Led Zeppelin / Mothership 4LP vinyl


If you’ve spent the last year buying the Led Zeppelin Super Deluxe Editions then your appetite for Zeppelin vinyl is probably well and truly sated… but just in case, the band’s 2007 compilation Mothership is being made available again across four vinyl records.

It was issued on the black stuff at the time, although the vinyl renaissance was a few years off at that point and the two-CD and 2CD+DVD formats were what the majority would have opted for.

Probably the key buying point here is that this new vinyl set uses the new 2014/15 remasters, which is good news since the original compilation mastering has never been fans’ favourite.

The set is smartly packaged in outer box with embossed artwork and a large booklet with David Fricke notes. The two-CD version is also being reissued.

Mothership is reissued on 6 November 2015.


4LP vinyl box

2CD edition


Side 1
1. Good Times Bad Times
2. Communication Breakdown
3. Dazed And Confused
4. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You

Side 2
1. Whole Lotta Love
2. Ramble On
3. Heartbreaker
4. Immigrant Song

Side 3
1. Since I’ve Been Loving You
2. Rock And Roll
3. Black Dog

Side 4
1. When The Levee Breaks
2. Stairway To Heaven
3. The Rain Song

Side 5
1. Over The Hills And Far Away
2. D’yer Mak’er
3. No Quarter

Side 6
1. Trampled Under Foot
2. Houses Of The Holy
3. Kashmir

Side 7
1. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
2. Achilles Last Stand

Side 8
1. In The Evening
2. All My Love

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Good sampler but I really wish they took something else from HOUSES OF THE HOLY instead of “D’yer Mak’er.”


I’m curious if anyone bought this and if so can you please post your thoughts and especially if you have the 2007 Mothership vinyl box? Thanks


CD’s on a ”digipack Box”


There is still something….
“How The West Was Won” as a 6LP deluxe Box i would love to buy.


Talking of Mr. Page. I’ve had an email from his fan site. He has a ‘£10 off’ offer for the quadruple ‘Sound Tracks’ CD box set plus free (yes free) shipping. It’s advertised on jimmypage.com for £30 but if you use the code TENNER at checkout you’ll get the£10 discount. Personally, I’ll wait for the vinyl box set to come down in price. Perhaps I was a bit harsh when I said that he’d soon be selling off a kidney, albeit in very nice packaging.

andrew R

As a life long Page fan i have to say if mothership was mastered so badly
that it requires a further brush up how about part- exing the old ones
from your cash strapped fans.Seriously if Volkswagen can recall 8.5 million cars and repair foc why not?

Mark Carroll

As much as I love Led Zeppelin, I wouldn’t trust Jimmy Page to release a live album without there being “overdubs” on them. I you want to hear a TRUE Led Zeppelin live show then get the Soundboard recordings. There’s plenty of them about if you know where to look & in my opinion they’re much better than a standard live album anyways…


I bought all the new LZ-remasters in this latest campaign, they sound great and are now my go-to editions of these wonderful albums. By the way, I still have immaculate (in true mint-condition) pressings of other albums (Mothership 4lp, The Song Remains The Same 4lp and Celebration Day 3lp) so Im not really sure if I would need another copy of this compilation. Weird as Mothership-4lp boxset never went out of print anyways…

Maybe Page could continue and get BBC-Sessions remastered-boxset on vinyl and then he could venture to the vaults and see/hear if there’s anything on the live-stuff that could be released someday.


Ok, I have my bf’s vinyl version, of Led Zeppelin IV it has the original version, of “stairway to heaven” on it. Now there is a remixed version, being played on the marjority, of classic rock radio stations. just doesn’t sound the same, as the original. And oh, while Mr. Page is at it, can he, at least, re-release the movie, “the song remains the same” to theaters, this time, in 3-D? That would be so cool!


I’m a bit confused about this. I bought the Remasters on vinyl in 1992 because the tracks had all been, ahem, remastered by Jimmy Page. I then bought the Mothership vinyl which had also been remastered.

I now learn that the re-remastered Mothership is an improvement on the initial release of Mothership?

I no longer have the money or patience to buy expensive remasters on spec only to be told that the next remaster will correct problems with the current one. I feel that the industry has taken advantage of my goodwill and I’m particularly disappointed with ‘remasterers’ who mistake volume for dynamics and loudness for sound quality.

While I love visiting this website to find out what’s new and interesting in terms of re-releases, I’m finding it harder to get excited than I used to, particularly with remasters. Rant over.


Remasters are the biggest con going. I’ve never liked an album more after hearing a remastered version.

Richard, NYC

To: AlexKx,

Mr Page is a professional. He has to have creative energy or whatever inspiration he’s blessed with. We (the public) have no say , in when an artist or group decide to make music. Most artist(s), (should you look historically) strike young in their career(s). The longer they wait (see the ‘Stones) they usually run dry.
They were bored to death from their 41st birthdays on. Maybe Jimmy has no riffs left in him. He needs inspiration.
His last inspiration ( imo) was playing with the Black Crowes. I agree that some artist wait way to many years. Especially vocalists. Most voices are shot before their fifties and sixties. Unless you take care of your voice like: Sinatra, Bennett, and Streisand.
If classic rockers sing acoustic or are blues singers, then it won’t show or matter that much.
I never want to see Plant try and sing like he was in his twenties or thirties. No more Led Zeppelin live! They waited too long to do the last shows in Britain. Should’ve been done when still in fine form. This applies too all groups. If you’re going to wait years or decades, then don’t bother. I don’t want any assisted back tracks on stage. Madonna and artist like her, use pre-recorded vocals or lip sync. For the money we pay, sing and play live only.


Well, isn’t The BBC Sessions next on the excavation block? There were more tracks recorded for those sessions.

I am still hoping Page chooses to issue live sets ala How The West Was Won.


I’m getting tired of the Led Zeppelin remasters. How much more blood can you scrape of the stone? It’s bone dry.


…and there there is also what Mr. Page said he could do next in terms of not just remastering but releasing from the vaults that never has been yet. At least officially, eh? That being the aborted XYZ project. The other being some supposedly Yardbirds recordings. Sounds all good to me. At least I hope, lol. I just hope he gets to playing live and recording again. It’s really said that it had been SEVENTEEN years since he last recorded a studio l.p. Apparently no unreleased recordings have even been worked on either. THAT is really sad too. What a profound waste. What’s also disturbing is for years most of the public never noticed or cared about the absence of Mr. Page which may explain some things, eh?

Marshall Gooch

And Steve, don’t forget the terrific double live album Page did with the Black Crowes!


Of course!
And they need the money(maker) more then him.


That was already reissued on vinyl in 2013 and for RSD 2014

Marshall Gooch

Ugh. If the Mothership mastering here is the same as the original, stay away. I bought that on CD when it came out and I thought it sounded way too “modern.” It’s like they were trying to update the sound to fit in with “today” and they took away a lot of what makes LZ so awesome. I ended up taking the 1991 CD remasters and compiling the same track list as Mothership and then burning that for the car. MUCH better.


Ugh. Author puts in effort to be specific; reader skims then goes straight to the comments section to complain


Hey Paul, do you know if the 2-CD reissue will use the 2014/15 remasters as well?

Florian M. Kranz

Although I’m not into vinyl, this looks great. Indeed Led Zeppelin has done it all on the reissue sector. After all the Phil Collins solo albums the collaborations might be re-released as well. Robert Plant did a whole album with Phil. Let’s see.


So what’s next for Mr Page now he’s ran out of things to remaster.
Selling off a kidney perhaps? Obviously it will be in a nice box.

Although we still have ‘Coverdale and Page’ and ‘Page and Plant’ recordings to profit from.

Steve Burke

Hopefully tasking someone like Bob Clearmountain or Elliot Scheiner with creating all new 5.1 mixes from the original analogue multitracks for 2 disc Blu-ray/SACD hybrid releases. \m/ \m/


Page will never run out of things to remaster. I bet he’s working on the 50th anniversary re-re-remasters already.


Would be nice to release the 2 “DVD’ video set on Blu-ray.