Bananarama reissue packshots

Deep Sead Skiving

Edsel Records’ Bananarama reissues are a week and a half away, so here’s a look at the casebound book packaging for all six albums. Each set consists of 2CDs and a DVD. Next week will will be posting an interview with Tom Parker who put these sets together.

If you wish to view the full track listing, you can view this post.

Deep Sea Skiving 2CD+DVD
• UK Pre-order: Deep Sea Skiving (Bonus DVD)

More photos below:

True Confessions
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Bananarama 2CD+DVD
• UK Pre-order: Bananarama (Bonus DVD)

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True Confessions 2CD+DVD
• UK Pre-order: True Confessions (Bonus DVD)

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Wow! 2CD+DVD
• UK Pre-order: Wow! (Bonus DVD)

Pop Life
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Pop Life 2CD+DVD
• UK Pre-order: Pop Life (Bonus DVD)

Please Yourself
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Please Yourself 2CD+DVD
• UK Pre-order: Please Yourself (Bonus DVD)

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I agree totally. I was just saying to my friend the other day “Why are these deluxe releases always in cardboard covers”? All it does it scratch the discs.

I bought 3 of these Bananarama 3 disc releases and i was so sad that all 3 of them had scratches, scrapes and even glue marks on the discs. Also one of them had a hole on the spine of the book. I wish they’d go back to using Jewel cases again as at least you can keep the discs in good condition. Needless to say i returned the albums for a refund. Didn’t bother asking for replacements as i can’t see many if any copies that won’t have marks.

I don’t mind Digipaks so much but these horrible slide in wallet sleeves that the Bananarama albums have been issued in are horrible!!!

I emailed Demon Music to tell them of my disappointment and also to ask if they’d be issued in Jewel cases but had no reply.

These days record companies don’t really care about giving quality as long as they get your money.

A Disappointed Fan!!


I agree – they should maybe consider having spindles glued into them to hold the discs instead of the scratchy cardboard slicks. I much prefer jewel cases. Longer lasting. Most of my casebounds look far older than they actually are from wear and tear.


I totally agree! Why are so many Deluxe Editions of albums now packaged in cardboard digipacks and casebound book style? I much prefer the old jewel cases which prevent discs from getting scratched and can easily be replaced if damaged or worn and untidy. If these cardboard types get damaged or worn, that’s it!


I agree with you, Omar. The casebound cds look lovely, until they get worn down. I bought the special edition of Dead or Alive’s hits packag that came out a decade ago. It looked lovely as a casebound cd but over the years, the wear and tear of JUST sitting on my CD shelf has bruised and chipped it.

g man

mine to, was so frustrating…


I’m not being overly fussy about the packaging but what’s with all these casebound releases? Are they they cheaper or more eco-friendly ? What happened to jewel cases or 3 panel digipacks ? Frankly as a collector a lot of casebound cds end up getting smudged or even scratched. All my cds could be classified as mint !

Raymond van Heusden

I don’t agree with you, I love the digipack. People with style and good taste will always choose for digipack. I only buy digipack if it’s plastic I don’t buy.