Kylie Minogue / Deconstruction debut to be reissued on 2LP vinyl

Kylie Minogue‘s eponymous 1994 debut for Deconstruction Records is to be reissued next month as a special vinyl edition.

The original album did get a limited one-LP vinyl release, but Be With Records, who are putting this new re-release, our are creating a deluxe special edition that sees the 10-track album stretch out over two discs of 180gram vinyl.

This gatefold jacketed reissue was originally going to be limited to just 500 copies but according to Be With, “phenomenal demand” has meant they’ve scrapped that idea, and are increasing the production run (new figure not known).

The album contains three top 20 hit singles: Confide In Me, Put Yourself In My Place and Where Is The Feeling? Kylie would record one more album for Construction (1997’s Impossible Princess/Kylie Minogue) before putting a halt to what was seen as a commercial/critical decline by signing for Parlophone and returning to her signature musical style for 2000’s Light Years.

The Kylie Minogue 2LP vinyl reissue is released on 12 February 2016.



  • Confide In Me
  • Surrender
  • If I Was Your Lover
  • Where Is The Feeling?
  • Put Yourself In My Place
  • Dangerous Game
  • Automatic Love
  • Where Has The Love Gone?
  • Falling
  • Time Will Pass You By

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The vinyl arrived this morning, very pleased indeed. Art work is stunning, good quality printing. The music sounds lovely. One of my favourite Kylie albums made available again. Well worth the wait.

ian greenacre

another Album i would love to see on vinyl, is Impossible Princess. There are a few Bootlegs about but want an official release


Ok vinyl is great for the collectors, but when are they gooing to release a proper super deluxe digipak cd edition with all the great songs that were left off the album?


Already have the original 1994 LP but a 2 LP gatefold vinyl sounds amazing – put in my order last year. Hopefully the follow up album (which was never issued on vinyl) will be next.


I have never listened to the whole album, but “Confide In Me” is one of my favourite Kylie tracks ever – maybe even THE favourite one. :-D


Re HMV people discussing underselling. I bet they undersold once again the same old that everybody already has like Amy Winehouse and Bob Dylan.


Have an original, but looking forward to it. The label told me this:
“The original 1994 mastered versions were used as the source. It was cut on a Neumann VMS80 using Japanese MDC Lacquers. The vinyl was pressed at Record Industry in Holland.”

Rob Wilcock

Thanks for that, can’t smell for toffee…


Rob Wilcock

Apologies, on a totally unrelated mater, any orders over £50 from Amazon.co.uk are eligible for a £10 discount today, 22 January 2016. Use the code BUGTHANKS before you checkout.

Many Thanks


Regarding the vinyl revival. I was browsing in hmv last weekend when I overheard two staff members talking. One was saying the store had missed target sales again as vinyl had yet again undersold in their expectations. It may be over already and back to collectors only

andrew R

On the money as a lot of new collectors don’t even own turntables.
The second thing most new collectors fail to realise is the physical space a collection takes up . Plus like any fashion people become bored .Personally
i am waiting to get on board the cd revival when prices get that low…watch this space!


That might have more to do with HMV’s pricing which thankfully means indie shops and online sellers are doing able to undercut the greedy sods


Well, under that criteria my arse is a “deluxe special edition” as it too is spread over two parts.

£22 for the LP or £1.49 for the CD. Hardly a cigarette paper between them.


The original vinyl is rare as. Nobody was buying pop vinyl in 1994. It’s a welcome reissue.


I agree with Mylene. The original vinyl release was hard to find. I managed to get hold of a less than pristine copy off ebay years after it’s release, so I welcome this re-issue very much for the collection. Back in 94 Vinyl issues of Kylie were in smaller numbers and with Decon, mainly for the DJs.


Find out more about the label here:



The vinyl revival never happened for me as I have always been an avid collector since the late 70s…circa 40,000 purchases later I cannot see a time when I will stop or slow down :) But I am selective – certainly with reissues.

Anthony C

I don’t mind the plethora of re-issues and deluxe editions these days, but they have to have something special about them to make them relevant. This release should have been a straight forward repress on 180 gsm. Otherwise a new up-to-date super deluxe 3CD edition would have been of more value to the fans.

Sadly anyone can license an album these days and churn out rubbish. Hopefully, artists will step in with some quality control before this all gets out of hand!!!



What about this *isn’t* a straightforward repress to 180g records? The only change is from 1 disc to 2, which considering the runtime exceeds the normal 23 mins/side, is really just correcting the earlier pressing.

Re: the comments on vinyl resurgence. Yes, it’s all a bit overblown. But a limited repress aimed at a niche market of die-hard fans (for Kylie, there are a fair few) is not quite the same thing as every classic rock artist re-issuing the same albums that fill the used bins to cash in on the casual buyer market. These probably won’t ever even be seen by casual buyers as I doubt they’ll be run off in huge numbers and stuck on the promo racks at big box retailers.

Simon F

I’m still holding out for a box set of all Kylie’s PWL singles (Ala Bananarama)


I have a couple of releases from this label, they’re pretty decent.


As the original print goes for crazy prices and it’s one I would really love to have, I have already put in my order. It is also one of the best-looking albums ever.


I’m hoping we will get a deluxe reissue on CD for this album and the follow up. Vinyl doesn’t interest me at all.


Both DeConstruction albums were given deluxe CD reissues in 2003. I don’t know if they got much fanfare/publicity – I only found them by pure accident. Original album (remastered) on disc one, with b-sides and unreleased on disc two.




The vinyl “gush ” will end as abrubtly as it began .This vinyl release is for me simply released for the sake of it.There is a limit to what record collectors and the casual collector will buy,this Kylie offering being a perfect example.Yes people will buy it but not in the droves when the vinyl revival began because vinyl is a novelty just that and no more.Classic albums by mainstream/obscure artists with coloured vinyl and bonus offering appeal to the collector,but vinyl is heavy,difficult to store and lets be honest a pain to play in comparison with alternative methods of sound seduction.Whilst record companies are on a crest of wave releasing as much as they can on vinyl (£20 plus on average) they are milking an already saturated market with the majority of collectors being of the ” mature ” age group.ie the ones with the casual cash to spend.Most SDE deals are for vinyl releases which when first advertised were for prices the average collector would have baulked.This rant will not change record company stance,but a little thought into what does get released would save a lot of smaller shops getting their fingers burnt being left with quantities of unsellable vinyl,mind you theres always the carboot,which as the years unfold is were the majority of casual vinyl will end up.Thanks for listening rant over,


Sorry Mike but I think there is a place of vinyl releases. I’ve always loved collecting/listening to vinyl since I was a wee lad and always look out for the vinyl release of singles and albums from my favourite artists (including Kylie :-)). Yes, the record companies are trying to take advantage of the resurgence in interest in this media form (hardly surprising as they are in the business of making money) but it doesn’t make it any less exciting for those of us who enjoy collecting and listening to vinyl.

Andrew Mogford

Small record shops? Unsellable vinyl? We have loads of small record shops here in Norwich but when Say Say Say was re-released recently I couldn’t buy it locally for love or money. I eventually had to pay £20 for it (two tracks) online, and it is now sold out. I don’t see much “unsellable vinyl” lying round in the shops.


The album is about 58 mins long so two discs is definitely called for considering it’s a premium reissue. Sure, they could have maybe added a fourth side with bonus tracks, but this doesn’t really strike me as excessive and keeps the album intact.

Rob Wilcock

Whilst it is great vinyl sales are increasing 10 tracks over 4 sides with no bonus mixes does not appeal to me.


This intrigues me as I really like this album, but who on earth are this record label? The whole thing sounds a bit suspect so will hold off until more details emerge… It’s rather expensive to gamble.