Saturday Deluxe / 11 July 2015

It’s that time of the month! SDE has been shopping for used records, largely in charity or thrift stores. Here’s what we’ve found…

Second Hand News / July 2015


Duran Duran / All She Wants Is (seven-inch) – 50p

I love All She Wants Is. The second single from 1988’s excellent Big Thing outperformed the more commercial sounding lead 45 I Don’t Want Your Love, and by peaking at number 9 in the UK, kept up Duran Duran’s record of having a top ten single from each studio album (Liberty would soon ruin that).

This is Duran Durduran2an not worrying about the ‘duran sound’ and just going with the flow. Embracing ‘dance’, silly haircuts and coming up with something quite original. I remember being semi-obsessed with the various 12-inch singles at the time (US Master Mix, Euro Dub Mix, Latino Dub etc.) and the different artwork.

This is a UK poster sleeve seven-inch (DDP 11) which includes the 45 mix on the A-side and what I regard to be Duran Duran’s best B-side by some margin, I Believe/All I Need To Know (medley). An unedited ‘full version’ of this track appeared on the 2010 Big Thing deluxe edition.

click to enlarge

Say Anything soundtrack (CD) – £2.99

I haven’t actually seen this 1989 film, Cameron Crowe’s debut feature, but I’m a sucker for 80’s movie soundtracks. Not a bad selection, including Peter Gabriel‘s In Your Eyes, Depeche Mode‘s Stripped and Freiheit‘s Macca-esque Keeping The Dream Alive. Still has the original round sticker on, as you can see from the photo.

Tin Machine / You Belong in Rock n Roll

Tin Machine / You Belong In Rock ‘n’ Roll (7″) – 50p

“You belong in rock ’n’ roll and SO DO I…” You gotta love David Bowie’s lyrics and delivery on this first single from the second Tin Machine album. This was issued in August 1991 (but recorded before the Dame’s Sound+Vision tour) and debuted more refined and varied sonics when compared to the no frills first album. It turned out to be the band’s biggest UK hit, despite peaking at a lowly 33. Although to put some perspective on this and to understand Bowie’s commercial standing at this time, the man’s first solo single in five years – the Nile Rodgers produced Real Cool World – was issued a year later and performed even worse, stalling at number 53. David put some effort into promoting You Belong in Rock ‘n’ Roll, appearing on Wogan and Top of the Pops.


Arthur Baker / Breakin’ (2CD set) – £1.50

Fans regularly ask when we will see a deluxe edition of Fleetwood Mac’s 1987 album Tango In The Night. The reason they ask this is because the singles were packed with masses of non-album material, primarily remixes;  ‘extended vocal remixes’ or ‘bonus beats’ etc. If you want a reminder of what a deluxe of this album might look like check out this post.

The best single from Tango in the Night was Big Love and across there various formats were many, many remixes by Arthur Baker. I actually thought they were all unreleased on CD until I came across Breakin’ in Cancer Research UK, a two-CD Arthur Baker remix compilation that features Big Love (House Upon The Hill Mix). I don’t think there is actually a mix of that name at the time (some of the singles boast a short House On The Hill Dub), and close examination reveals that this is actually the 6.42 ‘Extended Remix’. It has a slight edit at the end chopping off about 20 seconds and the track semi-segues into Breaker’s Revenge, the next track on this compilation. The mastering is also horrendously loud. I suppose this could be a vinyl rip, but it’s hard to tell due to cranked mastering.



Spandau Ballet / Communication (promo) – £1

I’m a sucker for a promo. The possibility of discovering some unheard, unreleased mix, is quite exciting, aside from the general collectibility. This twelve-inch of Spandau Ballet‘s 1983 hit Communication has a generic Chrysalis promo label with the details handwritten. One side has the ‘club mix’ and the other the standard album version. This is identical to the released version, so I was a little bit disappointed, if I’m honest. When I bought this, the person in the charity shop apologised and said the 99p label was from a previous charity shop. I asked how much it was then, and she replied ‘a pound’. Oh, go on then!


Jesus Loves You / One On One (CD single) – £1

Bow Down Mister is the track most people remember from Boy George‘s Jesus Loves You ‘collective’ and One On One was actually the single released before that, which failed to crack the UK top 75. This four-track CD-single includes the ‘Fon Force 7″ Edit’ and ‘Massive Attack Mix’ of the title track, as well as the Danny Rampling Remix of debut single After The Love AND the ‘Oakenfold Edit’ of the Generations of Love, which would be issued as a single after Bow Down Mister. Almost a mini greatest hits.


Annie Lennox / Cold (CD singles) – 99p each

If you want to understand the attraction many of us have to CD singles, look no further at Annie Lennox‘s fourth single from her first solo album Diva. This was originally released across THREE CD singles, with jewel cased CDs offering three extra tracks recorded at MTV’s Unplugged. So yes, that’s effectively an complete Unplugged album! I found one of these in Oxfam, and thought ‘great’. A few minutes later came across a second and thought ‘please let the third CD be here’. After a bit more hunting, lo and behold there is was. Result! Especially at 99p each. The extra Unplugged tracks are as follows: Why, The Gift, Walking On Broken Glass, It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back), Here Comes The Rain Again, You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart, River Deep Mountain High, Feel The Need, Don’t Let Me Down.


Depeche Mode / Walking In My Shoes (CD) – 99p

The second single from Depeche Mode‘s 1993 album Songs of Faith and Devotion, this Walking In My Shoes CDS was one of two CD singles issued at the time. The other disc (LCDBong22) was more of a ‘mix’ CD and included the 6.53 ‘Extended Twelve Inch Mix’. This (CDBong22) has the ‘seven inch mix’, the ‘grungy gonads mix’ and two versions of B-side My Joy. Comes as a single panel digipack.


10,000 Maniacs / Trilogy (3CD set) – £2.99

Slightly weird packaging for this 10,000 Maniacs ‘Trilogy’ that collects their three most successful albums In My TribeBlind Man’s Zoo, and Our Time In Eden. The photos on the cover aren’t in the right order for one thing, and all three booklets slot into a pocket on the inside front cover. The three discs are stuck in three transparent trays which are rather inelegant. I can see why this didn’t catch on, although as I had none of these on CD, pleased to pick it up!



Rod Stewart / Every Picture Tells A Story (vinyl LP) – £5

Let’s end on a classic. Rod Stewart‘s 1971 transatlantic chart-topper Every Picture Tells A Story. £5 is a little over the normal SDE budget for charity shop fair but hey, this record is in unbelievable condition for something that’s 44 years old – virtually mint. It’s also long been a favourite but never owned on vinyl.

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Mark Bumgardner

I’m always interested in other collectors’ finds, so thanks for this. I was unaware of that particular Arthur Baker set (I’m in the US), and had no idea that FM track was on a CD anywhere. Was able to order it from a third party on Amazon for (literally) next to nothing. Can’t wait to give it a spin.


Vinyl I have got from my local charity shop (Prestwich, Manchester) include U2’S War and The Unforgettable Fire albums , Depeche Mode’s Enjoy The Silence (12′), Macca’s Band On The Run, Duran’s Notorious album and a load of Herb Alpert’s 60s stuff…

eoin hall

thanks for the brilliant feature paul.picked up that arthur baker cheap on amazon as i didnt know that fleetwood mac 12” mix was on cd .thanks again.i wish my charity shops in dublin are as good as yours


Awesome collection of secondhand goods as usual!

Re: that 10,000 Maniacs set, there are actually quite a few of those from Warner. I have the a-ha one that contains Hunting High and Low, Scoundrel Days and Stay on These Roads. The packaging is identical… hardcover book, three plastic trays for the CDs, and the booklets for all three discs inside the pocket. I kind of like it. It’s different, that’s for sure.


Hey Paul,
I always love reading about your thrift store finds. Was at my local thrift store yesterday and found a copy of David Bowie’s ‘changesonebowie’ on the RCA label made in Japan for release in the USA. An amazing find and the mastering is great. Keep letting us know what you find!!


Notorious and big thing for me,big thing just having the edge.


If you think Red Carpet Massacre is Duran Duran’s best you are in a unique camp, and an undesputed fan. I’d say all of their albums have a really good song or two, but it really is the first two albums that I truly admire in the sense they capture a level of intangible magic of image, style and sound. I don’t think they ever got over the intese popularity that followed Rio, and who can really blame them. Glad they are still making new music.

Peter B

With some exciting tracks on the Arthur Baker compilation such as Confusion by New Order and the Afrika Bambaataa tracks, I’d have thought a Fleetwood Mac remix would have been the least interesting track on it to talk about. But then, I really can’t stand Fleetwood Mac.
The I Believe Duran Duran b-side has been a neglected track in my collection (I have the extended version in the Big Thing box set). After reading this article I’ve played it a few times. Although many of your readers may disagree with your claim of this being their best b-side (it’s Late Bar for me), it’s a very decent track. Thanks for highlighting it.
I’ve long appreciated the U.S. Master Mix of All She Wants Is – a great electro sound from remixer Shep Pettibone (not too distant from an Arthur Baker production).
Speaking of Duran-related claims that prompt debate – I never pass up an opportunity to claim that the much-maligned Red Carpet Massacre album is Duran’s best. Zoom In and Tempted in particular sound exciting and amazing.

Mike C.

Sekret October for sure. Duran did a great slowed down version during their Pop Trash/Greatest tour. You can find it on their Wembley video concert.

Mic Smith

Regarding In Your Eyes, there are quite a few variations to out there for the serious Gabriel collector. And to think this wasn’t even chosen for release as a A side in the UK.

I think the earlier postings are generally correct regarding the studio versions (edits/remixes) although the live version exists in 4 versions across a variety of formats.

The live version was recorded in Athens in October 1987 and was intially issued as a CD promo in the states in 1989 and maybe the reason why certain stations played that in preference to the studio edit (which as one poster correctly states began life as a 7″ edit exclusive to promo copies in the US issued to promote So in 1986. Stock copies from 1986 featured the longer version with the added verse at the end familiar from live versions. This was also issued in Japan, Canada and France. The so called Special Mix was added to 12″ copies in most of the above territories and was the b side in the UK to Don’t Give Up.

When reissued though in 1989 to promote Say Anything the promo edit was given commercial release initially backed by Fishbone’s Skankin’ to the Beat. A few months later though it was repressed with a live version b side on 7″ and cassette single. A longer edit of the live version was included on the US promo sampler Before Us issued in 1992. An even longer edit of the live version had been included on the Gabriel concert video POV and then a different mix of this featured on the incredible Live in Athens DVD included in the SO 25th anniversary box set.

I hope that all makes sense.


This is one of my favorite features on this site. Fun stuff. What record collecting is really all about. And paul, you being a sef respecting 80’s enthusiast, and you have’t seen that film…. I could imagine the main character of that film opening up a record store in Chicago when he gets a little older.

Alan Jones

Fantastic reading your posts. Went to Hitchin market today but no finds except a great Dansette in lovely red and cream (not for sale). Splashed out on the Weller album on red vinyl last night so made me wonder what system you have Paul.


How come you have great charity shops? My locals have multiple copies of Mel C’s Northern Star, SClub 7 and the Feeling. I am sure they put the best picks on ebay and to a degree who can blame them.

Gary C

Anyone resident in London, there are some fantastic bargains at FOPP Charing Cross right now, Kinks Deluxes among many great titles.


Not resisdent in London, but on visiting think the FOPP at Cobent Garden is brilliant. Great stock, great staff and great bargains!


Gary C – I don’t suppose that includes the Kinks’ mono boxset by any chance? That alone would be easily worth the train journey/fare.


I don’t know, was just a general comment, but I would give them a ring. Just wish there was a FOPP near me in Yorkshire..

Paul Wren

The Arthur Baker CD is a legitimate release on the now defunct Festival Mushroom Records label from Australia. Maybe licensed from Perfecto record label? There was also a single CD release on the legitimate Perfecto record label (run by Paul Oakenfold) in the same year, 2001. So, your copy is unlikely to be a counterfeit and the “loud” sound must have been an intentional thing.


I always love this post b/c hitting second hand shops is such a blast. I’m in Texas and over the last month have stumbled across 2 copies of M83’s “Dead Cities…” 2 CD set, a few Richard Ashcroft CD singles, an Elvis Costello bootleg and The National’s “The Virginia e.p./A Night, A Skin” CD/DVD. All for reasonable prices.

Happy hunting everyone!


There is nothing like a good charity shop… My local one is nothing like a good charity shop

Let’s see what’s on offer in the CD singles….
S Club Juniors “Puppy Love”, Whigfield “Last Christmas”, Kavana “Crazy Chance”, Fat Les “Vindaloo”, Haddaway “I Miss You”, Ricky Martin “Shake Your Bon Bon”, Clock “Oh What A night”…



Please pardon my misspelling in the last post. Obviously I meant to say “You scored some great items!”

– Scott



Thanks so much for this great post. I scored so many great items!

To further complicate the issues of “Cold”, I have the Japanese version, which comes in a slipcase with an OBI and a booklet containing lyrics for all the tracks. Also, each of the three CD’s had “Cold” as the first track, followed by the Unplugged tracks from the EU versions. I bought this secondhand as well, and in mint condition. If I recall correctly, I paid about $7-8 USD for it.

Best Regards, Scott


Came here to 2nd that Secret Oktober B side comment.


Some nice finds, as usual! Those Annie Lennox CD-singles are subtitled Cold, Colder and Coldest of course….amazing the lengths to which labels went in the days of multi-format chart hyping….the song itself isn’t even that remarkable, but as you say the set effectively gives you a full Live album.

Does the Say Anything soundtrack really have “Live” versions of some songs?! I’ve never encountered that before. How strange.

Those “Three Classic Albums” sets from Warners are odd; I have a Foreigner one, and a Natalie Merchant solo one – they were a variation on the “long box” style (Rod Stewart, Van Morrison etc) but were soon replaced by the current card case with slim sleeve format we have now.


The director of “Say Anything”, Cameron Crowe, also included a live performance in the soundtrack to his next film “Singles”. In that case it was a superb cover version of “Battle of Evermore” by the Lovemongers.


I do like this article Paul, another reminder of the myriad joys of not only music itself but also music shopping! I was obsessed with CD singles in the early 90’s, I collected Texas, Del Amitri and Gun in particular with loads of non-album songs that were as good as the album tracks. In fact I even prioritised the CD singles ahead of the albums as I couldn’t afford it all. Most CD singles were 3.99 but sometimes you got the bonus of 1.99 releases. Of course now we (mostly) get these on deluxe editions, but it is perhaps not as exciting.


The Tango in the Night non-reissue / remaster amazes me, more especially now with Christine McVie being back on tour with Fmac and them currently doing more tracks off that album. Suppose by default it keeps the lazy ‘best of ‘ market buoyant.

Jon J

Ah, the Annie Lennox ‘Cold’ CDs! I remember having to pay full price for these back at the time of release – not even the local independent shops were selling these for less than £3.99. Due to the crackdown on multi-formatting that took place in 1991/2 limiting singles to four formats only, because of its 3 CD versions and a cassette single (horrible format but all the rage at the time), ‘Cold’ was one of the first singles not to be issued on vinyl.

The live version of ‘Cold’ from the MTV Unplugged concert was included on one of the ‘No More I Love Yous’ CD singles, but ‘Stay By Me’ never got an official release. That track always seems to have gotten a raw deal – it was also the only song on Diva not to get its own video!

I happened upon a promo CD of ‘Cold’ some years ago that features all nine live tracks along with the studio version of ‘Cold’. Like you say, a mini-album!

Have to say Paul, you find quite a lot of interesting vinyl in your searches. The charity shops round by me tend to be quite CD single-heavy (although alas generally from the less interesting 2000-2005 era, so unless you’re after Destiny’s Child it tends to be slim pickings), but don’t carry many 7″ or 12″ singles.

Steve Marine

For me, “Secret Oktober” will always be Duran Duran’s best b-side. But that’s a great one too. :) I love reading about your thrift store finds.


Sekret Oktober is better than anything on the parent album that the single (Union of the Snake) was promoting…..what was that one…Seven & The Coked Up Tiger?

Matt Ganoe

I believe the idea for the “Unplugged” track listing on those Annie Lennox singles is that one would feature Eurythmics songs, the second would feature Annie originals and the third would feature cover versions. What’s missing from the original ten song unplugged performance is the song “Cold” itself, which was later released on a compilation CD called “Alternative NRG”. The worst feature on those singles is that the text on the spines reads upside down if the CD is facing upright. Also, I wonder if the version of “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel on the Say Anything soundtrack is the same as the odd sounding version that I have in a cassette single with soundtrack art and a picture of John Cusack as the cover. I remember it being a rather peculiar sounding mix of the song with a very alternative arrangement to the album mix.

Matthew L. Ganoe

I found the version of “In Your Eyes” I was referring to from my Say Anything cassette single. It heavily pushes the Youssou N’Dour vocal elements of the song to the forefront of the production. Here’s what a fan wrote about it on youtube: “This mix appeared originally in 1986 on the Geffen promo 7” and later in 1989 as the single version on 45 and cassette to promote the “Say Anything” Soundtrack (WTG records). The 1986 “single version” was over 6 minutes long and this was the “radio edit”. It contains the additional verse at the end similar to how Peter plays this song live. “…accepting all I’ve done and said…”


Interesting, the 7″ and 12″ were the same 6:15 mix of in your eyes, the version featured on the soundtrack was the shorter album version if I remember correctly. I don’t think the long single version has ever appeared on CD anywhere. There was also a more dubbed out mix called special mix on the 12″. Wasn’t there a live version on the casette single as well? I remember for a time around 89-90 the classic rock stations would play the live version. Also re: Annie Lennox, only cold and stay by me were left out of the sets. I actually think the bootleg release of the whole concert featured better sound, as the recordings had a slight buzz to them on the singles. I always loved her live version of “Don’t Let Me Down.”


What sort of charity shops are the ‘best’ finds normally found Paul?