America / 1971 debut on SACD


America‘s 1971 eponymous debut album is to be issued as a Hybrid SACD by Audio Fidelity on 1 October 2013.

The album features the Neil Young-esque hit single Horse With No Name (added after it was a hit) and the success of that song helped the LP get to number one on the Billboard album chart (where it remained for five weeks).

This Audio Fidelity reissue will play on all CD players, but the (stereo) hi-res version will only be evident on SACD players.

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Mine’s already pre-ordered. Now…if AF want to make me TRULY happy, they’ll do the 2nd America LP (“Homecoming”) on SACD as well.


That one’s already been done in hi-res (DVD-A). I’d much rather see a release not yet done as SACD or DVD-A, like their “Hat Trick” or “Holiday”.

Gerald Fasr

I would also love to see Homecoming on SACD … I had the DVDA version and it was excellent .
However DVDA bombed , so I turned my attention to SACD . I also have a number of high resolution 96/24 bit files , but they just sound too clinical …. none of the warmth and natural ambience of SACD .
The DAC I own is a Moon 650D , with the Moon P7/W7 , and B&W 803D’s . My Marantz SA11S2 SACD player is just way more natural and musical …. Sorry , high resolution files just don’t cut it once you’ve heard SACD in all it’s glory .
So happy to hear Supertramp is happening …. Now give us Alan Parsons , mor e Pink Floyd ( The Wall) , Steve Miller , Bob Seger , etc !!