Nick Drake / “Tuck Box” 5CD box set


Island/Universal Music will release a five CD, limited edition collection of the complete Nick Drake catalogue called Tuck Box in December 2013.

The set consists of:

  • • Five Leaves Left: Nick’s debut album of 1969
  • • Bryter Layter: the second album released in 1970
  • • Pink Moon: Nick’s final release from 1972
  • • Made To Love Magic: the collection of Island-period recordings, out-takes, off cuts, cast-offs, orphans and the last 5 songs Nick recorded for his proposed 4th album. Originally released in 2004 to add to and replace the ‘Time Of No Reply’ compilation
  • • Family Tree: A collection of recordings made before the Island Records period, from a 9 year old Nick playing Mozart through to spoken word pieces, early songs, cover versions and demos recorded to secure his contract, as well as two recordings by his mother Molly Drake perhaps written in response to her son (Originally released in 2007).

Each CD comes housed in mini-replica LP sleeves and come with reproductions of the original shop posters for each release. The box set itself is a 7″ square and the design depicts Nick Drake’s own tuck box from his Marlborough College days, used to guard the various cakes dispatched weekly from his mother, Molly Drake.

Tuck Box is released on 9 December 2013.


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[…] shop, as if they do so grudgingly. Front of house, with other deluxe sets (Nick Drake’s Tuck Box) they had three of Primal Scream’s round Screamadelica 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Editions […]

[…] songs have transformed him into a folk legend. Now his complete catalogue has been re-released, housed in a replica of his school tuck box. The 5CD set of course includes his three now-celebrated albums, including Five Leaves Left, with […]


Poor Nick. He must be turning over in his all too early grave once more.

I have been a Nick fan since 1982 or so after first hearing him on radio.

I bought the 4 Lp box set back in 1986 I think. I have since bought all the available box sets on cd and LP including the original Fruit Tree 3 LP box.

I have watched the madness that is people bidding for Nick’ s first edition LPs on ebay and the prices people are willing to pay and be ripped off.

I have paid for the beautiful Nick drake limited edition book available at snap galleries.com. That’s too much for a book maybe but I consider it a thing of immense beauty, there you go!!!

I really think this is a box set too far but I might ask someone to get me it for Christmas.

I do not know how much control Gabrielle Drake has all these years later.
I hope she still has a lot of control but if she still does I think she could change this box and still put out a new box for ” all the new converts”.

Nick was only a Poor Boy after all, not a f…ing religion or a cult.

Mike F

Four years may be too long for the record company to wait…


The next release is to be a Tupperware style container with second hand vinyl copies of the albums wrapped up in crumbled greaseproof paper, with some original authentic Nick Drake sandwich crumbs thrown in as supplied by the Drake Estate. Nice.


Some people are really over thinking this release. It is simply a way of putting together the current remasters and rarities sets in one box as the others are well out of print. No more, no less. If you have all the material already then it is not for you, so getting worked up over it seems fairly silly.

Just put yourself in the position of someone who has heard of Nick, is interested to learn more but doesn’t own any of his recordings – this set is perfect for them. Also, if you know someone who you think would like his work then this is a good present at a fair price. Is the run-up to Christmas afterall.

Nick’s estate, and most importantly his sister, are heavily involved with all these projects and, quite frankly, who can criticse them for wanting to keep his work in the public eye.


Sure, but good lawd, why not just keep Fruit Tree in print, and spruce it up with the kiddie Mozart recordings as bonuses if need be? To redo it as some sort of new magical “Tuck Box” is unnecessary when we already have a fine Nick Drake box that’s been available for 30 years.


Maybe in four years they can release “Nick Drake Family Album” or some such thing, which will be everything from Tuck Box in a new container but with the recent Molly Drake album stuck in.

Stephen Merchant

Don’t work for Island/Universal Music by any chance ATF?

Paul English

What do these people have against TIME OF NO REPLY ?


The albums in this card sleeve format are £5 each in most shops, they were released in 2012. The albums have only been repackaged, they are not remixed or remastered and are the same as the previous jewel cased remasters. They have just decided to now bundle the card sleeve releases into a box, probably on the back of the interest gained by the recent vinyl reissues.

Considering this box is £18 on the Sainsbury’s website, anybody new to Nick Drake and wanting all his albums in one go is getting a good deal compared to buying them separately.

Family Tree was released some time ago for a very specific purpose, explained clearly by Nick’s sister in the accompanying booklet.


Once upon a time Island was run by people who loved the music and respected the work of their artists-now it’s part of a conglomerate that is interested in the bottom line and nothing else.How Nick’s catalogue has been plundered again and again is typical: see also their treatment of the work of R Palmer and many others.
It helps if you are no longer around to complain-but the record companies don’t care anyway. Very sad…

Jorma S.

This seems to be the current trend of selling yet again the very same product in new packaging. And it suits more to those who have just recently discovered Nick Drake. Record-companies should be ashamed of themselves and hopefully this box will not sell too much.

I only have the 3 proper albums (in remastered editions) which will be my go to versions and happy with them. I almost bought the new vinyl boxes for each album, but since they still seem to have not so consistant quality control surrounding the releases, I decided to pull back. Not really worth to pay high prices for vinyl-boxes.

I like Nick Drake but his music aint that special for me that I would buy these for the umpteeth time. I like songs/albums filled with moody, sorrow and gloomy feelings. Nick Drake did something ok music, but somehow just sometimes it feels that his whole persona and music was way too overrated (due to the fact he died young) and it does not necessarily really stand up against some of the other stars who died too young. I didnt mean this as this negative comment, but reading his lyrics, the outcome and suicide was way too obvious thing to do.

Nick Drake did good music when his musicianship and muse was highest but I certainly dont listen these albums too often, they need that special melancholic feeling. Guess Im not too depressed then..


I have “Family Tree” already, will not consider buying this boxset.


Who on earth at Universal came up with the concept and dreadful name for this thing? I’ve loved the music contained on this thing for many, many years but here Universal are surely going too far. It’s one re-package or reissue after another on this (very slim) back catalogue and enough is enough me thinks! Sorry, but “a nine year old Nick playing Mozart”…?
By the way, does anyone want to reissue my 2 second tape of Ian Curtis farting down a kazoo the the age of 7 as a deluxe super all bells whistling 40 DVD surround sound blue ray / vinyl set?
Sorry to moan, but hey Paul, it’s a great and interesting site you run.


That is the funniest thing I’ve read all week. I’m glad to see people being critical of this ridiculously superfluous “Tuck Box.”

Jennifer Dunford

Amazon (UK) listing says “The Tuck Box package and posters will be available separately, via brytermusic.com”

Mike F

Man, somebody’s keen to squeeze more money out of this catalogue!


Still missing the few tracks from ‘Time of No Reply’ that didn’t appear on ‘Made To Love Magic’…