. deluxe edition


Steven Wilson‘s stunning deluxe edition is now very hard to get hold off. This 2CD+Blu-ray+DVD edition contains a demos disc exclusive to this set, as well as a 5.1 mix and many audio extras all set in a truly stunning large format hardcover book.  Amazon Germany have some stock now which, while not rock-bottom in terms of pricing, is quite reasonable and could well be the last chance to snag one of these before the prices go through the roof.

At the time of writing this 4-disc deluxe box set is available for around £88 (€120).



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If someone buys a deluxe edition or whatever because they like the music and then sell it and keep the digital version for themselves i think that’s ok i do that sometimes too. I’s only when someone buys large quantities of a deluxe edition and essentially partially causing the product to go out of print and then when it does go they sell it for profit. I just don’t like that and that’s it. The End.


I must admit that I am not familiar with Steven Wilson’s solo work, only his excellent 5.1 mixes of late. However, this is a very interesting debate and it certainly got me thinking….

First off, I will admit to owning (at one point in time) 5,000 records and over 2,000 CDs and my collection is about 25% of that size at this time. I kept all of the memorable items and super deluxe editions of major value. When I sold those pieces (some at profit, but many not) did I keep digital copies? Yes, I did.

Do I feel guilty about it? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes not. Is that copyright infringement? Let’s be clear – yes, it is.

In the case of limited super deluxe editions – look at this this way. The artist makes money only on new (non-used) copies. In many cases, I bought the items new from retailers and the artist/label made money from my purchase. I created digital versions of those deluxe editions on iTunes and I may have sold the physical (profit or not.) The artist made money off of my purchase, but they did not receive any profit from the person who bought it from me (used.) This is fine with super deluxe editions, limited supply – more demand. The buyer had no other choice. I don’t feel too guilty about keeping a digital copy in that case – it’s limited supply. If I buy a used copy because it’s out of print, the artist doesn’t get anything – – and they are probably OK with that too. It may be too risky to press more copies.

What we are saying, collectively, by keeping digital artifacts of physical releases that we sell is that the packaging is worth the entire value of the purchase but the music is worth $0.00. That’s a sad statement, but it is true. The music most definitely DOES have value but we are saying, by doing this, that the digital version does not hold any value.

I find it harder and harder to buy digital downloads on iTunes because of this. Digital downloads have no resale value. Should that matter? No, it should not matter but it bothers me. It bothers me because i spent thousands and thousands of dollars on vinyl and CDs over the years. I have spent thousands of dollars on iTunes, honestly – a fact that horrified my wife when I told her. She can’t believe I would spend money on digital music that has no resale value. It now bothers me too.

The new digital age has really thrown some questionable practices into place and for “old-school” music fans like me (and many of you) who grew up with vinyl and cds with resale value, it has created some real issues regarding the value of music.

Paul Wren

All these posts about profiteering are boring. We’ve all got stuff we bought cheap that is now worth more, at least on paper. I’ve yet to flip anything on vinyl and I’ve got about 6,000 vinyl albums and 2,000 vinyl singles. Buy it because you like it, keep it, play it and only sell it if for a market rate if you’ve run out of room or become bored with it. You’ll never win an argument on the internet about morals etc.
By the way, the point of this website is to alert us to good price deals, isn’t it? Lets keep it this way.


Oh i pre-ordered the set the first day it was available and received it. Have no intention of letting it go. Just think that someone like heinz1 are just sad wankers. Because he must probably have multiple copies for sale and makes profit from them. Of course no one is forced to buy them. Just get a honest job that pays well. This kind of ‘business’ is just so embarrassing. It’s just like those types who buy up concert tickets and sell for silly prices. Should be criminalised IMO.


Adam silly boy we should toughen up. We have learned now that stealing without the risk of being caught is ok, actually more than ok, it’s something to be proud of. We are so naive.


So Zack since the demos are only in the expensive box set then it is ok to steal them. Sure. By the way I don’t object to profit of course. He can buy and resell. Keeping a copy of those demos turns the thing into a dishonest profit.

Reddington Fitch

Hey Adam, I did exactly what Dan did and I am extremely proud of getting all the music and selling the set on for £115.
KERRCHINNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! Next customer please. I did the same with the Raven set that had exclusive demos.
If you want to invite Paul and Steven Wilson round to confiscate my hard drive then please set the wheels in motion.
The only people crying about copyright etc are those who did not have the foresight to order it when it was cheap and do everything by the book. Why don’t you invite your local politicians, bankers, media moguls etc around so you can all discuss how great it is being so saintly in your little ladybird book world?
Do you have everything you have copied on physical format?
I very much doubt it, so get off your high horse please.


You may doubt it, but it is true. I own nearly 8500 CDs and 1500 records. For anything that I bought and later sold, I have indeed deleted any digital artifacts I might have made of them, because I’m no longer entitled to them.

I have NO problem with people buying some rare CD/vinyl/box set/whatever and selling it for a profit. I have done this dozens of times myself. I have also bought things at inflated prices when I missed out on something that I really wanted. That’s all fine and good.

But I have never kept any digital artifacts of any item that I have sold, because that’s copyright infringement. I never “cry about copyright,” I simply believe that there is a benefit to the artist for their music being copyrighted, that the artist is entitled to get paid for their work, and that music enriches my life enough that I’m willing to pay for it.

(And I have no interest in this set at any price. Mr.Wilson may make great 5.1 mixes for other artists, but his solo work is not my cup of tea.)

As for your “saintly” comment, I would never claim to be. I simply try to do the best I can – I would hope anyone else would want to do the same. Ask yourself this, though: Why does my pointing this out to you make you so defensive?

Paul Hum

Thanks for the heads up concerning the £54.99 price on Amazon U.K., Richie. Much appreciated. F.Y.I.: The price was higher on Amazon U.K. when Paul originally posted the deal alert and the Amazon Germany price was the lowest at that juncture in time. Simple case of supply and demand have shifted the price downwards in the marketplace…for now.


Less of the name-calling (“stupid, idiot”) please, Dan.


Sorry backward, I’m so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY!!

When Andy was being an idiot and stupid I shouldn’t have said it out loud and won’t do it ever again. Please don’t tell my mummy what I did.


I like Heinz Baked Beans but I would like to reassure everyone that I am in no way connected to heinzman1 who is selling these H.C.E. S.E. packs at an exorbitant price.

Got mine this morning for £53.99 at Kscope. ; ))


What`s all the fuss? It`s £54.99 on Amazon UK.


I don´t understand why this site makes promotion (“Deal Alert”) for the overpriced offer from a seller called “heinzman1” at amazon…


Jpc.de for 79.99€


Great album and a beautiful edition of it.
But shame on these people who try to make money buying these limited editions and then selling them when they go out of print. Like this seller here heinz1. Probably bought these from jpc.de and now selling them with over 50€ profit. Or maybe heinz1 don’t even exist and is just an Amazon scam… well gotta go put my foil hat back on.


Business is not about doing people favours, it’s about profit. If you want limited edition items you have to get them when they are first released otherwise, yes, they will be far more expensive when the supply is not there. These were available for a very long time on pre-order for those that wanted it and they were well advertised.

I bought my set on pre-order so I could copy the demos disc. If the demos were available elsewhere I would not have bought it. Flicked through the book, which was fairly lightweight in terms of content and sold it on for a profit. I had bought the separate CD and Bluray too knowing that I would be selling the deluxe set on once the demos were copied.

I now have all the audio content, the 5.1 mix and have seen the book content which I would not have needed to see again and am still in profit. Did the same with the previous deluxe book sets too.


Dan what you call business I call copyright infringement. You have no right to keep the files you copied once you have sold the original copy. But you put the magic word profit in your post which already tells me that you don’t care.


I have every right to keep them. I paid for them and can use the audio in any way I wish. There are FLAC download codes with the Bluray and so are you saying I am not allowed to sell the Bluray after downloading and copying the music either?

Don’t be so stupid.

Also, as I stated, I bought the set for the demos which were in the higher priced set. The book itself is not worth keeping and so I sold it at the market value.

If you would have resold it just to get back what you paid for it then you are an idiot. The music industry overprices plenty of sets like this which I have paid for and so when I can make money back I will.

Andy you are extremely naive and if you don’t toughen up will be crapped on all your life.


Andy. Andy. Andy. He isn’t a charity and if he wants to sell something HE bought with HIS money then has every right to get as much as he can for it. The demos are locked into that high priced version which is wrong anyway and they could have been on a cheap 2 CD edition. Anybody moaning about high prices now should have preordered it. How many CD’s do you think people sell on after uploading them to iTunes or whatever? Please pull your head out of the sand and get real. I suppose when you sell your house or car you will be sure to sell it for the exact price you paid for it so that you don’t make any horrible and morally objectionable PROFIT. You are a hypocrite.


You do not have the right to buy a CD, copy the contents to your computer digitally, and resell the CD. Andy is correct, that is copyright infringement.

Unless the set came with additional download codes for digital copies of the demos, once you sell the demos CD you have no right to a digital copy of them. You said you copied them from the CD, and then sold the CD; if that’s not what you did, please clarify.

(Of course you can keep the FLAC downloads that came with the Blu-ray after selling the Blu-ray; no one argued you couldn’t. That’s an additional piece of content you paid for and didn’t sell, so you have every right to it. Don’t add red herrings to your arguments.)

Calling someone who called you out on this “stupid” and “naive” is a bit rude. If you’re so proud of what you did, why don’t you ask Paul to discuss it with Mr. Wilson? Who knows, maybe he’s fine with it.


Your argument is sustained by expletives and “toughen up” messages to someone “naive” which really says a lot.
Your are an exploitative thief my friend. I am old enough to know that being honest is the right attitude, I don’t need to worry about being crapped on because I have an honest job and I don’t need to be a scammer. I only sell what I own at a profit, not what is not mine. You sound like a very insecure person who thinks that a dishonest profit is the way to be tough. I pity you.


Burning Shed currently have the Deluxe Set @ £49.99 plus p+p.


jcp.de also has a better price for those in Germany
Fantastic album. Great package.
Get it while you can.


I cannot say enough nice things about Hand.Cannot.Erase. It took a gargantuan effort to get the 2 disc set at amazon.com and it was worth the effort. The 5.1 surround sound is spectacular.

Good luck