Deal alert / Nirvana: Nevermind box


The super deluxe edition box set of Nirvana‘s Nevermind is available very cheaply – for the next two hours – on Amazon Germany.

The five disc box set is only £36 (or €50) at the time of writing (2pm GMT) which is a superb price for this well-packaged five-disc collection, which retails for about £60 on the UK site.


Disc: 1
1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
2. In Bloom
3. Come As You Are
4. Breed
5. Lithium
6. Polly
7. Territorial Pissings
8. Drain You
9. Lounge Act
10. Stay Away
11. On A Plain
12. Something In The Way
13. Even In His Youth
14. Aneurysm
15. Curmudgeon
16. D – 7 live at the BBC
17. Been A Son (live)
18. School (live)
19. Drain You (live)
20. Sliver (live)
21. Polly (live)

Disc: 2
1. In Bloom (Smart Studio Sessions)
2. Immodium (Breed) (Smart Studio Sessions)
3. Lithium (Smart Studio Sessions)
4. Polly (Smart Studio Sessions)
5. Pay To Play (Smart Studio Sessions)
6. Here She Comes Now (Smart Studio Sessions)
7. Dive previously (Smart Studio Sessions)
8. Sappy previously (Smart Studio Sessions)
9. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Boombox Rehearsals)
10. Verse Chorus Verse (Boombox Rehearsals)
11. Territorial Pissings (Boombox Rehearsals)
12. Lounge Act (Boombox Rehearsals)
13. Come As You Are (Boombox Rehearsals)
14. Old Age (Boombox Rehearsals)
15. Something In The Way (Boombox Rehearsals)
16. On A Plain (Boombox Rehearsals)
17. Drain You (BBC Sessions)
18. Something In The Way (BBC Sessions)

Disc: 3
1. Smells Like Teen Spirit (The Devonshire Mixes)
2. In Bloom (The Devonshire Mixes)
3. Come As You Are (The Devonshire Mixes)
4. Breed (The Devonshire Mixes)
5. Lithium (The Devonshire Mixes)
6. Territorial Pissings (The Devonshire Mixes)
7. Drain You (The Devonshire Mixes)
8. Lounge Act (The Devonshire Mixes)
9. Stay Away (The Devonshire Mixes)
10. On A Plain (The Devonshire Mixes)
11. Something In The Way (The Devonshire Mixes)

Disc: 4
1. Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
2. Aneurysm (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
3. Drain You (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
4. School (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
5. Floyd The Barber (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
6. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
7. About A Girl (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
8. Polly (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
9. Breed (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
10. Sliver (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
11. Love Buzz (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
12. Lithium (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
13. Been A Son (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
14. Negative Creep (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
15. On A Plain (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
16. Blew (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
17. Rape Me (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
18. Territorial Pissings (Live at the Paramount Theatre)
19. Endless, Nameless (Live at the Paramount Theatre)

Disc: 5
1. DVD: Live at the Paramount Theatre Concert

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Dr Avalanche

Its for sale again on Amazon.de for €49,99 until 20.30 hrs tonight (Amsterdam time)



Ordered yesterday at 14:10, arrived this morning at 10:30.


How much longer before the Stone Temple Pilots box?


…and 28€ for shipping?
No thanks Universal!


Price is from 45€ to 49.99€ for the In Utero Box @ Universal Music Store and marked as a special offer. What the hell…?

Paul E.

Ouch! It’s back up to €84.99…need to install the SDE Deal Alert app on my phone I guess. Thanks all the same.


The deal has ended – the price is now €84.99.


This version is heavily brickwalled. The original CD is far better, and if you want to put down some serious money to enjoy this album at its finest, look for the MFSL version which is truly excellent.

David Thorpe

Thanks Paul for alert how’s the jet lag?


Unless you plan to delete time-sensitive deals like this after they expire, it’s a good idea to indicate the time you’re posting this, because I’m sure not everybody who reads SDE regularly, who might be interested in this deal, will learn about it within the two-hour timeframe.

Incidentally, as of 9.45am New York City time it’s still available at the €49.99 price.


Thanks once again Paul – comes to £40:29 delivered to the UK.


at http://store.universal-music.co.uk you can find ‘in utero’ super deluxe boxset at the same price (besides many other great offers), but unfortunately they are asking crazy shipping prices outside of uk


The shipping prices are too much.I tried to buy some things for ca. 100 Euros : shipping costs 100 Euros too stupid.


usually these things kill me as the price drops after I buy it, but luckily, last time you pointed out this on Amazon.de it was only €42. Finally, I win one.