Big Country / Steeltown: 2CD deluxe edition track listing


Universal’s reissue of Big Country‘s Steeltown will include a 17-track bonus CD according to fan-site bigcountryinfo.com.

Included on the second disc is a plethora of A-side edits and B-side as well as ‘rough mixes’ and demos of East of Eden and Wonderland.Surprisingly, the twelve-inch version of Wonderland which was included in the previous expanded reissue, looks to have been omitted.

Steeltown deluxe edition is released on 28 April 2014.

Steeltown 2CD Deluxe

2CD Deluxe

Vinyl reissue

Steeltown 2CD Deluxe track listing

Disc 1

  • 1. Flame of the West
  • 2. East of Eden
  • 3. Steeltown
  • 4. Where the Rose Is Sown
  • 5. Come Back to Me
  • 6. Tall Ships Go
  • 7. Girl With Grey Eyes
  • 8. Rain Dance
  • 9. Great Divide
  • 10. Just a Shadow

Disc 2

  • 01 Wonderland (Single A-side)
  • 02 Giant (Single B-side)
  • 03 All Fall Together (Giant Remix)
  • 04 East of Eden (Radio Edit)
  • 05 Prairie Rose (Single B-side)
  • 06 Where The Rose Is Sown (Radio edit)
  • 07 Belief In The Small Man (Single B-side)
  • 08 Bass Dance (Single B-side)
  • 09 Just A Shadow (Radio edit)
  • 10 Winter Sky (Single B-side)
  • 11 Wonderland (Work In Progress Take 1) *
  • 12 Wonderland (Work In Progress Demo Take 2) *
  • 13 East of Eden (Rough Mix) *
  • 14 Tall Ships (Rough Mix) *
  • 15 Where The Rose Is Sown (Rough Mix) *
  • 16 Come Back To Me (Rough Mix) *
  • 17 Bass Concerto (Bass Dance) * ( * ) Previously Unreleased

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Enrico G.

I hope Pete Anderson is right and at least the 12″ extended version of Wonderland will be added.

[…] these reissues jump ahead of second album Steeltown in the reissue schedules. That album was due to be re-released this past spring, but appears to have been delayed and now looks to be coming out after the current […]

Pete Anderson

Just been advised by Amazon UK that this release has been put back until October – wonder if they may be considering changing the track listing in light of comments on SDE?


I’m totally sold on this – great album, and it will sit nicely next to the deluxe edition of The Crossing on my shelf.

But I agree with pmppk: They could fit additional – worthwhile! – material on disc 1. Everything from extended versions of the album’s singles, to the great Wonderland 12″ as well.

And if that doesn’t happen, then it’s possible that another collection of their extended versions is in the works. (And since I don’t have the 12″ collection from a decade ago, I’d be down for buying a newly-mastered 12″ collection as well. Take my money!)


Although i have Greatest 12″ Hits they need to reissue it as possibly a double as it’s going for silly prices now as well as those single box sets. With another 3 deluxe editions coming out in August it certainly looks like they have no interest in putting 12 inch mixes on any of these.


I totally agree with fitting more bonus tracks on Disc 1. Since The Crossing deluxe edition has many bonus tracks on Disc1, there’s no point in arguing that record company might wants to keep Disc 1 as original album tracks only. Also, Just a shadow is my most favourite track of the album.


What about the brilliant 12″ remix of Wonderland? That should have been included.

Liam Bastick

I know record companies are always on a hiding to nothing with these things trying to select the right bonus tracks, but I am a little confused about the selection here. It’s great they have added all of these tracks, but, even though I think it’s a poor mix, I don’t understand why the 12 inch version of my favourite Big Country song Just A Shadow has been passed over for no less than three versions of Wonderland, which isn’t even on the album.

Can’t they fit some more on Disc 1? Or have a Disc 3? I’d vote for it. Whatever, great to see this album get a deluxe reissue.

gary clarke

Agree, in a way.
The extended versions are all collected on one CD already, well most of them are.
I still think they should have left CD1 as it was released on the 90’s remaster anyway.
BTW, the vinyl is still sitting at less than £15, and listed as two discs on amazon…