Bananarama / “Megarama”: The Mixes / three-disc remix set


Edsel are following up their Bananrama reissues of 2013 with Megarama a three-CD casebound book set, featuring 36 remixes.

None of these remixes feature on the individual reissues and in fact fourteen of them are previously unreleased. This package is compiled and annotated by Tom Parker who did a great job on the albums proper (interview with him here).

Megarama is released on 2 March 2015. Full track listings coming at the beginning of next week.

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[…] card sleeve replicating the original vinyl artwork. Although overlap with the album reissues and Megarama is inevitable, remarkably this new box is set to contain over a hundred tracks not included in […]


While I am thoroughly enjoying this collection, what are the chances of another but more focused on their earlier stuff?

Mathew Russo

Responses to previous posts:

1. “Hideous Casebound Book covers”
Here’s an idea… Digitize all of the booklet material, and put the CD’s in regular jewel cases.

2. LISA STANSFIELD “CHANGE–Metamorphosis Mix” audio glitch.
What is the time mark on that? I’ll check it out.

3. BANANARAMA Megarama 3 CD Set.
Yes, I am pretty sure they will have the 1989 Love, Truth & Honesty era songs and mixes. However, of the 14 “unreleased” remixes, I am guessing to venture there is a house remix of “I Can’t Help It” sitting out there somewhere in dust–I hope it sees light of day. They did “house” mixes of Rumour and Love In The First… stands to reason there could be/should be a more club-oriented version of I Can’t Help It that goes a step beyond the Hammond Version and generic “Club Mix” that is really an extended version. Their greatest song of the album, and only two remixes released back in the day. Why?

4. Possibly some unreleased Demos? I guess the chances are …one in a million we might see some of those. :)
Then again, you could always get a hold of some fan who has a digital transfer of the originals. Maybe there’s some idiot out there who spent years getting sealed/unplayed copies of all the promos and everything available and remastered them using DVD audio parameters… Where could we find a nutcase like that?


Coraliee Hallow

Thanks for the tip matthew but i always find the CDs are scratched and covered in glue before you’ve even played them so i won’t be wasting my money on CDs that look like they’re 10 years old. Unless they go back to Jewel cases i won’t be buying any in the future. Sad but true.


Mine were fine and at £9.99 maybe the best value release ever like this?


Beyond thrilled at this. Tom did such a fantastic job with the deluxe album reissued. Feeling spoilt!

Coraliee Hallow

Would buy this in a heartbeat if it was in a regular Jewel case but i’m not even gonna waste my time ordering as it’s in those hideous Casebound Book covers. No doubt the discs will have scrapes and glue marks. Yuk!!

[…] promised on Friday when SDE reported on Megarama: The Mixes, a new Bananarama three-CD set we can now bring you the full track listing […]

paul to the 'b'

i have no interest in mixes,dubs or instrumentals but i love getting remastered album tracks and non lp b sides. not every 7″ and 12″ makes it to cd single.


Looking forward to it. Mind you, some of you lot are hard to please…if it was 60 tracks some of you would still be upset :-)


I love all the crying that accompanies these releases. Why not just be happy we’re getting them? I’m looking forward to the unreleased stuff myself.


Agree with whoever you want,unless you know the facts then do not comment. Like i said,this guy is not the only person who does very good reissues and searches for masters. Vinny Vero is one to name but a few who does an excellent job with reissues.So think what you like.Not like we all have to bow down to him.


Overall, the Tom Parker reissues I’ve purchased over the past few years have ranged from very good to incredible, with one exception — the recent Lisa Stansfield box set, which I’d put in the decent/mediocre category.

The Lisa box and CD sets look nice, the tracklists are great, and the CD booklets are good (albeit there are a few errors – proofing and otherwise), but the overall remastering is mediocre at best.

There was no attempt to give the tracks across the 13 CDs (or even on any given CD) a standard, and appropriate, volume. When analyzed in Wavepad, there are wild fluctuations in volume. For example, many of the Lisa Stansfield tracks are too loud, while much of the So Natural album is very, very soft. I looked at everything across the 13 CDs, and the impression I got was that each master was simply digitized and then thrown directly into the “use for master CD” pile with no further processing/remastering, which is a shame (like there was a time crunch because there was so much to do to get 13 CDs ready).

Also, I was shocked to discover an audio glitch in the Metamorphosis Mix of Change which sounds like a vinyl needle skip. I know time is money, but spending 80 minutes to listen to the final master of each remastered CD before sending them to the factory for pressing should be a given (for audio glitches and for volume consistency).

Plenty of other Tom Parker reissues in my collection have wonderful remastered audio, so I don’t know what happened with the Lisa Stansfield set (for example, the 2012 Japan Kylie PWL CDs sound incredible).

I’ll definitely buy this Bananarama set, but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that the proper remastering is done (Tom has a very good track record, so hopefully the Lisa Stansfield set was just a one-time occurrence).


This was Me’s comment and not mine for the record i cut and pasted it above by mistake. As i said i agree with me and not Jeff. Here is the comment which has now disappeared leaving this thread very messy… Yes it is the ‘Colonel’ Tom Parker, one and the same, and what is wrong with that? If it wasn’t for Tom Parker, you PWL and fans would be without SO many amazing releases. From the PWL iTunes releases of things which would never have seen the light of day with him to the dozens of reissues which were extensively researched, unearthing masters that others would given up searching for, to the exquisite artwork with painstakingly accurate fonts and extensive notes. Better than anyone else doing reissues. So please advise what is wrong with him? Without him you’d have nothing in comparison.


Ordered already. £13.99 for 3 CD’s currently. What value!


Maybe I’m an idiot, but ‘Colonel’ Tom Parker died in 1997, so, if he’s involved with these, he’s one hell of a businessman.


Lol Paul. Agree with Me and certainly not Jeff


“Better than anyone else doing reissues” You talk like they are the only one in the world that does reissues ! As for the iTunes releases,still a lot more that never got released. Princess to name but a few. Also if someone has an opinion then let them have it,instead of going on.

If he is so amazing then why was he not involved with Donna Summer at all ? Not even a mention in the booklet.And they were compiled and researched very well.Fonts and everything else. Painstakingly

Simon F

No relation to ‘Colonel’ Tom Parker by any chance? I hope not!

Dolly Dots

Fraid so


And instantly my collection of all original vinyls and cd singles drops in value. Thanks Edsel! ;)


Yeah let’s keep everything released on vinyl off of CD’s FFS who wants or even needs them? I have a record player in my car and always take every issued vinyl of Bananarama in the car along with my four kids. Hell i even have those 14 previous unreleased gems in the car too (whatever they may be).


Yes it is the ‘Colonel’ Tom Parker, one and the same, and what is wrong with that? If it wasn’t for Tom Parker, you PWL and fans would be without SO many amazing releases. From the PWL iTunes releases of things which would never have seen the light of day with him to the dozens of reissues which were extensively researched, unearthing masters that others would given up searching for, to the exquisite artwork with painstakingly accurate fonts and extensive notes. Better than anyone else doing reissues. So please advise what is wrong with him? Without him you’d have nothing in comparison.


What a mess sorry for this. Can i not delete from here i didn’t see my post in the right place at first and copied and pasted someone else’s. Sorry


This post from me… ‘Yes it is the ‘Colonel’ Tom Parker, one and the same…’ I didn’t write that i copied and pasted by mistake (it was someone else’s completely. It seems that you have deleted the proper post by mistake and now this is an even bigger mess as i can’t now see that post. And these 2 follow up posts. This one and ‘What a mess sorry…’ thanks


Really looking forward to this release….I really wish more deluxe editions of their CDs would follow…especially “Drama” & “Viva”!

Dolly Dots

Well it’s nice to see Tom Parker involved in something again,i wonder why he wasn’t involved in the Donna Summer re issues ?

And i wonder if it will include ALL that was not included on the Edsel reissues ?


Holy cow! I did not see this one coming! I am so happy, and I love the design! Can’t wait to find out what’s inside and to have it in my hands. I assume it’s the usual case-bound packaging, although I dream of a cool box set with plastic petals inside :)

PS: I saw them live 10 years ago and indeed they were super sweet, sang live very well and were totally down to earth. Don’t smear the Nanas.


Thank you very much Edsel & Tom Parker.
I hope to find, included in this new collection, some mixes that aren’t still availables on cd, and anyway no less than these:
Do Not Disturb – Bananamix
A Trick Of The Night – Tricky Mix
Love In The First Degree – Jailers Mix (No Intro)
The Bananarama Mega-Mix – (’88 issued in Spain,Japan, Germany)
Love, Truth & Honesty – Balearacidic Mix
Megarama ’89 – Dimitri/Full Length Version
Megarama ’89 – Coulthard/Full Length Version
Venus – The Greatest Remis (’89)
Only Your Love – A Tribute To Barry Mooncult Mix
Preacher Man – Shep’s Dub Mix
Long Train Running – The Pacha Mix
Long Train Running – The Romany Dance Mix


some of the mixes in your list have already been issued on cd….both megarama 89 mixes(Coulthars and Dimitri)… Venus (greatest remix) and Cruel summer 89(swing beat dub) is on the deluxe set of their second album

Here’s a list of what has never ”ever”been released in any country,on any cd single,cd album,cd compilations or cd reissues..anybody know of any I’ve missed?

Do not disturb(instrumental)
Venus(hellfire dub)
(desire dub)
More than physical(instrumental 7′ mix) though found on dvd menu
A trick of the night(Instrumental mix)
(tricky mix)
(Tricky mix -edit) very lame mix
(number 1 mix-edit)
I hear a rumour(corporation dub)
Love in the first degree(escapee instrumental) though found on dvd menu
(rare groove edit) lame mix
88′ megamix(edit)
Love,truth & honesty(balearacidic mix)
(balearacidic dub)
(hot power mix)US longer mix with cold end
(hot power dub)
Nathan Jones(instrumental dub mix)
(analog mix)
Megarama 89′(Coulthard 7” mix)
89′ The greatest hits megamix(7” mix)
(full lenght mix)
Only your love(Tribute to Barry Mooncult mix)
(Paris Texas instrumental)
Preacher man(Shep’s dub mix) though found on dvd menu
(bonus beats dub)
Long train running(romany dance mix)
(pacha mix)
Tripping on your love(Indika dub mix)
(silky dub)
(We’re all doved up dub)
(sweet exorcist dub)
(dancefloor justice instrumental)
(Maurice’s wicked mix)
(Maurice’s wicked dub)
(sturm mix)
(e-smooth chant mix)

any of these mixes appear on the 3cd set and I’m happy…on top of 14 unreleased mixes to boot….can’t wait to see the track list and to get my copy of course!Who know? maybe if it sells as well as the 6 reissues,we’ll get another mixes compilation



Yes, I know that 3 of the mixes I listed are already issued on cd before, but only on over 25 years old cds, and they aren’t remastered or in acceptable audio quality. Two of them are the two versions of Megarama ’89 that I think surely will find space on the new compilation as it’s called MEGARAMA!!! I haven’t listed “Cruel Summer 89”. (?)
I know all the mixes you listed in your post but the majority of them are Dubs or Instrumentals that were been issued only on 12″Promos so I have big doubts about their inclusion, considering also the fact that fourteen of them are previously unreleased, so remains the space for just 12 already published tracks.
My big disappointment will be to find included in the new collection mixes that are so easy to get in recent issues, as:
LOVE TRUTH & HONESTY – Dance Hall Version
VENUS – The Hellfire Mix


don’t know why i thought i read Cruel summer 89 in your list…i agree that instrumentals and dubs are not as important as getting full mixes…but some dubs are really great…but like i said…..anything from the list gets on the 3cd set and it’s all good…and if we get mixes we already have on cd ,at least we’ll get them in remastered versions.Just for the fun of it…here’s what I’d really be glad to get on cd for the first time

1:Venus(desire dub)
2:Trick of the night(tricky mix)
3:I heard a rumour(corporation dub)
4:Love truth & honesty( ”full” hot power mix)
5: (Balearacidic mix)
6 and 7: both balearacidic dub and hot power dub..cause I’ve never been able to get my hands on the 12” promo.The ONLY 2 mixes I’m missing from my collection!
8:Only your love(Tribute to barry Mooncult mix)
9:Preacher man(Shep’s dub mix)
10:Long train running(Pacha mix)
11:Tripping on your love(Maurice’s wicked mix)
12:(sturm mix)
13:(e-smooth chant mix)
14:(we’re all doped up dub)

Instrumentals and megamixes i can do without….for now lol! So I hope people go for this set so we can maybe get a second one…wich could mean everything from 81 to 93 could be out on cd.I’ve also pre ordered my copy …from amazon.co.uk

Can’t wait to see when the track listing …so curious about the 14 unreleased mixes….LOVED the 6 reissues..i still listen to them very often…we were very lucky to get what we did and to now get a new compilation…

Who knows? Maybe we’ll get deluxe editions of Ultraviolet and Exotica one day!?



Someone a bit further above mentioned Cruel Summer ’89


I hope that there’s some US only promo DJ mixes here (if any) that haven’t yet appeared on cd. Have a strange feeling that this collection will focus mainly on the SAW years and beyond.


Please please include the Bananarama Megamix and the WOW! Megamix! And all those missing PWL remixes!


I hope the collection includes the extended 12inch versions of “Love, Truth and Honesty” (Dance Hall Version), “Help” featuring Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders (aka Lananeeneenoonoo), “Cruel Summer ‘ 89” (Swing Beat Dub) and “Megarama ’89”.


Another Edsel advert, essential.


Utah (idiot) get off your backside, set up your own label then. or just sit behind a keyboard being the frightful bore you are which is almost certainly a reflection of your existence in general.

thank you for all the updates you provide Paul. everything received as a heads-up is greatfully appreciated, regardless of artist/label, cost or whether anyone invididually rates a release. best resource going for this. i also admire your positivity in the face of the odd muppet who clearly did not have their pants put on the radiator in the mornings.


Well said thegreatelephant. Utah is just a sad troll


“Megarama” means the 89 megamix will be in it?! Yes!!! Hope the 3 different versions will be in it !


Yeah but frankly they are miserable buggers, so all good for the fans!


I sure hope you are not referring to Sara and Karen. They are both super sweet and very fan friendly. I can understand being upset if they were not consulted on the reissues, and considering they wrote of the songs they deserved to give imput if appropriate.


Interesting that the product description on amazon indicates that this collection was put together with the cooperation of Sarah and Keren, as IIRC the band were not involved with the deluxe reissues from a few years ago and weren’t happy with them.


They were indeed! Got those and getting this! Spoilt… For once and with one artist. Now we need DOA, Madonna, The B-52’s and Kraftwerk


Stop posting such news – I will have to rob a bank :)

Stephen K.



Cant wait to get this but weren’t they supposed to have new material out by now?

Tom M

Cool. I was just griping about this in the “disappointments of 2014” thread a couple of weeks ago…and here it is.

Thomas Williams

Hoping all of the 7″ versions that were omitted from the reissues are included here to make the set complete


Notice that this set is being called “The Mixes,” not “The Remixes” — hopefully that means that it will include lots of remixes plus the missing 7″ Mixes/Single Mixes that weren’t on the album reissues.

Luckily, we won’t have long to wait for the tracklist.