SDE Deal Alert: Suede / seven-inch vinyl singles box on amazon


Thanks to a few SDE readers who’ve got in touch to advise that Amazon UK are now selling the Suede seven-inch Singles Box set for £73. This compares to £100 on the official store.

The box contains 24 seven-inch singles and a 20-page 7 x 7″ booklet.

The Singles Box is released on 14 April 2014. A CD version is also available.

Track listing:

Vinyl box

  1. The Drowners / To The Birds
  2. Metal Mickey / Where The Pigs Don’t Fly
  3. Animal Nitrate / The Big Time
  4. So Young / High Rising
  5. Stay Together [edit] / The Living Dead
  6. We Are The Pigs / Killing Of A Flash Boy
  7. The Wild Ones / Modern Boys
  8. New Generation / Together
  9. Trash / Europe Is Our Playground
  10. Beautiful Ones / The Sound Of The Streets
  11. Saturday Night / This Time
  12. Lazy / Sadie
  13. Filmstar / Graffiti Women
  14. Electricity / Implement Yeah!
  15. She’s In Fashion / God’s Gift
  16. Everything Will Flow / Leaving
  17. Can’t Get Enough / Let Go
  18. Positivity / Simon
  19. Obsessions [radio edit] / Instant Sunshine
  20. Attitude / Golden Gun
  21. Barriers / Falling Planes
  22. It Starts And Ends With You / Dawn Chorus
  23. Hit Me / What Violet Says
  24. For The Strangers / Darkest Days

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[…] Brett Anderson to be the ‘official’ B-side to the vinyl seven-inch of Attitude in the seven-inch box set (Golden Gun was given the nod). By our reckoning that means this limited edition single sees the […]


Has myplaydirect charged anybody’s credit card yet? I’ve been trying to cancel from them and buy from amazon but by the time they reply, they said that they’ve already charge my card and can’t cancel. They just charged me today, full amount.

Iain McCarthy

Not happy about this. I assumed i was getting the best deal by buying directly fron the band store. Now, it appears on Amazon a month later for £27 less!


Hi Paul

Your site contact links don’t seem to be working, just wanted to make you aware that Brain Salad Surgery 6 disc super deluxe (£50) and 3 disc deluxe (£11) pre-orders are up on Amazon UK.

Seem like low-ish initial prices.


Basically on your main page when I click on CONTACT in the main bar at the top or TELL US ABOUT FORTHCOMING SETS it doesn’t go anywhere or do anything at all, the rest of the links on the page work fine.