Ian Anderson / “Homo Erraticus” CD+DVD tour editon


Jethro Tull‘s Ian Anderson released Homo Erraticus earlier this year in a number of formats including a 2CD+2DVD deluxe book edition

In case you want to buy it all over again, a new CD+DVD ‘Tour Edition’ is now being issued to coincide with Anderson being on the road in North America. The DVD element features the videos to each album track (as seen at the shows) set to hi-res stereo audio (no 5.1 though).

As a bonus on the DVD there is also a live performance of Enter the Uninvited (filmed at the Swan Theatre in the UK) included as well as new interview footage with Ian discussing the live visuals.

CD / DVD tour edition of the album will be released on Anderson’s own Calliandra Records label in conjunction with Kscope on September 22nd Following the release of this “Jethro Tull album” in all but name, Ian and his band embarked on an extensive UK tour, playing the album in its entirety followed by a selection of Tull classics. This show now moves on to Europe & North America.

The Homo Erraticus Tour Edition is out on 30 September 2014.


Track listing


1. Doggerland [04:20] 
2. Heavy Metals [01:29] 
3. Enter The Uninvited [04:12] 
4. Puer Ferox Adventus [07:11] 
5. Meliora Sequamur [03:32] 
6. The Turnpike Inn [03:08] 
7. The Engineer [03:12] 
8. The Pax Britannica [03:05] 
9. Tripudium Ad Bellum [02:48] 
10. After These Wars [04:28] 
11. New Blood, Old Veins [02:31] 
12. In For A Pound [00:36] 
13. The Browning Of The Green [04:05] 
14. Per Errationes Ad Astra [01:33] 
15. Cold Dead Reckoning [05:28] 


1. Visuals From The Show [56:38] 
2. Enter The Uninvited (Live In High Wycombe Swan Theatre 2014) [04:39] 
3. Ian Talks About The Show Visuals [20:50] 

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Kai Karkkainen

Haven’t seen this CD + DVD edition anywhere. Does anybody know if the DVD is region free or region 1 as it’s mainly aimed at the North American market?

Kai Karkkainen

Thanks for your reply Paul, I’ll proceed with caution


Uhmm .. sounds like the visuals and the interview will be the bonus parts of the obbligatory Homo erraticus live Blu Ray next year… don’t you think?

John Kimber

It seems odd [and a missed opportunity] not to include the 5.1 mix with the visuals. This would have been a much better, and more appealing package.

Does anybody know if there any plans to do this?

Robert van Diggele

Agree withh you John. If I am not mistaken the audio part was repeated on both dvds. Ian should have put the visuals on dvd 2 in the deluxe set.


Is the CD the album played live?


In that case they should have released this as part of one of the original bundles because not many people will be prepared to shell out for a CD they already own just to get the DVD.