Bob Dylan’s classic 1964 ‘halloween’ concert reissued on multi-channel SACD


Bob Dylan‘s 1964 concert at New York’s Philharmonic Hall, which was issued by Sony in 2004 as volume six of their Bootleg Series, is to be reissued by US audiophile specialists Audio Fidelity as a double SACD set with a 5.0 surround sound option.

The ‘Halloween’ concert (you can guess the date) has been remastered for this release by Steve Hoffman and Stephen Marsh using the original Columbia Records master tapes. As well as the 5.0 surround mix, there is a 2-track stereo mix ‘layer’ on the hybrid SACDs which are fully compatible with all standard CD players.

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This new package includes a 56-page book filled with historical photographs and informative notes.

This all acoustic live performance features a 23-year old Dylan with just a guitar and harmonica and features the only known live version of Spanish Harlem Incident and the premiere of Gates of Eden and If You Gotta Go, Go Now.

Bob Dylan Live 1964 is reissued on 18 March 2016.




Disc One    
1.   The Times They Are a’Changin’
2.   Spanish Harlem Incident
3.   Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues
4.   To Ramona
5.   Who Killed Davey Moore?
6.   Gates of Eden
7.   If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Or Else You Got to Stay All Night)
8.   It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
9.   I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
10.  Mr. Tambourine Man
11.  A Hard Rain’s a’Gonna Fall

     Disc Two    
1.   Talkin’ World War III Blues
2.   Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
3.   The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
4.   Mama, You Been on My Mind
5.   Silver Dagger
6.   With God on Our Side
7.   It Ain’t Me, Babe
8. All I Really Want To Do

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guess what will be the mix?

front left – guitar
center – voice/harmonica
front right – guitar

L/R back : room



I’ll wait on reviews before I consider ordering this. I’m more interested in the surround layer.

Steve Burke, regarding Herbie Hancock, according to Amazon “Thrust” is scheduled to be released from Audio Fidelity SACD/Hybrid with a 4.0 layer.



I recently bought a SACD Hi Fi player specially to play the SACDs I own, at not short of £60 I won’t be playing this and I am a massive Dylan fan.

Fat Old Bloke

Hoping for all Dylan 5.1 mixes reissued one day on DVD or BluRay
The Blood On The Tracks 5.1 remix is good


I know that promo photo with the upturned booklet pages is supposed to showcase the thickness of the booklet, but to me it looks warped/damaged and for that reason is is DRIVING ME BONKERS as a collector!!! :)

Boaz Halachmi

UK link takes you to the US site.

Paul Murphy

Hofffman/Marsh is a sure-fire mark of quality, and although it most certainly is a rather bizarre album to receive such an intensive treatment, only on hearing will we know if it justified. Whilst ‘just a man, a guitar and a harmonica’ as some are saying, the 2003 SACD of Another Side of Bob Dylan was a very nice aural enhancement of what had come before. Whether one will play it more than a couple of times remains to be seen, and the current asking price of almost sixty pounds is very steep indeed, but if nothing else it will be a ‘Bob Dylan concert’, which is something you haven’t got from the man himself in performance for a couple of years. On an ‘if only’ trivia note, Mr Petty’s Heartbreakers tried to get Bob to perform ‘Spanish Harlem Incident’ on their joint 1986 tour.


Have to say I am bemused that one man, his guitar and harmonica are getting this treatment. On the SACDs out there already the early Dylan stuff sounds simply bizarre – like the man playing has the longest arms in the world as he is playing guitar so far away from his mouth!

Steve Burke

This was originally going to be released by Sony when they were doing SACDs, getting this 5.0 mix and the stereo mix mastered from the original Columbia analogue tapes by Hoffman/Marsh will be a treat. I have heard nothing but praise from the few people that have heard test discs.

If AF are managing to release some titles that Sony gave up on, perhaps further down the road we might see some of their other surround titles like Herbie Hancock’s Future Shock and The Byrds’ Fifth Dimension.

Way to go AF!


That’s right. There’s one track from it on the SACD sampler that came out at the time of the reissues. I got a copy of that with, I think, the Masked and Anonymous’ soundtrack.


Would’ve been much better to do the Rolling Thunder (1975) bootleg series disc rather than this one.

CJ Feeney

I agree vol. 5 “Rolling Tunder” or the vol.4 “Albert Hall/Judas” concert woudl have been better choices.

Also does the description indicate that the stereo layer is only in CD quality?

CJ Feeney

Reading the print on the cover in the photo it’s the “original 2-channel stereo mix in SACD stereo and CD stereo” so no improvement there really.


Have to agree – one of my favourite concerts since I had it on a bootleg cassette, bought the vinyl version of official release and my CD copy is never far from my side. 5 channels surround? Nah


“, bought the vinyl version of official release”

LUCKY YOU ! when will they reissue the bootleg 1>7 on vinyl? :-(

CJ Feeney

It’s one man with a guitar and harmonica; joined by another singer for a few songs with some dodgy harmonising in places,. What is the point of five channels? I really love this CD, but I won’t be upgrading.