Superb UK vinyl deals for a limited time

Some truly great discounts ‘for a limited time’ on vinyl box sets on Amazon UK right now. Check out the full list of titles in the offer, or browse all the artists in the deal or click here to peruse the SDE highlights below.

Bob Dylan  / Bootleg Series Vol 1-3 5LP vinyl – £30.99 £50.99

Johnny Cash  / Unearthed 9LP vinyl box – £173.99 £289.99

U2 / The Joshua Tree / 30th anniversary 7LP super deluxe edition vinyl box set

U2 / The Joshua Tree 7LP vinyl – £68.99 £113.95

David Bowie / Live Santa Monica ’72 2LP vinyl – £14.99 £23.99

No Plan EP and The Next Day also in the deal.

Paul & Linda McCartney / RAM black vinyl – £12.99 £20.56

This is the recent Capitol reissue. McCartney, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-FiveVenus and Mars, Wings at the Speed of SoundMcCartney IITug of War, also in the deal.

The Rolling Stones / Their Satantic Majesties Request / 50th anniversary special audiophile edition

The Rolling Stones / Their Satanic Majesties Request box set – £41.99 £68.94

Pink Floyd / Delicate Sound of Thunder 2LP reissue – £16.99 £26.78

A Collection of Great Dance Songs also in the deal.

Beck / Colors red vinyl LP

Beck / Colors red vinyl – £11.99 £18.51

Depeche Mode / Spirit 2LP gatefold vinyl box – £12.99 £20.99

Cover Me and Where’s The Revolution also in the deal.

U2 / Songs of Experience numbered box set

U2 / Songs of Experience super deluxe box set – £38.99 £63.80

Bob Dylan / Trouble No More 4LP+2CD box set – £36.99 £61.00

Belinda Carlisle / Heaven On Earth: 30th anniversary vinyl box set – standard edition

Belinda Carlisle / Heaven on Earth 4LP+CD box – £39.99 £65.05

Sting / The Complete Studio Collection 16LP box – £119.99 £199.99

Elvis Presley / If I Can Dream 2LP vinyl – £10.99 £16

Madonna / Bedtime Stories vinyl – £9.99 £16

Various Artists / Fly: Eddie the Eagle double white vinyl – £13.99 £23

Various Artists / Skyfall blue & white double white vinyl – £33.99 £56

Limited edition of 500 copies

David Bowie / Reality black vinyl – £10.99 £16.99

T Rex / Remixes 3LP vinyl – £14.99 £25

Spandau Ballet / Through The Barricades vinyl – £8.99 £16

Chris Difford / Chris to the Mill * SIGNED* 3LP vinyl box – £30.99 £50

John Williams / Star Wars 40th anniversary box – £65.99 £108.99

Bad Company / Burnin’ Sky 2LP vinyl deluxe – £14.99 £24.99

12 BONUS tracks of out-takes, alternate versions and rarities on LP 2

ELO / Out of the Blue 2LP vinyl pic disc – £13.99 £22.80

Marillion / Misplaced Childhood 2017 vinyl remaster – £8.99 £14

Blondie / Pollinator vinyl LP – £10.99 £17.99

The Smiths / The Queen is Dead / 5LP vinyl box set

The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead 5LP vinyl box – £32.99 £56.99

Ian Dury / New Boots and Panties!! 2LP coloured vinyl – £14.99 £24.13

Second LP contains Live in Paris ’78

Otis Redding / The Definitive Studio Albums 7LP vinyl box – £55.99 £92.99

Humble Pie / The A&M Years 9LP vinyl box – £79.99 £113.72

Sweet / Are You Ready? The RCA Era / vinyl box set

Sweet / Are You Ready? (The RCA Era) 7LP vinyl box – £49.99 £81.99

ELO / Wembley or Bust 3LP vinyl – £19.99 £32.99

Gorillaz / Humanz super deluxe vinyl box – £175.99 £292.42

14 x coloured vinyl, exclusive versions, download code, book.

Harry Potter: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks I-V vinyl – £112 £186

Jean Michel Jarre / Oxygene Trilogy 3LP+3CD box – £81.99 £135.99

Electronica 2: The Heart of Noise also in the deal.

Steve Hackett / The Charisma Years 1975-1983 vinyl box set

Steve Hackett / The Charisma Years vinyl box – £80.99 £134.70

The Afghan Whigs / Black Love anniversary 3LP vinyl – £19.99 £32.94

Morrissey / Low In High School

Morrissey / Low in High School vinyl LP – £11.99 £18.99

Singles 3LP deluxe vinyl – £14.99 £24.12

Elton John / Wonderful Crazy Night super deluxe edition – £28.99 £47.42

Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player also in the deal.

Stranger Things 4LP coloured vinyl box set – £46.99 £77.99

Queen / On Air 3LP vinyl – £25.98

Whitesnake / 1987 2LP deluxe vinyl – £12.99 £20.75

Remastered album on LP 1; remixes and live on LP 2

Yes / Topographic Drama 3LP vinyl box – £28.99 £48.10

Tori Amos / Native Invader

Tori Amos / Native Invader 2LP vinyl – £15.99 £25.99

Suzanne Vega / Solitude Standing vinyl – £11.99 £18.99

ABBA / The Album 2LP 45RPM half-speed – £18.99 £31.30

Freddie Mercury / Messenger Of The Gods: The Singles 7" vinyl box

Freddie Mercury / Messenger of the Gods 7″ box – £65.99 £109.50

Rush / 2112 vinyl box – £45.99 £75.98

Cream / The Singles 1967 – 1970 7″ box set – £29.99 £49.85

The Who / Tommy Live at the Royal Albert Hall 3LP – £17.99 £29.99

Pete Townshend’s Who Came First also in the deal.

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Kevin Barrett

Kate Bush ‘before the dawn’ set came through yesterday with just a thin plastic covering, and of course it was damaged with the corners dented and scuffed. It’s going back, what happened to Amazon’s excellent cardboard packaging? Quite ridiculous.

Mark R

Just missed out on these! I put Chris Cornell’s Higher Truth and Sgt. Peppers in my basket whilst at work and got dragged away for a meeting. Forgot all about them til this morning and guess what? They’ve been bumped up, 40%. Damn!

Chris Squires

It’s interesting to go through the list at full price, the list is still there, it’s just that the prices have reverted to their normal level….and what a level. I bought 7 or 8 things, maybe 10, and not one of them would have got house room at the full price. Cathedral Oceans is a beautiful thing in every way, especially at £44, but at £90……(sucks teeth) nah.


Looks like the party’s over.

Rich G

Wilco Being There Vinyl available to order again for £32.99, shipping in 1-2 days.


George Harrison boxset back at £205.99.
Right now 3 in stock.

Chris Squires

For those interested:

Pick of the Pieces, the 5LP Autographed white Vinyl release from the Average White Band is available again.

It doesn’t surprise me, it’s due for release tomorrow so I guess those that placed a holding order caved at the last minute so a few of the 500 pieces are back up.


Tony Orwell

sale is still on, loads of stuff with the prices adjusted


Hi Chris Neil and Matt,
Thank you so much for your replies/advice! Will follow your indications!

Paul Wren

OK – The Sweet vinyl box set just purchased.


I’ll just say that the Ian Dury 2LP is great! Sounds amazing, looks really nice, and the live album is amazing. I never had it, so worth the price! Wish it had a download code…


Thanks Paul for running great commentary on this Amazon campaign.

It’s been great seeing the deals and reading the comments.

It’s all been far more exciting than Record Store Day or Black Friday! For once people have actually saved money!


Not as good as this deal, but still: Amazon.de has an offer of 5 vinyl records for 55 Euro.

The following link is sorted “Price: High to low”:



Having read many of the horror stories here concerning bad or no packaging and the seemingly endless damage to LP’s and box sets from Amazon re this current sale, I was very apprehensive about placing an order but finally took the plunge last Sunday and ordered up Status Quo Live At The NEC and Nirvana (the latter basically for the one rare track You Know You’re Right) having decided that I would never find them cheaper.
Pleased to report that Quo arrived yesterday in perfect condition, fully packaged in the wraparound cardboard packaging that Amazon usually use for vinyl albums. Bloody great album as well; if you are a Quo head and don’t own this yet, then get with the program! Nirvana is coming from a third-party seller and should be here early next week. Fingers crossed that that too will be undamaged.

Tony Orwell

Don’t forget people tomorrow is the last day of this mega offer, hold me coat lads, I’m going in again!


It’s still going on minus the banner!…I can’t imagine life after the prices go back up!…fair play to Amazon every deal practically lasted the entire period of the promotion.

Chris Squires

fair play to Amazon every deal practically lasted the entire period of the promotion.

Which is good in one way that only a few things disappeared, the George Harrison fell early for instance and a few things, whilst still on the list, went back to normal price. Prince broke a leg at the last and went back to £40+. Marillion couldn’t stand the pace and pulled up lame.

What is sad is to see some sets that are true limited editions (500 and 750s) hanging around kicking the floor like the fat kid when all the teams have been picked and no-one wants them.

I will now be that fat kid kicking my heels until those determined Germans at Saturn.de decide to throw another party and force amazon to join in. Hopefully there will be a new pack of runners and riders. I haven’t seen WetWetWet and some other key things I have my eye on in any kind of discount yet. Or maybe the Italians will do the decent thing and throw another Cofanetti party.

It’ll be quiet for a while…..

regan judson

Not an Amazon deal but the 4LP deluxe of Grace Jones’ Warm Leatherette is just 32 US Dollars in the Import CDs Ebay store with free shipping. Great deal!

Neil McL

I called Amazon about the A New Career In A New Town Heroes problem, they apologised told me I could keep it and sent mr another for free!


Are you guys able to actually call Amazon? I do not think we in Italy can, I never found a phone number to call… Quite surprisingly…

Chris Squires

yeah, if it is hard to find the option, usually when you want to return something… The easiest way to find it is to do a straight google of “Contact amazon Italy by phone” that’s how I found the amazon Germany contact number to speak to them. In that case I googled “Contact Amazon Germany in English” and hey presto…. best days work I ever did finding those.

Neil McL

Hi Cris,

What you do in UK is send a message, live chat or ask for a callback, They usually call within the next 5-10 mins. I usually use the live chat


They did the same with me when I informed them about the Heroes issue. Not only did they give me a partial refund but they sent me another box for free!


Thank you so much for the heads up Paul!

Just spent 86 Eur all included (shame for the VAT…) to Italy for five items vs the 116 Eur (without shipment costs of course) that Amazon.it would ask… ***k them.

Chris Squires

To be filed under “Well I wasn’t expecting that”

Just taken delivery of a replacement copy of “The Complete Cathedral Oceans” as the first one was battered and half the shrinkwrap was off. This replacement was in an oversized box with no other internal protection and a copy of Automatic for the People SDE (perfectly covered in it’s own cardboard box) bouncing around on top of it. Cathedral Oceans is slightly damaged, not massively and not as much as the first copy but I would class it as grubby and ever-so-slightly the worse for wear on the back and corners. Not good enough to classify as Mint but serviceable. So I really rang to register that it wasn’t perfect and if the offer of a £15 refund (from £45) was still available I would take it. I had turned this down the first time as I wanted a mint one not a cheaper damaged one. However what happened then was quite remarkable. The lady said I could keep this slightly damaged one, she would organize a replacement to be sent out immediately…. But hold on…that wasn’t the end of it…. The first copy of Cathedral Oceans that was returned to Amazon was bought at the same time as a perfectly good copy of INXS Half Speed Kick. I noticed in my Amazon orders that suddenly a replacement for that was being sent also. So I pointed out to the lady that I was more than happy with the Kick I had as it was absolutely mint and undamaged and this must be a mistake. She just said… Don’t worry, you can keep the replacement Kick as an apology for the errors with Cathedral Oceans – so sorry to have let you down. So I now have a playable VG+ Cathedral Oceans, A sealed Mint (hopefully!) spare copy on the way and a Sealed half speed Kick to say sorry.

I’ve had worse days.

Tony Orwell

Chris Squires, did you get her name? and by the way you deserve a bit going in your favor every now and then

Chris Squires

Ha, yes I did but I wouldn’t want to get her in trouble.

My first rule of amazon. Always get them to give you a call back. You get nothing by email. They always tell you their name, if I don’t get it first time, I always apologize, say “I didn’t quite catch that” and write it down. Use their name at least three or four times as appropriate. It might make no difference at all but you never know.

Amazon 101: be polite and apologetic, they are generally great.


Even though Tom Waits has dropped out of the deal, it is still worth keeping an eye on the price of his vinyl remasters. Picked up 5 of the 6 over the past week all between £11 and £13 – most at the lower end of this band. Watching “Mule Variations” like a hawk now.

Maybe the same applies in respect of artists who were previously in this deal?


Mule variations just dropped to £19.81. Think I’ll bite at that (after picking up the others)

Chris Squires

Tubular Bells ultimate edition 2009 is back in stock and down to £46.32 on am.uk, not quite the £29 bargain of the other week but still much less than the usual £80 to £90…. for those interested.


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Live in Paris for £8.99



For my sins ive never listened to marillion in my life. Even back in 85 I was into other music. I bought misplaced childhood for the cover!!. However its been on all week continuously!…

Since listening to the Misplaced childhood, Ive bought Script for a Jester’s, Fugazi and clutching @ ..I just wanted to say thanks as they are just top notch each of them…i may even become a progger as a result!


Why is it that Amazon never really has this type of deal in the American shop, but always seems to run this thing out of UK, Italy, France or Germany.


I would agree with you re France, Germany and Italy but his a first for the UK whose deals are usually much more adhoc


Hi just got Elvis for £9.99 great. Finally got a undamaged copy of The Queen is Dead. they had come to their senses and placed the record box inside a cardboard protector before putting it in the outer box. This worked well as the package had been up and down the country, the outer box was quite battered by all well with record box. they also delivered Prince with the inner protection box and all was well with that.
I don’t know if anyone else does this but I have cut the cellophane seal at the top and two sides between the box lid and base (you need to be careful not to damage the box but I did OK. This leaves the cellophane in tact on the front and down the sides leaving the sticker in place. It leaves a flap at the back attached at the bottom edge, you could always cut this off.

Tony Orwell

It’s very interesting that the Smiths Queen is dead deluxe box set is no longer in the sale but remains at the same price (£32.99), I wonder if that is now the new price permanently?


Hi Paul…I have 2 copies of Pretenders box set signed…happy to let them go at face value £96..plus cheapest postage available….would anyone on the site be interested?…..if this is inappropriate let me know no probs..best mike

[…] the vinyl edition was very cheap on Amazon in the last seven days, as highlight by SDE’s Vinyl Deals post (it’s back to normal, […]


Some great deals had on Amazon – I’m now looking at the Sound Of Vinyl PAYDAY offer – lots of good albums for under £10 (The Cure, Crowded House and U2 for example). However I do loathe the way that you fill your cart and then discover that they are actually out of stock on most items… anybody have any experience with ordering on SOV?


I had the same and a lengthy wait for stock to ‘come soon’ however all was good after around 8 weeks. I saw the free delivery if spend over £50 but didn’t want anything


Yea I’ve ordered about 20 albums from SOV and found them fine…I cancelled one or two and it was put through by the next day, by their customer service…ive no idea about stock pending as they were available to order for me…give it a go use PayPal then ur fine..


Hi Ian, I have ordered quite a bit from SOV which has been fine, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can save a lot on postage. SOV charge for delivery, Pledge Music charge £6.01 for postage.


Thank you for the responses – although I’m now confident to order from SOV, I must admit that I’ve blown my budget with all the amazon records and box sets. SOV sent me an email today as they have extended their PAYDAY free delivery over £50 offer. Best buy for me on Amazon was the Harrison box set at £205 – available again now. Cheers!


Resident Music started an online sale at midnight – lots of vinyl included. Nothing much for me, but others here might find some bargains. Here’s the full list:


Larry David

Hi Paul!

Not vinyl but on the 19th of January two deluxe re-release of the first two Residents albums came out. The sound is amazing and the artwork is really nice not to mention the tons of bonus materials. Here are the links:

Meet The Residents:

Third Reich ‘N Roll:

Dean Taylor

Just received my Nirvana greatest hits lp
Double 45 deluxe set …£11.99.. free postage
Well done Amazon.
Now for a long weekend of getting to know my great new vinyls all at bargain prices.
I love this hobby and this site means a great deal to me so again thank you Paul.


Tony, you are 100% correct its swings and roundabouts. In this case though because you can send an item back and then (should you wish) you buy it again but cheaper, I don’t feel I’ve unduly bucked the system. I simply asked a question and Amazon responded positively and very helpfully.

Chris Squires

I had the same issue with Chris to the Mill, they wouldn’t do anything for me though, I am obviously not forceful enough. It seemed mad that they made me return an un-opened £51 item and re-order the same £31 item a few days later, paying the £6 return postage myself, yeah I still saved £14 but it would have been far easier (for them and me) just to say here you go, here’s a tenner and I would have called it quits.

As Dean says below I think they are being tougher on this in the hope that 90% of people will just not bother. Was my effort worth £14, yeah, just about. Phone-call, wrapping and packing, waiting for Hermes….

Tony Orwell

I am not sure that going back to Amazon after the price of any item goes down to ask for a credit note or a refund is the right thing to do unless it has been less than a week and especially not if it has been used. After all how many of us would go to amazon and offer to pay extra if the price of something goes up? Swings and roundabouts


Dean, I contacted Amazon about the current cost of The Queen is Dead box set and what I bought it for.

I don’t usually feel the need to go Amazon about price differences but this time thought £35 was worth a moan. I was given exactly the same response as you but was also told (this was by phone) that the cost was set by the supplier and not Amazon and there was little they could about it. I wasn’t entirely sure that this was correct.

Anyway I pointed out the pointlessness of returning one used item oy to buy another. Why not just refund the difference? Plus it’s not always easy to return physical items which have autorip with them as somehow the Amazon system still charges for the mp3s. After a bit of an impasse they agreed a credit note.

I don’t like trying to get money back on Amazon bought products unless I feel hard done by – I didn’t for example feel hard done enough by the bowie ANCIANT box set to argue for a price reduction because of the Heroes LP but in this case I genuinely thought the vinyl box set was a limited run when I originally bought it. To see it reduced by so much so soon after release irked me a bit.


Comment from Amazon when I asked for a price difference refund on my previously ordered (and still sealed) Smiths QID boxset.

‘….’we don’t offer post-order price adjustments. I hope you understand that we could not process a refund for the difference of the item and the best resolution for this one is to return the item and reorder it.”

So basically they are happy to incur more losses with delivery and returns in the hope that i’ll be too lazy to do this.

Stephen Baker

Just ordered Humble Pie box set- got a further £10 discount from Amamzon-offer ends today-so paid £69.99-brilliant


Thanks all for the mention of the code. It was the final push I needed to get Bootleg 1-3 and 3 other Dylans. You’re all very naughty…but I like you.


Promotional code applies to music preorders too if anyone wondered about that.

Just ordered the Marillion “Brave” and Jethro Tull “Heavy Horses” cd-sets for GBP 49 (including GBP 3 for p&p to Germany) or less because the pre-order price guarantee seems to be valid for this too.

[…] over £50, and that the 5LP vinyl edition of this same box set is just £32.99 right now (check the vinyl deals post for more […]

Paul Kent

Tull and Marillion SDEs ordered with a tenner discount. Back of the net!! Cheers Paul

Chris Squires

Re: Chris Difford Chris to the Mill 3 LP Amazon exclusive autographed edition.

Here it is in the sale at £30.99 2 months after release where it was touted as a limited edition of 500 only. Indeed Paul’s initial post states 500 as did the original amazon page..

There is a post by a chap called Ian Hartley warning that he knows there are less than 200 of these left as of 26th September, a full 9 weeks before launch….

If you check out the sale page now it states the limited edition is now 250 signed copies. I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means but none of this adds up. How can a limited edition go backwards in numbers. And still be available after all this time and in the sale.

Did they pulp 250 copies? Is this an additional 250 made available, so the run is now 750

Thoughts…..ideas. I can’t make head-nor-tail of it.

It’s a great set by the way, it’s just weird…..

Gareth @justplayed

Is it not a GZ pressing? The label normally uses them for their vinyl, so I’ve avoided it. What do the runout grooves say?


Cancelled and re-ordered the forthcoming Procol Harum box set and used BIGTHANKS making it come in at just under £63. Now I don’t care at all about the first three discs being stuff I already have. Five discs I don’t have and a nicely presented SDE for £63 is a bargain in comparison to some….

Chris Squires

Obviously You can only use the code once, I used it yesterday and it isn’t accepted today. It would seem obvious but it was worth trying.

Phil Wilson

The BIGTHANKS code works on preorders too, the Suede debut 25th anniversary edition was £47.99 yesterday, £42.49 today, order it with something else and get the £10 off


nice deal for the 3CD/DVD Smiths box set ‘The Queen Is Dead (2017 Master) [Deluxe Edition] ‘
on amazon.co.uk : only 14.99 today, 50% off
Ordered this plus The Fall’s Singles box set and applied the 10 GBP discount coupon.

Auntie Sabrina

Amazon UK are offering a 10% discount today, 25 January 2018, when you spend £50 or more. Enter the code BIGTHANKS at checkout…

Ben Williams

Using the ‘BIGTHANKS’ code, preordered the vinyl reissue of Bowie’s “Heroes” and the DVD of Van Morrison In Concert, as well getting Blind Faith’s one and only album!

Paul – deal alert – the CD/DVD box of Smiths Queen Is Dead is currently only £14.99!


Phew. Finally caved in re The Joshua Tree deluxe.

I must say, I’ve found some of the comments on this particular thread to be amongst the most valuable in years of reading this brilliant (and ultimately expensive ;) ) website.

I’ve had a bit of a miniature crisis re the Amazon packaging issues as well (is it worth it anymore with ts constant damages), so it’s been reassuring to see I’m far from the only one of us at a loss as to what to do.

It’s only really because of the highly helpful info I found on here (re the U2 set coming packaged safe in its original box that) that I placed the order.

Was again bowled over by the fact that – due to Paul’s tip-off, Amazon’s sale and Marcus’s voucher info – I am now looking forward to my own Joshua Tree deluxe LP box, delivered to Australia for just under $90 in our currency. I’ve only seen it available here for between $300-400. Wow, indeed. Thank you kindly.

And for once, I’m happy in the knowledge that this set is more than likely to arrive in perfect condition (those original factory boxes with foam inserts work each and every time after being sent halfway around the world – it baffles me as to why they remove them, all things considered).

I’ve been gradually buying significantly fewer vinyl records and box sets recently due to Amazon’s (lack of) packaging policy. How can we change things?


I would highly encourage everyone to start by submitting “packaging feedback” (for the US site you can find the button in your order history page for the items sold by Amazon.com); for the UK site “To submit your packaging feedback”:

Go to http://www.amazon.co.uk/packaging.
Review the list of deliveries for orders placed within the past 60 days.
Click Leave Packaging Feedback next to the delivery.
Fill in ratings and answers to questions. You’ll also have the option to upload a photo of your delivery.
Click Submit.