New Order / Music Complete


New Order return in September with Music Complete, their 10th studio album.

The record is the first full studio release since 2005’s Waiting For The Siren’s Call, and sees keyboardist Gillian Gilbert report for New Order duty for the first time since 2001’s Get Ready. Conversely, Peter Hook does not feature on the album, which is a first.

The 11-track long-player is available on a number of formats. A standard single CD, and a double black vinyl edition are widely available, while exclusive to the New Order store is a deluxe vinyl box set which offers six further vinyl records (on top of the two for the album) which deliver “extended versions of all 11 brand new tracks on six pieces of vinyl”. As a bonus, 200 signed copies are randomly being shipped to fans.

The official store offers a clear double vinyl version of the album in addition to the standard black set, but at the time of writing these are a whopping £12 more than what Amazon are charging before you start thinking about postage and packaging. On the plus side you do get an HD download as well as MP3 on the band’s site, although it’s not exactly clear what file type or quality will be delivered. Amazon also state “with download code” but until we get confirmation otherwise, it’s probably reasonable to assume that this will be MP3s only.

Music Complete is released on 25 September 2015.

Amazon Pre-orders

Music Complete / 2LP black vinyl

Music Complete / CD

For clear vinyl and deluxe vinyl box set shop via the New Order store

Track listing 

01 “Restless”
02 “Singularity”
03 “Plastic”
04 “Tutti Frutti”
05 “People On The High Line”
06 “Stray Dog”
07 “Academic”
08 “Nothing But A Fool”
09 “Unlearn This Hatred”
10 “The Game”
11 “Superheated”

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Can’t say I’m too excited about this – and especially after copping an eyeful of that boring artwork for the cover!! So we get yet more uninspired graphics…..and – in the case of the 8x 12″ vinyl deluxe box set – I see even more white sleeves – Peter Saville’s obsession with WHITE making up 80% of all New Order LP artwork STILL hasn’t been put to bed yet. Lost Sirens was the ONLY New Order product since Republic that did away completely with the dreaded white sleeves…but looks like, as expected, the *white shite* is back with a vengeance.


The Warners Music Store does not take away the VAT/Tax when purchasing from outside the EU. This is not right. Almost every other merchant removes the VAT at checkout. The subtotal of £65 is the same if you put UK or Australia. However if the address is UK, the Tax is £11.42. If the address is Australia, the Tax is £0, but the subtotal is still £65, then shipping on top of that of £21.89 for a grand total of £83.39. So obviously the shipping is not taxed, but the goods are. Well done Warners’ accountants.

Paul B

New Order store seem to have seen sense… vinyl both clear and black now back listed at £20.99 and includes HD and MP3 files and Deluxe CD back down to £10.99 again with the downloads


I like the cover (an improvement over Sirens Call, for sure) but it’s not one of their best


(By the way, the cover art is… weird. Didn’t like it one bit, even if Peter Saville is involved.)


This will be a great album! Day 1 acquisition for me :D

P.S. – Congratulations for the project you’re working on with Sony Music, Mr. Sinclair!

Christian Fex

Remember the good old days when CD buyers would get the extra stuff?
Oh, come on …


It’s been advertised as released later since the sets were first offered (I would know, I checked upon announcement before this site caught wind). Vinyl manufacturing problems are not unique to New Order or this album – all artists and labels are experiencing delays compared to CD product or the normal lead-in time they used to need for manufacturing. Just comes down to the number of pressing plants not matching the greatly increased demand of recent years.

Worth noting that the clear 2LP edition is NOT exclusive to their store. All indie retailers will be carrying it as an exclusive (so no Amazon link possible).

Craig Smith

Taken from a post on a New Order forum —

According to Mute…

“The box will be limited, but it is still in development stage.
We are hoping the box set will ship a lot earlier, unfortunately, due to the current problems getting vinyl manufactured, we just couldn’t guarantee it being ready earlier.
You will get the album on release date digitally.”


Nor sure if this is evidence of the saying “the more things change, the more they stay the same,” but the release date for the deluxe vinyl box set is shown on the website to be 20 Nov 2015, not 25 Sep 2015. Have they already pushed the date back for that format…or is it an error…or was it “always” going to follow 2 months behind the release of the other physical formats?

Really looking forward to this and hopefully another chance to see them live.


Totally agree ! “The Other two” had somewhat of the essence of New Order, just as Electronic did or Revenge also… All of them (Hook, Gilbert, Sumner & Morris) were New Order in fact … The only thing about Hook is his tipycal bass sound… I don’t think they can do that sound without him…

Craig hedges

Not many have commented on the music. Is it really new order without hooky? I really like the stuff by the other two so I’m hoping Steve ang Gillian are at the helm. Bernard’s songwriting hasn’t produced anything remarkable in recent years.

Matthew McKinnon

Yes, it is New Order without Hooky. He was a major ingredient in their magic, but he left the band. The band continue, and why shouldn’t they?

Besides, Gillian contributed a lot more musically to New Order’s golden age [81-89] than Hooky ever did. No, she didn’t stand at the front in leather trousers acting like a rock star, or have fights with the audience etc., but she could write a good song and was a whiz on the keyboards – I’d argue that’s more important for a dance band.

I’d rather have this version of New Order than the turgid, blokey one we had from 1999-2005.

Gareth Pugh

Hi Kiki. I’ve often heard that about coloured vinyl – allegedly something to do with the plastic being softer due to the colouring agent. But I’msure I’ve read that clear vinyl is supposed to have even fewer impurities than black and – if pressed skilfully – is supposed to offer even better listening experience than black. Apparently that’s why in their early 80s heyday, many Ultravox releases came with initial limited editions on clear – it’s said to be something the band themselves insisted upon! Picture discs are definitely subject to high levels of hiss and muddiness – being (I’m told) essentially an old-school flexidisc (remember them?!) just stuck down onto a rigid pirece of plastic.


yes the flexidisc ! I remember that , it was simply awful …
I have several coloured vinyl that were pressed in the 80’s, in the 90’s (Shamen’s “Comin’On remixes”) and the 2000’s… I’ve always been somewhat siappointed, maybe because of the quality of the plastic/wax… I hope this time it would sound good, because the NO new album’s box set is still slightly expensive ! (Maybe less than the vinyl’s ltd editions of PSB’s “Most Incredible thing” and ultra lted edition of “Yes” lol)

Gareth Pugh

Thanks Paul B and everyone else who answered my question about confirmation e-mail. Think I’ll ping them a note to check and hope they can look up my order by my address or something…

Jason Whittaker

Blu-ray audio would of course be the dream format for the album and extended versions.


Trust New Order to offer brilliantly packaged physical formats. First class all the way! The beauty of a music and art experience that no download can ever compare with.

Charles Hodgson

Interested to hear the Little Richard cover…
(“Shoulda heard our version of ‘Louie Louie’!” said Ian Curtis on “Still”. Still waiting for that one!)

Paul B

Hello Gareth. Yes I did get a confirmation email with an order number and an itemised breakdown listing the downloads etc.

This came through straight away once I got my order paid for. I ended up creating an account but paid using the “pay via PayPal” option, which does mean they’ve got my money already

Alan Fenwick

Paul B,

Even if you chose the Credit Card option they also take the money straight away (That’s what I went for). I’m finding this is generally the case with these type of hosted music stores these days.


what’s that with my 80s heroes and embarrassing megalomaniac album titles making promises they can’t keep (and not even blinking):

depeche mode – sounds of the universe
simple minds – big music
omd – history of modern
new order – music complete (wtf?)
heaven 17 – bigger than america (in ’96 mind. always the avant-garde)
erasure – uhh, too many contenders

so, i guess it’s up to the pet shop boys again to keep things down to earth http://www.petshopboys.co.uk/pettexts/6106/201503


Ha ha – interesting comment :-)

I have to say of those albums listed, the Heaven 17 one is far and above my favourite (although of course I have not heard the New Order one yet).
But Bigger than America was a fantastic album and a lovely return to their analogue sound.
It also holds a particular spot in my heart because Martyn invited me into the studio (Red Bus, I think) to hear an early mix of Designing Heaven and Glen Gregory and Claudia Brucken were there.
I’d met Martyn and Glen a couple of times before but meeting Claudia was a real thrill having loved her first solo album. However I went into adoring, creepy, fan mode and totally embarrassed myself.
Ah the follies of youth… :-)


@Gareth – I received a confirmation email for the box set I ordered.


What Paul didn’t mention in his post is that the 8 piece deluxe vinyl collection consists of:

New album on double clear vinyl.


Extended versions of all 11 brand new tracks on 6 pieces of COLORED vinyl: Red / Blue / Yellow / Grey / White vinyl 12”s plus 1 sided black etched vinyl.

I’m a sucker for clear / colored vinyl, so naturally I had to go for the deluxe box set!


well, generally Clear and Coloured vinyl are not well known for their sounding quality… I would have prefered back vinyl in this case !

Anyway, nowadays I’m generally disappointed by the lack of quality of the new records pressed… unless 280g records that should be better… We lost a good part of the knowledge of how to press good quality vinyl….

And finally 90€ for the box set is slightly expensive for me, but i’d kill to get the extended versions, so …

Gareth Pugh

Hi Paul B – do you mind me asking, did you get an order confirmation e-mail for your box set? I got an ‘order complete’ screen at the end of the process (with an order number which I didn’t note down) but no e-mail…


Hi –

I got an order confirmation (well two actually – one form eBay and the other from the store).

Did you create an account?


i tried to create an account but the web site was just hanging, left it 3 hours in an open tab whilst got on with other stuff, no change


Saville’s artwork appropriation finally makes it to Mondrian.

Paul B

Like Alan says when I got the email from New Order / Mute / Warner a few days back the price was definitely £20.99 for both the clear vinyl and the black vinyl. The site was constantly keeling over though when I was trying to place my order but I managed in the end. Wonder why they have whacked the prices up? The deluxe box isn’t too bad a price though for what you are getting


Why do nearly all the song titles appear to reference Peter Hook either directly or. obliquely or am I reading too much into this new record. Shame there is no deluxe edition of the album.

Martin Lee

It’s funny you should say that, when I saw the announcement of the album my first thought was to see if there are any Hooky references in the titles. I concluded that If I wanted to I could make most titles seem to be referencing Hooky in one form or another.

Now, lyrically that may be a different case.

Jonathan Ng

haha… hilarious that!
yeah, Hooky needs to ‘unlearn this hatred’ LOL


At last! 10 years in a long time…even for New order


Unforunately no extended versions of the album for the CD buyers


I hope you’re right, Paul… We need those extended mixes in CD format!

Carlton Fisher

They do seem to like re-releasing their material in as many editions as possible over time. I would be more shocked if we DIDN’T see them on CD within the next couple years.

Alan Fenwick

There’s something up with the vinyl prices on the official store.

They were £20.99 (I’ve just double checked using Google cache), I’ve no idea why they’ve pushed them up nearly 50% higher. Still doesn’t make them cheaper than Amazon, it’s just a bid odd as to why they have done that.

I opted for the Box Set on this one, nice incentive with 200 random signed copies and a good amount of physical content on the vinyl side of things which pleases me.