Neil Young / The Monsanto Years


Neil Young will release a new album, The Monsanto Years, at the end of the month which he has recorded with ‘Promise of the Real’, a band that features Willie Nelson’s son Lukas.

The record is an ecologically-charged concept/protest album with songs such as A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop and the title track inspired by food industry conglomerate Monsanto.

The Monsanto Years comes just seven months after last year’s Storytone and is available as a special CD+DVD deluxe edition, with the second disc offering videos for all the album tracks. There are also various bundles available direct from Neil Young’s webstore.

The Monsanto Years will be released on 29 June 2015.

CD+DVD Deluxe

2LP Vinyl Edition

Track listing

1 A New Day For Love
2 Wolf Moon
3 People Want To Hear About Love
4 Big Box
5 A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop
6 Workin’ Man
7 Rules Of Change
8 Monsanto Years
9 If I Don’t Know

1 Big Box
2 A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop
3 Rules Of Change
4 Workin’ Man
5 Monsanto Years
6 A New Day For Love
7 Wolf Moon
8 People Want To Hear About Love
9 If I Don’t Know

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[…] The album has been recorded with Promise of the Real, the group fronted by Willie Nelson’s son Lukas. Young worked with them on 2015’s The Monsanto Years. […]


….and isn’t Neil Young diabetic? And don’t a lot of diabetics use insulin? And isn’t most of the insulin used today manufactured using genetically engineered bacteria? Which would mean that if Neil contols his diabetes with insulin he probably…….

“Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into…..”

Let’s just keep this little secret to ourselves….we wouldn’t want to leak this out to the press…and just in case it does, does anyone know a good spindoctor?


Neil Young is probably one of the only singer-songwriters left who is willing to address and raise awareness for an issue of this proportion. At a time when other well known singer-songwriters such as Bob Dylan are comfortable performing sold-out shows and taking a much “safer” and “lighter” approach to subject matter and songwriting on new albums, Neil deserves respect for speaking his mind and standing up for what he believes is right. At a time when family farms are closing at an alarming rate, Neil is addressing the effects dangers of GMO crops. The corporation known as Monsanto is the largest producer of corn and soybean in North America.

Regarding GMOs, Neil is speaking out against corruption from both political parties on this issue, although he previously praised our current president, who signed the HR 933 bill and urged congress to pass the Monsanto Protection Act, which stimulated production of GMO crops and basically created a free asset for the corporation. Lawmakers worked in collusion with Monsanto on that bill. Who knows, maybe Neil has a song about this on the new album? Kudos to Neil for his working keeping the family farms afloat with his excellent organization, Farm Aid.


I admire Neil Young as a great musician, and must say I am a big fan of his music.

I agree wholeheartedly that Neil deserves respect for speaking his mind on the matter of GMO’s, but it’s a pity that he has chosen to ignore the vast majority of scientific evidence that has demonstrated the safety of foods derived from genetically modified organisms approved for consumption by accredited national bodies throughout the world. I wonder what his thoughts are on vaccines that currently save thousands of lives each year and have been developed through genetically modifying viruses and micro-organisms?

But then as Neil himself admitted himself after likening oil sands development in Canada to Hiroshima, “Of course I don’t know what I am talking about [regarding the oil sands]; I am a musician.”


Pissing myself! Must be all the coffee. Seriously funny.


Well that plods along nicely dosen`t it, I mean that tongue in cheek but I am a massive Neil Young fan, I even have `Journey Through The Past` and `Fork In the Road`.

I don`t think there is going to be anything new musically but politically Neil is having a righteous time and good on him. It`s a pity our younger entertainers aren`t up to it protest wise.

I`ve pre-ordered on Am. UK (£14.20) but if the price dosen`t drop I will cancel and buy cheaper elsewhere.