DEAL OF THE DAY: Suede / CD Singles box set now on Amazon


Edsel’s Suede CD single box set contains 24 CDs rounding up most (but not all) of the various extra tracks on the CDs / Cassettes / DVDs of the day. The Bloodsports 45s make their debut on the CD single format and the CD singles box also comes with a bonus DVD featuring 28 promo videos.

This set is £80 via the official Suede Shop, but is now available from Amazon UK for just £63 (at the time of writing). The vinyl version looks like it will be available to order on Amazon soon, also.

Track  listing: CD Single Box

  1. The Drowners / To The Birds / My Insatiable One
  2. Metal Mickey / Where The Pigs Don’t Fly / He’s Dead
  3. Animal Nitrate / Painted People / The Big Time
  4. So Young / Dolly / High Rising
  5. Stay Together [edit] / The Living Dead / My Dark Star / Stay Together [long version]
  6. We Are The Pigs / Killing Of A Flash Boy / Whipsnade
  7. The Wild Ones / Modern Boys / This World Needs A Father / Eno’s Introducing The Band / Asda Town
  8. New Generation / Together / Bentswood Boys
  9. Trash / Europe Is Our Playground / Every Monday Morning Comes / Have You Ever Been This Low / Another No One
  10. Beautiful Ones / Young Men / Sound Of The Streets / Money / Sam
  11. Saturday Night / WSD / Jumble Sale Mums / This Time / Saturday Night [original demo]
  12. Lazy / These Are The Sad Songs / Feel / Sadie / Digging A Hole
  13. Filmstar / Graffiti Women / Duchess / Rent [live] / Saturday Night [live]
  14. Electricity / Popstar / Killer / See That Girl / Waterloo / Implement Yeah!
  15. She’s In Fashion / Bored / Pieces Of My Mind / Jubilee / God’s Gift / Down [demo]
  16. Everything Will Flow / Weight Of The World / Leaving / Crackhead / Seascape
  17. Can’t Get Enough / Let Go / Since You Went Away / Situations / Read My Mind
  18. Positivity / One Love / Simon / Superstar / Cheap / Colours / Campfire Song
  19. Obsessions [radio edit] / Cool Thing / Instant Sunshine / UFO / Rainy Day Girl / Hard Candy / ABC Song
  20. Attitude / Golden Gun / Oxygen
  21. Barriers / Nothing Can Stop Us / Howl
  22. It Starts And Ends With You / Dawn Chorus / No Holding Back
  23. Hit Me / Falling Planes / What Violet Says
  24. For The Strangers / Darkest Days / Human Tide

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Paolo Meccano

With less than a week until the quoted release date, it’s now listed as “currently unavailable”. Hmmm… :-/

Paolo Meccano

The price of the CD box has now gone up to £72.99…


..and it’s back again, cheaper as well at £57.66


CD box no longer available on amazon..

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Alan Fenwick

I see the Vinyl Box set has now gone live on Amazon.co.uk.

The price is £73.63

It’s also available from Amazon Germany, but the price is nothing to write home about just yet, it’s a tad high at €271.27

Minty Fresh

Amazon also carried the Royal Albert Hall CD/DVD set. I ordered mine from them. arrived with absolutely no problem. You’ll also note they are selling the live albums from the last tour that are also available from the Suede website.

Alan Fenwick

It’s now dropped to £59.16 today, so an even better deal to be had.

If you’ve already pre-ordered at the original price, it will automatically reduce to the new price.


It was obvious from past experiences that the box sets were going to be offered through Amazon, so I didn’t even bother worrying at not being able to purchase from the official store (due to my geographical location).


Well, this kinda sucks really. As I understood it, these box sets were only to be sold on the Suede store and no were else. And although my name will be on both lists for the vinyl and CD box, I feel a bit ripped off now.

Phil Wilson

Amazon are very good at cancelling orders on the day of release though, or showing them as awaiting stock, and then not fulfilling the order after a few weeks. The 250 from the website sold out very quickly, and I reckon it still sold pretty well after that. Personally, I will keep the order at Amazon and the Suede store until nearer the release date


They must work late at the suede store, I emailed my order cancellation at around 10pm last night and they’d emailed back by 11pm confirming!

Alan Fenwick

Phil Wilson – The bonus print was just limited to the first 250 orders.

These are 100% the same item as from the Suede Store, there is only one version.

I would get in quick if you want one from amazon, they’re not gonna hang around long at this price (will most likely follow a similar pattern to the recent Vinyl album box set, where the price crept up after only a couple of weeks)

There’s no value in keeping your order from the Suede Store if you missed the bonus print etc.

Phil Wilson

I have this on order from the Suede store, but missed the bonus print (first 500?). As there are only meant to be 1000 copies of this box worldwide, and this is currently the 131st best selling item on Amazon, what is the likelihood of them being able to meet all the orders? I do notice it says “import” so are these the same, but outside the 1000 copies from the Suede store? I noticed recently a number of “Universal UK exclusive” items, such as the Mike Oldfield box set for his latest item sell out in the UK, but are available on Amazon Germany so maybe this is similar?


Cheers, just cancelled my direct order and saved 20 quid. If I’d been in the first orders with bonus prints I wouldn’t have switched though.


Well this is awkward. My name is on the bonus print from the Suede store now! Hmmm.