This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

David Bowie / Conversation Piece 5CD box set

David Bowie / Conversation Piece 5CD box set

UK: David Bowie /Conversation Piece 5CD deluxe – £62 £72

Lowest price to date; read the SDE review.

ITALY: Prince / Sign O’ The Times 8CD+DVD super deluxe – €113 DEAL OVER

Best European pre-order price to date. Although this is an Italian deal, the book (and packaging) is printed in English!

USA: Marillion / Clutching at Straws 4CD+blu-ray super deluxe – $45 or £36

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Hi Paul tug of war super deluxe £66 at Amazon uk


Dusty Springfield’s career spanning 4CD box/earbook Simply Dusty is only €9,99 at jpc.de. Also free shipping to DU, NL, BE and more.


T. Rex’s ‘Bolan’s Zip Gun + Futuristic Dragon’ 3CD set is currently only £19.79 on Amazon. That’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen it. Only showing as one left (I just bought one).

Mike M

Script for a Jesters Tear SDE been dispatched, arriving tomorrow. Showing back in stock at Amazon albeit at a higher price. Looks like everyone’s order will be fulfilled.


Just received an email from Amazon stating Marillion Script will arrive 22nd July. You can still actually order it from Amazon UK at £22 – still showing as temporarily out of stock. The ones on Amazon now are third party sellers

Richard Fisher

My Marillion Script…box arrived yesterday.


If you haven’t already, check out vinyl summer sale at udiscovermusic – link – https://store.udiscovermusic.com
There are some truly amazing vinyl bargains- too many to list here.

george connolly

just bought off amazon uk the who my generation 5cd box set for £28. I believe there’s 6 copies left. hurry if you’re interested. I’ve seen it listed at £100+.

Larry Davis

Have to add, my purchase of SOTT didn’t go through all the way initially…the whole translating thing…lucky I then saw the discount code, which brought it down further to 106 Euros, which is almost a $50 savings…and then it went through…thanks again Dave Barron!! But I gotta add, there is a new massive Little Steven box out on July 31, 10CD/3DVD, only through the UDiscover store…covers all his earlier 80s/90s side work apart from his stuff with Springsteen, acting, and his Sirius XM work as curator, DJ & head of “Underground Garage” & “Outlaw Country”…I will be ordering it close to the 31st cuz with tax & all, it’s just under $200, even with free US shipping…


Finally bit on Conversation Piece..it’s £60 new from resellers as well as the Amazon price, thanks for the alert. Does anyone know if this comes up as Autorip on Amazon post-purchase?


It should include Autorip – if you bought it from Amazon rather than one of the resellers.


Yes, Autorip if blought from Amazon – and further £5 discount if you qualify (see Amazon landing page) – just snapped it up for £56.60 (Amazon price currently £61.60 before discount).


Thanks both, I bought it directly from Amazon and all tracks have now appeared on Amazon Music – perfect.


Now that the entire SDE.com community shifted their Sign Of The Times orders to Amazon Italy, it’s sold out there….

CJ Feeney

Prince SOTT now unavailable at Amazon it.

Richard Fisher

Creedence Clearwater Revival vinyl boxset now £109 at Amazon UK https://amzn.to/2NRYMGu

James W

Thanks for the tip! I’ve been waiting to get this set. Even with the higher shipping, it was still worth it, for that price.

Richard Fisher

No problem. A bargain indeed!

Graham LUSTY

You guys are lucky in Europe to get the Prince at a good price. In Australia it is retailing for $320.00 (AU$). I’m getting mine thru importcds.com for around $200(AU$)

Larry Davis

Thanks to Dave Barron, I switched my Prince SOTT order from Amazon US to Italy and saved almost $40!! Normally I would not have switched & just left it cuz of shipping costs, but it is a big savings & I will wait longer for the arrival…as for the Pilot, went with the US price, which with shipping is $35, cool…as for the AOB box, ordered mine from the SDE shop way back when…will be bundled with the booklets of both TFF & new Macca, so I hope it doesn’t take too long Paul…also ordered the new Sparks…today at Target (first time there in almost 4 months, yikes), along with some new clothes, I bought the new Jimmy Buffett & Target exclusives of latest by Norah Jones & the 1975, see how those are, and just received new Jessie Ware (excellent), Haim (pretty great but not signed), new Canadian alt-country girl on Columbia Tennile Townes & 2009 release by brilliant Boston area Americana/powerpop/garagepunk girl Sarah Borges, “The Stars Are Out”…bought it used & the thing was signed both by Sarah but also her band, the Broken Singles…so that was a nice surprise…


The discount code still seems to be working for me as of 11.50 pm today. Covered the shipping costs very nicely. Thanks Paul!

David Barron

With VAT subtracted, even with shipping costs to the U.S., this still comes in at $125, which is $35 less than the price on Amazon US. US price is now $159.95 plus sales tax. So thanks.


Thanks for this amazing deal on the Prince box set – the discount code ‘SCONTO5EUR’ is still working as of just now.
I also found a good deal in ‘The K Box (Box)’ of Peter Hammill, this box set had been out of print for a few months but a few copies (around 5) appear on amazon.de and amazon it – the latter turned out to be 5 Euros cheaper (at € 68.61) so I ordered it together with the Prince box set.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

Prince SOTT 8cd/1dvd set

Colour you peach and black!
Colour me taken aback!
I think I wan’ cha!

oh yes! even I have to buy this from amazon Italy at £102 to have it forever in my life!

. . .Whenever I have ordered from Amazon Italy or Germany in the past it has come from a UK warehouse in Scotland (I am in England).

This will be my most expensive singular music related purchase ….. but after waiting and waiting for the 1999 set to “just go down a few more £”, only to sell out and double in price overnight, I had to get this or I know I would be kicking myself sometime around the second half of September!


Cancelled my amazon.it order made on day of SDE publication so I could apply the discount, which worked now 21.00 02.07.2020.

Alain Brenez

Amazon IT code worked for me on the Prince CD box set. € 111 incl shipping.

graeme ewan

Got the Prince from Italy Amazon. Wonder if it will show the “Dunfermline” Amazon hub address this time when i receive it, (I live in Scotland).Has happened more than once and received the day after release, if not day of release so I don’t know what that’s all about but fair enough!


Thanks Paul! I had ordered three CD boxes from Amazon Canada but I calculated everything, converted Canadian Dollars to Euros, including shipping etc and I’m saving 35 Euros when ordering from Italy. So I canceled my Canadian order and “went Italian”. I still have the vinyl box and colored vinyl ordered from Amazon Canada as that is the cheapest at the moment. So for US residents, that is the way to go.
I’m going all out on this reissue. It’s the holy grail of reissues and my all time favorite album. I was also lucky enough to buy the singles box. By the way, I’m not intending to re-sell these box sets. I just need to know I have a spare one if something happens. I know it’s crazy but this album means a lot to me.
P.S., the UK price came down from 199 Pounds to a more “normal” 159 Pounds. The price comparison widget is not updating for me. Not sure if that is an issue on my end or with you Paul.

Steve Peatchey

It’s actually gone up to £159.90 on Amazon UK at the moment!!

stephen king

Nice! Ordered SOTT from Italy with the 5 euro discount code and saved myself £45 cancelling the Amazon UK order. And then spent £5 of that on a blue Who single from Sound of Vinyl. I’d buy all you bargain spotters a drink but I suspect that would more than wipe out the savings and we’d have to sit at least 2 metres apart to enjoy said refreshment anyway.


@Stephen King:

I’ll have a drink on you when i read your latest novel ;-)


Many thanks for the Prince deal Paul,cancelled my UK order for the Italian one… Sono molto felice.


Amazing deal alert, Paul.

Cancelled my order on amazon.fr & grabbed this italian deal. 37 EUR saved, thank you !


Don’t know how you did to get this price, I tried the SCONTO5EUR, but it did not work, I am to France at more than 115 euros.


Me too…..


There were only 10,000 uses of that code allowed. It didn’t work for me either :(


It just worked for me at 17:00…


Damn! What did I do wrong?

William K

Sorry Paul! With thanks to google translate I’ve just discovered that Amazon Italy do have a pre-order price guarantee! Apologies for any inconvenience.


@William K.:

If this question rises up again you can always check at your “Open Orders”-page on Amazon, with pre-ordered stuff they should always show you the current amount they’ll debit you when the item is being shipped to you.

And btw: AFAIK all the amazon-sites worldwide have the pre-order guarantee on music, films and games.

William K

Hi Paul,
Do you know if Amazon Italy have a pre-order lowest price guarantee? I bought the Prince 8CD/DVD from them on the 25th of June so not sure if I should cancel & re-order.


My original order from .it hadn’t changed price, so i simply cancelled and reordered.

Colin MacKenzie

Good sale newly commenced at Sound of Vinyl – picked up a few items there this morning!

Nik Yeomans

The Amy MacDonald double vinyl Woman Of The World box set with extra CD is good value at £15. Cost more than that to post it out to the EU :)

Colin MacKenzie

It’s one of the ones I bought! thought the Who’s Next triple LP set at £9 was pretty decent as well so picked it up. The Mott reissues at £12 are the lowest I’ve seen them at.

CJ Feeney

Triple LP of Who’s Next for £9.00!!! Even though it’s a flawed reissue, you would have to get a copy at that price.

Richard Fisher

Why is it flawed please? I just ordered a copy. Is it because the original album is supplemented by a couple of additional tracks on side 2 of the first disc or is the mixing not right?

Wayne C

It says on the Sound of Vinyl that the “Who’s Next“ Triple album isn’t even released yet?, whether it is or not who knows. If it hasn’t been reissued yet how can’t anyone know if it’s flawed?. At £9 you can’t complain surely?. It saves me getting my A1/B1 of it on Track out to play – so £9 is fine by me. Plus I haven’t heard the live concert on sides 4/5/6 can’t wait.


If it’s anything like the copy I got recently the sound is flat – not a very satisfying listen to be honest. However – if you haven’t already got it in your collection and for a triple-disc at that price it’s a steal.

Gary Hunter

Thanks for the link Colin for Sound Of Vinyl, bagged the 2 X 180gm Vinyl of U2’s latest album.


Thanks a lot, I cancelled my Amazon UK order and ordered from Italy instead. With the discount code it came down to 98 EUR (incl shipping).

Tom m hans

For US buyers of SOTT SDE: amazon.ca has a great deal, too. Translates into $122 including shipping. Peace.

Mike Williams

For Prince SOTT, both the Italian deal & the Canadian work out to be approx. $126USD including shipping.


Thanks for the Amazon Canada tip. I’ll take that savings!


if you wanna keep it within UK, Wat Records have some half decent prices for all of the Prince items… https://www.whatrecords.co.uk/l/prince-sign-o-the-times/37.htm


Also the Sign O The Times movie reissue 2BR/2dvd in cheaper mediabook format for €62 on amazon.it



Forget my previous comment. The mediabook version is available cheaper elsewhere (around €40). I just didn’t know it existed in this book-format. The 12”x12” version is still available, but for €12o almost twice the original price.


this is available for less than 39 EURO at amazon Germany!


Italian Prince deal ordered. Will leave the UK order in place just in case they decide to half the current price. More in live with the expected price round about £100

nick spencer

The Amazon Italy site also lists the release date as 18th September??

Bart De Pauw

But that would mean that we receive the box later than 25th September, as shipping apparently takes 3-4 days?


Cancelled my Amazon UK order (SDE had sold out) and nabbed the Italian, 40 quid saved thanks Paul!

Alan M

I’m all for a bargain but how about supporting the UK’s struggling and dwindling indie stores? We’ll all end up working on zero hours contracts in Amazon warehouses at this rate :(

John M

Totally agree!

Mike M

Not sorry Alan cos I can’t afford to throw another £65 at my local indie store to support them with this purchase. Money is tight for me right now.

Alan M

The future impact of this way of buying will only be negative. We’ll all be paid slaves to The Man.

The heart of rock n roll is dying, struggling to be kept alive by the likes of Sleaford Mods.

Mike M

Some people’s livelihood is “wage dependant” and this “wage slave” just saved himself £65, so that’s more money to be used elsewhere in the household. Therefore from my point of view there’s no negatives and I will still continue to support my local indie store with other purchases. Don’t even think your mate Jason Williamson would argue over this one, he’s quite well versed in the hardships of the working class.

CJ Feeney

I use my local store for most purchases, often paying a premium of up to £5 for some box sets, but honestly, I’m not going to pay a £50 premium.

Mike M

Superb price mate, cheers

James Foran

The advantage of being on furlough is you have time to check emails and snap up an SDE alert as they come in – thanks!


Just grabbed the amazon Italy deal on sign o the times works out around £102 at current conversion.

Sean Lawler

Just bagged the Prince deal for €114 shipped from Italy to the UK !!! Bargain…thanks Paul :)

CJ Feeney

Me too.

It’s a long time since I was willing to spend over £100 on a single album SEE, but thus was too good to resist.

Dr. Pugh

Is it complicated to order from Amazon Italy and ship to the UK?

Wayne C

Ordered!. even without managing to be able to translate, I figured out the total price was
Accurate so why not !.


Wayne c
“Without translation” eh?
Welcome to amazon prime Italy then!

Wayne C

@Fogarrach you could be right there !! I was a little unsure of what I was doing !!.


You can use this promo code SCONTO5EUR in amazon Italy to discount 5 €. Until 5 of July

Wayne C

Thanks Oskar !, cancelled first and added discount code to save a further 5 euros Happy Days !

Steven Adamson

You sir, are a saint! Pre-ordered with that discount code! Thank you!!

graeme ewan

cheers for that tip Oskar.

Mr TW Ricketts

Just got the Prince SOT at €113 – nice saving

Rob van de Griend

The Prince Box is now 113 euro’s on amazon.it ? That seems to be a real bargain?

Richard John

And ordered. I was humming and hawing about getting Sign O The Times at £140, but 113 euros including shipping to the UK is a bit of a no brainer. Thanks for the top off Paul!



The Amazon IT site currently says €113, which is about £102 – a fabulous price!

(Unfortunately for me it doesn’t ship to NZ)


even lower price now! 113,24 € And use the SCONTO5EUR coupon!



Thanks man,

using the coupon and because of Italy’s 22% VAT coming down to the 16% we currently have in Germany brought the price farther down for me: Even with p&p it was only around €107.

That’s a cool 54€ less than the current pre-order price on Amazon.de

And 2 make things even better this seems to be released in Italy a week earlier than elsewhere (18 September)


I couldn’t get the GIFT05 code to work, but on the plus side it only appears to be charging me 116€ upon checkout!


Anyone know if this comes with a download code? Thanks.

Richard Fisher

Hi. No it doesn’t unfortunately.


Just ordered, and got the £5 off too. Pity its not the coveted silver viny edition. But its a great way to get vinyl versions of songs long out of print and commanding extortionate prices 2nd hand.


Would love to know how the £5 off worked.
I tried it (this morning) and was told it couldn’t be used.

Ordered it anyway – couldn’t decide (and I’m still a bit undecided) but I love Factory in general and some of the tracks sound as quite interesting…


Me neither – I think it is account specific