Saturday Deluxe / 26 August 2017

Today’s Saturday Deluxe is brought to you from a forest.

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Plenty of room at the ‘Hotel California’

As I hope is apparent, running SDE is a great passion of mine. Although I love my job, it can be a little bit ’24-7′ and while I also enjoy holidays (who doesn’t?) I always have to consider the impact on SDE – in short, I need to keep blogging! I do often ‘joke’ to friends that I haven’t had a day off since 14 March 2011 (the day SDE was launched) but  – call me a nutter – it’s actually pretty close to the truth!

So when a family camping holiday was suggested for this long bank holiday weekend, my first thought was “that sounds like fun”, quickly followed by, “er, how am I going to keep blogging, in the cold, in a tent in the middle of a forest?”

A 1959 Camper. Looks cool, but does it have wi-fi?

Cue Volkswagen, who out of the blue (i.e. I rang them) offered to lend me a Camper Van for the trip!

Who doesn’t love the original VW Campers, which to me, signify that romantic notion of freedom, adventure, discovery and – in the 1960s – hippy counter-culture and peace (man). Production started way back in 1950, but while the retro appeal of these vintage models is undeniable, VW were offering me their very latest model, the modern ‘California’ – an amazing ‘hotel’ on wheels which sleeps four people comfortably and has all the mod-cons a music blogger like myself could want, including (in order of importance) a fridge for cold beers, a gas hob for cooking burgers, power sockets for charging for laptops/mobiles and wi-fi (optional) for getting online. Not forgetting a heater, a sink with running water, tables and more. Tents, inflatable mattresses and soggy groundsheets, be gone!

SDE Editor Paul Sinclair left (tenous link) ‘London Town’ with his family in a VW California

The stereo is great too. I’m interviewing Eric Stewart on Tuesday, so on the 100-mile journey to campsite, I overruled my two daughters (no Taylor Swift) and made the most of the eight-speakered ‘Discover Media navigation system’ to listen to his new Anthology via bluetooth and my iPhone.

So while chaos reigns around me – kids, mud, sizzling sausages on the stove, messing around with the (amazing) pop-up roof, New Forest ponies sticking their noses in to say hello, I do genuinely have the space and facilities to keep the cogs of SDE turning!

As anyone who has been camping will tell you, it can be heaven or it can be hell. So I really do love my ‘Hotel California’ and have visions of a dream USA road trip next summer. Unfortunately, I have to give it back…

Note: Car manufacturers do get in touch if you’d like SDE to review high-end  in-car audio and related.

Tony Visconti on Lodger remix

Producer Tony Visconti has not been happy with some of what he’s been reading about his remix of David Bowie‘s 1979 album Lodger, which is included (exclusively) with next month’s A New Career In A New Town box set.

Apparently referring specifically to comments on the bowiewonderworld message board, Visconti clarified timelines, in terms of when this remix work was started and also made it crystal clear that David Bowie liked the initial work and gave him the “green light” to complete the remix. Sadly Bowie didn’t live to hear the results.

“Are any of my FB friends active in the above Bowie group? There seems to be a lot of erroneous and egregious comments about the remix of Lodger. For the record, remixing began in the middle of 2015, never before. It has been well documented that David and I always wanted to remix Lodger but there never seemed to be a good time to do that. In 2015 we were making Blackstar together and David was also busy with his musical Lazarus. There were short periods when David wasn’t in the studio, yet I was in a high state of creativity. I opened up Fantastic Voyage and started to mix it and after a few hours I left it in a better state than I had found it (I did more tweaking later on). A few weeks later I tackled African Night Flight and Move On. Then I knew this album could sound great. After I had mixed Yassassin and Red Sails I surprised David with the results. He was extremely pleased and gave me the green light to finish mixing the entire album. Because we were still working on Blackstar that year I never got a chance to complete it until later in 2016 due to my other production commitments and Holy Holy tours. There you have it from me.”


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Ref. Your offer to review in car audio systems. After returning from a 3 year assignment in Cape Town in 2004 I was on in need of a new car, settled on Lexus SC430, the clincher being the Mark Levinson audio, mind blowing? And 3 years ago we invested in an Evoque and again the clincher was the Meridien set up.

I understand Bentley use Naim systems, but not got round to them yet (I wish)

Lexus and Range Rover should be on you contact list. Enjoy

John D

As a workaholic myself, and a daily visitor here I feel funny saying this, but do make sure you spend time with your lovely family. We don’t get their childhoods back ☺

Friso Pas

I do hope you managed to get some quality time. It’s only work. I can do a few days without SDE.

Thomas Davis

When I saw the news of the Yardbirds ’68/Anderson Theater release finally confirmed, I came right to SDE, steamed to see no mention yet. Instantly de-steamed seeing the awesome travel rig and Paul and family on vacation. Fantastic post and glad to know some well deserved vacation time being had even if work continues out in the fields. I’m thinking Goin’ Mobile more Paul, English countryside, air conditioned gypsies! Enjoy, looking forward to more news.


So good to see the family having fun!! I have been visiting your site every day since 2012 & appreciate your fine work. This year I took my wife & the girls to “the other side of nowhere”. Just a few hours from our house and western views that cannot be matched. Copy paste the link below
As to your dream vacation, it will be fantastic but only if you plan well. We have a lot of friends & family that visit the US & here is what we recommend: Pick one piece of a region. The USA is a very big place. It takes 39 hours to drive from LA to Miami. Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Our 4 recommendations for fist timers are:
1) Southeast (Orlando, east Georgia & the Carolinas). You could spend 3 days @ Epcot & barely scratch the surface.
2) East TX (DFW, Austin & San Antonio). There is more to do there than you can shake a stick at
3) Southwest (El Paso, Albuquerque & Denver). Huge western vistas that you won’t see elsewhere
4) South Central (Nashville, Knoxville & Charlotte). Great stuff to do & the Nantahala forest.
LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas & New York are good for adults but not for kids. Very expensive & lots of traffic. Wherever you go you won’t need a travel agent. Just ask your readers & you will be good.


Yep..got a VW T5 Transporter Camper..one of the best things {next to vinyl..of course} i have ever owned..enjoy


Hey Paul,

I think it is awesome to do what you love and get paid for it! That is the dream. For what it’s worth I am a long time everyday reader of your blog and I sincerely appreciate the vast amount of sheer effort you put into this blog! It really is fantastic first place to look for most of my music needs. Every so often I am happily surprised at the “free” music links you provide on behalf the artists (i.e. Paul McCartney). I am huge Beatle fan, but I very rarely go to Sir McCartney’s website for anything, so when you post he is offering free downloads that is just a wonderful surprise. Anyways, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you!

Best regards,

Russ Hughes


Nice pics Paul! (And that ’59 Camper looks so cool…). Been listening to Lodger a lot recently, so can’t wait to hear the remix. Hope you’re having a great time. Although to go ‘Full Partridge’, I believe you need to start extolling the virtues of chemical toilets…

Paul E.

Hope your enjoying your vacation Paul! Next time, give us a heads up so we can assemble a proper playlist for the trip. With all of the excellent Fleetwood Mac related coverage lately, I would have immediately suggested “Holiday Road” by Lindsey Buckingham!! Have fun and stay away from Walley World if you visit the States…


In the Caravan, turn up that radio.


How many of the 5 children in the picture are yours btw? That could be one seriously cramped camper van.


I hear Bentley do put in nice ICE systems…. Give ’em a call Paul. If you don’t ask you don’t get.

don cooper

Before you return the van you really must have it re-sprayed as The Mystery Machine to prove your ‘Street’ credentials,Paul.
Don’t even begin to pretend the nippers would object. ;-)

elliott buckingham

more copies of the red triple t’rex remixes on amazon. not as limited as 1st advertised then


Are you looking for The Cure in a Forest ?


“Plenty of room at the ‘Hotel California’”

more like “Life in the fast lane”….

Mike the Fish

Not in the New Forest…


Where’d you get that Art Of Noise T-shirt?

peter chrisp

Well done Paul a deserved holiday & you are still working?


This is probably my favourite ever blog of yours, it is just so very Alan Partridge lol
Hope you and your family enjoy the rest of your break.


I think you deserve a pipe of Pringles for this blog!

Martin Dudley

Hi Paul – long time SDE reader here, grew up in the New Forest, lived away for over 30 years but hoping to return to live there again soon. Enjoy your holiday in the area, it’s beautiful. If you want a pop music-related local activity, and an excuse for a drink, you could visit the East End Arms, just 7 or 8 miles from Brockenhurst, and owned by former Dire Straits bassist John Illsley. I’ve never been there myself though so perhaps you could review it for SDE!


Chris Squires

Have a great weekend Paul.

By the way what the hell do you say to Volkswagen to get them to chuck a camper van at you?
Another great song that specifically name checks a VW Camper van is “Meeting Mr. Miandad” by the fabulous Duckworth Lewis Method.
The last third of the year will have to be a quiet one as I dread to think what you have encouraged me to spend this year. Most days I know I am going to be working 12 hours just to pay for the things I have bought before 9 a.m. SDE Junkie.

Richard Starkey

Me as well, as far as the money thing goes. A lamentable thing, these financial woes.

But what finer collections of music have we, the faithful followers of SDE…

Richard Starkey

Wow, that poster takes me back..!! I wonder if I still have mine? ………
Why, YES I DO…!! That’s just one of the many benefits of LPs. “Poster Included”. Let’s see a CD pull that off..!

That and a classic VW Bus. Great way to start a weekend. Thanks Paul..!!

Craig Hedges

It’s very bizarre to see you holding the poster, I used to have it on my bedroom wall nearly 40 years ago (gulp!), I’ve always had a soft spot for the London Town album, listened to it recently and the stand out tracks for me are ‘I’m carrying’ and ‘Famous Groupies’.

David M

Gorgeous song.

Florian Kranz

My wife’s dad started working at VWN in 1958 here in Hannover, Germany, constructing Campers.


Enjoy Paul! I hope this trip brings you as much joy as you bring us with your blog. Much deserved!

Paul W

Paul your the best ,you should come to geelong australia you would love it ,have agood time,keep up the good work

Roberto R

Enjoy your bank holiday !

Mike the Fish

Ah yes, not what it was for charity shops…

Tom M Hans

Enjoy your vacation Paul. I very much appreciate all that you are doing here in the “colonies”. I browsed through your posts recently and could not find any “2nd hand news” – no more time for hitting the bins and sales? Well, enjoy the time with the family. Ta!

Mike the Fish

New Milton?


Hi Paul
Wife & I were in Setthorns near Sway with our (compact) motorhome last week.

Really enjoyed the article on remixing Lodger.

Looking forward to the new Bowie box set

Mike the Fish

Why did I not know there was an Oxfam in Brock?! New Milton have a book and record shop (there’s a couple of other places tucked around.) There’s an Oxfam Music in Southampton, an HMV that sells vinyl and a new indie place too. Pie and Vinyl all the way out to Southsea. Great pies, vinyl generally more expensive than HMV in my experience.

Have great hols!


How bizarre – my daughter is staying there with her grandparents!


Carry on camping Paul, looks great.