Saturday CD box set Deals in the UK

In a special ‘Saturday Deals’ post, SDE highlights some massively reduced box sets available in the UK right now. For a change, these are mostly CD box sets from the likes of Roxy Music, Brian Eno, Pete Townshend, Soundgarden, Def Leppard and more! 

Guns N’ Roses / Appetite for Destruction 4CD+blu-ray super deluxe – £84

Was £140! With VAT deducted that’s a US dollar price of $90. Includes 5.1 mix.

Rush / A Farewell To Kings 4CD super deluxe – £76.99

Down from £140. This set features new cover art and includes three CDs, a blu-ray audio (with a new 5.1 remix by Steven Wilson) and four vinyl LPs.

Queen / News of The World 4CD super deluxe – £59.99

This set features 3CD+DVD and analogue cut vinyl LP. Normally about £100.

Def Leppard / The CD Collection

Def Leppard / The Collection Vol 1 7CD box – £32.99

Down from over £50, this includes the band’s 80s output across seven CDs and even features a three-inch CD single that replicates the The Def Leppard EP.

Soundgarden / Badmotorfinger super deluxe – £109

Four CDs, two DVDs and a blu-ray audio with a 5.1 mix. This was about £170 so another great deal!

R.E.M. Automatic For The People 25th anniversary reissue - 4-disc super deluxe edition

R.E.M. / Automatic For The People 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe – £47.99

Unlike some of the others, this has been discounted fairly regularly, but that doesn’t mean this 3CD+blu-ray package, with a Dolby Atmos surround mix and large format book, isn’t great value at £48!

Roxy Music 3CD+DVD super deluxe edition – £63

The much talked about Roxy set. All the criticisms melt away at this price.

Pete Townshend / Who Came First 2CD deluxe – £12.99

The recent 45th anniversary double disc deluxe.

Gomez / Bring It On 4CD super deluxe – £26

This year’s reissue in box set form is down from about £40 and includes remaster, B-sides, demos and Glastonbury performance.

Glenn Frey / Above The Clouds – £15.99

This 3CD+DVD set has a deep dig into Glenn Frey‘s career and includes Frey’s and JD Souther’s Longbranch / Pennywhistle on CD for the first time.

Brian Eno Music For Installations 6CD super deluxe – £197

This was £329 so the reduction is significant.


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Went for REM and Soundgarden box sets. Thanks Paul.


Thanks Paul – finally given in on the R.E.M. – probably as near as I’ll get to the price of “Out Of Time” with the same number of discs. (OK so the book is better, but not twice as good!)

I bought “Roxy Music” last time you mentioned it – personally I think that £55 is more than reasonable.

Thanks again!!

Big Nige

My Glenn Frey “box” arrived yesterday, bent out of shape, like it had been attacked by 200 Nazareth box sets. Being replaced today.

BTW …. the Rush is worth the original price, one of the best box sets ever and how they should be done, considering it’s one album. Unlike this week’s TSRTS. Still not happy about that one….. but I’ll buy it anyway.


Just ordered another copy of Soundgarden’s BADMOTORFINGER from


I live in Florida and with shipping cost under $100 US

Can’t shake a stick at that price


How many copies have you got?!


Pipes of peace limited deluxe at Jpc.de at €49.99 could maybe interest someone:



Grabbed the Leppard box! Tough to beat at that price. Thanks, Paul!


Gomez set ordered about 3pm yesterday and arrived 10am this morning. Bloody ace


Wow that Amazon Kinks price is unbelievable!!!!

john t

Iron Maiden The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter Book pack in rigid slipcase 2xCD Deluxe Edition only £8 on amazon UK

Big Nige

Nice one! Cheers.


Great prices, here goes my money, lol

Iain Carmichael

The kinks 11 disc super deluxe preservation society is available at £22 on Amazon Australia as well.$40 AUD. About 80% cheaper than uk price.

Rich G

Iain – That looks to me just like the normal already released 2CD Deluxe. I can see the unreleased Super Deluxe is 141.68 Aus dollars.

Iain Carmichael

I thought that too, but if you look down in the number of discs it says 11.

David M

Crazy price (a mistake I am sure), but they won’t ship to UK or North America.

john t

The $22 is for the 2 disc only

Iain Carmichael

It says vinyl in the format box.


Should have my creditcard removed or stop following this page…. Soungarden’s Badmotorfinger soon making its way to Norway…


Little choice… some have i got already from previous Buy 3 3 Pay for 2 Amazon.de fantastic deals…
Will wait for another german PANZER deal !


Probably worth a reminder that this is an Amazon “Deal of the day” so expect these great prices to end around midnight (UK/BST).


… but what do I know! Deal is still on.

CD collector

Glenn Frey box. $21.50 shipped UK to USA


Thanks Paul, pleased to get the Def Leppard at this price. Couldn’t justify before as I only really wanted it for the remasters of the first two albums and a handful of the bonus tracks, but at £32.99 it’s a steal!

Paul Taylor

Thanks for this, Paul, grabbed the Queen box as had been eyeing it for a while.
Was tempted by Rush and Def Leppard but they weren’t on my radar back in the day so not sure if I’d listen to them much. All in all a great set of bargains though


PAUL……..your busting my bank account!!!!

It’s ok, just ordered Rush’s box set from UK best deal on this set I’ve ever seen.

Also just ordered Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger but from Amazon.ca came to just over $136 US $ better than UK price!!!



Is £47.99 the lowest price for the REM since the initial release? Just curious.


I’m pretty sure it is for the UK. There was a lightning deal in Germany about six weeks ago when it was around £37 but I don’t think it’s been below £50 anywhere apart from that.

Rich G

I think £47.57 th eprice I paid in Jan 2018 is the cheapest so far in the UK, so about as cheap.


I had the 2-cd Pyromania deluxe set, so the Def Leppard box was originally a little too pricey to get all the rest for material I could take or leave. But this was a great deal, so I grabbed it. Thanks, Paul!


For me, the only thing new is the “EP”. Everything else has been previously released somewhere on CD. If the first 2 albums were remastered, maybe.
The rarities CD isn’t rare and they couldn’t even bother to fill the CD.
Why does Universal Music continue to scr?w around with their releases?
For example, the Hysteria Deluxe in 2006 has tracks that the one release within the last couple of years don’t.


I snagged the Def Leppard and Glenn Frey collections!


Thanks Paul, grabbed Rush and Frey sets.

Craig Hedges

Paul I love your website but I have decide that while the US has that imbecile as a president, that I don’t want to spend money in companies owned by the US.
It would be good to see you support UK businesses preferably ones that pay their taxes.
How arranging some link ups with independent record shop?
What is the current status of HMV? Is it still British owned.


Craig, I like your thinking (as a European living in the USA I can’t believe my eyes and ears the past 2 yrs) but pls know that companies like Amazon hate what’s going on just as much as we do. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has even been personally targeted by the orange imbecile who falsely claimed (what’s new?) the US Postal service is losing billions because of what Amazon is paying the US Postal Office. Even the US Postal Office is saying this is not true. Anyway, difficult situation here but I will continue to support Amazon and boycot thru other more effective ways.

Donal O'Connell

The imbecile president considers the owner of Amazon to be his enemy btw

Craig Hedges

Thank you all for your comments and thanks to Paul for posting my comments, I wasn’t sure if to send it but it’s something I am concerned about.
Thanks for the information on Amazon I have got other reasons for not shopping with them anymore, they have had a devastating impact on UK towns and villages. I live close to one of the most effected towns and it’s very sad to see rows and rows of empty shops and I feel a pang of guilt for participated in the decline.
In regards to the ‘Orange one’ He is a business man, the only language he speaks is money and the only way he will listen is if US economy is affected.
Trying to avoid US companies is a minefield, thankfully Universal is owned by French company so I can buy the Beatles white album box set.
Right – I’m getting off me soapbox!


Please do get off your soapbox. Really think politics should be off limits on this incredible website. Frankly, it’s insulting to someone that loves both the U.S. and the U.K. to read that you have such an attitude against U.S. companies.


Well, Kauwgompie, as an American living in the USA, I have not been able to believe MY eyes and ears for the past two years, as well! Many of us US citizens are confused, disgusted and alarmed by our own President and still can’t believe that he is in power. Please don’t let Trump color your impression of every American. All of us are not idiots!


Craig – I feel I have to step in here. Amazon do pay their taxes. They might not pay as much as you think they should, but they pay as much as they are required to do. We live in a global economy and tax structures are inevitably incredibly complex. In fact, you can’t blame the companies, as they can only work within the confines of the tax codes of each country, so the simple fact is the UK governments (both sides) over the years have allowed these loopholes to occur. And in fact, often do deals well below the standard rate of corporation tax to try and give stimulus to the economy. Plus add in things like the Treaty of Rome (ie the EU). To give you an example, a company can make £50m of profit in the UK, and make £50m loss in France. They can offset the loss against the profit which shows they made no profit over all, thus negating the tax in the UK. M&S have done that, as have most multinationals, so picking on Amazon is a slightly unfair thing to do. This is, without question, a very dull post! But it is important to understand how things work.


Pulled the lever on the Guns N Roses box. Thanks Paul!
Just enough discount to pull me in. It’s $95 including shipping to NYC. On Amazon.com it’s $125 including shipping (third party seller) so even if that comes down a bit, the $95 has a good chance of being the lowest price in the foreseeable future.

The Geordie Expat

If anyone in the US or Canada is interested in the Rush AFTK box set it is also available from a Canadian website: musicvaultz.com for CDN $ 119.99 and free shipping. This works out to be approx. USD 92 and you’ll get it quicker than from Amazon UK.
Last year they had a similar deal on the 2112 SDE for CDN $90.99, which I picked up.
Paul, not sure if you’re aware of musicvaultz but thanks to the current strong US Dollar their deals are worth posting, they claim to ship worldwide but I’m not sure what that really means, although everything over $50 ships free to the USA.

Steven Roberts

Hmmm….still holidng out for a better price on that GnR box :)


“Roxy Music” Boxset ordered ! Thanks Paul !


Think I’ll still hold out for that REM box set, maybe Christmas will bring even lower prices :)

Stephen Graham

Just bought the Rush box as it’s not much different to buying the 4 LP set.
Still think the Roxy and G&R are still over priced
But the Rush is as good as it’s going to get.

Paul H

Thanks Paul, I’ve not been sure about the Gomez box since it’s release but at that price it’s daft not to.


Cheers Paul, finally went for queen box set, been watching it hover for the £79 mark for a few months now, one of my favourite queen albums.
Unfortunately jethro Tull this was will have to wait :( shame cause heavy horses was superb!


Couldn’t resist the Roxy price.
Now, waiting for a Deluxe of For Your Pleasure…


Same here !


I did not consider buying it at first, even less at the exorbitant initial price. Now I have it in my hands, and it is really a top class edition, really up to the glossy glamour commonly associated with the band. A beauty.


Thanks Paul that really completes my week off – Gomez and PT

Resisted the Queen/Rush as whilst a liking I’m not into them enough to pull trigger

Once again thanks

By the way my wife adored the Five Star prize – it is on almost permanently in the car

Iain Carmichael

Amazon Australia has Led Zeppelin song remains the same super deluxe at Australian $150 . About £83 . I don’t know what happens with our VHT and postage, but i imagine its substantially cheaper than anywhere else.

Mike Bushell

Just bought 2 R.E M. – one for my mate too. Thanks for the warning Paul.

Friso Pas

Finally went for the Queen box and also Appetite. Seems you got my mail, Paul. ;-)

Alan Costa

See that the fourth volume of Stax Singles is now under £38 but I still think I’ll wait for it to hit around £25 like the first three sets did. Not as essential as the first 3.


Thanks for posting but imho almost all of these are still too high. Got the Roxy in May for GBP 50 and think that this will be the point where i’d start thinking of buying G’nR or Queen, for Rush it would be GBP 60, for Soundgarden GBP 70 and R.E.M. GBP 35. With Brian Eno i’m waiting if Amazon.ca is gonna fulfill my order for CAD 25 or so (not quite sure how much it was exactly) and Pete Townsend will drop below a tenner in the not-so-far future.
Sone of these i’m not interested in at any price so that leaves Gomez and Glenn Frey to make me really think. Guess i’ll wait and see for now.

Dave Beaney

Thanks Paul for the heads up.
Anyone know if the REM blu Ray plays in 5.1 too?
And how does the Roxy 5.1 mic sound?
Thanks again.
Peace and love✌

Andrew M

It does work on standard 5.1 I can confirm but it’s majorly disappointing. The DVD audio prior release is much better.

Dave Beaney

Thanks Paul


@Mark R stop it! I’m trying to save my marriage here.

I want the Soundgarden box set, but I had to pick one and the GnR set is the first time it’s budged from the original asking price.

Chris Squires

Undertones Box set back to £31, which is as near (dagnabbit) to £30 as it has been. This has been on and off £30 – £60 – £30 – £60 – £30 for a while now so that has to stop soon as they run out. Grab it quick if it is your thing.



Back to 64.99 GBP.

Andrew Hartshorn

Thanks for the heads up just bought the Rush box. Didn’t think this would ever drop below my “don’t pay £100 or more rule”


Finally went for the Roxy and REM box sets. Not the best price ever, but great deals anyway. Thanks for the tip.

Euan Shanks

Thanks Paul for the heads regarding who’s next. Should’ve bought it on pre order. Now I can get this brilliant album. Cheers

Andrew M

That Gomez price is OBSCENE and therefore purchased. If a purchase passes the partner test with only minor teeth sucking like this did you know it’s good!


Finally took the plunge on the GnR boxset.

Tempted by Badmotorfinger as well – great alhum, but I already have multiple copies so it’s needs to drop another £20 or so for me.


Just picked up the Eno boxset. Although it is a chunk of money, pretty pleased with the price versus original cost – if only they would price these sets a little lower in the first place given that they can discount later and must still be making on the set.

Thanks for the heads up SDE.

Mark R

The Soundgarden box set has 7 discs – 4 audio, 2 DVDs including live concerts and videos, plus the Blu-Ray 5.1. A thick booklet, stickers, a patch and prints of the band members. The cover also features a battery powered rotating saw blade.

I’ve rarely seen it above £125. It was on my wish list for over a year before I bagged it for £100. A great package. You can get their masterpiece, Superunknown and the follow up Down On The Upside for an additional tenner. An amazing collection of work.


Not if you want Superunknown as an SDE too. ;-)

Mad Earwig

I notice the standard edition ENO box set is down to £31.99 which is also a good reduction from launch price.
Just ordered that from Amazon UK (and in stock) I had ordered even cheaper from amazon Canada but they’re quoting November 9th.

The deluxe looks a tasty product butI can’t justify even a reduced £197

Thanks Paul