French vinyl deal: 12 of the best

Very good promotion right now on Amazon France which gets you three vinyl records for €40 (about £35 or US $46) or five vinyl records for €55 (about £49 or US $64). There’s a decent selection including 2LP sets and some limited coloured pressings. SDE has picked up 12 titles that caught our eye – check out the list below!

Note: When you check out you need to put in the code 3POUR40 or 5POUR55 depending on what you have in your basket!

Patti Smith / Horses (limited white vinyl)

Peter Gabriel / Security (33RPM half-speed)

Chuck Berry / The Great Twenty-Eight (2LP vinyl)

Bob Marley & The Wailers / Babylon By Bus (2LP with die-cut sleeve)

Mike Oldfield / Five Miles Out (vinyl LP)

Tears For Fears / Songs From The Big Chair (vinyl LP)

Stevie Wonder / Innervisions (vinyl LP)

Françoise Hardy / In English (limited blue vinyl LP)

Various Artists / Sid & Nancy soundtrack (vinyl LP)

Bob Dylan /Blood on the Tracks (vinyl LP)

Vanessa Paradis (vinyl LP)

Nas / illmatic xx (limited blue vinyl)

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6 weeks later and a week before Xmas and these haven’t been delivered. “Prime” my arse.


Quick update to my above comment, they have in fact lost my order, despite it showing as “delivering today” for several days. And now can’t fulfil Surrealistic Pillow or Louder than Bombs. And of course, no chance of Xmas for the rest.

Jon Wilkerson

I compared the cost of the 5 LP’s I chose between the US Amazon (where I live) and the French Amazon. With the shipping costs to the US, ordering from the US Amazon only would cost me an additional $4.00. What a great deal though if you live in France or nearby. Thanks Paul for always keeping us in the know!!

Leo Lotti

I bagged the second pressings of all the Peter Gabriel’s first four solo albums.
Is there a considerable, huge difference in sound quality from the first one?

Mar Wolfgang

The discount, as already stated, can only be achieved during the very last step of ordering. You might need this code – 5POUR55 – for the 5 for 55 offer, but it does show up automatically for me but only during the very last step.

There are also some great EUR 10 albums (as some have mentioned) and shipping costs change little adding them. Among them are David Bowie/Heathen, Nick Cave/Skeleton Tree and Push the Sky Away, The Clash/Combat Rock and Blondie/Parallel Lines to name a few.


Doesn´t work for me too… trying to order from Germany


Why the fuss about vinyl?? It’s out-dated technology! I’ve (lots of!) boxes of vinyl (Japanese pressings etc…) that never gets played.


I’ll happily take those off your hands :)


I will buy them off of you!

Kevin S

The same thing is happening for me. Coming up as full price rather than the offer.
Have tried to do this three times now with no luck.


You have to go RIGHT to the end just before final payment before the promotion kicks in. It’s a bit scary…

Anyway thanks Paul. I’ve got in effect 6 vinyls for 50 quid and saved about £33

Kevin S

I completed the payment and the promotion didn’t kick in. Did this twice and had to cancel the order twice, must not be working for me. :(


The promotion won’t work and I’ve tried it 4 times.


I select them and apply the promotion but the total comes up at full price. Am I doing something wrong?


Sorted now. Bloody promotion doesn’t apply til right at the end…

Mark Porter

Thanks Paul,
That’s Security, Melt and Songs from the big chair snapped up!

Marc K.

Good one! Just ordered 5 nice vinyls for 60 euro’s. Thanks Paul!!


There are lots of 9.99 EUR great LPs in amazon france too, out of this offer.Anyway I got the three tom pettys (that I did not have, I hope they have decent pressings..), beth orton’s last and big star complete columbia..


I believe it is 3 vinyls not 4 for €40.

Darren Briscoe

I wish Amazon USA would do some multibuy vinyl offers!!!!


Agree with that!! Also will be interesting to see if high shipping costs to the USA cancel out the savings.