Stylotone correct Marnie image error

Stylotone’s forthcoming super deluxe edition of the Bernard Herrmann‘s soundtrack to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1964 film Marnie, will be delayed for a few weeks as the label correct an error with the cover image highlighted by SDE readers!

The set was previously announced back in February and the photo used on the front cover was actually a still from Hitchcock’s previous film The Birds (released in 1963 and also featuring Tippi Hedren) and not Marnie. This was picked up in the comments on SDE and Stylotone clearly saw this. In a statement, the label had the following to day

“In February we announced ‘Marnie – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’ as our next Bernard Herrmann release… However, due to the eagle-eyed readers over at Super Deluxe Edition we found out that the cover image we had been supplied was in fact from ‘The Birds’… We swiftly moved into action to correct this error and up until a few days ago we believed we were on course to stick to the original release date. Unfortunately, it now appears that this isn’t going to be possible. The new release date is the 24th of May 2019

Please accept our apologies as we are really sorry for this, but we like to think we do a pretty good job over at ‘Stylotone Towers’ and a front cover image from the wrong film was obviously never going to be acceptable.”

The original cover (above) incorrectly used a still image from ‘The Birds’

New gatefold sleeves for the vinyl (and for the vinyl replica CD) are being reproduced and as the statement says should be ready to ship on 24 May.

I know many SDE readers have ordered this reissue via the SDE shop and will be disappointed with the delay, but by way of apology, the label have agreed to supply a hand-embossed Marnie print to every SDE reader who had pre-ordered this Marnie set as of end-of-play yesterday, Tuesday 23 April 2019.

Important: THIS PRINT WILL NOT BE SUPPLIED WITH ANY ORDERS OF MARNIE GOING FORWARD, it’s strictly for those people who have previously ordered via the SDE shop expecting these to despatch this week. The image of the print is below.

The Marnie super deluxe edition will now be released on 24 May 2019. You can read more about the set and pre-order via the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

The Marnie super deluxe package comprises:

  • two 180g scarlet-coloured vinyl LPs cut at 45 RPM
  • an expanded CD (in vinyl replica gatefold sleeve) with the complete score plus unused / alternate cues
  • a  45RPM 2-track black vinyl seven-inch single featuring Nat King Cole’s rendition of ‘Marnie’ b/w ‘The Main Theme’,
  • a 30″x40″ newly commissioned British ‘Quad’ film poster
  • sleeve notes by Herrmann’s biographer Steven C. Smith.
  • High-Resolution 24-bit WAV + 320kbps CBR MP3 Downloads of the LP, CD & unused / alternate cues

Marnie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Side One

1. Prelude
2. Marnie
3. Forio
4. Red Flowers
5. The Shampoo
6. The Bowl
7. No. 9
8. Want Ad
9. The Stranger
10. Red Ink
11. The Drawer

Side Two

1. The Storm
2. Red Jacket
3. The Homestead
4. Romance
5. The Safe
6. Encounter
7. The Wedding
8. The Porch
9. The Checkbook
10. The Bridal Suite
11. The Cabin
12. Alone
13. The Shadow

Side Three

1. Love Scene
2. The Pool
3. Homecoming
4. The Window
5. Telephone
6. The Horse
7. The Nightmare
8. The Book
9. Mr Strutt (Film version)
10. The Word Game
11. The Hunt

Side Four

1. Forio’s Fall
2. Forio’s Death
3. The Stairs / The Keys / The Stairway
4. The Dial
5. The Money
6. The Gun
7. Departure
8. The Street
9. Flashback II
10. Blood
11. Farewell
12. Finale
13. Cast

Additional CD tracks
49. Flashback I (unused)
50. Mr Strutt (alternate)
51. Shock (unused)


By way of a little gesture for this delay all pre-orders will now include a hand-embossed & numbered

‘Marnie’ print.


The Stylotone Team

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Lieven Debrauwer

First of all CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS for this wonderful special edition! Christmas came early this year!!!! I have the ‘wrong cover’ version but I think it is extra special because of that LOL.

However, the first record is warped and it keeps jumping up the stylus. I know this can be fixed in an over with two glass planes but honestly… I don’t want to risk that… The second record is ‘flat’ as it should be.

There are also an enormous lot of CRACKS when I play it. Much much more then usual with a BRAND NEW vinyl!

I bought this one in England (From Reckless Records), brand new and sealed so it has never been played.

As happy as I am with this release, I think I got a very poor vinyl… :-(
Being a filmmaker and a music-, vinyl- Hermann- ànd Hitchcock-lover, this was a bit of a disappointment amidst the joy of this beautiful special edition.


I had pre-ordered in March through SoundofVinyl, and have been waiting for my order all this time. I was just informed today that the item has been deleted and will not ship. :(


I had ordered mine through RecordStore UK, and after chasing it up yesterday, they have now refunded me and show it as unavailable on their website.

Thankfully one of my other go-to-stores (Banquet Records, also in the UK) had some in stock.

Other record stores that are UK-based which show it as available are Piccadilly Records, Five Rise Records and Bear Tree Records – while Transmission Records shows “Low Stock”.

Obviously, they are in stock when I type this, but I have no idea how long for!

I can’t speak for any non-UK stockists.


I left a longer reply, but it didn’t accept the carriage returns! I managed to find a copy at Banquet Records (UK) ; UK stores also showing it as available in their stocks are Piccadilly Records, Five Rise Records, Bear Tree Records and Transmission Records. How many they have left, I’ve no idea (although Transmission do say it’s Low Stock).

Marc Levy

The CD has a misspelling on the digital listing on track 2: Forlo instead of Forio, as displayed on a television monitor.

Congrats on a superb release & production remedy!!

Next up, may I suggest the sublime Night Digger (Road Builder)?

Twisted Nerve also was stellar.

Norma and Chris must be overjoyed with your brave & outstanding efforts.

Bravo, Bravissimo !!


So glad I ordered this…on a whim too. Fantastic sound, beautifully produced sleeve, red vinyl, WAV, mp3 files, 2 x 7″ singles, embossed print and the ‘wrong’ sleeves included too. Amazing. Well done to Stylotone and thanks, Paul, for putting the package together. Might watch the film now…never seen it!!

Chris Squires

What a wonderful parcel to receive! The inclusion of the wrong cover and print is a lovely touch.
Hats off to Stylotone…and SDE for getting it sent out for us…


Arrived, fantastic package. What a brilliant touch including the incorrect sleeve.

Thanks Paul

Evan J Katz

Awesome Sound – WAV files are CD quality — 44/16, and not 24 bit as mentioned above.


My downloaded WAV-files are 44.1kHz/24b.

I simply was overwhelmed when I unfolded my parcel, more and more and more goodies, all in high quality (apart from the font of “MARNIE” on the big poster, but I hadn’t had a plan, there is a poster, so no reason).
Now, that’s really made with love and respect!
Thank you Stylotone, thank you Paul for all special services with this very product!

Patrick Maher

Mine arrived today – it’s my first order direct from the SDE shop and I have to say, it’s a fantastic example of how to do a special edition. You can feel the love that has been put into the project, and the extra goodies more than make up for the mix-up. Thanks to all concerned!


Mine arrived today in a rather fabulous package including BOTH the correct covers and the wrong ones for both the CD and the Vinyl included as a bonus! – along with the pre-order print.

Lovely package and taking the vinyl for a spin this afternoon..

Mark W

I received the same as Duncan. This release ooses quality; the vinyl, the cover and all the extras are superb. The download card, Nat King Cole single and the cd all come in a separate bag! The cd gives a red reflection, a nice touch. Surely worth a grand opening video Paul?



Just got mail advising “been shipped”




Arrived today, expert packaging and the content is superb, super touch with supplying the “wrong” covers.

Well done SDE, and Paul.


Amazon Germany are still shipping to customers stock that has birds artwork even though the website has updated the listing with the corrected artwork

Amazon contacted me last week to say they was sending me a replacement and would be corrected artwork I though that was strange as release date with corrected artwork is not until May 24th

Why has Stylotone not get all stock with wrong artwork be returned to them as a lot of retailers still have stock with wrong artwork

Stylotone need to setup a replacement programme for all customers who have received stock with wrong artwork

Do we have a contact email for Stylotone


Hmmm. Just got an email from Rough Trade this morning saying Marnie is on its way. I wonder what cover awaits?


Weird, as it became unavailable on amazon and they cancelled my order. So why would they ship out orders to Rough Trade if they’re reprinting? Do they think Rough Trade customers don’t know about the mistake?


Surely the communication should have been return all stock to Stylotone, not don’t send out any orders. Can’t imagine all that stock would be repressed and posters reprinted etc. They would be utilised for the new covers. Odd that Amazon Germany received them and Amazon UK didn’t. Obviously more twists than a Hitchcock movie.


Beatles Butcher cover all over again!

Felice Cafarelli

I received the set with the wrong picture today.
I’m glad they are fixing it and I’d be happy to buy it from here, as this site really makes a difference for collectors.
However including the print on all orders would boost sales and it will still be as valued as a limited edition.

Marshall Gooch

Now the image of Hedren looks like Lisa Stansfield.

Noel Fitzsimons

Have there been any ‘Birds’ LP sleeves printed?

Noel Fitzsimons

Really!! What a shame – I’d love to have one – it looks really cool. I did watch the Birds and think I located this still.

Jeroen Bol

I just received my copy of amazon Germany and I have ‘the birds’ cover variant! Would there be a way to obtain the new cover as well?

The Hitman And Herrmann

Jeroen Bol, what does the pressing sound like? Is it quiet?

Paul Boland

I got delivery from of Marine Vinyl from Amazon Germany yesterday
It has the birds image so they did not recall all stock from retailers before April 26th release date

Will Stylotone be proviing corrected album sleeves for those that received wrong image used

Trevor Smith

Amazed at how these mistakes keep happening. Glad the issue has been resolved before the album ships however.

Randy Metro

On the Birds cover is Tippi burning her lip with a cigarette? Maybe she’s eating one of those candy cigarettes that us kids of an earlier era bought? Would have preferred candy cigars back in those days.

Mark H.

It actually looks like a pen touching her lips on the Birds cover.


Perhaps they’d consider capitalising on the situation by issuing a limited edition CD version with the originally planned cover packaged with a decal of the corrected replacement cover..?


Hope you’re right! Unfair its only going to vinyl.


This is good news. I’m really glad they fixed the error and I appreciate that they’re making an apologetic gesture by including a Marnie print. Do you know how far they got with the printing of the incorrect cover? If they manufactured some, it would be fun if they would offer those to people who preordered. I prefer the looks of the original cover, but prefer the new cover simply because it’s actually an image from the correct film.

John Lloyd

Depending on how far they got with production, perhaps they should have offered a Birds cover/inlay/whatever as a mispress – then invited you to buy the real deal!


Really hope the Rolling Stones issue a replacement ‘LIVE ‘ sleeve and cover for the 4 LP HONK set as it lists Manchester Evening News Arena instead of Old Trafford Stadium (amongst other errors). But I doubt it.

Chris Squires

Top marks to Stylotone. Glad I got my order in early with SDE.

Stuart Ansell

Oh knackers, I ordered the Wannadies ‘Be A Girl’ yellow vinyl at the the same time – that’ll be another month waiting for that one, too…

Still, nice that they corrected the cover and the Marnie print as apology is a nice touch.

Robert Laversuch

Well, what a nice gesture. And good of them to take the time to correct the mistake. And kudos to the folks on here who spotted the error. Glad I got in early with my order. Would be cool if they could add a print of the Birds still to commemorate the mix-up.


Good on them!
Now, here’s a label that deserves our hard earned cash…