Bee Gees / 1974-1979 five-disc box


Rhino will issue Bees Gees 1974-1979 next month, a new five-CD box set that includes four of the Bee Gee‘s studio albums from that era, along with a selection of songs from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, plus B-sides and outtakes.

The albums within are Mr Natural (1974), Main Course (1975), Children of the World (1976) and Spirits Having Flown and this set is presented in a clamshell box.

Bee Gees 1974-1979 is released on 23 March 2015. At the moment it isn’t available from Amazon UK but the Amazon France price is by far the cheapest at €25 or about £19!

Track listing

CD 1 / Mr Natural (1974)
1. Charade
2. Throw A Penny
3. Down the Road
4. Voices
5. Give a Hand, Take a Hand
6. Dogs
7. Mr. Natural
8. Lost in Your Love
9. I Can t Let You Go
10. Heavy Breathing
11. Had a lot of Love Last Night

CD 2 / Main Course (1975)
1. Nights on Broadway
2. Jive Talkin
3. Wind of Change
4. Songbird
5. Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)
6. All This Making Love
7. Country Lanes
8. Come on Over
9. Edge of the Universe
10. Baby As You Turn Away

CD 3 / Children of the World (1976)
1. You Should Be Dancing
2. You Stepped Into My Life
3. Love So Right
4. Lovers
5. Can t Keep a Good Man Down
6. Boogie Child
7. Love Me
8. Subway
9. The Way It Was
10. Children of the World

CD 4 / Spirits Having Flown (1979)
1. Tragedy
2. Too much Heaven
3. Love You Inside Out
4. Reaching Out
5. Spirits (Having Flown)
6. Search, Find
7. Stop (Think Again)
8. Living Together
9. I m Satisfied
10. Until

CD 5 / The Miami Years
1. Stayin Alive
2. How Deep Is Your Love
3. Night Fever
4. More Than A Woman
5. Emotion
6. Warm Ride
7. (Our Love) Don t Throw It All Away
8. If I Can t Have You
9. Rest Your Love On Me [B-side]
10. It Doesn t Matter Much To Me [B-side]
11. Stayin Alive (Promo 12 Version)

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gostaria de ter acesso a este box 1974-1979 mais estou tendo dificuldade em adquirir algue pode me informar se alguma loja brasileira esta disponibilizando os mesmo…ok

Rob Maurer

Someone on the Steve Hoffman forums claims they heard from Rhino that this will NOT be remastered – meaning the albums will simply be regurgitated from the most recent (circa 2006) remasters.

Not sure what that means for “Mr. Natural” or the (disappointing) bonus disc, but there you go.

Japie Marais

My favorite music is classic rock, progressive rock en progressive metal. However my favorite album ever – together wit procol Harum live with Edmonton Orchestra is Mr Natural. Forget about Sgt Pepper, Mr Natural have pave the way for disco (i cant let you go) funk rock /metal (heavy breathing) soft romantic rock ( i had a lot of love last night) power pop and lots of other. mr Natural is as close to perfect that you can get. no fillers just hits. sound songs everything is brilliant.

Problem though is twofold. Is this a remaster and why no extra tracks. still if you by the whole set for mr natural and the song winds of change on Main course its worth your money.

velerie vanessen

Hi i just love the BEE GEES i play there music all the time im going too bye the cd and going the concert on the 30th of april with my friend Jeanene xxx

Billy Dojcak

I’d like to see Living Eyes released as a reasonably priced cd. Why only the pricey Japanese version?

Would also like Robin’s Secret Agent on cd.


Missing ‘You Should Be Dancing (Long Version)’. Thanks.

Hans Jörg

This is a release one can only believe to buy if it will be really available.This is not a reliable record label. I pre-ordered last year my Rod Stewart Box “The Studio Albums 1975-2001” only to have it been cancelled by Amazon recently. This was the 2nd time Rhino has announced this box. So up to now these albums are expanded and remastered only available as mp3 D/L from amazon etc.


Shame it doesn’t include ‘You Should Be Dancing (Long Version)’, which was on the ‘Tales From The Brothers Gibb’ box set. Not to mention the album ‘Here At Last… Bee Gees… Live’ from 1977.


It looks like one of those Amazon ‘Not Final Artwork’ images.


No expense spared on the cover I see.


I’m a big Bee Gees fan but I’m not sure if I’ll bother buying this one. All of the songs on the fifth disc have been released previously, and none of them are particularly hard to find. Why not a bonus disc of unreleased demos and studio outtakes from the era? The Warner Bros. collection last year wasn’t great but at least it included the 1989 Australia concert.

Phil Cohen

Boxed sets like this and “The Warner Bros. Years 1987-1991” are a result of the absurd restrictiveness of Barry Gibb. Gibb’s possible motive: to run out the clock on Warner Music’s 10-year license from The Bee Gees, which began in 2006. There’s a similar situation with Warner Music’s license(in certain territories, obtained through Warner’s purchase of Parlophone Music Group) for the Pink Floyd catalog, also with a 2016 expiration. Not surprisingly, that group’s “Immersion” archival boxed set series has been put on hold.

For Barry Gibb and also for the surviving members of Pink Floyd, it’s a business decision: save the remaining unreleased material to launch the next multimillion dollar/pound licensing deal, whether to Warner Music or one of the other two music conglomerates. I wouldn’t expect much interest from the big 3 music conglomerates in buying a costly license for Bee Gees music, unless vault material is included. Warner Music paid $10 million for a ten year license for Bee Gees music, and Warner Music took enormous losses on that deal.


Interesting. Its always been thought that the 3 Immersion boxes would be it, that there was no interest from the Floyd camp or from the Warner licensing for further sets. A Meddle set and an Animals set would be incredible, but there isn’t any thought they would ever get put out and then, Hey Presto, here comes the Endless River. So strange. These bands seem reluctant to put out never or seldom heard archival material. It’s no wonder the bootleg/ROIO market is so extensive.

Why not put out a 2cd extravaganza for Main Course or Spirits, we know there is material for it, and although it may be a niche market there is significant interest in the material.

George Glazener

How about a box set of the 1967-1972 era? Has that ever been released?


Great news. I think the albums are remasters, like the 2014 Warner Bros Years box set was too.
Would have loved a 2 CD deluxe edition for the Spirits Having Flown album, but a decent first time remaster is okay for now.


Is this set remastered? It looks really good. Would have been nicer to have had fully remastered deluxe 2CD editions of these, but this is still good.