BOX SET ALERT: The Who / Tommy Super Deluxe Edition CD/Blu-ray set

The Who Tommy

Universal will release a Super Deluxe Edition box set of The Who‘s Tommy on 11 November 2013.

The four-disc set will celebrate the 1969 rock opera by including the remastered album, a CD featuring 20 Pete Townshend demos (and a few band demos), a hi-res Blu-ray with the album remixed into 5.1 surround sound and a further CD (“Live bootleg”) featuring a live performance of the album (from a show at the Capital Theatre, Ottowa, Canada on 15 October 1969). Three tracks on the live disc  – I’m Free, Tommy’s Holiday Camp and We’re Not Gonna Take It – are taken from later shows of the same era.

The box will also include a poster and an 80-page hardcover book with slip case (looks similar to the Quadrophenia one included in the Director’s Cut box). The book will feature, amongst other things, a 20,000-word essay by Who aficionado Richard Barnes.

A 2CD Deluxe Edition version will also be available, as well as a double vinyl edition.

Tommy Super Deluxe Edition 3CD+Blu-ray box set

Tommy 2CD Deluxe Edition

Tommy 2LP Vinyl

Super Deluxe Edition track listing:

Disc 1 The original album (2013 re-master)

1. Overture 5.20
2. It’s A Boy 0.38
3. 1921 2.49
4. Amazing Journey 5.04
5. Sparks 2.05
6. The Hawker (Eyesight To The Blind) 2.13
7. Christmas 4.34
8. Cousin Kevin 4.05
9. The Acid Queen 3.34
10. Underture 10.01
11. Do You Think It’s Alright? 0.24
12. Fiddle About 1.29
13. Pinball Wizard 3.01
14. There’s A Doctor 0.23
15. Go To The Mirror! 3.47
16. Tommy Can You Hear Me? 1.35
17. Smash The Mirror 1.34
18. Sensation 2.25
19. Miracle Cure 0.12
20. Sally Simpson 4.10
21. I’m Free 2.39
22. Welcome 4.32
23. Tommy’s Holiday Camp 0.57
24. We’re Not Gonna Take It 7.06

Disc 2 Demos & extras 

1. Overture 4:07
2. It’s A Boy 0:41
3. 1921 3:13
4. Amazing Journey 4:47
5. Dream One 3:09
6. Sparks 7:38
7. The Hawker 4:45
8. Christmas 4:42
9. Acid Queen 3:35
10. Underture (Dream Two) 1:47
11. Do You Think It’s Alright 0:26
12. Pinball Wizard 3:42
13. There’s A Doctor 0:24
14. Go To The Mirror! 4:32
15. Success 0:10
16. Tommy Can You Hear Me 1:15
17. Smash The Mirror 1:37
18. Sensation 2:47
19. Miracle Cure 0:11
20. Sally Simpson 4:50
21. I’m Free 2:27
22. Welcome 3:26
23. We’re Not Gonna Take It 5:02
24. Trying To Get Through 2:27
25. Young Man Blues 2:47

Tracks 1 – 23 – Pete Townshend – original demos; all previously unreleased except 2, 11 and 12 – released in 2003.
Track 24 – The Who – studio demo/out-take.
Track 25 – The Who – studio recording (NB: This version was previously only available on The House That Track Built vinyl sampler).

Disc 3 Blu-ray (5.1 mixes)

  1. Overture 5.20
  2. It’s a boy 0.37
  3. 1921 2.49
  4. Amazing journey 5.05
  5. Sparks 2.05
  6. The Hawker 2.14
  7. Christmas 4.34
  8. Cousin Kevin 4.07
  9. The acid queen 3.34
  10. Underture 10.05
  11. Do you think it’s alright? 0.25
  12. Fiddle about 1.31
  13. Pinball wizard 3.01
  14. There’s a doctor 0.24
  15. Go to the mirror! 3.48
  16. Tommy can you hear me? 1.35
  17. Smash the mirror 1.33
  18. Sensation 2.27
  19. Miracle cure 0.12
  20. Sally Simpson 4.11
  21. I’m Free 2.39
  22. Welcome 4.32
  23. Tommy’s holiday camp 0.57
  24. We’re not gonna take it 7.06

Disc 4 Live Bootleg 

1. Overture (including Introduction) 7.00
2. It’s A Boy 0.39
3. 1921 2.28
4. Amazing Journey 5.07
5. Sparks 2.49
6. The Hawker (Eyesight To The Blind)1.54
7. Christmas 3.11
8. The Acid Queen 3.30
9. Pinball Wizard 2.47
10. Do You Think It’s Alright? 0.21
11. Fiddle About 1.12
12. Tommy Can You Hear Me? 0.55
13. There’s A Doctor 0.24
14. Go To The Mirror! 3.22
15. Smash The Mirror 1.10
16. Miracle Cure 0.12
17. Sally Simpson 4.01
18. I’m Free 2.12
19. Tommy’s Holiday Camp 0.48
20. We’re Not Gonna Take It 3.28
21. See Me, Feel Me / Listening To You 7.51

Tommy Super Deluxe Edition 3CD+Blu-ray box set

Tommy 2CD Deluxe Edition

Tommy 2LP Vinyl

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[…] Germany TV Show Beat Club. There is an argument to say that this should have been included in the Tommy Super Deluxe Edition box set, but unfortunately it wasn’t. This release does act as a perfect companion to that set and is […]


In my hands at 10:01 on November 11th with the poster signed by Pete Townshend. Now back in Netherlands.

[…] The Who’s Tommy reissue is out on Monday 11th November. Full details and track listings can be found here. […]


Just got mail from Amazon.de Tommy is shipped and that just for 19.31.

Richard Rootes

My €15.96 copy shipped today – well done Amazon.de!

Glen B

I have to admit I’m getting fed up of having to buy big box sets just to get the Blu-Ray version of classic albums. I mean, get on with it and roll out Pure Audio already! I’m rapidly losing already precious shelf space as it is. :(


Don’t be in too much of a rush for that. It appears the PureAudio release has messed up the channel allocation of this release big time!


@Horst (if you were responding to my posting): Yeah, for more than a week now. What I meant was: My order is still 18.99


@Eric email from amazon.de confirmed “delivery on release day” hehehe


It’s now 115.99 € on amazon.de


as chdx and others, I have preordered it and it still is 18.99. Thanks a lot for the information!!

Chris Straub

Now it’s back up to 115 Euros on Amazon.de. My pre-order still seems to be in place. It will be interesting to see how Amazon handles this.


My pre-order also still stands. Technically, they should have to fulfill it with their “Pre-order Price Guarantee” policy, but right now I’m more puzzled by the disappearence of the “Blu-ray” tag in this listing…


Ottawa! not Ottowa.


Compared with the Quadrophenia box set the content is quite minimal, Quadrophenia 4 CD (2 with Demos), DVD, 7 “replica and other things. For Tommy one CD with Demos (they could have add the Demos from the 2003 re-issue on a second CD ) and one live CD.
Tommy live from the period 1968-1970 is already documented on several CD’s (live at Hull, Live at Leeds, Live at the Isle of Wight Festival ) and DVD ( Live at the Isle of Wight Festival ,Live at the Coliseum), so no need to realse another live registration of that period .

(But I still a want to have it)

Oke I’m happy with the Blu-Ray, finally 5.1 on another format than SACD. This means that when I buy a new stereo set, the SACD player is no longer mandatory, with now Dark Side and Tommy on Blu-Ray 5.1


Now amazon.de has the following message

“Melden Sie sich an, um per E-Mail benachrichtigt zu werden, wenn dieser Artikel verfügbar ist.”

Sign in to be notified by email when this item becomes available.


Thanks for that Jason. I was just about to go on a rant asking why surround fans are constantly held to ransom! The standalone Blu-ray is perfect.


Looks like you missed a few formats – The Second Disc says there will also be a vinyl edition exclusive to UVINYL, a standalone Blu-ray, and more.


steve gilmour

I’ve ordered from Amazon.de as well – from experience (if it’s anything like USA) they will NOT honour the order – you will find the listing will change to no longer in stock etc. we will inform you when it comes back…..i originally had the Floyd box Dark side at $14.99 in USA and received this shortly after they realised mistake..
cross fingers tho hey…if only the same mistake on the john martyn and king crimson sets and id be a happy man

Mark D.

Like others I have ordered the Super Deluxe box at Amazon.de at the ‘obvious mistake’ price of 18 Euros. Please update here if you get cancellation notices etc.




Yesterday the price on amazon germany 115 euro. It must have dropped in
price today. My order now say’s 18.99.


well, there goes the majority of my estate in buying this!

delighted to see other demo tracks included on this release – the ones on the initial 2 CD deluxe edition kind of gave the impression that the album was very nearly a monumental disaster.

an astonishing album from an astonishing band. can’t wait to get my ears around this release!

Sezai Basar

Nice catch indeed.I have placed my order at Amazon.de Let’s see if they will honour the price.


I got a shipping confirmation for my 18 euro copy today. Looks like the cheap price is being honored.

Mike O.

Guess the QUADROPHENIA box did okay then! ;)

I wonder how this compares to the Deluxe Edition that came out, what, a decade ago?