America / Homecoming SACD


Audio Fidelity are to release an SACD edition of America‘s second album Homecoming that will include a surround sound 5.1 mix.

The hybrid disc will feature a new stereo remaster of the 1972 album (available on both the CD and SACD layers) by renowned mastering engineer Steve Hoffman, while the multi-channel mix (SACD layer only) is the one created by Elliot Scheiner, previously available on DVD-Audio.

This limited, numbered edition is released on 6 April 2015

Track listing

Ventura Highway
To Each His Own
Don’t Cross the River
Moon Song
Only in Your Heart
Till the Sun Comes Up Again
Cornwall Blank
Head and Heart
California Revisited
Saturn Nights

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So far I’ve bought copies of all these AF multichannel hybrids that have been released starting last winter and the only title that has disappointed me so far is The Guess Who “The Best Of The Guess Who” 4.0. layer IMO, it lacks bass and sounds dull and flat. The 2.0 stereo SACD layer sounds much better and so far I haven’t listened to the CD layer yet. I’m very pleased with the multi channel layers for all the others and looking forward to America “Homecoming” and especially since at the moment the Rhino DVD-A new or used is expensive.

Fran Hearley

Total disagree on the Guess Who quad mix. I realize everyone’s playback system is different, but I found the bass to be full and satisfying, making the stereo layer sound thin and weak.


AF is also set to release several old quadraphonic mixes on SACD. Titles from Earth, Wind & Fire (Open Our Eyes), Labelle (Nightbirds) and Billy Joel (Streetlife Serenade) are due shortly.


Audio Fidelity’s Hybrid Sacd of the America album and the recent ‘Best of Bread’ Hybrid Multichannel Sacd are amongst the best sounding Sacd’s Cd’s i own. Awesome sound quality on both cd/sacd layers !!.

Philip Cohen

I agree that “The Best of Bread” SACD sounds great.

Philip Cohen

In the case of any surround sound mix that Warner Music once offered on DVD-Audio, there is the potential issue of whether Warner Music is giving Audio Fidelity a watermarked master, and whether producing an SACD from such a master could degrade the audio or cause potential playback problems.

Warner Music has given several watermarked Hi-Rez stereo recordings(all of which were once offered by Warners on DVD-Audio) to download sellers such as HDTracks, and if people who buy those recordings from HDTracks burn them to DVD in the DVD-audio format, many DVD-Audio players will refuse to play the resulting disc(muting the audio several seconds into each song). Some examples include “George Benson-Breezin'” & the second album by “Chicago”.

peter chrisp

Might have to buy this one the early material is quite good and i must admit this one is one of their best a lot more harder edged