This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

The Beatles / The White Album super deluxe

FRANCE: The Beatles / White Album 6CD+blu-ray super deluxe – €60 

New 2018 remix, Esher demos, three CDs of ‘sessions’ and a blu-ray with 5.1 and mono mix.

Paul McCartney / Flaming Pie 5CD+2DVD deluxe edition / Archive Collection reissue

USA: Paul McCartney / Flaming Pie 5CD+2DVD deluxe set – $118 $259

MEGA-DEAL for Paul McCartney‘s Flaming Pie deluxe box set. Listed at $138 but be sure to click the ‘extra $30 off’ on the product page before checking out. This equates to £118 shipped to the UK with import fees paid up front. Current UK price is £253!!

John Lennon / Gimme Some Truth 2CD+Blu-ray

USA: John Lennon / Gimme Some Truth 2CD+blu-ray+book – $65 $80

Great price for the brilliant Lennon set. Read the SDE review and/or watch the unboxing video.

David Bowie / Loving The Alien 1983-1988 15LP vinyl box set

USA: David Bowie / Loving The Alien 15LP vinyl box – $148 $279

Make sure you use the $12 off coupon on the product page!

ITALY: Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2019 box set – €229 €333

SDE helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Nelson Lee

Abbey Road super deluxe cd now £55.31 on Amazon uk

Robert Dunton

I put it in my basket and then bailed out. A week later FNAC sent me a 10 Euro discount code so I’m paying about £50. Suggest giving this a try if you’re as stingy as me!


Yep, I have just used the HMV Vinyl30 code too, grabbed the Bob Mould vinyl box for just £83.99. Boom.


HMV have 30% off vinyl at some minute using code Vinyl30 – Just picked up Metallica S&M box on coloured vinyl for £105 delivered (Saved £45) lowest I’ve seen it


Glad I held on for a White album deal, thanks Paul for the heads up. Just ordered the £120 NY Archive, bruv keeps the box, I get the hi res download card, my share is £30, just after the Abbey Road box now. Finally got around to playing the Supergrass box set picture discs, they sound fabulous, pal at work ordered 6 Bowie metrobolist , got one white one & he’s sent the rest back, absolutely potty, I’m amazed Amazon accept them back. I’ve got Eagles From The Forum MMXVIII (2cd + Blu-ray) to watch tonight, £21, not bad me thinks.


Got a nice little Mod vinyl collection on Amazon.de in their 3 for 2 – The Jam In The City LP, The Small Faces The Small Faces LP and The Small Faces In The Beginning LP for £18.81 delivered to the UK

Danny McGuinness

White Album just arrived less than 24hrs after ordering it.

Have the Blu-ray on now and listening in glorious 5.1.

The book looks like a real treasure trove.

What a flip pin’ bargain!


Resident have got Abba’s studio albums 8 coloured vinyl box set on sale at £89.98!
Postage is £15, free click and collect (Brighton).


Hi, thanks for the advise on the Amazon.de 3 for 2. Grabbed the Focus Hocus Locus 13Cd Box + Dr John 7 Cd Atco Albums Collection + the recent Grateful Dead American Beauty 3CD for total of 71 EUR delivered. Was tempted by the French deal on the White Album but decided not to hit the button. Hopefully we get some more deals as Balck Friday approaches. Thanks again. Cheers


In other news, Kylie Minogue just bagged another UK number 1 album.
Very happy for her.

Mark Billington

White Album bagged for 60 euros on Amazon France, cheers Paul.

David Hunt

Just bought Beatles white album from France, 60 quid including postage. Just one thing will the liner notes be in English?

David Hunt

Sorry wasn’t being ironic, surely though people who buy in their home countries would expect notes in their own language. Thanks for putting my mind at rest and look forward to receiving this, a bit of a bargain.


@David Hunt:

To put your mind further at ease i can assure you that i haven’t seen any record, let alone boxset in my more than forty years of music buying in Germany where the artist comes from an English speaking country and the liner notes and possibly notes about the making of the record were NOT included in English (even if the record was made in Germany).

The best we get here are sometimes books or booklets in more than one language (German, French, Italian, Spanish) but mostly from indie companies not so often from the “Big Players” in business.

As a result everyone here who wants to understand these notes usually tries to learn English so well that he is able to comprehend what he is reading.

Noone in Germany really expects to get something in his native language when buying stuff from British, North American, Australian, Oceanic or Commonwealth artists.

Good of course for all native English speakers who don’t need to learn any other languages than their own to be understood in the world…


Thanks Paul. The White Abum deal was still live on Amazon.fr on Saturday morning so I grabbed it. £60 delivered. Excellent!


For the US readers, uDiscover has the Seeds of Love box in stock, and with the 30% off promotion and free shipping, it’s only $60 shipped.



The White Album at Amazon France is back down to €60 – just snatched it, thank you everyone!

Paul Anderson

Thanks from me too. I’ve just ordered my copy. It works out at about £60 in the u.u. Including postage.

John Phillips

Saved $60 here in the States for the White Album box.

CJ Feeney

Bruce Cockburns’s True North set is back in stock at amazon France for €61.26

As of today my £45 copy is in my hands!


Just bought The White Album at Fnac – £57.67 with postage – thanks Paul


Can FNAC orders be shipped to the U.K.?


Only 4.10 Euros P&P to the UK!


Just bought the White Album from fnac…. £58 excellent

Len Read

Some amazing bargains to be had at the moment on eBay under a promotion called Love Early Black Friday Deals. A promo code , PURCHASE20, gives 20 percent off. Contrary to previous offers, this is not limited to Music Magpie. They are on there but then so are lots of other independent dealers. The Bobbie Gentry box set for example is a fraction over £50 compared to £69 on Amazon UK with the discount. Kate Bush’s 4 LP Before the Dawn is £48–currently £58 on Amazon. Abbey Road super deluxe is £64 instead of Amazon’s £74. Sting’s The Studio Collection Vol II vinyl box is a fraction under £63 compared to £83 on Amazon. Loads to investigate. You can filter it down to bands and genres.


I’m amazed (maybe) that the Flaming Pie set is still at that price after several days, they must have a warehouse full of them which suggests they over estimated how much they could price gouge the fans.

A good sign for subsequent SDE pricing in the series hopefully.

Nathan Thomas

Why? The set is numbered, but not limited to a specific number, so they can keep producing them until they run out of numbers ! Some of the older sets are still being produced & are now numbered into the tens of thousands.



It might also mean that even this reduced price is still being viewed as too high by people with a general interest in Paul McCartney but no “Complete Collection of his stuff”-symptom…

Even our generous and well-informed host here recently confirmed that he gave up on getting ALL limited coloured vinyl releases of “McCartney III” ;-)


John Lennon / Gimme Some Truth 2CD+blu-ray+book 50€ at Saturn.de Germany.


German retailers Saturn and Media Markt have a 3 for 2 promotion on music and games. Amzon.de on selected items.

David B

Beatles back up to full price again. Got an order in, hope we all get them OK!

Richard B

The Abbey Road SDE also appears to be 60 euro on Amazon France. The listing title mentions 2Cd deluxe but it then says 4 discs further down the page. You can find it by searching for the bar code on the site – 602577921124.


White Album deal seems gone.


White Album 50th Anniversary Edition at 60€ on Amazon France !
Get it !


how much would it be with the postage though? Apologies never ordered from Amazon France to the UK before


White Album SDE from Amazon.fr is less than £5 postage plus about £3 ish exchange fees

Richard S

Wow. Well at that price it would be rude not to. Thanks for the tip.

Paul Mac

Thanks, just grabbed it, nice one. With the Amazon Germany deal on the Abbey Road box, that’s the two of them got at good prices

Chris Thomas

White Album is back up to 116 Euros now :(


115€ now, no big deal I already had it …


And gone already!

Paul Anderson

That deal didn’t last very long


FNAC.COM currently has both White Album and Abbey Road deluxe boxsets at 60€ too.


Flaming Pie set arrived today from Amazon.com. Superfast delivery – they used Fedex – although I didn’t pay any extra. Packaging certainly not appropriate for Internstional mail – just in standard Amazon box. Only minor damage to one corner but mainly luck rather than good packaging.

Ivo Peeters

Mine too. Ordered on November 9th, arrived November 12th in Belgium. That is lightning fast.


Guns n’ Roses Appetite For Destruction “Locked and Loaded” massive box now only $279 on udiscover. Was over $1000 when released. Shipping is free.

Also for Elton John fans, the Jewel box set is now $73 at udiscover. You get an extra 5% by using the code ELTONVIP. Shipping is free.

Lou Reed New York SDE box, now only $50 on importcds.com.

Neil McL

Went to buy locked’n’loaded from the uk shipping was $379 on top lol then customs! Great deal for US Readers tho


Holy crap, LOL!! I think they printed wayyyy too many, even of the “regular” box set. It’s been $49 on the Guns N Roses website for decades. They can’t give them away. If anyone is interested, here is the link. It is a great box set.


Found a cheaper John Lennon deal. Importcds.com has it for $57.


I was waiting for a deal on “Flaming Pie” – I knew that I wanted it (one of Macca’s better ‘later-period’ efforts) but wasn’t willing to pay 200 USD, even if there is a lot of content (which there is). I noticed just last week the price went down from 175 to 150. Now with the coupon deal I knew the time was right to strike! I also had 75 USD in Amazon gift cards in the form of ‘rewards’ from my credit card company, so I was able to snag this at a mere 50 bucks! Thanks for the deal alert, Paul!


Cool price for Macca’s SDE.

SDEs always have fluctuating prices. Just look at Roxy Music’s debut album. It started at around £130 and about 6 months later you had occasional deals on Amazon at £45 or £50. For about a year or maybe two, price has been in the £120-140 range. Same for Kate Bush box sets (half price 6 months after release date and now back to original price)

It’s often like that. My guess is record labels quickly sell 20 or 30% of items produced to the artist’s “hardcore” fan base and enthusiasts (easy sales) then they cut price down 50% to sell 40 or 50% of the stock to the rest of the artist’s fan base, collectors, resellers, etc. (volume sales). At this point, they covered production costs and make a decent profit so they don’t need to lower seling price anymore.

I don’t blame them. It’s not mass production. Usually SDEs are limited editions (between 500 and 15,000). Retail price often exceeds £100 but cost price is also high. We’re not talking about a CD which costs less than £1 to manufacture. Record companies would rather go back to the economic model of the 90s when they could sell millions of CDs priced between £12 and £19. An era when rights and distribution costs were the main factors.

Another factor nowadays is vinyls and deluxe box sets are considered Art and just like some invest in modern art (they buy paintings, sculptures, etc.), some invest in music (vinyl and box sets). Just like lots of music fans, I’ve spent a lot of time last year to put my collection on Discogs and the value of my collection is slowly growing every month. Not a big deal as I dont want to sell my collection but if someday I need to sell (or my children need to sell) it’s not wasted money and it can be turned into cash.

Basically, even if you bought Flaming Pie’s SDE for £270, it’s not wasted money and you could even make a decent profit if you resell it in 5 years. Record companies are also aware of that. The second hand market isn’t what it used to be.

Peter Stanton

Makes a change for all of our American friends to get the deals.
Good luck to everyone in getting them.

Electric Sydney

Thanks Peter. It does feel good when the good deals originate from our disparate nation.


Why are people so cynical about “Limited Editions” I just received my “Limited Edition” sleepy Oleg it came with a COA and was numbered, my number is 1,346,677. I am very happy(it doesn’t take much!)

Capitalists can’t live with them can’t live without them eh . Even Paul said this Macca release was flaming expensive! The one thing I have learned as a life long Beatles fan (and of course all records companies know this as well) is that ANYTHING by The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney & George Harrison that is vaguely collectible will not decrease in value. By definition all record collectors buy and sell so at some time so whether the Flaming Pie is a bargain because it is originally overpriced(which it is) or not it is a bargain NOW as it will not go down in value unlike most other artists that sell overpriced SDE’s.

Point made with apologies to Ringo!


Not so much a deal as a blink and you’ll miss it opportunity to get the Carter USM coloured vinyl albums that were available in the 2018 Cherry Red Box set separately now at Cherry Red records. A few of them have gone already… https://www.cherryred.co.uk/artist/carter-the-unstoppable-sex-machine/


Good price but will the two DVDs be region 1 instead of region 2?


That’s great. I’ve ordered it now. Thanks Paul.

Arthur O'Brien

First time I’ve been able to grab one of these deals (Flaming Pie). Thanks, Paul!

Frank Sidebottom

There is no need for these boxes to be so expensive in the first place…theyd sell a hell of a lot more if they were reasonably priced…

Chris Squires

Sadly the marketeers would disagree.
Supply and demand and all that. Think of all the people who bought it at full price, and were happy to. There’s your profit cushion. Now selling the remainder at what one might consider “normal price” whilst calling it a “Sale”, still making a decent (but smaller) profit, will see you home for a job well done.

It’s easy to cry foul, and some would see it as that, but they are a business who have staff to pay and no decently paid staff = no decent product.

I get the argument that the original purchasers might not be entirely happy that the item is now available at half the price but that is the risk / reward thing at play or FOMO maybe. So many of these things become difficult to get hold of quite quickly, look at the Wings 1971 – 1973. How many people wished they had stumped up the original £270 / £300 when they had the chance. I would then say it’s about experience and willpower. You could have almost put money on this with McCartney’s track record, most of his original SDEs have been available at a significant discount well after launch. Some still years later, but most maybe 3 or 4 months later.

The only way to change this is to have collective willpower with almost no-one buying at the original price.

Arthur O'Brien

Econ 101

Wayne C

Those comments are so correct and I agree with you, a big issue is FOMO. I’ve just paid near enough £175 for the Jethro Tull Aqualung UHQR pressing. I thought for probably three weeks solid about it changing my mind nearly every day!. In the end I decided to buy it even though I never have paid that much money for one LP record in my life – it was FOMO and the 5,000 limited that pushed me into the purchase of it. Thing is though it’s a title which will never be discounted ever. These companies know exactly how to gauge releases and the desire of the punters not to be left behind with regret!. Ok it’s only a record at the end of the day but it’s amazing how we ponder and eventually cave in!.


Supply and demand is a corrupt system in these cases. They can make as many as they want, nothing here is “limited” by anything other a deliberate choice made. They carefully pitch the number not simply based on how many people want the item, but on how they can keep the price artificially high. It’s all a game at the expense of the consumer.

I want that Floyd box, but even on sale it’s way over-priced and I’m not biting. I may ultimately have to go without, but I’m willing to do that. But don’t pitch it as something they need to do to pay workers – that’s a sham. No-one is suggesting they sell at a loss.

Jarmo Keranen

Doesn’t it make them much more money if they sell them 50000 copies at £120 than 10000 copies at £200?


It goes without saying they want to make a profit – that’s why they call it the music BUSINESS. On the other hand, as I stated, many of these sets are pitched as being Limited not because the audience is small, but because they knowingly press fewer of them. So, if the audience for a release is 10k – they’re better off pressing 5k of them in order to keep the price high, than they are pressing 10k and lowering the price a bit. Essentially, they never want to totally meet demand, and that’s baked in.

As such, there will be people who want to own something who will never be able to.

In the case of Paul McCartney, the sets are initially obscenely priced (imo), particularly in contrast to other artists. Again, there’s no reason for that other than milking the name. I accept it’s how business works, but it’s a real fine line between being reasonable and being predatory. IMO.

Paul E.

@ Chirs – totally agree with your comments. For anyone who passed up Tom Petty’s “5 CD – WILDFLOWERS & ALL THE REST – SUPER DELUXE EDITION” at $149.00…it’s now sold out and going for two to three times the price on eBay. Holding out for a price drop can be risky…and expensive in the long run.


Just ordered that Tom Petty $150 set from his website. There seems to still be some available.


Tom Petty’s website put the 5CD Super Deluxe set back in stock a couple of days ago, and it’s still available.

Nathan Thomas

“Essentially, they never want to totally meet demand, and that’s baked in”.
Yeah Dean , that’s kind of the point. Aston Martin/Ferrari etc could easily increase their production 1000 fold & reduce the price of their sports cars dramatically so everyone could own one – but that’s not the point – it’s not all about shifting as many units as possible for the lowest price they can sell it for.

Paul Taylor

I paid £220 for that Bowie box when it was released – willingly. I could kick myself when I’ve seen the available deals since, but hey ho.

Chris Squires

A good case in point. If you look at Bowie Box one, Five Years, it was released at £229 I think. It was released and then bobbled around £200 then there was an Italian deal alert for about £120.
It took a while to disappear then boom, you can’t get one for love nor anything less than £600.
How I wished I’d have jumped on the Italian deal, like Kauwgompie says below. When you see something at what seems like an absolute steal, even though you have one already, it can be tempting to try and regain some of your outlay. Not sure the Flaming Pie SDE will reach the dizzying heights of Five Years Vinyl SDE, not many sets have.
It’s such a shame that the triumvirate of eBay, PayPal and postage take such a hefty whack.

John MC cann

Wots fomo?

Paul Taylor

Fear Of Missing Out
I had to google it!

What? ME? Worry!

Fudged over McCartney Offers?

Ronald Headen

Total agreement with Mr. Sidebottom. I love boxed sets and would purchase far more if the prices were more reasonable. I certainly understand that profits must be made, but some of these prices are way out of price ranges that I can afford.


For those being angry they already bought Flaming Pie for full price earlier, if you can afford it, buy it again for the low price, wait till it gets out of print or till the sale is over and sell it for the price of the original, full price box. Voilà, you got the deal. I have done this a few times when a sale price was so low, it was criminal not to buy it, like Flaming Pie now. You do need a bit of patience though :-)

Dave H

You also have to remember the artists selling power, most Paul McCartney buyers are probably over 50 and have more money to spend. If you did pay the full price for the product, you do have the privilege of being able to listen to the box set earlier than those who waited for the discount.

Jason M

Sorry Dave, there may be a lot of McCartney fans over 50 with money, but there are
tons over 50, all the way broke, who don’t buy this because they can’t afford. Of course, McCartney is only worth around a billion after his divorce. He could pay people to take
the box, and still have outrageous money. It easily could have been $75 with a limited
“first edition” of 10000, and if it sold out quick enough, a limited “second edition” for
$85 to reward those who bought it first, without making Paul look like a starved for cash
celebrity. Of course, the rich only strive to become richer. A shame.

John MC cann

Not sir Tom hunter!,,look him up,

Dave H

Sure Jason, I’m not saying everyone is in the same position but also the fact that someone like Little Mix whose current fans are mostly teenage girls, wouldn’t be able to market a SDE and expect it to sell at $250.
There’s comments about Neil Young archives selling for $2,000 on eBay, it’s way out of my price range but there’s obviously some people who have money to burn and don’t care what they pay.


The 2 LP vinyl edition of Paul Weller’s On Sunset is only $11.34 at amazon.com (USA) at the moment!


I took the bait. About one-third of original price? Paul – I really enjoyed the work you did on the latest Tears For Fears box set!


By the way Paul, the Seeds Of Love box is now only in stock on Amazon France and Canada as well as the SDE Shop. Looks like this is going out of print already. They never produce a lot of the Tears For Fears boxes it seems. Get one while you can folks. SDE of the year together with Sign Of The Times. Boxes don’t get better than that.


Grabbed it for my son for a Christmas present. Thanks for the heads up!

Richard Rootes

Flaming Pie on sale at Amazon.ca too – depending on exchange rates, may be cheaper.. ($212 CAD)?


$180 off the Collectors Edition of Flaming Pie also on the Universal Music site – https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/collections/paul-mccartney/products/paul-mccartney-flaming-pie-collectors-edition

They also have a 30% off sale of other box sets too.

Carles Martinez

A great price! 139,09 € to Spain including import fees. Thank you for the alert.

Peter Mulholland

Thanks for the Flaming Pie heads up. The price it should always have been


Merchbar has the Flaming Pie Collectors Edition, aka the bigger one with the prints and vinyl, for $180 off – https://www.merchbar.com/rock-alternative/paul-mccartney/paul-mccartney-flaming-pie-collector-s-edition-1667467?ucc=US

Wayne Olsen

Yay! One Flaming Pie coming up.

Dave H

Well done for highlighting this, Paul. Too late for me sadly but I really hope that all those who held off or could not justify the original price manage to snag one. I’m sure it will have been said before, but this is more like the price it should have been presented at in the first place.

Dave H

Should have mentioned that this statement relates to Flaming Pie!