Everything But The Girl / new deluxe editions coming


Everything But The Girl‘s final two albums, 1996’s Walking Wounded and Temperamental from 1999, are to be reissued as two-disc deluxe sets in August.

Edsel effectively complete the archival work they started back in 2012, by putting out Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn’s last EBTG albums, originally released on the Virgin label. Both reissues come with bonus discs and across the two deluxe editions you will find demos, remixes (selected by Ben), unreleased live performances and B-sides.

These will be packaged in the same ‘casebound book’ style as the previous deluxe editions and the books will come with notes by Ben and Tracey along with lyrics, as well as images of memorabilia and previously unseen photos.

Walking Wounded and Temperamental are reissued on 14 August 2015.


Walking Wounded 2CD deluxe

Temperamental 2CD deluxe



Disc One

  • 1. Before Today
  • 2. Wrong
  • 3. Single
  • 4. The Heart Remains A Child
  • 5. Walking Wounded
  • 6. Flipside
  • 7. Big Deal
  • 8. Mirrorball
  • 9. Good Cop Bad Cop
  • 10. Wrong [Todd Terry Remix]
  • 11. Walking Wounded [Omni Trio Mix]

Bonus tracks

  • 12. Corcovado
  • 13. Before Today [live in Tokyo, 1997]
  • 14. Single [live in Tokyo, 1997]
  • 15. Wrong [live in Tokyo, 1997]

Disc Two

Bonus tracks

  • 1. Mirrorball [demo]
  • 2. Flipside [demo]
  • 3. Above The Law [demo]
  • 4. Speeding Car Side On [demo]


  • 5. Walking Wounded [Dave Wallace Remix]
  • 6. Wrong [Mood II Swing Dub]
  • 7. Wrong [Deep Dish Remix Edit]
  • 8. Single [Photek Remix]
  • 9. Single [Brad Wood Memphis Remix]
  • 10. Before Today [Nellee Hooper unreleased 1996 Remix]
  • 11. Before Today [Adam F Remix]
  • 12. Before Today [Chicane Remix]
  • 13. Before Today [Dilinja Remix]
  • 14. Mirrorball [DJ Jazzy Jeff Sole Full Remix]
  • 15. Corcovado [Knee Deep Classic Club Mix – Ben Watt vocal re-edit]



Disc One

  • 1. Five Fathoms
  • 2. Low Tide Of The Night
  • 3. Blame
  • 4. Hatfield 1980
  • 5. Temperamental
  • 6. Compression
  • 7. Downhill Racer
  • 8. Lullaby Of Clubland
  • 9. No Difference
  • 10. The Future of the Future

Bonus tracks

  • 11. Firewall
  • 12. Come In [unfinished album track]
  • 13. Temperamental [live at The Forum, London, 1999]

Disc Two 


  • 1. Five Fathoms [Club 69 Future Club Mix]
  • 2. Five Fathoms [Kevin Yost Enlightenment Mix]
  • 3. Temperamental [Pull Timewarp Mix]
  • 4. Temperamental [Hex Hector and Mac Quayle Reverse Drum Dub]
  • 5. Temperamental [Wamdue Project Remix]
  • 6. Blame [Fabio Remix]
  • 7. Blame [J Majik VIP Remix]
  • 8. Downhill Racer [Kenny Dope Remix]
  • 9. Lullaby of Clubland [Markus Schulz Tribal Journey]
  • 10. Lullaby Of Clubland [Matty Heilbronn II Deep Club Mix]

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Sugar Finney





Jim Wayland

Am I the only EBTG fan who thinks “Big Deal” was a stellar track and would have lent itself nicely to remixes?


got the ‘temperamental’ deluxe today..

the book is excellent.

the cd’s and compilations are terrible. just one new track.

not worth it at all..

have better hopes for ‘walking wounded’.

very poor job on all these deluxe releases from everything but the girl.

avoid, unless you are a a completist.



Mine arrived yesterday and yes annoyingly these are larger than the previous two batches of re-issues.


Yep! Damn annoying the size is bigger! I guess if you’re not a chronologist you can use them as bookends for the others!


Strangely the packaging is slightly taller than the previous sets……


The usual story with Edsel the release dates for these have changed to the 4th September.

Nick W

Dare I say it they at least 1 disc short of each album (ie should be a triple disc deluxe)…given how much is still “missing”, they need to take a lesson from the “complete-ist” Bananarama reissues, including the to be released singles boxset


That’s ok if it’s live tracks, demos or unreleased stuff but do we really need 2 discs full of repetitive remixes.


Happy the set is being completed and to the same standard.

It would be really nice to hear some Temperamental demos or more live work especially of the more reflective, downtempo tracks such as Hadfield 1980, Downhill Racer and No Difference as Tracey’s vocal is at its most potent and arresting.

Agree with the comments about favouring radio edits over lengthy unlistenable remixes. Also, echo the lack of collaborations but naturally due to licensing this was no doubt impractical.


Where is vinyl reissues? Original copies heavy priced now.

Paul English

Despite being readily available for months after release. Many mid-90s LPs sat in the racks unsold for quite a while. Anybody who wanted one could get one.


one of the most underwhelming releases in a long time.

will get them to just be complete, but will have to make my own super version of them

Saar Freedman

I would like to point out that Single (Brad Wood Memphis Remix) is actually a first time on cd, well almost
On the Cd single released in the UK/Europe this was listed as track 4 but the Cds were miss-pressed and track 4 is actually Wrong (Todd Terry Freeze Remix) [irony not lost here, putting the “wrong ” ‘wrong track’]
there was a supposed repress but never managed to see an actual copy.
can only echo previous thoughts that these should have been 3 cd sets with all the versions included. but when it came to remixes that’s apparently not a main focus with these, they did not include, for example many vinyl only remixes of “missing’ in the previous reissue, which was also a shame.


It’s on Adapt or Die: Ten Years of Remixes.


A shame the demos done for the massive attack project were not included. This is when they really came into full bloom, after some mediocre output. One of the best career turnarounds I’ve ever seen. There is an unreleased vocal version for Heatmiser that would have been nice to include. The Adam f song would have been worthy too. Perhaps there were some liscencing issues due to the collaborators involved. However, unlike the other discs, these two leave a lot out, too bad as this is arguably what most people are familiar with. It would be nice to get a live concert from this era, or more acoustic takes on the more dnb songs. Oh well. A bit of a missed opportunity here.


I was really hoping they would have included the 7″ versions of the singles also. Temperamental was a fantastic record but I preferred the shorter single versions as the album tracks were quite lengthy at times.


Problem being with the singles from Temperamental there were no shorter single versions.


I am sure more people would want the 7″ versions than would want the really boring 9 minutes of “Wrong [Mood II Swing Dub]”.


James: In some cases, yes – when I didn’t think I’d be buying the full album. But my wife is a big fan of EBTG and we bought all their CDs.

Now, as incentive to repurchase the albums, it’d be nice to include the radio versions, which often contain unique instrumentation and/or mixing emphasis.

For me it’s not a deal-breaker, but those are the versions of the songs that made an impact. Surely they matter just as much as the droning 10-minute dance remixes that often bear little resemblance to the original song. They should be included in the reissue project somehow.

James Giraffe

I really don’t understand people who would rather have the 7″ versions than demos and outtakes. With a recent band like EBTG, if you heard and became familiar with the 7″ version on the radio, surely you then went out and bought the CD single?


It’s always the same story with these so-called deluxe editions, they lack all the 7″ versions. What is wrong with the record companies? The versions we heard on the radio and became most familiar with seem to disappear into oblivion. Before getting all the obscure remixes, demos, outtakes etc., can’t we just have the original 7″ single versions? It’s crazy how difficult it is to get hold of the 7″ mixes on CD of the hit singles. In the case of EBTG, it is possible to track down the original CD singles, but that shouldn’t be necessary. With a lot of artists, the original 7″ mixes are not even available on CD at all, which seems crazy to me. Even some “Greatest Hits” CDs are full of album versions or remixes. Madonna’s “Immaculate Collection” isn’t even remotely immaculate. It’s a hodge-podge of dodgy remixes. Just give us the original 7″ versions!!!!

Paul English

A major gripe for me too. CD singles from 1989 – 1991 sometimes don’t even feature the 7″ version; they may only have the extended mixes. That’s where various artists compilation albums come in handy. You might like http://www.apopfansdream.wordpress.com where I try and tackle this musical minefield.


Both these albums don’t need remastering as they sounded perfect in the first place and regarding the mixes missing where are the mixes for The Future Of The Future as there is a (David Morales Classic Club Mix) and a (Deep Dish Stay Dark Remix) which aren’t easy to find. To be honest i don’t think i could sit and listen to the second disc on these with 3 mixes of each song one after another.

James Giraffe

‘m pleased about these. I think people need to see track times before anyone judges. A lot of the remixes from the Temperamental album either weren’t released at all in the UK, or were shorter versions than the ones on the US releases. Lullaby Of Clubland wasn’t released as a single in the UK, for example. Plus no live tracks, unreleased tracks or demos from these two albums have ever been released on CD. I think they look good!


Must say, while I am not blown away by the second-disc selections, both of these albums were very, very important in their own right. In some ways, this is band who turned from an interesting, speckled caterpillar into a spectacular butterfly once Todd Terry worked a bit of magic on “Missing.” They learned quickly, and earned their stripes in the dance world (of all things) with Walking Wounded, and my personal favorite, Tempermental. Still have my originals, but I’m probably going to order these, too.


Can’t wait! Temperamental was a great album and its great to see all the remixes gathered together and well packaged. Definite purchase.


I love Temperamental, so the dissapointment about this selection is huge. Not only there are no new mixes, the ones chosen are mostly bad. Stuff like the MacQuale, Club 69 or Markus Schulz Mixes sounds so dated and crappy, while the amazing Spen & Karizma Remix of Temperamental is missing. Thanks for nothing.


Really enjoyed Walking Wounded but was underwhelmed by Temperamental. I’m also not a fan of endless remixes (I know I sound like a stuck record, sorry).

I might pick up the Walking Wounded set just for the bonus tracks…

As Charles said, it’s good that they are keeping the packaging style.

alan hansen

@trash i couldn’t agree more. i still enjoy “walking wounded” but could never get into the semi-non-melodic derivations and droning of “temperamental.” it’s always frustrating when an artist ends on a bum-note.

alan hansen

i’ll get these to complete the set, but i’m not thrilled with the choice of bonus tracks. these both should have been 3cd sets. some of the tracks missing have already been pointed out. please add to that list songs with Adam F, and BOTH Massive Attack songs.


There were THREE Massive Attack songs featuring Tracey Thorn.


Will buy if they release it in high res.


Very poor i have all these mixes on CD singles.


Would be nice if the first of the two could have the Massive Attack tracks (Protection/The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game/Better Things). None of the mixes are an incentive for me to buy this as they were made during a specific era (ca 1994- 1997) where a lot of mixes done across the board were just wretchedly bad. It seemed every single had to have an edm mix a techno mix a tribal mix a D&B mix blah blah blah everything but a GOOD extended mix.


I’m a little bit disappointed about the “Temperamental” 2CD Set.
Almost each remix has been released on CD at their time.
As far as I know the “Pull Timewarp Mix” is not from 1999
and was mixed later for the “Adapt Or Die” compilation.
Also bad that the only on vinyl released remixes of “Temperamental”
( Ralphi Rosario Dub & Acapella ) will not see the light on CD # 2.
Not one demo version will get on the CD #2 ?
I enjoyed the demo versions on the other re-releases of EBTG.
The result: only 2 unreleased tracks – I will not buy this.
Because of the many remixes done for the 2 albums, the sets
should be a 3 CD collection to complete the 7″ mixes / 12″ remixes /
12″ bonus tracks and unreleased stuff. Also sad that obviously no
( unreleased ) alternative mixes exist from the
dance floor killers “Five Fathoms” and “Lullaby Of Clubland”.
I can’t believe that…


Yes, does seem a little bit disappointing. Would have thought Ben would have taken the opportunity to commission or do a few updated remixes himself.


I was hoping they wouldn’t stop with these. Got the first batch of remasters and they were very well done, can’t wait to get these. Really glad to read they will be keeping the packaging in line with the previous reissues as well. Edsel always does a nice job.


I don’t see anything in the announcements at SDE about these two upcoming editions or the previous deluxe editions being remastered. Were the previous deluxe editions remastered?

Iva Ugewon

Tracey Thorns solo albums have been amazing! Definitely as good as anything EBTG did!


No “Tracey In My Room” ?? I would have thought that would be a shoe-in for one or the other of them.


Maybe it’s omitted because it was on Like The Desserts Miss The Rain?


Exciting to get to hear demos and some work in progress stuff – they were really cooking with gas at this point, seems a shame they stopped working together – whilst they seem to happily get on with their own thing they really worked terrifically together – and I don’t think anything they have individually done since has had the same strength or sense of purpose.