Jethro Tull / Aqualung Steven Wilson mix on 180g vinyl


Steven Wilson‘s stereo remix of Jethro Tull‘s 1971 album Aqualung is to be released on vinyl later this month.

Wilson’s remix was previously included on CD in the 40th anniversary deluxe editions of the album but on vinyl was only available in the expensive box set. Fans now have the opportunity to acquire the vinyl record for a more modest investment, but will undoubtedly hope that the 5.1 mix – which was also exclusive to that box – sees a similar standalone reissue.

Aqualung – The 2011 Steven Wilson Stereo Remix is issued on vinyl on 25 May 2015. Amazon buyers should note that it’s about a fiver cheaper on Amazon Germany when compared to the UK price. You can also pick this up from the Burning Shed official store.

Track listing

side 1
1. Aqualung (New Stereo Mix)
2. Cross-Eyed Mary (New Stereo Mix)
3. Cheap Day Return (New Stereo Mix)
4. Mother Goose (New Stereo Mix)
5. Wond’Ring Aloud (New Stereo Mix)
6. Up To Me (New Stereo Mix)

Side 2
1. My God (New Stereo Mix)
2. Hymn 43 (New Stereo Mix)
3. Slipstream (New Stereo Mix)
4. Locomotive Breath (New Stereo Mix)
5. Wind-Up (New Stereo Mix)

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Got this one Saturday at a nice price of $21.00. Nice to have the booklet album size so I don’t have to squint anymore trying read the one in the 2-CD set from 2011.

By the by, did I miss something, or why hasn’t Stand Up come out on vinyl yet? Don’t tell me the pop-up in the gatefold is too hard for them to reproduce!!


We can create a petition, for Crysalis release stand-alone Aqualung Blu-ray!!



If we do a petition (and our comments might just be doing that very thing), this is my vote for a book version of Aqualung just like TaaB, War, APP, and MitG. There’s enough material there to do it. I’d snatch it in a heartbeat. No use for the vinyls that come with the super set though, so I didn’t go for it, and for me, the CD-only version doesn’t give me what I truly want (and which I got from the other sets I mentioned): the SW 5.1 mix.


They should have offered a replacement for the Aqualung DVD and Bluray discs, but now I’m afraid it’s too late. They should release them separately which I would begrudgingly buy, but at least I’d have a proper sounding version. I’m still miffed at the uncorrected debacle of the Box Set. I refuse to play those discs from the set. I get angry at the thought of the mess.


Sean: but they’d already reissued TAAB with a replica of the newspaper, arguably in the much better 25th Anniversary format. They could have done that again with a DVD in a slimline 2CD jewel case and not changed any of the other packaging.

Personally I quite like the Stand Up and Benefit issues. They’re not as good as the books, but I’m not weeping, and I won’t be buying them again. Only Aqualung truly hurts and as I said before, converting it to book format seems like a quick win all round. Let’s hope it’s coming soon off the back of this.

Meanwhile, I’m already looking forward to Too Old.

Paul Wren

I don’t think I’ll bother with this as I’ve got two original UK vinyl pressings anywa y. Try Ebay/Discogs for a good copy instead of buying these vinyl re-issues!


I would normally agree with this but, having bought the ‘big box’ version I have to say that the SW remix of this album is astonishingly good. Easily the best version of Aqualung I’ve ever heard and I’ve owned several UK 1st pressings, the ‘EMI 100’ pressing and the DCC pressing. It really is that good! Yes, it’s a remix but it’s very subtly done – it still sounds and ‘feels’ like the original album but with vastly improved sonics. Honestly, it’s a belter…!


Spot on. The Steven Wilson vinyl re-mix of Aqualung is the best I’ve heard. Ditto his re-mix of Benefit on vinyl. I have the deluxe versions of both albums as well, but the vinyl versions really hit the spot.

To put that in context I have the DCC and Classic Records versions as well, and Wilsons is better than either of them.


Since EMI/Chrysalis have changed their owner and distribution since the Aqualung/Benefit/Stand Up reissues, it is inevitable that they’re going to repackage those three to make them available again. Their priority currently seems to be to get the new remasters out, but who knows – probably around Christmas?

Seán P.J. Cully

As far as I’m aware TAAB was only packaged in the book format to replicate the original newspaper. A Passion Play was in book format possibly due to popular demand but I don’t mind Stand Up and Benefit being different as at least they are in a reasonable price range.


It is a shame that Stand Up, Benefit, Aqualung did not follow the excellent book style releases. I don’t think the reason is down to the number of discs as Thick As a Brick was only 1 CD and 1 DVD.


Meh – poor move, but inevitable, I suppose.

How about they off the book out of the Super Deluxe set? How about they offer the fixed DVD or Blu-Ray on its own. In fact, how about they sell an empty box and allow us to buy the bits and pieces as though it were a Mix and Match?

Sound good? LOL

The obvious answer with Aqualung is to reissue it in the book format. It’s so obvious they won’t do it. Idiots.


“offer the book”


Is this now the “official” stereo mix of Aqualung, since the original 1971 mix isn’t available on vinyl? If so, it’s an uncomfortable precedent. Wilson’s done an interesting job, and the 5.1 mixes are great, but I don’t want to lose the original mixes of all those Tull albums for good, thanks…


Not sure where you got the 2LP info from, but I believe that’s incorrect.


Before offering various other formats of this, they need to go back and fix the glitches on all the 2011 mixes and reissue Aqualung in a nicely priced book style edition at £15-£20, just like all the other recent CD/5.1 DVD Tull deluxe sets.


That would be great and also with the Benefit set. The recent sets are nicely packaged at a great price.


What Jim said. I’m a DVD-A freak/collector, and I was a bit miffed that Aqualung’s DVD-A was only available if I bought the super expensive set. The book-style pressings for Thick, Warchild, Minstrel, and Passion are wonderful – it would have been nice if they could have kept the same stylistic palette going for Aqualung, Benefit, and Stand Up. But asking us to buy the vinyls to hear the DVD-A was a bit much. The other two I mention aren’t packaged as the nice book-style ones probably because they only have 1 DVD, not 2. Regardless, I’d like them to roll out Aqualung in book format like they did for the others I mentioned above. I’d jump all over it!!! Aqualung