Out This Week / on 20 May 2016

Adam and the Ants / Kings of the Wild Frontier

Adam Ant / Kings of the Wild Frontier  (reissue)

This Adam Ant curated super deluxe edition of Kings of the Wild Frontier features a plethora of facsimile memorabilia, two CDs and a DVD plus a gold vinyl LP. Read more

Manic Street Preachers / Everything Must Go 20  (box set)

The Manic Streeet Preachers popular Everything Must Go album celebrates its 20th birthday with this 2CD+2DVD+LP+book box set. Great price in ItalyRead more

David Bowie / Changesbowie (vinyl)

A CD and vinyl reissue of David Bowie‘s first greatest hits compilation. If you order the vinyl you randomly get allocated a black or clear vinyl version. ‘Random’ amounts of money for this product not accepted. Read more

Bob Dylan / new Fallen Angels

Bob Dylan / Fallen Angels (new album)

Bob Dylan‘s 37th (count ’em) studio album is issued this week. This is another long-player that interprets other people’s material. Read more

Associates / deluxe reissues

The delayed Associates reissues are finally released today. Two-CD deluxe editions of The Affectionate Punch, Fourth Drawer Down and Sulk (pictured). Read more

The Highwaymen / American Outlaws  (3CD+blu-ray)

New box set showcasing the talents of showcasing the talents of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson aka ‘The Highwaymen‘. Read more

Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Liverpool 30th anniversary vinyl reissue

Frankie Goes to Hollywood  / Liverpool (vinyl reissue)

Black vinyl reissue of Frankie‘s second album Liverpool. Still appears to be some of the silver version left, tooRead more

Donna Summer / Crayons 3-disc deluxe

Donna Summer  / Crayons (3CD deluxe)

Donna Summer‘s last studio album, Crayons, is expanded into a three-CD deluxe edition packaged in stylish casebound book. Read more


Richard Ascroft / These People (new album)

The former Verve frontman releases his fourth solo studio album this week.

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Andrew Mogford

I lucked out and got a clear vinyl. Was almost like Christmas when I was a kid, cracking open that sleeve for the first time :D


Well, I for one don’t get anything when I click on the “Changesonebowie” article. Just the title. I DID play the part of fool and ordered a copy taking the chance of getting the clear vinyl and the chance that I won’t. That shit does piss me off though. I don’t like that at all. Fuck. Charge extra for the clear but don’t play games like that. I’m gonna be one pissed off little boy if I open that shit up and it is a fucking regular vinyl…

John Hirst

Whose idiotic idea was that Bowie promotion. Guarantees I will buy neither version if I can’t get the one I want. I’ll either get it from Ebay or not at all. Reminds me of the last Muse special edition where they gave 2 random art cards out of 10 and no way of getting the others. I therefore didn’t buy it, having bought the previous two Muse box sets. It’s infuriating.


Your post on “Changesonebowie” does not show up when you click on it.


Anxiously awaiting the Associates reissues!

Auntie Sabrina

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply to my queery EW99

Auntie Sabrina

Anyone know if The Associates Sulk features the LP version of Club Country? On the recent Sounds Of The Eighties show which featured an interview with Alan and Michael from the band, the version played was the single version.


Ian Gilchrist – who seemed to be involved with the reissues in some capacity – assured me elsewhere ( http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/associates-two-cd-deluxe-editions/#comment-1263927 ) that the correct version was used. If it isn’t then mine’s going back!


Looks like the right version on Google Play – only going by the length of the track, I haven’t actually listened to it yet as I’m going to wait for my CDs.

Ian Gilchrist

The Sulk LP (vinyl) and original LP on CD1 in the 2CD edition was remastered from a 1/4″ inch analog album master, re-mastered by Tim Turan and supervised by Michael Dempsey. Correct versions of LP tracks present and accounted for.

Everyone (including Alan Rankine) says that Sulk sounds better than it has ever sounded (and better than the notoriously erratic inital vinyl pressings – the LP’s dense production confused many manufacturing engineers).

Press has been positive right across the board.

Very proud to be leaving Union Square/BMG with The Associates as my final completed project – the Rankine/MacKenzie partnership has been given its due at last.