Kim Wilde / “Close” 2CD track listing

Kim Wilde / Close reissue being prepped by Universal

Kim Wilde has today revealed the full track listing for Universal Music’s 25th anniversary reissue of her 1988 album Close.

As we reported last week, Universal have added some extra tracks, over and above what Cherry Red were looking to release a few years ago (see the Cherry Red version here).

The two extra tracks are previously unreleased mixes of lead single Hey Mr Heartache – ‘Bonus Beats’ and ‘Acapella With Percussion’. The Shep Pettibone US 7″ mix of You Came moves to the end of CD1 (from CD2) to incorporate the additional tracks on the second disc.

Kim Wilde fans should be fairly happy with this – nothing lost from the original proposed version and a couple of previously unreleased mixes. Let us know what you think.

Close will be released on 2 September 2013.

Full Track Listing:


  1. Hey Mister Heartache
  2. You Came
  3. Four Letter Word
  4. Love In The Natural Way
  5. Love’s A No
  6. Never Trust A Stranger
  7. You’ll Be The One Who’ll Lose
  8. European Soul
  9. Stone
  10. Lucky Guy
  11. Tell Me Where You Are
  12. Wotcha Gonna Do
  13. She Hasn’t Got Time For You ’88
  14. Hey Mister Heartache (Single Version)
  15. You Came (Single Version)
  16. Never Trust A Stranger (Single Version)
  17. Love In The Natural Way (Video Edit)
  18. You Came (Shep Pettibone US Single Version)


  1. Hey Mister Heartache (12″ Version)
  2. Hey Mister Heartache (Kilo Watt Remix)
  3. Hey Mister Heartache (Bonus Beats) *
  4. Hey Mister Heartache (Acapella With Percussion) *
  5. You Came (12″ Version)
  6. You Came (Shep Pettibone 12″ Mix)
  7. You Came (Dub Version #1)
  8. You Came (Dub Version #2)
  9. Never Trust A Stranger (12″ Version)
  10. Never Trust A Stranger (Sanjazz Mix)
  11. Four Letter Word (12″ Version)
  12. Four Letter Word (Late Night Mix)
  13. Love In The Natural Way (Extended Version)

*Previously unreleased

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I dunno if they improved upon this as I just bought it last month (December 2016) and I have absolutely no issues with the audio quality at all on any of the tracks on either disc….

And to the guy that complained that all this was already issued material…well I would hope so if the alternative with instrumentals!!! Why the hell wants boring instrumentals?!?

This release was pretty much perfection! So glad to have all these mixes all in one place!

DJ MichaelAngelo

I wish I could like this cuz I’m a big Kim Wilde fan, but I’ll probably pass on buying this. Why? Lack of new or unreleased material, mainly. Hey Mr. Heartache is easily my least-favorite song on the album (I always skip track #1 when listening to the album “Close”) and all the remixes of You Came (plus the few other songs on CD2) have been previously-released! I’d love for a few instrumentals, or Backing Track versions, or even acapellas or rare demos! I hope they keep that in mind for when (if?) they do reissues of “Love Is” and “Love Moves” – now THOSE I’ll probably buy regardless of content :)


Just listened to the bonus tacks/mixes.

-Hey mister heartache 7″ from vinyl
-You came pettibone 7″ from ?? something bad, couldn’t they just ask the fans to provide a good quality copy of this mix (so in the end we all other fans can share this on the original reissue)
-Love in the natural way video edit, i believe from video, not original audio mastertape, from which the video was used
-Hey mister heartache kilo watt remix, early fade, which you can clearly hear junior finishing the cold ending at the very end like album/12″ version. Why was that?
-Four letter word 12″ or late night, a click/pop @ 1m32s.

But i’m happy with hey mister heartache bonus beats/acapella with percussion & You came dub 1/dub 2!


How disappointing to hear about the vinyl rips. Could they not have said something first?Even put something on the packaging (as they do on some DVD’s especially of old TV shows)
At least then buyers are making an informed choice. To be honest I’m not that fussed about the You Came Shep Pettibone 7″ mix but the Hey Mr Heartache 7″ Version is something else.

I do love this album so it is staying on my Christmas list.


But what happened to the Shep Pettibone US 7” Mix of “You Came”?? The mix is great but the sound is awful!!!


Yep, it sounds awful! Like they downloaded the mp3 from YouTube. And also… Hey Mister Heartache [7″ Version] is a crackly vinyl rip. Slightly disgruntled, here.


I confirm also the bad quality of You came – Shep Pettibone US 7″ Mix…
What a shame!!


One word for the Kim Wilde 2 disc expanded reissue – “BRILLIANT”!

[…] Wilde’s Close two-CD reissue finally had an official track listing attached to […]


Thrilling news! Massive thanks to Cherry Pop, Steve and Marcel for compiling the original track listing and initially requesting the reissue for this landmark Kim Wilde album. I do believe that your efforts enabled the concept to materialize as it has. These releases are truly dreams come true for loyal fans. If only more labels would compile such deluxe reissues for their extensive rosters of artists and their accompanying back catalogues.

KDX 125

Including the three Shep mixes for “You came”…bravo! No vinyl rips, please!


Amazing. thanks to all behind this one – its a fantastic album and deserved the best treatment. to see its that and more is wonderful. THIS is how it’s done. It warms us up nicely for Kim’s next 2 albums – a Christmas album in December and new original album in the new year. amazing.


I take it that the 7″ mix of Four Letter Word is the same as the album mix ? Hence it’s omission from disc 1 ?


Yes looks good, nik kershaw take note!


Great release, PERFECT job done by Universal. That’s how we like them. What a difference to the Nik Kershaw reissue!

Steve Thorpe

Wow – they’ve done a great job in building on the original track list that Marcel Rijs and I supplied. Amazing to see some unreleased versions of tracks on Disc Two and also knowing that Kim has been fully involved again. Hopefully the remastering will be exceptional quality and we can all enjoy the album as if it’s brand new!


I think this looks great. If Universal is going to continue with their reissue series, this is how they should be done.

The end of August/beginning of September cannot come soon enough with this and the Belinda Carlisle reissues.

Michael Gribben

So very true – roll on end of August/Sept!!


I do not understand why my comment is not shown while another is after me yes!
I wrote: A great tracklist for an exceptional album that has had great success in France in 1988, thank you and thank you Kim Universal


The way it should be done…top marks! Glad to see Universal follow up the excellent Cherry Pop releases with a product of equal quality.
Nik Kershaw take note.