ABBA / The Singles 7-inch vinyl box


ABBA’s 40th anniversary celebrations continue with the announcement of a seven-inch vinyl box set, ABBA The Singles, which will be released in May.

The set will contain 40 vinyl singles which were originally released in between 1972–1982. 31 of them are the singles were issued by ABBA’s Swedish record company, Polar Music, with the remaining nine released by local record companies around the world.These include foreign language 45s such as the German versions of Ring Ring and Waterloo, the French version of Waterloo, and the Spanish-language versions of Chiquitita and I Have A Dream. Also included are the Portuguese Happy New Year single; the UK 12-inch single Lay All Your Love On Me – presented here in 7-inch format – and the Australian release of When All Is Said And Done.

The sleeve and label of each single in the box set are exact replicas of the original issues, except for the nine singles not originally released by Polar Music which have been ‘given’ new Polar labels and slightly modified sleeves.

ABBA The Singles is a ‘strictly limited edition’ set although we don’t know yet how many are being made. This set is released on 5 May 2014.

ABBA The Singles track listing

  •  1. People Need Love / Merry-Go-Round
  • 2. He Is Your Brother / Santa Rosa
  • 3. Ring Ring (Swedish Version) / Åh, vilka tider
  • 4. Ring Ring (English Version) / She’s My Kind of Girl
  • 5. Love Isn’t Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) / I Am Just A Girl
  • 6. Ring Ring (German Version) / Wer Im Wartesaal der Liebe steht
  • 7. Waterloo (Swedish Version) / Honey, Honey (Swedish Version)
  • 8. Waterloo (English Version) / Watch Out
  • 9. Waterloo (German Version) / Watch Out
  • 10. Waterloo (French Version) / Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
  • 11. Honey, Honey / King Kong Song
  • 12. Honey, Honey / Ring Ring (remix)
  • 13. So Long / I’ve Been Waiting For You
  • 14. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do / Rock me
  • 15. SOS / Man In The Middle
  • 16. Mamma Mia / Intermezzo No.1
  • 17. Fernando / Hey, Hey Helen
  • 18. Dancing Queen / That’s Me
  • 19. Money, Money, Money / Crazy World
  • 20. Knowing Me, Knowing You / Happy Hawaii
  • 21. The Name Of The Game / I Wonder (Departure)
  • 22. Take A Chance On Me / I’m A Marionette
  • 23. Eagle / Thank You For The Music
  • 24. Summer Night City / Medley: Pick A Bale of Cotton – On Top Of Old Smokey – Midnight Special
  • 25. Chiquitita / Lovelight
  • 26. Chiquitita (Spanish Version) / Lovelight
  • 27. Does Your Mother Know / Kisses of Fire
  • 28. Voulez-Vous / Angeleyes
  • 29. Estoy Soñando (Spanish version of I Have A Dream)/ Does Your Mother Know
  • 30. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) / The King Has Lost His Crown
  • 31. I Have A Dream / Take A Chance On Me (live)
  • 32. The Winner Takes It All / Elaine
  • 33. Super Trouper / The Piper
  • 34. Happy New Year / Andante, Andante
  • 35. Lay All Your Love On Me / On And On And On
  • 36. One Of Us / Should I Laugh Or Cry
  • 37. Head Over Heels / The Visitors
  • 38. When All Is Said And Done / Soldiers
  • 39. The Day Before You Came / Cassandra
  • 40. Under Attack / You Owe Me One

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Got it for £115 on Amazon, a reasonable price. Around £160 now.

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Single 34, (Happy New Year), has a previously unreleased version of Andante Andante as its B-Side. This ‘Alternative Version’ has a much more complex & beautiful backing track than the version that we previously had. To hear the ‘New’ version you can find it on YouTube. Bear in mind that there are ‘Alternative Versions’ of several other ABBA Songs, that Benny & Bjorn have yet to let us have. Including ‘The Winner Takes It All’, I’m told. It is such a shame that we cannot have them.


It will cost between £220-£300 for the set it is over the top for the price


The duplication of a few tracks is because the singles are from different countries that released different A-Sides. To reproduce the artwork they had to include the original b-side. I agree though that Estoy Sonando’s b-side should be As Good As New. They perhaps couldn’t get the artwork for that country’s release.

Mike the Fish

While it is disappointing, the price point of £2 per single as somebody hoped for is unrealistic, I think. The standard price for 7″ singles in the early 90s was around £2 – and sometimes more.

But yes, this is massive exploitation of the same catalogue. Boring. Something new please, like archive material or surround mixes.


Apparently it was 3 ABBA Fans who chose the Tracks for this Box Set.
Which makes it even more silly that any Tracks were duplicated. Because
the Fans know better, & should not have duplicated any Tracks. Only they
know why they did so. Like virtually all ABBA Fans, I’ll be ignoring this Box Set. It is both flawed & superfluous – as well as being over-priced.


And there was I really hoping that this year we’d finally see some of the “Just..” unreleased stuff finally surface in their full (non edited) form, such as Just Like That and Just A Notion.


You won’t get much change out of £200. Some non-UK sites are listing it as the equivalent of £235 or £189.50.


This ABBA Singles Box Set will cost around 200 Euros, which is 164 UK Pounds, 276 USA Dollars, & 309 Australian Dollars. In other words it is very expensive. At that price the least we could have expected would be that each Track was different. Universal should not have stuck rigidly to the A & B Sides Theme, at those times when a Track would be duplicated. So we really should not be seeing ‘Watch Out’ being repeated as the B-Side of the English & German language versions of ‘Waterloo’. And it is extremely silly that we get ‘Does Your Mother Know’ as the A-Side of Single 27, only for it to also be used as the B-Side of Single 29 – ‘Estoy Sonando’, (the Spanish version of ‘I Have A Dream’). They put ‘Does Your Mother Know’ on its B-Side in one Country only – Argentina. Elsewhere, some Countries made ‘As Good As New’ the B-Side. Other Countries made the Spanish ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’, (‘Conociéndome, Conociéndote’), the B-Side. Either of which would have added an extra Track to the Box Set, rather than repeating ‘Does Your Mother Know’. With 2 Tracks repeated in the Box Set, & CD3 in the ‘Deluxe Gold’ having some awful/weak ABBA B-Sides on it, I’m really not impressed by some of Universal’s decisions regarding some ABBA releases. It is as if someone, who hardly knows ABBA Music, is deciding what goes on ABBA releases. It is sad that the Fans are not given any say in these things. Except in Japan, where the Fans Voted for the Tracks on the ’40/40′ Double CD, & came up with a lot of strong ABBA Tracks. I doubt if many ABBA Fans will be buying the over-priced Singles Box Set. You can only sell the same old Songs, (or ‘S.O.S., as I call them), to the same Fans, so many times before even the most loyal ABBA Fans feel they are being exploited, & refuse to buy any more.

Dave Van Musicmaster

“How many people have a record player these days?” – well I have 5 plus a Dansette that needs a little bit of tlc to bring it back to life.
I laughed at the people who got rid of their record players a few years ago – you simply cannot beat playing a 7 inch single … don’t get me wrong, I love the way mp3’s have freed up my music collection and made it accessible, but just playing vinyl is special :D

Dave Van Musicmaster

a great set – 40 singles – so a reasonable price would be £80, no doubt it will be silly money, so expect it to be £200!


Bugger this. How many people have a record player these days? How about reissuing the 3 hit compilations? I know loads of fans who’d love to have full remasters of those, as opposed to a dumb anniversary/whatever edition of ABBA Gold….


“How many people have a record player these days?”

i’d say more than 10 years ago :)

but this release is definitely only for the fans who still have an empty spot on their abba shelf, and have no plans to buy anything useful ever again.




Kindof a repeat incident, like much of Abba’s output since 1982. Still, I’d want this. Just hope it won’t be a three digit price.


what’s the use… ?


Quite interested. Expecting this to be very pricey though :(