Today only! UK DEALS with £10 discount


Amazon UK has been ranked number one for customer satisfaction by The UK Institute of Customer Service. For today only (Friday 20 January) the retailer is offering £10 off any spend of over £50, if you enter the code BIGTHANKS during the checkout process.

We’ve had these £10 discounts before and the trick is to spent as close to £50 as you can to get as close to 20 percent discount, as you can! To give you some ideas, SDE offers ten buying suggestions below! All prices are correct at the time of writing and are the price AFTER the £10 discount. Works with pre-orders and ordering outside UK.

Note: the offer excludes gift cards, digital products and is for Amazon only – so no marketplace sellers! It can only be used once but isn’t limited to music.


Bob Dylan / The Bootleg Series Vols 1-3 (5LP vinyl) – £49



Marc Almond / Trials of Eyeliner (10CD anthology) – £59


Cream / Fresh Cream super deluxe edition reissue

Cream / Fresh Cream Super Deluxe Edition – £45


David Bowie / Who Can I Be Now? 1974-1976 (12CD box) – £80




Chicago / Quadio surround sound 9-disc blu-ray audio box – £50



Crowded House / 8CD deluxe bundle£49

Buy 2CD sets of Crowded House, Temple Of Low Men, Woodface & Together Alone for less than £50.


Do It Again / The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds 50th anniversary collector's edition box set

The Beach Boys / Pet Sounds 5-disc 50th anniversary – £46


CW Exploded packshot 2

Chris Wood / Evening Blue (5-disc deluxe box) – £83




Peter Gabriel / vinyl bundle: So, Us & Melt 33RPM LPs – £43


The Alan Parsons Project / Tales of Mystery and Imagination (box) – £65



SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Philip Birtwistle

“Philip Birtwistle says:

January 20, 2017 at 16:16

So that’s Quadio bought. Now just need to tell Mrs B that we need a Bluray player………”

…………………..and it worked, BluRay player arriving Wednesday!!!


Warning to all US shoppers – “8:33 PM EST was 1.33am” – I added a notation after my entry, that I discovered how great the time difference is, but it was whacked.


For non-UKers (such as myself), I suggest picking 1 or 2 big-ticket items rather than a lot of cheap items – the more items you order, the higher the postage cost and could swallow up that awesome discount! My Gaye boxes (snigger) were a good deal, but at 6 quid postage, my nit-picky side feels a bit cheated. Don’t get me wrong, 6 quid postage to Australia is an AMAZING deal, but I feel like the discount went mostly towards that rather than the actual items. Then again, money saved is money saved, so I shouldn’t whine really. No VAT plus a 10 quid discount and I’m STILL complaining?!?!?! I can’t help it, I’m an old grump, LOL. (Is 38 considered old?)


8:33 PM EST in the US – Earlier had business I couldn’t let go. Came back to arrange cart for 60 GBP Basket total. “The promotional code you entered has expired.”
I give up! What time does Amazon.uk pull up their sidewalks???? They have seen my last order.


Aha – sorted the issue. Hadn’t noticed that one of the items whilst delivered by Amazon and superficially seeming to be an Amazon product was actually sold by somebody else, and so not eligible.


Aaargh – I’ve ordered 4 items which come to fifty-one and a bit quid and it tells me it won’t accept the code. (I’m a UK resident, so I don’t have to “worry” about VAT coming off).

Richard John

bought listen without prejudice boxset, bruce springsteen’s autobiography and Crowded House’s temple of low men, all for under £50. W00t!

Stefan Krix

Thanks again for the info, Paul! Worked fine outside the UK, too, and combined with the limited edition Bret Anderson vinyl info it made my day!


Many thanks, some items from my wishlist are on its way:
the Skeletal Family box set, the 3-cd deluxe version of the first Spiritualized album ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re floating..’ and 2 of the Disco Recharge series have been ordered , total was around 51,– quid before the discount.

Neil McL

Got metal box for £21!!!! Was in a lightning deal at £31 and got the tenner off by ordering a couple of Blu Rays deal of the day I think best since that stones box and pink Floyd early years for £137

florian m. kranz

Arte, french-german TV, has a programme on Pet Sounds tonight.

Jay Kranz

of course my first attempt came to 49.99! ended up with a few cds together at 50.86 guess that will be ok…


The Lloyd Cole box set has gone up to £44.99!


Thanks Paul! Just cancelled my order for the single Bowie LPs and 3LP Live! and re-ordered them with £10 off. Cheers!

John Oaks

Just bought Chicago Quadio for 45 Pounds (around 75$ cad) compare to price at Amazon.ca (list it at 190 $, 137$ from other seller). Great bargain at 5 pounds/blu ray…

Al Duchaney

The Doors (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
Decades Live… ’61 to ’94 ( 8 CD Deluxe Box Set) (Dylan)
Folksinger Humdinger Volume 2: Just About As Good As It Gets (Dylan)

Thanks for the tip! That’s 14 discs @ approx. $US 4.67 a piece!


Nice one Paul – Brett Anderson vinyl box sorted on pre order at £59 so voucher dropped it to £49 which is not bad for 4 albums these days

Jim Edwards

Cheers Paul. I got the vinyl box of WCIBN? last year but what with the Lazarus triple coloured vinyl and cd, the Lazarus show and then bloody Christmas getting in the way today was my first opportunity to bring this home. Simply cannot wait. As always, thanks for everything Paul.

David Cornyn

I was thinking of ordering the first Lloyd Cole and the Commotions box set but I see it is out of stock at Amazon. Do you think they will still fulfill this if I order it? I’d hate to waste the tenner if they then cancelled the order!

Bill Hammell

Holy mother of pearl! Nice deals!!! WOW

Bill Hammell

Ah, it’s a coupon code! I got so excited I hadn’t read it all. Still great though! Got my Chicago Quadio finally.


Gah – when I saw this mentioned here earlier I wasn’t paying enough attention and thought it was tied in with an SDE deal alert, and just now an item I was trying to time right to get at the lowest price has just gone back up (by more than ten pounds as well).

Jan Marien

Thank you very much, Paul!
Just ordered the Crowded House-CD’s!
Keep up the good work.
This site is one of my favourites!
I check it everyday day! :-)

Mar Wolfgang

It once happened to me that a pre-order went down in price on amazon.com and the free shipping no longer applied. This might thus be the case.

Peter Anderson

My order still showing total of £40.02 despite part of it being pre-ordered items.

Peter Anderson

Brilliant timing – like others have just cancelled yesterday Bowie vinyl pre-order – reordered David Live, Diamonds Dogs, plus Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks vinyl along with a 99 pence add-on item bringing pre-discount total to £50.02!!! Thanks again Paul. Pete


So when do they apply the discount….say, if you order a mix of in stock and pre-order. I know they charge your credit card when items are shipped, but how do they apply the discount? Deduct the £10 across all items, or just those pre-ordered?



This was indeed worthwhile.

Thanks to your notification and a heads-up on The Afterword website, I managed to get the Who’s My Generation super deluxe box set for “just”(!) £60…


Be careful of pre-orders as last time they had this sort of offer my pre-order prices dropped the total to under £50 and the offer disappeared


Last time my orders totalled £54 before discount but the pre-order dropped price so that took it down to £46. My total order price ended up being £46 instead of the £44 I was expecting. I contacted Amazon about it and they explained it to me. It has to be £50 plus at time of dispatch.

Philip Birtwistle

So that’s Quadio bought. Now just need to tell Mrs B that we need a Bluray player………

Jim Edwards

Thanks Paul. I couldn’t love you any more if I tried. Just popped into HMV to buy WCIBN? Cd box set and they said I’d have to order, then saw your post and bought from Amazon. Bargain! Though disappointed they’d sold out of Sound and Vision picture disc. Bought that from Bowie store and after p&p came to nearly £19! Jesus wept! Not a bargain at all. £20 for a 7″ picture disc is bloody steep. Thanks for the heads up on the Amazon deal though, much appreciated Paul.


And a BIGTHANKS to you, Paul S! As I mentioned on another post, without you and SDE (and SDE readers!) I wouldn’t know about these Amazon deals/offers/etc.

As much as I want “Who Can I…”, it’s still a bit too much for me right now, so I picked up the three Marvin Gaye boxes (PRE-discount total a smidge over 60 quid plus postage) instead. So that’s 24 (!!!) CDs for only $AUD85! I just hope the boxes don’t get squashed on the way to Australia.


I live in US and the code didn’t work. Tried both, upper and lower case.

Michael khalsa

How much Pet Sounds do people really need? I get that it’s amazing but really..

Dave H

Cheers Paul, just bought three blu-ray audio discs.

Alan Alan Parsons: Project Tales Of Mystery and Imagination 40th Anniversary Edition
Love And Rockets: Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven [Blu-ray]
The Pixies: Doolittle [Blu-Ray]

Total £52 minus £10 = £42 …………Happy Days!

Simon Taylor

So when I get home I need to cancel my Chris wood 4cd box pre-order then re-order to get price reduced to £83. Thanks will definitely do that later.

Already have Dylan bootleg series vinyl pre-ordered at £47. That price is raising fast!


It excludes orders made with a gift card, but still works on orders that are made with a combination of gift card plus a cash top up. I already had a £20 voucher, so *that* + today’s discount all but paid for the Queen ‘On Air’ box! Yay!


^…two or three…


Kinda tempted by the Chicago box, but I only really like the first two or albums. Talking of which, there’s a Steven Wilson remix of Chicago II out next week…

Bill Hammell

It’s only a stereo remix however.


Trying to order the forthcoming George Michael releases with a total of more than 52 pounds. When I enter BIGTHANKS I just get: The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase. ???


Oddly, when I added the Brett Anderson CD box set and the total went up to 82 pounds it worked…


hi all,
for folks outside of U.K.,
to utilise the code,
your gross total excluding shipping should be at least £61.

Bill Hammell

Which is perfect for the Chicago Quadio Box

Mark B. Hanson

I tried pricing up the Bowie set for U.S. shipment, but it was only about $4 cheaper than the current US Amazon price of $91. So I’ll stick with Amazon US I guess.


Cheers for the heads up Paul , got some Blu-rays for £50.04, so I’m happy

Dave thornhill

Thanks Paul – just beat my previously best price on the Chris Wood set by enough to splurge on Priority delivery – happy!
PS – that is to Australia, code worked fine for me!

Andrew Stingel

Fantastic! That’s Lou Reed’s RCA & Arista Album Collection on it’s way.

Thanks so much for the tip :)

Friso Pas

Great tip! Bought for 50.40, so great deal. Thanks a lot, Paul.


Thanks, nearly ordered this lot yesterday, so glad I waited.
Ryley Walker’s Golden Songs that have been Sung (based on the SDE albums of 2016 list article)
Flaming Lips Oczy Mlody
Matthew E White & Flo Morrissey’s Gentlewoman, Ruby Man
Joan Armatradings 2016 World Tour Live
John Cales Fragments of a Rainy Season 2016 reissue
Fantastic saving, especially as a Yorkshireman!


The Lloyd Cole & The Commotions set is down to £35.95 at the moment, so a good opportunity to put that towards the £50 threshold.


Boom! Thanks Paul.

The discount also applies on upcoming releases too. Got the 2xCDs of;
Deee-lite – World Clique
FatboySlim – Better Living
Larry Levan – Genius Of Time
and ‘THE MEN IN THE GLASS BOOTH’ (3xCD) boxset


That’s yesterdays Bowie preorder deal cancelled and reordered for £10 cheaper (£66). Thanks for the info.

Chris Squires

Just bought the Immaculate Collection and Slider 2 x coloured, thanks for the heads up Paul….

Rob Deighton

I received the notification from amazon this morning and thought ‘nah there’s nothing i need’ but i then had a thought…. Cancelled my original Bowie Single LP’S reissue order from the other day , re-ordered them at the same pre-order price along with the upcoming Elbow CD so now technically getting the Elbow CD for free :) Happy Days.


I did exactly the same in two orders (used my wife’s account for 2nd order) so saved £20 :-) Happy Days indeed.

Only minor issue is my wife now has the autorip of Station To Station, and possibly Live Nassau and David Live.