FIRST PICTURES: David Bowie / Reality coloured vinyl


David Bowie‘s Reality was the-album-before The Next Day, but released way back in 2003. Amazingly, not released on LP at all, until next week when Music On Vinyl issue it with 2,500 being available in green and orange vinyl.

Reality contains the singles New Killer Star and Never Get Old, neither of which charted. It’s fine record which unfairly gets overshadowed by the plaudits heaped upon its predecessor, Heathen. It seems strange to reflect on this now, but at the time Bowie was probably somewhat overexposed, with this record following only a year after the previous long player.

Reality is released on vinyl on 17 March 2014. You might struggle to find colour-specific ordering online, although Amazon in Germany do state ‘orange vinyl’ in their listing (see below).

Update 14/3/14: German Amazon have removed being specific about ‘orange’.






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[…] you weren’t lucky enough to secure Music On Vinyl’s orange pressing of David Bowie‘s Reality from last year then Friday Music in the US are this week releasing a […]


Just finally got mine in the U.S. from Amazon.de…and it’s black vinyl, not orange as advertised. It’s going back. Had a feeling that would happen.


Just got confirmation my 3 colors have been shipped, so should get them tomorrow or the day after that :)


Very true. Heathen is better, and Reality the best of the three. Nice to have it on coloured vinyl soon!


The Next Day is the weakest of Bowie’s three 21st-century studio albums.


It is all a matter of taste. The Next Day gets better and better, and I rate it 3 in my all time top 5 Bowie albums. But who cares.

[…] FIRST PICTURES: David Bowie / Reality coloured vinyl […]

Chris Bernhardt

Reality is overall more consistent then Heathen or The Next Day. A undervalued Bowie record.


Glad I’m not the only one that prefers ‘Reality’ to ‘Heathen’.
While ‘Heathen’ does contain some great Bowie songs, and it was great to hear him back with Visconti, I find I play and enjoy ‘Reality’ a lot more.

‘Disco king’, ‘New Killer Star’, ‘Looking for Water’, ‘Reality’, ‘Loneliest Guy’… all great songs! In fact the songs I don’t really care for are ‘Pablo Picasso’ and ‘Trysome…’ and I don’t believe he wrote either of them.

I think the the album designs reflect the interiors perfectly:
– ‘Heathen’ all high concept, heavy and dark
– ‘Reality’ – light, playful and doesn’t take itself too seriously

By the way – I also rate ‘Reality’ over ‘The Next Day’… which also doesn’t seem to mirror critical opinion.

Tim Larkham

This does look very nice. Bit of a forgotten gem in my my opinion. The heavily praised “Heathen” seems to cast rather a large shadow over “Reality”, which is a shame as it’s equally as good. Loved “New Killer Star”. I also had the pleasure of seeing him in Manchester in 2003 (if memory serves) and he was awesome.


At least it is orange this time unlike the Heathen LP from the V&A which looks like a cowpat


The Heathen LP is a beautiful rich mahogany colour.
I saw it at my local record store a while back (unfortunately somebody had already placed a deposit on it or else I would have snapped it up).
By far the best coloured vinyl I have seen. Very unique.
Normally the ones complaining about it are the ones that missed out on it (and at only 500 pieces that was quite a few).