Nick Drake / Bryter Layter audiophile vinyl box set

Nick Drake / Bryter Layter audiophile vinyl

Nick Drake‘s second album Bryter Layter (1970) is to be released in remastered vinyl form as a limited edition deluxe box set on 25 March 2013.

The album will be getting the same treatment as the Pink Moon reissue from last year – pressed on audiophile heavyweight virgin vinyl, with the original packaging replicated, and additional items (such as handwritten lyrics) collected in a large clamshell-style box showing details such as the original master tape box from which the vinyl was mastered.

Like Pink Moon, expect this set to come with a card with a code for a 24-bit download. The album should be available in three different file formats – hi-res FLAC files or standard MP3s, and a ‘dubbed from disc’ set of MP3s from an original vinyl copy of the record. Some folks were lucky enough to get all three albums in digital form last year with their Pink Moon purchase. That was an error.

No US pre-order currently available, but the UK price of £32 is considerably cheaper than Pink Moon was available, when first announced. Five Leaves Left is expected later this year in the same format.

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The only one of the 3 Nick Drake boxes that isn’t up to the mark is 5LL. The LP is mastered from a digital file, and is also more prone to pressing flaws that the other 2. Having said that, it still sounds pretty good. And the label doesn’t properly reproduce the original, apparently- if that bothers you.


I bought the Pink Moon 2012 box, so impressed by the packaging, and most of all the sound, i bought Bryter Layter. stunning reissue and worth the price. i can not wait for same treatment on Five Leaves Left. well worth it.


Having all original U.K. 1st pressings of his 3 studio albums in my collection, I was curious as to how well the Pink Moon Boxset would sound. IMO, The Pink Moon Boxset was worth the price and I have pre-ordered the BL Boxset. If the BL boxset is as good as the PM boxset, I would highly recommend buying the BL Boxset, even if the price is a little high…


It is a bit expensive, I would much rather have a normal release without all the extra packaging and bling and pay less. The vinyl records have been out of print for so long and sell for far too much money – I just want it in my collection.

Neville Godwin

It’s pricey, especially with so many other versions available… but it is one of the best albums ever made… I’ll start saving..


Wow. For once UK amazon are first out the traps with the best deal….still too pricey for one piece of vinyl though…25 quid and I’d buy it.