Saturday Deluxe / 27 Aug 2016

New PIL boxes coming

Public Image Limited are to reissue two albums later this year…

1979’s Metal Box and Album from 1986 (which features the brilliant hit single Rise) will be celebrated as super deluxe edition box sets by Universal in October 2016. The news was announced to fans who subscribe to the PIL mailing list yesterday. More information on this when we have it.


SDE featured on BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4’s consumer programme, You and Yours, this week took a look at the phenomenon of the super deluxe edition music box set. SDE Editor Paul Sinclair was invited on as to discuss the attraction of buying physical multi-disc boxes. You can listen to the interview using the link below (might be some regional restrictions). SDE bit starts at around 21 minutes in.

Listen to SDE’s Paul Sinclair on BBC Radio 4


Man Who Fell To Earth book

Pre-orders have opened today for the limited edition Man Who Fell To Earth book. This is a standalone tome than has nothing to do with any of the box sets. It’s described by its publishers as a  “cloth-style covered HUGE 4 kg hardcover LARGE FORMAT hand numbered 1/1000 Book – Fully Authorised by StudioCanal Films Limited. A true collectors gem.” Orders placed today are guaranteed to get one of the 500 numbered books and a limited 8 x 10 still.

More information and ordering details here


More info on Erasure box set

The forthcoming Erasure anthology box set will be a 13-disc collection called From Moscow to Mars. It will feature over 200 tracks, include the Wild! concert on DVD, a collection of B-sides (as we knew), classic and (groan) “brand new” remixes, singles, live tracks, demos and unreleased rarities. The discs are curated by Andy and Vince and this includes a photobook, postcard set and the all important ‘space passport’… See the video below which was issued as a teaser by the band/label recently.

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Latest EIS (Erasure Information Service) Newsletter:

“Hello [recipient name]!
Your second message from me in two days, I don’t know if that’s a blessing or a curse (please don’t tell me!), but this one sees everything settling back down into the usual groove as it’s in the regular Friday slot and it also includes all sorts of other news in addition to updates on the ‘From Moscow To Mars’ release and activity.
There is, of course, another load of information for you below on the ‘From Moscow To Mars’ pre-order that starts tonight, but before we get to that I just wanted to say good luck to you all, I hope you all manage to get the combination of items that you have your sights set upon!
If you’re off to see Andy Bell play the Pink Festival in Cambridge tomorrow (Saturday) have a wonderful time, and in the meantime here’s what I have for you today…
After yesterday’s special newsletter about the launch of the ‘From Moscow To Mars’ boxset this is the promised reminder that pre-orders for the boxset start today at 6pm (UK) from Lexer Music and from PledgeMusic. The pre-order links are here – Lexer Music and PledgeMusic – but please note they will not be active for purchases until 6pm (UK). To order from PledgeMusic you will need to be signed up for their site, so please do that in advance so you don’t waste time going through the sign-up process when you could be online and ordering!
There are only two items available in limited quantities: 300 tickets to the ‘From Moscow To Mars’ party in Birmingham on November 4th, and 250 ‘From Moscow To Mars’ screenprints signed by Vince and Andy, and those items are divided equally between Lexer Music and PledgeMusic. If you’re after either of those then I would very strongly recommend you are online and ready to order at 6pm (UK) as they will sell very fast. If you’re not after either of those items then I would equally strongly recommend that you wait a while before placing your order just to avoid the madness of everyone trying to purchase at the same time!
Since yesterday approximately a million of you have sent me emails asking about the prices of the various items that are going onsale later in order that you can make all your necessary financial preparations before going online at 6pm. It’s a slightly tricky question to answer because of the different ways that Lexer Music and PledgeMusic operate and how they calculate the postage and packing etc, so the prices will vary slightly depending on who you buy from but as a guide the recommended retail prices look like this: the boxset will cost around £90; the ‘From Moscow To Mars Party’ ticket will cost around £30; the autographed screenprint will cost around £30; the t-shirt will cost around £20; and the tote bag will cost around £9. I hope that helps!
Please also remember that if you are hoping to order ‘From Moscow To Mars’ event tickets, t-shirts, signed art prints or tote bags in addition to the boxset then these items are not available without buying at least one boxset at the same time (it’s a legal thing!).
By the way, to answer another question that I’ve had many, many times since yesterday: the DVD element of the boxset is NTSC and region 0, so it can be played anywhere! Those pre-order links again: Lexer Music and PledgeMusic. Good luck my friend. :-)”


Tracklisting for the 6-TRACK DOWNLOAD EP for anyone pre-ordering from Lexer Music or Pledge Music [source: erasureinfo.com]:

Dreamlike State (7″ Alternative Mix) / Sugar Hill (Vox Mix) / Heart of Stone (Live) / Then I Go Twisting (Demo) / Fingers And Thumbs (Electrofinger Dub) / Sacred (Chris Cox Dub Mix)


‘FROM MOSCOW TO MARS’ – TRACKLISTING [source: erasureinfo.com]

Who Needs Love Like That / Heavenly Action / Oh L’Amour / Sometimes / It Doesn’t Have To Be / Victim Of Love / The Circus / Ship Of Fools / Chains Of Love / A Little Respect / Stop! / Drama! / You Surround Me / Blue Savannah / Star / Chorus

Love To Hate You / Am I Right? / Breathe Of Life / Take A Chance On Me / Always / Run To The Sun / I Love Saturday / Stay With Me / Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day) / Rock Me Gently / In My Arms / Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me / Rain / Freedom / Moon & The Sky / Solsbury Hill / Make Me Smile (Come Up & See Me)

Breathe / Don’t Say You Love Me / Here I Go Impossible Again / All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love / Boy (Acoustic) / I Could Fall In Love With You / Sunday Girl / Storm In A Teacup / Sucker For Love / When I Start To (Break It All Down) / Be With You / Fill Us With Fire / Gaudete / Make It Wonderful / Elevation / Reason / Sacred

Fill Us With Fire / Save Me Darling / Fly Away / Here I Go Impossible Again / Witch In The Ditch / Miracle / Siren Song / Mad As We Are / Boy (Acoustic) / Joan / I Bet You’re Mad At Me / Golden Heart / A Long Goodbye / What Will I Say When You’re Gone / Brother & Sister / Whole Lotta Love Run Riot

Sono Luminus / Because You’re So Sweet / Love Affair / Home / Alien / Precious / Don’t Dance / How My Eyes Adore You / Boy / Blues Away / Spiralling (Acoustic) / Piano Song / Tenderest Moments (Acoustic) / Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime / Cry So Easy / You’ve Got to Save Me Right Now / Weight Of The World

Supernature / The Hardest Part / When I Needed You / She Won’t Be Home / Knocking On Your Door / Don’t Suppose / Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! / Over The Rainbow / Waiting For Sex / Tenderest Moments / March On Down The Line / Dreamlike State / The Soldier’s Return / Heart Of Glass (Live In Oxford) / Let It Flow / Runaround On The Underground / Rapture / Paradise

La La La / Truly, Madly, Deeply / Like Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor / Sweet Sweet Baby / True Love Wars / Ghost / Hi NRG / The Good The Bad And The Ugly / In The Name Of The Heart / Die 4 Love / Tragic / First Contact / Love Is Colder Than Death / Don’t Say No / In The Hall of The Mountain King / No G.D.M / Take Me On A Highway / Tomorrow’s World

A Little Respect – Extended Mix / Waiting for The Day – Vince Clarke Remix / Supernature – William Orbit Remix / Blue Savannah – Little Boots Remix / S.O.S – Perimeter Mix / Love To Hate You – Bruce Forest Remix / Snappy (The Spice has Risen Mix) / Ship Of Fools – Gjone & Nicka Stella Polaris Remix / The Circus – The Equalateral Mix / Elevation – Jack Antonoff Remix / Stay With Me – Guitar Mix

Stop! – 12″ Remix / I Could Fall In Love With You – Jeremy Wheatley 12″ Mix / Always – Always in Motion / Blue Savannah – Out Of The Blue Remix / Oh L’Amour – Almighty Remix / Chorus – Aggressive Trance Mix / Heavenly Action – Matt Pop’s Planet Cupid Mix / Breath Of Life – Joey Beltram Mix / You Surround Me (Syrinx Mix) / If I Could – Japanese Mix / Rock Me Gently – A Combination of Special Events

Victim Of Love – The Circus Tour 1987 / Knocking On Your Door – The Erasure Show 2005 / A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot – Tomorrow’s World Tour 2011 / Joan – The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992 / Witch In The Ditch – The Innocents Tour 1988 / I Bet You’re Mad At Me – The Erasure Show 2005 / Home – The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992 / Spiralling – The Innocents Tour 1988 / Sunday Girl – Light At The End Of The World Tour 2007 / Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me – An Evening With Erasure 1997 / Breathe – The Erasure Show 2005 / Sometimes – The Innocents Tour 1988 / Tenderest Moments – The Acoustic Tour 2006 / Ave Maria – The Erasure Show 2005 / The Soldiers Return – The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992 / I Could Fall In Love With You – Light At The End Of The World Tour 2007 / A Little Respect – The Innocents 1988

Who Needs Love Like That (Audition Version) / Blue (Searching) / Piano (Tomorrow’s World Demo) / Waiting For The Day (Demo) / Siempre – (Always – Spanish Version) / 2000 Miles – (Monteverde 7″ Mix) / Chanson (Moon & The Sky French Demo) / Am I Right? (Guitar Demo) / Worlds On Fire (Demo) / Run To The Sun (Demo) / Breath Of Life (Piano Demo) / Alien (Demo) / Whole Lotta Love Run Riot (Demo) / Moon & The Sky – (The Beatmasters Remix) / Untitled (Loveboat Demo) / Amo Odiarti (Love To Hate You – Italian Disco Anthem Mix) / UK Vibe 3 (Tomorrow’s World Demo) / Symphony / Reason (Sirius XM Radio Session)

A Little Respect: 30 Years of Erasure (Radio Documentary)

Piano Song / How Many Times? / You Surround Me / Knocking On Your Door / Brother And Sister / Crown Of Thorns / Star / Chains Of Love / Hideaway / Supernature / Sometimes / The Hardest Part / Oh L’Amour / Drama! / A Little Respect / Spiralling / La Gloria / Ship Of Fools / It Doesn’t Have To Be / Blue Savannah / Who Needs Love Like That / Stop! / Victim Of Love + Backstage Footage


More info on the Erasure box set, sent by mail today by PledgeMusic:

“Erasure are delighted to announce the launch of their long-awaited anthology From Moscow To Mars at 6pm UK time tomorrow [i.e. Friday 2nd September].
The 13 disc box set includes 50 singles on 3CDs, 2CDs of b-sides, 2CDs of remixes, 2CDs of Vince and Andy’s favourite Erasure songs, a CD of rarities, a CD of live tracks, an audio documentary and a DVD featuring the Wild! show from 1989.
The box set will be released at the end of October and includes a 48 page book containing unseen photos, two 12″ art cards, six postcards, a book of space stamps and a space passport.
To go with the box there’s a limited number of autographed screen prints and a limited number of tickets to an exclusive From Moscow To Mars party.
There are also t-shirts and tote bags available to go with your lovely new box set.
Pre-order from tomorrow to receive an exclusive bonus six track DIGITAL EP.”

[…] previewed in last weekend’s Saturday Deluxe, PiL will reissue their albums Metal Box and Album in October, with both […]

Hugh Hall

Universal Records site has PiL – Metal Box 4 x LP listed at £162.99. Can I nominate it for the Hyperbolic Pricing Of The Year Award?

elliott buckingham

all I want from a erasure and Depeche mode set is a collection of all 80s 12″ mixes non of this new remix crap that is so far removed from the original remixes they are nothing more than poor double beat dance/rave rubbish


Depeche already did this. The Singles #1 – 6 box sets for physical, and the Itunes set with some few extra exclusives. Contains all the 12″ mixes that were released afaik. Pricey though, think the Itunes was £150 ish. Boxes added up to a lot too.



They have all been available on those box sets before which are sadly out of print now and cost a fortune to buy.


Ordered the CD boxes, couldn’t resist. A Christmas present from the wife (I’ll tell her later).


Argh! Very close.
1. No high-resolution version of the original albums are a disappointment.
2. There is a second alternative version of Albatross which is available on Lydon’s Best of £1 Notes DVD and is apparently not on here.
Still a must-buy, just need to decide whether I want them signed.


Good news PIL SDEs separate CD & vinyl sets.


+1 ….. would be much better, inho of course, if we saw everyone offering vinyl or cd – I have no turntable, and no desire to get one (again), yet seem to be amassing 12″ boxes with never-to-be-played vinyl ….


I’m sure Paul will be putting the links/track listings up shortly, but given the signed copies appear to be limited, here is the link to buy both Metal Box and Album …. Great track listings and concerts from the time of each album …. can’t wait until 28th October!


Enjoy ….

Chris Merritt

Here’s the link to Paul’s interview for those of us in the U.S.: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07pd4ks

Paul English

I’ll be buying the Erasure set once I have clarity on the tracklist. I don’t mind new remixes if they’re done well (and there’s a track record in doing this so I am hopeful). I am still annoyed on missing out on The Innocents reissue – why did that go OOP when the first two are readily available?


Looking forward to the PIL sets. The Album outtakes may be interesting. Miles Davis supposedly did some trumpet parts that weren’t used. He had some ace drummers too, Ginger Baker and Tony Williams


Thanks for the info but your article says it’s “Mission to Mars” but the video says it’s “From Moscow to Mars”…


Enjoyed the interview.


Metal Box is one of my all-time favourite albums so this is looking very interesting. I can’t imagine what extras there are in the vaults – I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised.


I’d prefer a singles box set spanning Erasure’s entire career than an Anthology set.


They should just reissue those EBX box sets at a decent price as they are all out of print now.


Great interview, Paul. Very interesting.

Billy Dojcak

As for Erasure, well, I probably have to pass on one for the first time.
Still holding out for deluxe versions of Wild! And Chorus, but not holding my breath.

Adding postcards & whatever is something I’ve never been interested in. Is this a British thing? I have loads of postcards, badges, decals & misc. from UK releases. In the US we were lucky to get picture sleeves on our 45s. Same goes for demos and live tracks. This is not how I know these songs. B-sides? They stopped having separate recordings for b-sides years ago. It’s mostly remixes now. Rareties, not anymore since they’re released on this. (They’ll be really rare rareties for the next box in a few years.)

Gareth Pugh

Yeah, a lot of Erasure fans (myself included) are hoping the Deluxe reissue sets of Erasure albums will resume at some point. It’s all gotten a bit more complicated since the Innocents (2009) and Wonderland and The Circus (2011) sets came out, because Erasure’s back catalogue recordings have changed hands a couple of times since then (Mute had to surrender the back catalogue to EMI as part of the price of ‘divorcing’ from EMI, who then got sold to (I think?) Warners / Universal, who were then required by the UK Monopolies And Mergers Commission to sell off some assets in order for the overall EMI purchase to be permitted, so Mute’s back catalogue quickly passed again to BMG). So it all depends on how what appetite and priorities BMG have. I suspect they may yet happen. Meanwhile Warners kept the PSB and Duran Duran back catalogues, and both bands have expressed being pleased with this situation. PSB archival releases are known to be in the pipeline, I’m hoping DD’s deluxe reissues might also be able to resume sooner or later.


Nice interview Paul!


I wonder if they’ll rename Album like they did for each format originally.

Billy Dojcak





Usually I feel a bit hesitant about new remixes of old material, but in the past Erasure has done this concept well — I’m thinking specifically of the “Phantom Bride” and “Pop! Remixed” EPs from 2009. The remixes respected the songs for the most part and didn’t sound too faddish with the style of the day.


totally agree. another prime example of (new) erasure remixes I love as much as the original song was Ship Of Fools (Soil In The Synth Remix) from POP REMIXED. sheer brilliance in those doom laden (yet euphoric) beats … I look forward to this new set for this reason. erasure: restoring faith in new remixes of old songs


Why don’t they just release deluxe editions of Wild! and Chorus instead of this nonsense which will probably cost about a £100 and the DVD will no doubt be exclusive to the box set.

Gareth Pugh

I think your post contains the answer as well as your question Neil!


If it’s only 100 pounds for 13 discs, i will consider myself lucky.


to me an anthology s maybe 2-3 discs at best
but this 13 disc Erasure collection is insane, your average fan is probaly not gonna be able to buy that, let alone want that much from 1 single group
if they are more die hard fans they already own much or all of this music already.
there would have to be some very important music or low cost to get someone to buy this.

Rob C

The super deluxe edition trend is great but I feel for those who miss out due to price, etc as they do appear to go out of print very quickly – Tears For Fears The Hurting & Songs From The Big Chair plus Level 42’s Running In The Family being recent examples.

It would be much easier if the record labels just announce up from the number they interns to produce so fans could plan accordingly whether to buy early or hold off.


@Rob –
While I agree with the sentiment I am not sure how well it would work in practice…
Paul can probably comment more but it seems to me that the record labels can actually be quite changeable in their ideas about how may they will manufacture. While they could/can certainly say how many they will manufacture as an initial run it would not stop them carrying out a second (or even a third etc) run if they felt that the demand was there.
The two TFF titles are probably out of print simply because the the label (Universal?) feel that they made enough to satisfy most people that would want to buy and therefore making more would simply result in stock sitting on shelves (or similar).
Conversely, and moving on slightly from your point, there is a continent of collectors (I am not one of them, I hasten to add) that like to know/feel that the items they are buying will be in short supply and, therefore, are annoyed when an item advertised as ‘limited’ turns out to be readily available months or even years later, whether due to a large initial run, subsequent additional manufacturing runs or sometimes demand just being less than anticipated.
I’m not really sure what ‘limited’ means anymore…

Billy Dojcak

Or you could buy 2. One to keep and one to sell and recoup costs for both


Paul, do you know whether this Man Who Fell To Earth book will see a regular mass-market publication, or is this Limited Edition the only one that will come out?

Jason Brown

Nice interview, know exactly where your coming from. Funny thing is, this morning, after moving on another year in my 40’s, I ummed and ahhed my way through an Amazon wish list, as was going to buy the Rumours SDE (only £25) amongst other things. But, having bought it three times previously I eventually plumped for Therapy?’s Gemil Box. Most expensive single musical item I’ve ever bought, but been pondering it for three years, so made the jump! Totally agree with your comments about wanting a physical release to own, though I can go with MP3’s too (though not streaming. I actually like to OWN what I’m paying for).


Very much looking forward to the PiL box sets. Can’t wait to see what Johnny and the label come up with. I’d love to see a deluxe box set for “9” as well….and would be thrilled for it to include a live show from that era.

The interview was great, Paul! But I have to admit that you made a few comments about collecting music that had me hearing my wife in the background saying “See? I told you it was ridiculous…”


The ‘Wild!’ concert DVD has been something I have wanted for ages ever since I saw the televised concert (C4?), and here it is for the first time buried in this (doubtless expensive) boxset. I know it’s a well trodden and somewhat overcooked discussion in recent days, but it really is very frustrating they do this….

Oh well. Maybe it will be released as a stand alone sometime.

Charles K.

‘New remixes’ always sadden me, I will need to wait to see how much they are used as filler before deciding.


Metal Box and Album deluxe reissues? Count me in!
As for this Erasure box set, not interested – but I do hope that a similar one is planned for Depeche Mode. Now THIS would be a fantastic way to spend my money!


Although I LOVE Depeche Mode, and would love a box set, they’ve already done 2x 3 disc remix albums, the one thing they are still left to put out is a B-Side collection.


Although I have been collecting erasure since day one am looking forward to this box set despite that I will prob own a lot of tracks already. I do agree I hate the modern remixes of the classics there are enough unreleased promo mixes from the time they could use. Shame the concert is a dvd how quaint why not blu ray?!

Gareth Pugh

Don’t know for sure but I’d speculate a couple of possible reasons why DVD and not BD. If the original footage shot at Docklands Arena in (I think) December 1989 was not done on 35mm film stock – and in the 80s and early 90s it would more likely have been 2″ video tape – and there were no digital video cameras then ( if not film, that’s the other medium that can be done justice by BD) – then a BD and Blu Ray player won’t be able to make it look any better than a DVD can. The other possibility is ‘reach’: although BDs have not been a flop – they’ve done okay in the UK – I read that ownership of Blu Ray players is apparently far short of the % of households with DVD players (I think I heard the ratio was something like 1 home has a Blu Ray player to every 5 that have ‘just’ a DVD player) – might just be worthwhile including a DVD in the box set, job done (and anyone with a Blu Ray player will be able to play it). The BBC, via their 2|Entertain label, are rumoured to be on the verge of giving up releasing BDs altogether, and just sticking to short runs of DVD and then digital via iTunes and their own BBC Store.


True, plus a Blu Ray player will happily play DVDs, but the reverse is obviously out of the question. Saying that, though, you can buy a big name BD player for less than 30 quid in a supermarket these days there’s really no excuse for not getting an upgrade.


+ To my eyes upscaling can make DVD’s look more than fine on <50" TV's. Some of my best looking concerts are the Eagles / Don Henley DVD releases. Image quality is far better than some BD's I have seen.


I have my original Metal Box in canister plus two CD in a canister reissues. I think the first was reissued as a single CD and then it was remastered as two CDs following the original track listing.
Will wait and see what the packaging and bonuses are like before deciding.
Album is good and it will be interesting to see what it comes with.
I actually have a soft spot for the album I refer to as the ‘Pubic Image’ album (anyone that knows it will know the one I am referring to) as it features some sterling guitar playing from John McGeoch.

Thank you for the info Paul – can’t wait until you have more…


John McGeoch doesn’t play on Album. Guitars are by Steve Vai and Nicky Skopelitis. McGeoch didn’t play on a PiL record until Happy.


@Chad –
I know that (but thanks anyway). If you read my message carefully I wrote “the Pubic Image’ album – referring to the album That What is Not which features a pubic wig (apparently) as the cover. Obviously a bit too subtle…


@Trash, you got me with Pubic Image as well, I thought you meant First Issue so was really confused! TWIN is great and Cruel is a stand out for me


The PIL is a dilemma for me. Just SHM’d my collection including Metal Box. Will see what the extras are like but a vinyl mix may be a blocker and as I have said on Get in Touch on this site they will find that hard to resist with Metal Box, as it was a beaut originally on vinyl presentation wise.

Great paragmatic interview Paul and maximum Kudos for mentioning the Ram SDE. Lets hope the industry listens and uses it as a benchmark!


I’ve been waiting for a Metal Box re-issue for a long time. I have the CD-in-cannister version and many of the outtakes / extras but some are difficult to find.

An Album re-issue is a total surprise. I have no idea what they have in mind there.


haha I liked the “and (groan) “brand new” remixes” bit … totally agree – not really a fan when
I hear bands have done new remixes of songs – but sometimes if they work on the songs
strengths they can be really *really* good e.g. 2009’s always (manhattan clique remix)
… the likes of which I prefer to many original remixes (e.g. Depeche Mode ULTRA era
remixes) which to me are like whole other songs. this new erasure set sounds real good.


Agreed. Personally, I feel that Manhattan Clique remixes of Erasure songs completely transform the original into something unique and fantastic.

Billy Dojcak

Closer to an Andy Bell solo record than Erasure. All their remixes are very similar


thanks. I did not know there were more. the only remixes I have are the ones on the P.Bride/Pop Remixed/E.club cds … so now I know there are more I will definitely be checking them out.