Second Hand News / August 2015

It’s that time of the month! SDE has been shopping for used records, largely in charity or thrift stores. Here’s what we’ve found…


Tina Turner / Tina Live (CD) – £2.49

This was a timely find, given the recent reissue of Tina Turner‘s Private Dancer. This was one of a series of EMI ‘Sound&Vision’ double-packs which gave you the concert on VHS and the ‘soundtrack’ to the concert on CD. The CD was exclusive, that was the real draw. Kate Bush’s Live at Hammersmith Odeon got a similar release. Anyway, the VHS for this had gone AWOL (not exactly a disaster) and as can be seen from the photos the CD itself has seen better days. Nevertheless this plays fine and most of the content isn’t on the new reissue!

Phil Collins / If Leaving Me Is Easy (UK 7″) – 50p

The third single from Phil CollinsFace Value was If Leaving Me Is Easy. This seven-inch is quirky because it has a 45RPM A-side and a 33RPM B-side called ‘Drawing Board’ which actually contains demos of In The Air Tonight, I Missed Again and If Leaving Me Is Easy. That’s over 14 minutes of music on the flipside! They are mastered at such a low volume level though that the music is hard to enjoy on this crackly seven-inch. Hopefully these will be included on the forthcoming reissue.

Oasis / The Shock of the Lightning (promo CD) – £1

This is the first single from Oasis last album, in promotional CD guise. It’s a two-track actually, with the commercially unreleased 4.15 radio edit followed by the standard B-side, which was The Chemical Brothers remix of future single Falling Down.

Vanessa Paradis / Just As Long As You Are There CD Single – £1.99

You could make an argument that Vanessa Paradis‘ 1992 self-titled album was the best thing boyfriend-at-the-time Lenny Kravitz ever produced. Largely written by the American rock star, the album had a very authentic sixties sound and is well worth seeking out. There were a number of singles including Just As Long As You Are There.

Various Artists / Island Anthology 1967-72 – £1

Never has a pound been better spend. This three-CD ‘various artists’ Island Anthology is in perfect condition and in covering the 1967-1972 era guarantees superb music from the likes of Free, John Martyn, Spooky Tooth and Nick Drake. Comes is a nice box,

Sting / My Funny Friend and Me CD single – £1

I have most of Sting‘s CD singles by now, but not My Funny Friend and Me, which was written for the 2000 Disney film The Emperor’s New Groove. This is probably because it doesn’t appear to have been released in the UK. This CD has an English and Spanish versions of the track and the rare-ish Italian version too.

Roy Orbison / You Got It seven-inch  – 99p

This looks a bit like a promotional seven-inch of Roy Orbison‘s 1989 hit You Got It, but it’s actually a limited edition six-panel commercial release. He only performed this song once (at the Diamond Awards Festival in Antwerp) just two days before his death. The B-side is album track The Only One. The Mystery Girl album had a great reissue in 2014.

Sade / When Am I Going To Make A Living (12″) – £1

The Sade single that time forgot. For some reason, CBS followed up 1984 top ten hit Your Love is King not with Smooth Operator, or Hang On To Your Love but with When Am I Going To Make A Living. Great song and all that but not really a single. The public agreed and it only just scraped into the UK top 40. This 12-inch includes Why Can’t We Live Together and non-album track Should I Love You. The latter hasn’t been issued on CD.

Elvis Presley / Various CD singles £1 each

I didn’t pick up any of these Elvis CD singles when they were issued, so couldn’t resist these three lurking at the back of a shelf in the Mind charity shop. Great packaging with inner sleeves and those black CDs designed to look like a record! Now I ‘have’ to finish my collection…


Annie Lennox / Songs of Mass Destruction – £3

This is a special two-CD edition of Annie Lennox‘s 2007 studio album. The bonus disc gives you a track-by-track commentary and an ‘enhanced’ music video for Dark Road. The mark under the price tag is where something thought that taping this shut would be a great idea.

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James Giraffe

Paul, please go charity shopping again soon. It seems like an eternity since the last second hand news post. Although you often make me green with envy, I do enjoy reading them!

Joseph Hayes

I want that Tina cd! You selling it?

[…] NONE of the three demos included on the B-side of If Leaving Me Is Easy (highlighted recently in Second Hand News) are included. There are also no […]


The French 7″ of “If leaving me is easy” is different from the UK one. On the B-Side, there’s only “In the air tonight (Version inédite)” (from the drawning board I suppose), at 45RPM. Discogs confirms me this information (I was unable to find my 45Rpm)


But the demos on the 12″ are edits, oddly enough the 7″ contains the full versions.

Mike the Fish

Very strange!

Phil Cohen

There was also a West German WEA 12″ single of Phil Collins’ “If Leaving Me is Easy” with the same 3 “Drawing Board” demos on the B-side. It undoubtedly sounds better than the Uk 7″.


I have tried the hair dryer trick also. Just found five Elton John 7 inches from France for $9.00. I am very nervous to take off the sales tag because they are mint. Some of these comments are giving me ideas:-). Thanks.


There was another version of the Phil Collins 7″ with a fold-out poster for a sleeve. It was a picture of Phil holding a glass of scotch. It was pretty funny, looked like a magazine ad, like Phil was the new spokesperson for Dewar’s ;-)


@DJ Control/Straker/Ken, I’ve been told you can use a hair dryer. Blowing the warm/hot air on the sticker for a short time (too hot or too long might smelt other things around it, like CD case or packaging) will make it easier to remove. If there’s still residu left, I use a small piece of tape carefully stick on the residu & peel it off a number of times till the rest is gone. A keyword with all this: (be)careful. I hope it helps ;)

Phil Cohen

Be cautioned, that after the first pressing of that Island Records 3-CD set, Robert Fripp demanded that the King Crimson songs be removed, and so they are omitted from subsequent pressings. Apparently, Robert Fripp had been feuding with Universal Music over alleged underpayment from days (long gone) when a Universal subsidiary administered King Crimson’s song publishing.


£25 used on Amazon or £50 new! Top find Paul.

Don Cooper

Toyah’s facelifts aren’t from Poundland,you know! ;-)

Don Cooper

This refera to Phil Cohen’s post above :-)


I am going to hazard a guess that Paul frequents the charity shops around the N1 area of london.


When is Phil Collin’s Face Value going to be reissued? I’ve transferred the demos tracks to my computer and increased the audio on them, but it would be much nicer to have them without the crackling of the vinyl.


If you’re interested, then why not follow the link Paul has in his text? Or click on the “Phil Collins” tag at the top of this blog post?

Richard A

Island Records box nice Charity Shop find… the rest of it though leave it in the store……


Sade’s best single for my money. Nicely in step with other political records of 1984.


Where is this magical shop that sells Island box sets for £1??!!


Wow, that Island set for £1 is an absolute STEAL!


Score on the Island box!


When do we get a complete Sade reissue programme. Guys at Sony, come on! Unbelievable how long thát takes…

Steven C

If you’re a vinyl person, they’ve released a few analogue audiophile vinyl re-issues and there isn’t a better way to listen to Diamond Life or Promise. No b-sides, but you cannot do better soundwise.


The Island is a great find! I do hate it when charity shops selotape card sleeves shut, which then either leads to ripping of the cover or that enfuriating thing where the gloss on the cover peels away, leaving the cover looking like someone who tried to suntan under a parasol which has left two shades of brown!
By the way, did you see there’s a new singles boxset collection for Showaddywaddy ‘The Complete Singles Collection 1974-1987’ on October 16, a la Bananarama and Belinda Carlisle?

DJ Control

Some good scores there Paul especially the Island records box. Don’t you hate it when you find something great in a thrift shop and some bright spark has decided to seal it up with sticky tape.


Peel back a small portion of the tape/sticker and liberally apply lighter fuel. Wait a few seconds and then peel it off SLOWLY using a tissue soaked in LF to remove the residue afterwards.


Instead of using lighter fuel, which can leave a stain, purchase some “sticky stuff remover”. Put a couple of drops on the offending item, leave for a few moments and off it comes!


Lighter fuel doesn’t stain and it’s less than £2 from any newsagent.

Paul Trotman

Ah yes but if it’s a paper cover beware – the LF can take the printing off. Alternatively someone said to me that warming it with a hairdryer can soften the glue.


You have to be careful with uncoated surfaces because the ink is still sitting on the surface of the board/paper but anything that is varnished or sealed is easy because the ink is underneath and impervious. The matt plastic type finish is the easiest to get stuff off of.

Something to watch out for when removing very old stickers from covers is that it can take the varnish with it resulting in a matt silhouette of the sticker left behind which is very unsightly. Loads of lighter fuel and carefully teasing it off is the best bet with these.

Never used a hairdryer on them but I can see that it could work.