Universal prep Kim Wilde reissue

Kim Wilde / Close reissue being prepped by Universal
‘Close’ contains three UK top 10 hit singles

Universal Music have chosen not to licence out Kim Wilde‘s 1988 album Close and are planning to put out a 25th anniversary deluxe reissue at some point this year.

Cherry Red Records hoped to release this album on their Cherry Pop imprint as a 2CD deluxe edition – as they had done for Wilde’s first five albums released in the 1980s –  but Universal apparently see enough appeal for Close to keep it for themselves. The album contains four top 40 UK hit singles, three of which (You Came, Never Trust A Stranger, Four Letter Word) reached the top 10. You Came also broke into the US top 50.

Kim Wilde tweeted the following last month: “Great to hear various Close re-mixes for Mey Mr Heartache, You Came, Never trust a strange, Four Letter Word, Love In A Natural Way” so it is clear she is involved in the process.

If Universal are feeling lazy they can just re-use the track listing submitted by Cherry Red two years ago (see below). The reissue seems unlikely to be anything other than a two-CD deluxe edition, after all, and what was suggested by Cherry Red looks comprehensive enough.

How a Close deluxe edition might look:
Below is the track listing that Cherry Red were hoping to release. Time will tell if this becomes the final track listing of the Universal release.


Original Album tracks 1 – 10 (Total Time: 43’10)

  • 1. Hey Mister Heartache
  • 2. You Came
  • 3. Four Letter Word
  • 4. Love In The Natural Way
  • 5. Love’s A No
  • 6. Never Trust A Stranger
  • 7. You’ll Be The One Who’ll Lose
  • 8. European Soul
  • 9. Stone
  • 10. Lucky Guy

Bonus Tracks

  • 11. Tell Me Where You Are (B-side of ‘Hey Mister Heartache’) – 3’10
  • 12. Wotcha Gonna Do (B-side of ‘Never Trust A Stranger’) 4’04
  • 13. She Hasn’t Got Time For You ’88 (B-side of ‘Four Letter Word’) 4’36
  • 14. Hey Mister Heartache – 7″ version 3’45
  • 15. You Came – 7″ version 3’35
  • 16. Never Trust A Stranger – 7″ version 4’06
  • 17. Love In The Natural Way – video edit 3’47


  • 1. Hey Mister Heartache – 12″ version 8’10
  • 2. Hey Mister Heartache – Kilowatt remix 6’10
  • 3. You Came – 12″ version 6’45
  • 4. You Came – Shep Pettibone 7″ mix 4’15
  • 5. You Came – Shep Pettibone 12″ mix 7’36
  • 6. You Came – Dub version #1 4’50
  • 7. You Came – Dub version #2 4’44
  • 8. Never Trust A Stranger – 12″ version 5’57
  • 9. Never Trust A Stranger – Sanjazz mix 5’45
  • 10. Four Letter Word – extended version 5’50
  • 11. Four Letter Word – Late Night mix 3’56
  • 12. Love In The Natural Way – extended version 6’00

Previous Cherry Red deluxe reissues…


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DJ MichaelAngelo

my favorite Kim Wilde albums of all time are “Love Is” and “Love Moves” and I would pay almost any amount of money for a 2CD or 3-disc reissue set of those! preferably with demo versions, acapellas, instrumentals, TV track versions, and even new 2014 remixes – the more stuff the better!

[…] As we reported last week, Universal have added some extra tracks, over and above what Cherry Red were looking to release a few years ago (see the Cherry Red version here). […]

[…] Earlier this year we reported that Universal Music were working on the reissue of Kim Wilde’s 1988 album Close. […]


We’re certainly due for a DVD of Kims videos from 1981 till 2012. Every other artist has some kind of DVD or Blu-ray out, Why so hard to realese one for our Wilde obsession?


Yes it will be cool that a dvd of kim wilde be created, i wait for since a longtime, as for Belinda Carlisle but i remember that in the aera of “live your life be free”, the productors did few promos and she was angry against them….


I would love at least 1 Unreleased tracks from 88.


Oh yeah, I, too, wish so badly for a release of a dvd/bd with ALL the original promo videos of Kim (especially from the years 1981-95). Does anyone have an idea, why there is still no release? What is the problem?


I want the DVD with the video clips of Kim Wilde,ok?


This is so damn exciting. Next up “nick kamen” anyone?


Hear hear to the Nick Kamen reissue suggestion!


I do hope that Universal uses the proposed track listing from Cherry Red who did such an outstanding job with the deluxe reissues of her first five albums. It would also be great if there was space to include any previously unreleased shelved tracks from this era. Steve Byrd mentioned online that he and Kim worked on many tracks that remain unreleased, including “Everyone’s Sweetheart” which leaked in low quality in 2011. Perhaps someday the legendary 1998 sessions will also see release.


So rude of Universal to act like they care now enough to ‘Hold On’ to “Close” for themselves and now release it, and while it’s high ‘Time’ it did come out, I’m more ecstatic about the final two b-sides getting out on it, as they complete what is essentially the seventh Kim Wilde album-the 1980s unalbumed collection from first b-side ‘Shane’ to the final ’88 one. Regarding “Close” of course it’s loveable, but it represents her biggest mainstream sellout, and therefore nowhere near as amazing as the multi-pronged approacg of “80s Unalbumed Kim” nor “Another Step”. As for her career-best masterpieces, they were the albums from 1982, 1983 and 1984, nothing touches them. 30 perfect songs and then some, But I do rate “Close” over one 80s one-her debut, and even then, while less sophisticated and mature, it had more edge and less I-love-you songs that the mainstream slurp up.

But nevermind “Close” (and why the HELL isn’t the proper 8 minute ‘Hey Mr Heartache’ on the first disc cos it IS on the orginal album instead of that cut 4.34 one that starts the album?) you’ve hit the nail on the head-it’s the 1998 album that matters and THAT with its respective b-sides and longer versions of short album cuts is what we truly want. I’ve heard nothing, NOTHING from that album, unless “When A Woman Loves” and “If There Was Love” were going to be on it.

It really bothers me, in a way, that Kim cares so little for her stuff (and those of us who do too) that she’ll ignore the locked away stuff and just knock out cover versions of unwanted, unimportant songs or Christmas albums, and stay in Europe doing shows rather than getting out albums that are already done. Something is so wrong about this. She could at least insist on mentioning the 1998 album in the booklet that’ll accompany “Close”, and perhaps why she felt the need to put out the 5th single she did, instead of ‘European Soul’ and ‘Stone’, nevermind all the lost opportunities from all the albums before.

1998 album and maxis and b-sides-come out and play!


It looks that release date is 13th May 2013. Can’t wait.


Can’t wait for this DeLuxe version of one of the best albums EVER!!! Hope they treat with respect.


I hope UNIVERSAL will release DVD of Kim’s (MCA /Universal 84-96) years….or more footage of CLOSE “You Came” behind the scenes something we ve never seen before

'80s fan

Seeing the Kim Wilde promo video DVD out one day (better sooner than later, of course) would be my biggest dream come true.
Since Universal took control of EMI last year, a promo video DVD to cover not just her MCA years (1984-1996) but the EMI period (1981-1983, 2006) as well, wouldn’t be any hard to put now at all.
What are they waiting for? So many videos and none decent DVD collection out there yet! Hm!

Howard Trigg

Now THATS a re-release I can get excited about! Best album of hers by far, and still sounds great.

Rob C

Nice work Paul! Do you work in the industry? Amazing you have a lot of inside knowledge…makes your site one of the best and a must read for music lovers everywhere!


Long overdue and much requested. I have high hopes for this, and as above, that tracklist is perfect enough to get me hitting ‘buy’! I really hope the series continues to cover all of Kim’s albums.

Ps. Close had five top 40 hits, not four (minor detail tho :) )

Steve Thorpe

Hi – good comments above regarding the proposed reissue of Close. I project managed the first 5 Kim Wilde albums for Cherry Pop, and it’s fair to say that we are sad not to see this amazing album appear as part of an on-going series.

However the Nik Kershaw ‘Human Racing’ reissue on Universal’s Represents imprint was such high quality that we now hope the Close release will be of a similar quality. It is frustrating to submit a tracklisting (as above) to a major label – only to be met with 2 years of silence about the possibilities of licensing the material…but this is to be expected.

Fingers crossed that with Kim’s involvement this will be a superb release, and as it’s a stunning album I can’t wait to hear it later in 2013!!


I love this album. It makes sense that Universal would keep it in-house because it has been one of the most highly requested albums for reissue in Kim Wilde’s discography. I just hope they include a lot or a majority of the mixes