Neil Young / new album: Storytone


Neil Young will release a new album Storytone next month.

The Canadian singer-songwriter has recorded the album live in the studio with a 92-piece orchestra and choir. But if you prefer your Neil Young acoustic and gritty, then a deluxe edition offers a bonus disc including a solo version of Storytone. Listen to both versions of Who’s Gonna Stand Up? from the album below and you’ll see that the deluxe is surely essential.

A luxury double vinyl set (with both versions) will follow in December. For North America at least, the vinyl is pressed at Quality Record Pressings. It comes with a 28-page 12″ x 12″ booklet and is ‘printed on special stock’.

Storytone is out on  3 November 2014.

2CD Deluxe Edition (Orchestral and Solo)

2LP Vinyl Edition (Orchestral and Solo)

Single CD Edition



CD 1 (deluxe only)
1. Plastic Flowers (Solo)
2. Who’s Gonna Stand Up? (Solo)
3. I Want To Drive My Car (Solo)
4. Glimmer (Solo)
5. Say Hello To Chicago (Solo)
6. Tumbleweed (Solo)
7. Like You Used To Do (Solo)
8. I’m Glad I Found You (Solo)
9. When I Watch You Sleeping (Solo)
10. All Those Dreams (Solo)

CD 2
1. Plastic Flowers (Orchestral)
2. Who’s Gonna Stand Up? (Orchestral)
3. I Want To Drive My Car (Band)
4. Glimmer (Orchestral)
5. Say Hello To Chicago (Big Band)
6. Tumbleweed (Orchestral)
7. Like You Used To Do (Band)
8. I’m Glad I Found You (Orchestral)
9. When I Watch You Sleeping (Orchestral)
10. All Those Dreams (Orchestral)

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after Letter Home this is another let down.
the songs of neil young with an orchestra will make you pail with shame, after 2 or 3 he comes with a rocker, that is a clear left over from fork on the road, after that it’s just as it began; a total bore that smells like stale fish left-overs. anyone for a big band session? please be real…
won’t say a word of the solo one, can’t get through it without dozing off…
anyway, try taking this to a sit-down party & you will be definitely thrown out before the second song has finished, or even better; play this record with you son in the room & you will be seen as a moron for life.
now, who can believe the line “who will save the world, but you & me” my god, is this guy nuts? try singing this in public or playing it on your car stereo with the windows open…
please, save the world from editing these lame records, how much plastic & paper does a new neil young record consume?
another thing, just seen the booklet that comes with the over priced vinyl edition, this guy has gone up the wall. before you finish seeing these lame drawings of his car collection (maybe they could make a nice design for men underwear) you will start crying for having thrown away all those hard owned bucks.
anyway; been to cheapo yesterday & found 3 copies & one was wisely left there unopened.
shame on you, for putting this big piece of rubbish on the face of the earth…


Neil (and other bands) also needs to drastically reduce his concert ticket prices.

Steve Reid

Al Gore & Mike Moore will like it. But on the strength of the sample the lyric is that of a child in primary school…no “Man Needs a Maid”. Alas Mr Young no sale


Apparently if you play “A Letter Home” backwards and at half speed Neil can be found saying “Suckered. You guys will buy anything. Take this tape to Best Buy and you will get $10 off my next album. Eat a peach.”

Again, allegedly.


Part two of the rambles, sorry, memoirs….

Apparently to be photocopied on a battered 1960’s Xerox machine on scrap paper and roughly stapled together….



Neil Young is a big name artist and gets paid like a big name artist.

Mic Smith

To appreciate A Letter Home you need to have heard the audiophile pressing in the special deluxe box set. This was a much better listen than the standard release which I agree was unlistenable in that version. Admittedly the audiophile edition was only available in a high priced SDE (at a price that was not justified in my opinion) but it’s a great record if you hear it without the distortion and surface noises etc….
This new one sounds promising and I’ll be getting the 2CD edition for sure. The vinyl edition does seem overpriced and represents even worse value for money than A Letter Home. When is Archives Vol. 2 coming out though – that’s what I’m really waiting for.


I get a little tired of artists charging so much for new vinyl. I don’t care if he is Neil Young. When XL Records sells Vampire Weekend’s last album “Modern Vampires Of The City” for about $15 for white vinyl on first issue – it’s now $18, and Belle & Sebastian offered their reissues for 2LP sets at $22, single LP at $16, all 180 gr vinyl, Neil is just being ignorant, with their new 2LP set at $21, Neil Young selling his new 2 record set for $70 is insane. The sooner people realize that it costs less than $4 to manufacture a LP today (in lots of 1000 full color cover art and mastering included), they will stop being taken advantage of. A record should sell at most about $15 for a single LP. Any more is just wrong.


If I wanted to purchase a perverse conversation piece, I’d have gone to an art shop, and put it on display. “A Letter Home” was neither perverse nor charming. It’s a music CD, people! And it’s unlistenable! It cost Neil virtually nothing to record it, and he made a fortune selling it to his fans. Let’s not be naïve.

Liam Bastick

GBP103.70 for two slabs of vinyl!?


It’s on sale at Amazon US for £44. It’s not Neil that’s ripping fans off here!

Mike Bushell

We’ll know te world’s coming to an end when there’s not a Neil young album, box set or something strange that’s he’s promoting being released in the next few weeks.

And of course there’s this coming:


Somehow I think I’ll be getting it!


That nonsense CD was charming despite the gimmick. I enjoyed it.


I enjoyed its perversity: released in the wake of Young’s big statement about studio-quality downloads and his Pono device, ‘A Letter Home’ was, to my ears at least, virtually unlistenable (I gave up during ‘Girl From The North Country’), resembling something recorded in a tin-roofed khazi with 19th century equipment.


Worst album cover of the year?


If he had any scruples he’d allow all his fans who were tricked into buying that nonsense CD from a few months ago which he recorded in a 1920’s arcade booth to exchange it for this new proper album at their local music shop.