Saturday Deluxe / 10 Dec 2016


Sam Brown boxes on their way…

Wow. Very busy week here at SDE, largely to do with shipping nearly 500 Sam Brown box sets in the last few days for ShopSuperDeluxe.

Yes, the fantastic A&M Years 1988-1990 box set is out! Despite the fact that I’ve been involved in almost EVERY aspect of this collection (from original idea, to now shipping them!) I still somehow forgot to include in Monday‘s ‘Out This Week’ post. Oh well…

I saw Sam on Wednesday when she signed the booklets for about 450 of the sets. It was great actually, because her brother Pete also dropped by, and as most Sam fans will know, he played an important role in her solo career and is all over the second album, April Moon, so it was lovely to meet him.

‘Team SDE’ busy packing and despatching Sam Brown boxes, yesterday

Caroline International (who are part of Universal) are issuing this set and are planning a wider release – with TV/Radio promotion – in March/April next year, but until then, these box sets are exclusive to ShopSuperDeluxe so don’t go looking on Amazon or in HMV, because they won’t be there.

The signed ones are now sold out (sorry) but obviously the non-signed version isn’t limited, so plenty of those available. Some of you in the UK may well get your boxes in today’s post, so obviously would LOVE to read your feedback on this set. Comments here welcome, and a ‘review’ on the shop even better!

Buy Sam Brown: The A&M Years 1988-1990

The Rolling Stones / Blue & Lonesome deluxe

Rolling Stones at number one in the UK

As you may have heard, The Rolling Stones have had their first UK number one album for 22 years with Blue & Lonesome. Sounds impressive, although since this is only their third studio album since Voodoo Lounge went to number one in 1994, maybe it’s not that much of a big deal. 2005’s A Bigger Bang nearly achieved the feat, stalling at number two, and the one before that, 1997’s Bridges To Babylon is the only ‘Stones record not to penetrate the top five.

A look at the statistics tells us that you have to go all the way back to 1972’s Exile On Main Street to find a Rolling Stones studio album that was certified platinum (over 300,000) units in the UK. Apparently, Blue & Lonesome shifted over 100,000 units in it’s first week. I’m sure SDE readers buying three copies each, had nothing to do with it…


One Year Older…

Finally, thanks to those of you who got in touch to wish me a Happy Birthday for Thursday. SDE will be six, next March, but I’m considerably older..

After a busy day packing Sam Brown box sets, I did get the chance to unwind at the Bowie musical Lazarus. If you get the chance to go, I’d highly recommend it. It’s weird, hallucinatory experience, has some rather self-conscious dialogue and is pretty hard to follow… but somehow wins you over in the end. The music is largely great, with It’s No Game and The Man Who Sold The World (which utilises Bowie’s own mid-nineties arrangement) highlights for me.

Regular theatre goers would probably sniff at front row seats, but when I booked (ages ago) these were the cheapest in the house. It was fantastic. I haven’t listened to the Cast Album yet, but will look forward to it now!

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John Peace

You saw Sam? As far as I can tell she dropped off the face of the earth. Doesn’t make albums anymore (whaich is a shame since we’re only 2 records away from completing her name with the titles), doesn’t do backups anymore. What happened to her? I heard rumor she lost her voice (which would make me commit suicide if I had her voice) but virtually noting on the internet except vagueness. I love this woman. Her voice is the best female voice I’ve ever heard. We need her back

Robert Morgenstern

Thank you very much. The signed Box-Set arrived today in rainy Wiesbaden. Good work, well done

Paul Harris

Love the San Brown box set!
Always loved the single version of This Feeling. Great to listen to the tracks I hadn’t heard since I was a kid! Fantastic package!

Steve Foster

Received the Sam Brown Box Set today. Listening to it this evening.

Beautifully designed and presented. Lovely to have a signed copy :-)

Constructive (hopefully!) criticisms/observations:

As someone who’s discovering Sam’s work “in depth” for the first time, it would’ve been nice to have notes in the booklet as to what tracks on Discs 2 & 4 were B Sides of what singles (“was the B side of so and so” or “was included as a Bonus Track on the 12″ Vinyl Single/CD Single version of blah blah blah”)

Also, it would’ve been great to read Sam’s thoughts on the B Sides/Bonus Tracks/Demo’s but realistically, this latter suggestion would’ve increased the page count for the Booklet and therefore the size/width of the book by a fair degree therefore increasing the cost of the Box Set beyond its budget.

Finally, the omission of any live recordings is curious. Did she tour during this period? (surely she must have). Were there any live recordings that could’ve been included or were they ommitted because no Masters exist for them/Sam vetoed them/There just wasn’t enough space to include any?

The above comments aside, it’s a triumph of a Box Set for SDE. I’m enjoying it enormously (what an incredible voice Sam had!) and am really glad I pre-ordered a signed copy direct from the SDE shop to support this endeavor :-)

Thanks for all your hard work on this and to Sam B hereself for not “picking and choosing” what we’re allowed to hear (other Artists should perhaps take note!)


Just received my Sam Brown box, chuffed to bits, many many thanks Paul

Marc Kieser

Hi all & Paul,

The Lazarus triple vinyl is now on sale at Amazon.es (Spain) for only 17,99 euro (approx 15 pounds) + postage.

Happy Birthday Paul.

Kind regards,

Phil G.

Sam Brown box set is terrific – good work, fella!

And of course to Sam, without whom etc. Extra round of applause for her perfectly legible signature, instead of a random, zig-zag line (Kevin Rowland, I’m looking at you).

Stan Butler

Happy birthday Paul. Brilliant site.


A belated happy birthday, Paul. The blog continues to go from strength to strength….I’ve particularly enjoyed the Berlin travelogue, the in-depth interviews and the launch of the SDE shop (even though I have yet to take the plunge…maybe a Sam se soon!)…

I wonder how many of the Stones’ sales were fo the 3 for 20 deluxe set?!


First of all congratulations on your birthday and wishing much more to celebrate with your loved ones for a lot of years…

…But wondering why no word of Greg Lake passing away that was announced 2 days ago if not wrong when it was done with Emerson some months before?

Julian H

agreed, I logged on today totally expecting to see a post to honour Greg Lake… RIP anyway.


Hi, Paul! When will Sam Brown box set be delivered in Brazil? I’m counting on this…

Stefan Richards

Yep, got my Sam Brown box today too.

Very nicely done, keeping the sticker, great packaging, nice & concise, plenty to read, loads to listen to – much for the first time for me (only familiar with the Stop! album). And a little x from Sam, Luverly ;-)

Job well done!

Thanks Sam & Paul.

Keep up the great work.

Cheers & Beers


Gary Croasdell

Sam Brown arrived today – it looks amazing. Great work.

Mark Carroll

Yeah, happy birthday mate. Very best wishes… Keep up the GREAT WORK !!!


Hi Paul, A belated Happy Birthday. I doubt if myself and Mrs richie will be able to get `Lazarus` musical. It would cost 30-40 average box set prices to gat to The Capitol, however The Cast Album is very good. That Michael C. fella is as good as he is in `Dexter`, I reckon you`ll enjoy it.


Are they hired in xmas elves to do the boxing Paul, or is your family forced\coerced\bribed (delete as appropriate) into helping out in SDE admin duties?


…and right you were :)

Julian H

What do your daughters think about SDE and physical media in general? I bet their relationship to music is very different from that of others their age.


Hello SDE man,

Through the haze of festive alcohol I remember shaking your hand at South Kensington station last night.

Hope I wasn’t too p-ssed!




My signed Sam Brown arrived about 5 minutes ago. Looks great – looking forward to giving it a good listen through over the Christmas period.