Genesis / 1983-1998 vinyl box


Genesis will release a 6LP vinyl box set in May cataloguing their last four studio albums.

1983-1998  contains Genesis (1983), Invisible Touch (1986), We Can’t Dance (1991) and Calling All Stations (1997). The last two are double LPs in gatefold packaging, with Calling All Stations being an etched disc on side four.

These are pressed on 180g vinyl and have been remastered at half-speed at Abbey Road (by Miles Showell). This ‘red box’ also comes with a MP3 download voucher.

The 1983-1998 vinyl box is out on 11 May 2015.

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jan heine

Yes, box is here (21-11-15) and Yes vinyls are 180gr. and Yes downloadcode included.
Packaged in a special outer card-board box.
No difference in catalognumber, so be carefull when buying. If sealed it is difficult to say when vinyls are 140 or 180grams…..
Btw ‘We can’t dance’ still in single sleeve!!

jan heine

I had this problem with the weight also. Returned the box and waited almost 1/2 year for replacement. Universal Europe admits this faulty item and stands for all the costs of returning. As it took too long for me i asked (and got) my money back. Now (20-11-15) it seems there is a new batch with correct weight. I ordered again (at JPC Germany) and will post after i got this item. Yes it’s a mess….


Looks like there were multiple errors with this set. Reports are that the LPs are 140 gram and not 180 gram as advertised, and no download codes were included. Plus “We Can’t Dance” isn’t a gatefold although the press release said it was. What a mess.

Antony Codner

As a Genesis fan of every era I have purchased this and have the other two as well but am disappointed to note that these appear to be pressed on 140gm as opposed to 180gm (and yes I have weighed them) the green box was 200gm and the blue was 180gm. Has anyone else has this issue?


Just bear in mind that this box set will likely feature the Nick Davis remixes from 2007/8 (can’t remember the exact year), and not the original mixes as released on vinyl back in the day…


I’m sold. I’ve been watching Calling All Stations (I loved it then, I love it now) LP activity on ebay for maybe a couple of years and it always goes over £100 for secondhand copies. Also I have two copies of We Can’t Dance that both jump in the same place on I Can’t Dance, so I think there is some manufacturing fault that only my turntable picks up on that hopefully will be fixed. And how oftnen these days do I get a chance to re-buy something from Genesis that I actually want!? Also Amazon resellers like Dodax might do it even cheaper once it is out.


The cost of an original We Can’t Dance on Vinyl makes this set somewhat worth while. the issue i have is that the source digital files are not great.


‘Calling All Stations’ is a lunatic cost vinyl LP (and a matter of taste admittedly- maligned but i like it) so it does make this set worthwhile. i think it will drop a bit too. hopefully.

Friso Pasq

I still got one if those sealed. Still deliberating to sell it maybe.

Marc Hocker

That is the deal of the century Greg! These days the out of print 1976 – 1982 CD boxset goes for something like $600 upwards!! Check out the few remaining copies on Amazon.


Oof on the price. Well before my discovery of this site, back in 2009, I got the deal of the century from Amazon US on the CD/DVD version of this box and the other two boxes (1970-1975 and 1976-1982). $13.97 each. Yes, the decimal is in the right place. Also got the Pink Floyd Oh By The Way box for $24, the Doors Perception box for $14, and the Joy Division Heart and Soul box for $20. All were NIB and sold by Amazon.

I suspect I’ll never come anywhere close to finding deals like that again.

DJ Control

In the vernacular of what the kids say these days OMFG!


i got a few of the live boxes for around 19 quid around 3 years ago from MediaMine- going now for around a ton. but nothing like that touch. oh yeah, bagged a few 2nd user ones of them all cheaply. this is probably heresy but I only really like 80’s Genesis anyway. so i flogged the early gear for other purchases. strangely, i only like Gabriel solo.

Mike the Fish

Expensive. I’m not much of a Genesis fan but I quite like Invisible Touch, and am semi interested in Calling All Stations. Do you know if these will be released separately, and if they are the original mixes?